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Blue RiverWhite Branch Ger. Bapt.1850s47-415WSW 32-18-10
Blue RiverBenny Hill Farm1850sHistoryESE 28-18-11
DudleyWinslow Family Cem.1840sM-119, 120ESW 23-16-11
DudleyUnknown1850s1893 AtlasESW 3-16-11
Fall CreekWm. Bunner Cemetery1852S-396WNE 7-18-9
FranklinBucy Burial grounds1830sStonesWSW 35-16-10
FranklinBethel Christian18648-430, 431ESE 2-16-10
Franklin1st Salem UB1848O-221WSE 20-16-11
GreensboroJones/Dudley Burials1860sStonesENW 19-17-9
HarrisonAddison Burials1830s33-507SWSW 35-18-9
HenryHeaton burial grounds1830s1857 AtlasESW 22-17-10
HenryJosiah Draper1840sChurch recordsWSE 7-17-10
JeffersonCarter Public Cemetery1857Z-149ENW 19-28-10
LibertyLong/Devon Cemetery1822HistoryWNW 28-17-11
LibertyJesse Forkner Burials1830sStonesESE 24-17-11
LibertySt. Paul Lutheran1849P-212ESW 2-17-11
PrairieReuben Bunner burials1840sStonesWNE 35-19-11
PrairieIce Family burials1830sRecordsWNE 30-18-11
PrairieHoward Cemetery1820sJ-253WSE 13-18-10
PrairieAmeres Rhoton burials1850sStonesWSW 1-18-10
PrairieHarmen Wayman burials1830sStonesENE 34-18-10
Stoney CreekZirkle Chrisitian Friends1852U-362SESE 10-18-11
WayneKnightstown Bethel1830D-594South Church Lot
Proof can be found on these cemeteries by checking the Deed Books or seeing the cemeteries

These old pioneer cemeteries have been lost or abandoned, their locations lost in time and memory. As new development and construction expands in the county, these old cemeteries are in danger of being destroyed and no longer remembered. There are untold numbers of old family burial plots and tomb stones out there in the woods, in the fields and on the little ridges that are unknown of today that hopefully will eventually be found. Some are known only by the landowner or in family histories.

U. E. Bush


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