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Messick Cemetery
Needmore, Cannaday and Liberty Baptist


      This old cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Henry County. On 1 May 1828 William Cannaday donated acre of land to The Liberty Congregation Church trustees Eli Fraizer, George Hedrick and Calvin Russell for use as a burial ground for the Liberty church. At one time it was maintained by the township trustee and was kept moved and maintained by them. Over the last couple of decades it has been completely forgotten and allowed to become completely overgrown and abandoned. Several attempts by various individuals have cleaned this cemetery every year without any help from the township trustee. It is in terrible shape, the worst of any in Henry County. All stones but one, which was reset by descendents of that family, have been knocked over and covered with debris. Henry County should consider this an historic cemetery because of the epic novel and later the movie 'Raintree County' by Ross Lockridge that was based on life in Henry County in the mid-nineteenth century. The Dr. William B. Shockley, his wife Louisa and members of their family are portrayed as T. D. and Ellen Shawnessy in the novel and movie are buried in this old graveyard. That is why Henry County boast of being the "Raintree County." It seems that it should be given more respect than what it receives.
     Bill and Evelyn Humbles and Glendon and Norma Plymale of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints recorded this cemetery in October of 1964.
     In 1873-74, Mr. Thomas Hamm returned to this cemetery and attempted to record it again, but it was so overgrown several stones could not be located. Mr. Hamm used several other resources to come up with other burials in this cemetery that were not listed in the earlier recordings. There are five veterans of the War of 1812 buried here.

* Asterisk denotes unmarked burials.
Bales, Parnel * 12 Oct 1856 22 Feb 1802 Son of Jacob & Sarah
Batchfield, Francis M. 1 Mar 1855 1m, 18d, Dau. of S & A Batchfield
Batchfield, Infant 1856 19d Son of A & A Batchfield
Batchfield, Louisa J 1856   Dau. of A & A Batchfield
Ball, Olive 19 Jan 1842 58y  
Cannaday, Drusilla 10 Oct 1876    
Cannaday, Elizabeth 12 Apr 1890 27 Mar 1815 Wife of Samuel
Cannaday, Mary E. 11 Aug 1848 19y, 10m, 1d Dau of Elizabeth and S. S.
Cannaday, Melinda J. 17 Jan 1842 1y, 3m, 9d Dau. of Elizabeth & S. S.
Cannaday, Samuel S. 6 Sep 1888 73y, 1m, 2d  
Cannaday, William A. 22 Dec 1852 20d Son of Sam & Elizabeth
Conwell, Alice * 26 May 1861 4y Dau. of Geo. & Mary
Conwell, Eliza A. * 2 Mar 1865   Dau of Geo. & Mary
Conwell, Louisa Ann 2 Mar 1865 20y, 1m, 1d Dau. of GW & NJ
Conwell, Mary E. 20 Sep 1862 1y, 4m, 13d Dau of CW & MJ Conwell
Duke, Ann Rhew * 1833 1775 Wife of Tobert
Duke, James Sr. * 1873 1799  
Duke, Susannah * 3 Aug 1877 21 May 1884 Dau. of James & Nancy
Dykes, Infant 4 Oct 1867 11d Dau. of J&L Dykes
Finney, Robert N. 4 Nov 1872 19y, 5m, 20d Son of G & S Finney
Frazier, Eli 18 Sep 1831 45y, 3m, 29d War of 1812
Frazier, Jane * 1845   Wife of Eli
Frazier, Jesse 22 Jan 1828 6m, 20d Son of Eli & Jane
Frazier, Polly 3 Sep 1870 71y, 22d Wife of Wm. Fraizer
Frazier, Solomon 23 Dec 1865 44y, 1m, 20d  
Frazier, William 29 May 1871 80y, 3m, 4d  
Harter, Samuel 4 Jun 1836 13y, 9m, 11d Son of Jos & Catherine
Harvey, Mitchell 4 Jun 1836 9y, 1m, 11d Son of Benj. & Elizabeth
Hedrick, Christopher 27 My 1838   Son of Geo. & Drucilla
Hedrick, Drucilla 7 May 1838 48y Wife of George
Hedrick, George 28 Oct 1863 77y, 3m, 20d War of 1812
Hedrick, George Mar 1830 5y Son of Geo. & Drucilla
Hedrick, Sabray 1834 2y Dau of Geo. & Drucilla
Hill, Jacob 20 Aug 1862 62y, 6m, 22d  
Hill, Phebe Canaday * 1 jan 1867 7 May 1802 Wife of Jacob
Jester, Marietta 30 Jul 1866 4y, 5m, 25d Dau. of Isaac & Olive
Koons, Abraham L. 19 Aug 1863 2y, 8m, 18d Son of P & C Koons
Koons, Absolom 8 Oct 1837 27y, 11m, 6d  
Koons, Benjamin 12 Apr 1834 3y, 3m, 15d Son of Henry & Elizabeth
Koons, Casper 7 Mar 1865 46y, 12d  
Koons, George K. 27 Mar 1843 68y, 7m, 15d War of 1812
Koons, George N. 2 feb 1865 10y, 8m, 27d  
Koons, Infant 28 Jun 1861 6m, 7d Dau. of C & M
Koons, Infant 9 Feb 1851   Peter & Catherine
Koons, Lucinda Sep 1845 25y Wife of Casper Koons
Koons, Mahlon 11 Nov 1853 4y, 4m, 26d Son of Henry & Elizabeth
Koons, Martha J. 8 Apr 1851 11m Dau of Geo. & Hannah
Koons, Mary 18 Oct 1873 89y, 6d Wife of George
Koons, Mary A. 6 Jul 1866 12y, 7m, 26d  
Koons, Melinda A. 24 Nov 1818? 9d Dau. of Leo & Hannah
Koons, Nancy 13 May 1848 40y, 11m, 21d  
Koons, Olive Aug 1842 1y Dau. of Casper & Lucinda
Koons, Pleasent 2 Oct 1861 12y, 10m, 26d Son of M & E. Koons
Mesick, Infant     Son of E & A
Messick, ---- 10 Jan 1845 17y Son of Eli & Ann
Messick, Ann W. 21 Jan 1842 32y, 10m, 20d Wife of Eli
Messick, Eli S. 2 Aug 1870 71y, 6m, 22d War of 1812
Messick, John M. 15 Jan 1842 6y, 1m Son of Eli & Ann
Miller, Abraham 21 Dec 1862 69y, 29d  
Miller, Catherine 22 Sep 1866 26y, 11m, 10d Wife of Adam Miller
Miller, Mary 27 Sep 1872 74y Wife of Abraham
Millikan, Mary 20 Jan 18-2 28y, 2m, 26d Wife of William
Ray, James 15 Oct 1855 1y, 3m, 2d Son of L & S
Ray, Martha 1866 1779 Age 86y, W of Thomas
Ray, Thomas 1845 1777 Age 68y, War of 1812
Russell, Calvin 2 Apr 1847 1805  
Russell, Martha 1840 1770 Wife of James
Russell, William 1 Aug 1848   Son of James & Martha
Shockley, Benjamin F 26 Dec 1865 24y 140th Ind Inf., Son of W & L
Shockley, Dr. Wm. B. 6 Feb 1876 74y, 10m, 15d  
Shockley, Elizabeth 15 Jan 1842 8y, 2m, 14d Dau. of Wm. & Louisa
Shockley, Louisa 31 May 1873 67y, 5m Wife of Wm.
Shockley, Sarah 14 Jan 1842   Dau. of Wm. & Louisa
Snider, Jane Russell * 4 Nov 1841   Wife of Phillip
Wrightsman, Caroline* 1840 1818 Wife of Isaac
Wrightsman, Isaac * 1840 1816 Son of Abraham & Rachel
Wrightsman, John 20 May 1869 3y, 2m, 6d Son of A & Sarah

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