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Death of Levi Bouslog

1810 - 1894
Springfield, Mo. Republican May 1894

A Gentleman Who Lived to Be Over 85 Years Old
     Levi Bouslog, son of John and Katherine Bouslog, was born in Margantown, W. Va., April 25, 1810. Moved with his parents to Henry County, Indiana, in 1830. He was the youngest of seven children, four brothers and three sisters, all of whom precede him to the spirit world. February, 1830, he was married to Miss Elizabeth Massey, to them were born four children, of which two died in infancy and two sons, James B. and John W. Bouslog, survive their father. His wife died September 24, 1845, and on August 12, 1847, he was again married to Miss Rebecca Massey, and of this union there were born six children, four daughters and two sons, of whom three are living, two sons and one daughter. This wife also preceded him to the land of rest November 9, 1880. He was a citizen of Henry County, Indiana from 1830 until about two years ago, when he went to visit his children in Kansas and Indiana Territory and died at his son Miles Bouslog's home near Erin Springs, Indian Territory, May 4, 1895, at the age of 85 years and nine days. Five children, eleven grandchildren and three great grandchildren survive him.
     In early life he was united with the Christian Church at Hillsboro, Ind., and lived an honorable Christian for many years in which time he prospered beyond his own expectations and accumulated considerable wealth, but like many others in times of prosperity, he forgot him from whom cometh all the blessings of life and wandered from paths of righteousness and while engaged in business in co-partnership with other men they failed financially, the burden of their loss falling heavily upon him, Thus again he was brought to realize the need of a savior and friend, one who would stand by him in adversity as well as prosperity, which but few, very few, as he has learned to his sorrow, earthly friends would do. He was again reinstated into the fellowship of the brethren at the same church where he had formerly been a member. He was a friend of the poor and noted for many charitable deeds to those in adverse circumstances of life.

          The wild raging storms of his life are all o'er
          Calmly, sweetly rests his spirits for evermore.
          Forever, Oh! Forever, his spirit winged its flight
          into the presence of God's eternal love and light.
V. A. B.

2003 UEB

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