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Notice of Application for Retail Liquor License

August 5, 1881
New Castle Courier
      Notice is hereby given to the citizens, residents and inhabitants of the town of New Castle, in the township of Henry, in the State of Indiana, that I, Elmer E Harvey, a male inhabitant of said county and State aforesaid, over the age of twenty-one (21) years of age, will make due application in accordance with law in that behalf provided, to the Board of Commissioners of the county of Henry, State of Indian, at the next ensuing regular term or meeting of said Board to be held at the Courthouse of said county, beginning upon the first (1st) Monday in September, A.D. 1881, (being the 5th day of said month) for a license empowering and authorizing me to sell and barter, in less quantities than a quart at a time , spirituous, vinous, malt and other intoxicating liquors, with the privilege of permitting the same to b drank in and upon the premises where so sold and bartered.
     My said premises where said liquors are to be sold, bartered and drank under and pursuant to the provisions of the license herein prayed for, are described as follows, viz:
     Being the one story frame building located on the south side of East Broad Street, (sometimes called Broadway) between the tracks of the Fort Wayne, Muncie & Cincinnati Railway and the Penn, Cincinnati & St. Louis Railway, and situated upon the following described real-estate, in Henry county, Indiana: commencing forty (40) feet west of the northeast corner of lot one (1) in block nine (9) in the original plat of the town of New Castle, thence west Sixty-three (63) feet, running from forty (40) feet west of said northeast corner of said lot, south one hundred and thirty-two (132) feet, thence west fourteen (14) feet. The west line joins the west end of above described line, running east and west, and its full length is unknown, being the real-estate conveyed by B. F. Burke, et. ux. to A. T. Allison, by warranty deed dated March 1st, 1881, and duly recorded in Deed Record 35, page 317, of said county.
Elmer E. Harvey

2003 UEB

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