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Millville's Thriving Industry - 1899

This article appeared in the New Castle Democrat in 1899

The Democrat scribe dropped into Millville last Friday to see how things were getting along in that part of Liberty township. Our principal business was with the Millville Manufacturing Company. This company first started to make churns and washing machines on a small scale. A couple of years ago it began to make lawn swings and is now doing a rushing business. Its swings are sold not only in Indiana, but also in several adjoining states and their popularity is constantly increasing. Much of its success is due to the energy and push of the Manager, Bent Wilson, who besides being business to the core, is one of the best fellows on earth. One of the most interesting places about the factory is the paint and varnish department. The painting is not done with a brush, but instead the different parts of the swing are dipped in long vats. Two of these are filled with paint and a third with varnish. The results is a better, smoother job in about one tenth of the time. In the bottom of the vats are agitators or mixers, which are run by a small steam engine.
Last winter the company bought the sawmill adjoining, together with a steam dry-kiln. They prepare all kinds of hardwood lumber, frame timber and do a general custom business. When H. E. Jennings hoop factory burned last Friday, they had 15,000 feet of elm for him in their yards.
Another important feature of Millville that must not be overlooked is the hotel kept by Mrs. Douglas Bolser. It has the reputation of setting up the biggest meals in Henry County. It has been our privilege to take several meals there and everyone was a feast.

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