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Lewisville Cemetery Misc. Stones and other Unknown markers

GGC NT David Waddell MEC NT Louisa Southwick
JAF NT A.. Addrean & NO OM NT Glenna Swartz
SBM NT Gary Campbell T- NT Elizabeth Smith
E.T. NT Harry Davitt GRT & 2 no's in place, NT Wm. Clayton
L & W NT E.T. NO NT John C. F. Seatt
  NT James Harrigan NO NT Maley Carroll
NO NT Inf. Hazlrig NO NT dra Knight
NO NT W.A. Freeman NO NT Wm. Clayton
NO NT John O. Gotschall NO, near Fred Moore
NO NT A.E. Addison NO NT Mary White
NO NT Grace Lewis NO NT Harry Davitt
Not NT E T NO near Martha Hay
NO NT Guy Symons NO NT Risingar lot
NO NT Saml Scott 2 NOS NT Rebecca Southwick
2 NOS NT Mary Farley Ball 3 NOS NT John C F Scott
2 NOS NT James Rector 3 NOS NT Nancy Hickman
2 NOS NT OG Lester 2 NOS NT Nancy Russell
3 NOS MT A S Phillips 2 NOS NT Julia Moffiett
2 NOS NT Sarah Boone 2 NOS NT Andrew Adams
2 NOS NT J & W Willis 7 stones NO in Southwest corner
2 NOS NT Mahlan Pickering 2 cement stones under tree near Louis Southwick 
2 NOS NT Nellie Smith 2 NOS NT Chas Scarthwaite
2 NOS NT Susan Southwick OG very old stone NT David McComas
OG NT Charlesworth, very old OG NT Ida Sauel
OG NT Mary E. Moore OG NT Hannah Pool
OG NT Geo Evans OG ISL Robt Fletcher
OG NT Elvira Miner OG near flagpole
Buried stone NT Wm. A. Freeman Board 4

Transcribed by: Thomas D. Hamm in 1975


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