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Mexican War Veterans Of Henry County, IN
1846 - 1848

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      The following is a list of Henry county veterans of the war with Mexico. Most of these veterans served in company "H" of the 5th regiment of the Indiana Volunteers, which was made up of mostly local residents, mainly Fall Creek Township. This list includes Amos Brown, at the time a 23 year old, African-American who joined as an Officer's cook and was later mustered in as a regular paid member of the Regiment, thus becoming the first African-American member of the United States military.
      This list, I know, is not complete. If anyone has any other veterans that are not listed or know of mistakes, please contact me at ueb@hcgs.net and make me aware of them.

NameAgeTownshipRegimentOther Info
Andrews, Finley 20 Fall Creek 5th  
Armfield, Elam 25 Greensboro 5th  
Bearly, David   Prairie 4th Ohio
Brown, Amos (c) 23 Fall Creek 5th 1st colored union soldier in US Army
Brown, James   Wayne 4th Indiana
Burton, George   Prairie 3rd IN Inf., Co. H
Carey, James N. 24 Wayne 5th  
Copeland, Harvey 19 Henry 5th  
Davis, John   Fall Creek 3rd IN Inf.
Everett, Theopilis 25 Fall Creek   Ohio Infantry
Fifer, Charles 24 Fall Creek 5th  
Fleming, Noryiel 18 Fall Creek 5th  
Fort, Oliver P.   Wayne 4th Indiana
Gillingham, Ezra       Maryland
Gossett, Jeremiah 32 Fall Creek 5th  
Harker, David 19 Harrison 5th  
Hartley, Thomas B.   Prairie    
Hazzard, George W.   Wayne 4th Indiana
Hedges, Greenberry   Harrison    
Lauder, Phineas   Harrison RA Regular Army
Mann, Chapman 22 Fall Creek 5th  
Mann, William 24 Fall Creek 5th  
McAdoo, Alexander   Greensboror    
Montgomery, Dr. James M   Franklin 5th d. at Vera Cruz 1848
Morton, Thomas   Fall Creek   Ohio
Phillips, Abner 23 Fall Creek 5th  
Ray, Henry   Henry   Pennsylvania
Roby, William H. 40 Fall Creek 5th d. 28 May 1848, San Augustin
Schuman, James A. 18 Prairie 5th  
Schuman, William D.   Prairie 5th  
Shank, Henry Sgt. 29 Fall Creek 5th  
Shroyer, Henry 1st Lt.   Henry 5th 
Stephenson, Reuben B.   Henry Ohio  
Swain, George   Greensboro INV d. @ Menphis, TN 1848 IN Vols.
Tarkleson, George 45 Fall Creek 5th  
Thompson, George 21 Harrison 5th  
Tykle, Fredrick   Fall Creek 4th Ohio
Ward, Mathew Capt.   Henry 5th  
Warner, David 21 Fall Creek 5th d. in Miss. River 1847, body left there
Webster, Richard 21 Henry 5th  
Wood, Jacob   Liberty 4th Indiana
Woodward, Pyrrhus 2nd Lt25 Henry 5th  

2002 UEB

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