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Middletown Pioneer Cemetery
Fall Creek Township, Henry County, IN

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    This old cemetery was started sometime in the late 1820s on land owned by Abram Thomas who first purchased land on 20 Nov 1828 just south of Middletown. At one time there was a burial grounds in the town limits of Middletown where Jacob Coontz lived on sixth street. He along with several other early pioneers, were originally buried there. When sixth street was put in, their bodies were discovered and re-interred in the old Pioneer Cemetery south of town. It has had several names over the years, South, Pioneer, Burr or Riley. I believe it was several family burial grounds grouped together. Nathan Riley and Abram Coontz were the pioneers who laid out the town of Middletown, they are both buried in the "Old Pioneer" cemetery.
    Mary Catherine Cheek is the lady who provided me with this list a few years ago. She was the most knowledgeable person I have ever met that knew the history of the Fall Creek township and it's cemeteries. She recorded the Pioneer Cemetery many years ago when there were still gravestones remaining. There is not much left of the cemetery today. This is her list.

Bowers, Deborah 29 Sep 1865 85y, 1m, 18d W of Solomon
Bowers, Solomon   1777 H of Deborah
Bowman, George 16 Sep 1837 7 May 1836  
Bowman, Joseph   1805 Mason emblem
Burner, Joseph 10 Oct 1860 10y, 6m, 10d S of W & S
Burner, Sarah 7 Mar 1853 ?, ?, 18d D of W & S
Burner, William 15 Sep 1851 1813  
Burr, Chauncey H. 6 Jan 1871 84y, 9m, 25d oss as Jane
Burr, Jane 18 Nov 1869 62y, 10m, 9d W of C H
Burr, John Q. 6 Dec 1864 4 Jan 1848 S of CH & J
Burr, Mary A. 1 May 1863 16, 11m, 2d W of Miles H.
Burr, Mary Estella 6 May 1863 9y D of MH & MA
Busch, JEW     Govt. Stone
Caylor, Caroline 21 Feb 1854 24y, 9m, 3d W of DS
Chrisman, Jacob 23 Sep 1845 __, 6m, 5d S of Ruben & Susan
Chrisman, Ruben 5 Apr 1859 35y Next to Jacob
Christman, Infant 8 Mar 1856   ? of JS
Christman, James C. 13 Aug 1851 25y, 10m, 12d S of J & M
Clevenger, Frank M. 11 Dec 1871 4y, 10m, 29d S of JR & ME
Clevenger, Infant 18 Jan 1852 1d D of D & M
Clevenger, Infant 26 Sep 1854 _, _, 7d D of D & M
Clevenger, Laura M. 18 Jan 1857 4y, 1m, 10d D of D & M
Clevenger, Mary 3 Sep 1870 66y, 9m, 8d W of Jonathan
Collins, John W.     Govt. Stone
Collins, Sarah M. 1 May 1895 11 Jan 1820 next to John
Connell, Elizabeth 25 jun 1877 29y, 1m, 29d W of ZD
Connell, Heber L.     S of ZD & E
Connell, John R.     Connell Plot
Connell, Schuyler 22 Jul 1873 1y, 5m, 16d S of ZD & E
Coontz, Jacob 1832   Reburied from town lot
Cork, Mary E. 17 Oct 859   D of C & R
Cummins, Charles 13 Mar 1852 71y, 10m, 19d Next to Sarah
Cummins, Infant     S of J & MA
Cummins, James 13 Aug 1843 31y, 1m, 3d H of Mary Ann
Cummins, Sarah 29 Oct 1865 76y, 8m, 12d Next to Charles
Cunningham, Charles M. 28 Mar 1862 4y, 9m, 20d S of Lewis & Sarah
Cunningham, Elizabeth     D of Sam & Hannah
Cunningham, George M. 1 Apr 1862 11y, 8m, 25d S of Lewis & Sarah
Cunningham, Hannah 8 May 1857 59y, 4m, 18d Next to Samuel
Cunningham, Samuel 5 Sep 1838   S of Samuel & Hannah
Cunningham, Samuel 26 Oct 1846 62y, 11m, 13d Next to Hannah
Cunningham, Sanford L.     S of L & S
Cunningham, Sarah E. 14 Sep 1863 35y, 11m, 27d Consort of Lewis
Davis, Elizabeth 3 Apr 1859 49y, 11m W of David
Davis, Elizabeth 20 Feb 1857   D of David & Elizabeth
Dipboye, Abraham Sr. 26 Dec 1835 11 Oct 1785 W of Anna
Dipboye, John N. 8 May 1848 9y,9m, 28d S of A & A
Dutton, Georgia     D of Jos. & Maria
Dutton, Willie     S of Jos. & Maria
Fatick, Martha 25 Feb 1854 18 Aug 1831 W of Jacob Fatick
Garry, Iona     D of JH & EA
Good, Catharine "Kate" 19 Aug 1862 2y, 3m, 10d D of Jacob & Cynthia
Gordon, Eddie M. 3 Jan 1863 1y, 7m, 10d S on R & SW
Graves, Haginer 26 Sep 1836 4y, 5m, 21d D of S & M
Groves, Eddie     Near Ella Groves
Groves, Ella A. 28 Jun 1870   D of Isaac & Barbara
Groves, Isaac Sr. 20 Feb 1855 8 Jun 1802 H of Barbara
Hart, Adaline 1 Feb 1846 22y, 5m, 8d W of John N.
Hart, John 19 Nov 1863 82y, 11m, 10d Next to Margaret
Hart, Margaret Marsh 2 Apr 1869 79y, 3m, 17d W of John
Hart, Mary 9 Jul 1848 10y, 1m, 16d D of Heath & Julian
Hart, Mathias Dec 1894 61y, 1m, 20d Next to John
Hart, Miles 19 Oct 1845 2y, 7m, 12d S of Heath & Julian
Hasty, Alexander 10 Sep 1838 9y, 7m, 21d  
Hasty, Elizabeth 14 Sep 1838 10y, 13m, 15d  
Hedrick, Margaret 3 Dec 1849 24y, 6m, 29d W of Henry
Henry, Dr. Joseph 5 Jan 1839 1800 1st Doctor-Middletown
Henry, M. A. 29 Aug 1838 3y, 3m, 10d Broken Stone
Hess, Isabella P. Aug 1850 29 Nov 1849 D of Dr. Luther & Phebe
Hess, Wilford L. 1 Jan 1849 26 Jul 1849 S of Dr. Luther & Phebe
Hook, Sarah A. 7 Jan 1839 38y  
Keefer, David M. 23 ? 1865   S of Gideon & R
Mann, William 18 Dec 1855 30y, 9m, 26d  
Marsh, Charles E.     S of J & M
Marsh, George W. 14 Feb 1838 1y, 2m, 22d S of J & M
McWilliams, Martha J. 14 Jun 1844 6y, 9m, 16d D of John & Elizabeth
Moreland, Almira J. 1 Mar 1870 38y, 6m, 26d W of HL
Moreland, Lola I. 28 Dec 1860 10y, 3m, __d D of HL & AJ
Moreland, Oscar L. 22 Feb 1852 __y, 10m, 19d S of Henry & Alvira
Pearce, Aaron 3 Sep 1838 14 Sep 1814 23y, 11m, 19d
Perrin, Edgar R. 2 Nov 1869 13y, 9m, 4d S of JC & HD
Phillips, Eddy C. 2 Sep 1861 3y, 11m, 29d S of John & Mary
Phillips, Mary A. 26 Aug 1861 23y, 4m, 5d W of John E.
Quinn, Cleotis 23 Aug 1873 __y, 7m, 18d S of VW & ME
Riley, Nathan 2 Dec 1880 87y, 1m, 22d Same stone w/Sarah
Riley, Nathan 2 Feb 1856 22y, 3m, 15d SS as Sarah & Nathan
Riley, Sarah Stewrat 14 May 1881 81y, 6m, 17d W of Nathan
Riley, Susan 28 Nov 1861 23y, 8m, 4d W of James
Riley, Thomas Benton ? 16 Nov 1865 23y, 2m, 21d S of Nathan & Sarah
Stilley, Josephine 11 May 1873 8y, 10m, 20d D of WJ & CE
Summers, Lydia 30 Aug 1853 68y, 5m, 17d W of Lewis
Summers, Minnie 10 Sep 1865 1y, 3m, 3d D of HC & S
Summers, R.     Crumbled stone
Thayer, Georgetta Lavon 21 Mar 1863 3y, 5m, 10d D of AM & Marie
Thayer, Willie Dewitt 3 Mar 1863 __y, 10m, 14d S of AM & Marie
Trayer, ? 27 Dec 1859 18y, 8m, 14d __ of NF & Sarah
Trayer, David 18 May 1847 _y, _m, 5d S of Noah F. & Sarah
Trayer, Joseph 7 Aug 1847 4y, 2m, 8d S of Noah F. & Sarah
Trayer, Margaret 28 Jan 1846   D of Noah & Sarah
Trayer, Sarah E.     D of NF & Sarah
Trayer, William 29 Jan 1860 11y, __m, 25d S of NF & Sarah
Tucker, Sarah 18 Mar 1867 29y, 10m, 23d W of TS
Van Winkle, Amanda 24 Jun 1865 29y, 9m, 23d W of Robert R.
Wilson, Marie 13 Jun 1869 69y, 10m, 13d  
Windsor, Jimattie 4 Sep 1866 1y, 9m, 13d D of JT & J
Wisehart, Alvarenous 18 Aug 1868   S of Willis & Emma
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