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McDaniel's Methodist Cemetery - Henry Township

  This cemetery thought to be destroyed long ago is near the Alex Burke property in the bend on TSC road just off of State highway #3 south of New Castle. When I started doing research on Henry County cemeteries. I came across information that the Methodist Episcopal Church on 25 Mar 1837 set aside land for a cemetery. The Church was started on 28 Dec 1835 and continued until about 1910, Seventy-five years. I knew for a church to be there that long there had to be some burials in there somewhere. After checking with Alex, I started probing around and soon uncovered several stones. I returned a few days later and soon discovered that there were quite a few burials in there. This is a list of some of the stones that I uncovered. I am sure there are several more stones still undiscovered in here, I probed about half of the cemetery.

Biggers, Alice C. 7 Jun 1863 2m, 5d D. of J. A. & B. J.
Biggers, Charles R. 3 Nov 1865 23 Nov 1865 Son of JA & BJ
Biggers, Mary A. 3 Jul 1865 9m D. of JA & BJ
Carpenter, Sarah J. 10 Sep 1843 1y, 3m, 16d D. of Geo. & M.
Moss, Jesse J. 17 Mar 1863 72y Husband of Dorsey
Redding, Anna W. 15 Apr 1853 50y, 8m, 4d Wife of Iredell
Redding, Huldah 14 Sep 18 - Randolph Co., NC
Redding, Iredell 18 Nov 1862 55y, 2m, 29d Husband of Anna
Redding, James A. 14 Feb 1840 4y Son of Iredell & Anna
Redding, T. R. 21 Feb 1846 - -
Redding, Infant 6 Apr 1860 - -
Redding, Infant 21 Dec 1862 - -
Stigleman, Catharine 19 Jul 1869 25y, 2m, 18d Wife of Marlin
Walker, Mary 11 Oct 1859 39y, 4m, 28d Wife of John
Wimmer, William J. 9 Nov 1861 8m. 9d Son of L. & G. Wimmer
Readable foot stones : H. M. and E. W. There are a lot of broken and unreadable stones here.
U.E.Bush, 2000

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