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By William E. Galyean, December 2001

      The Moore Cemetery is located south of Blountsville, Indiana on the northeast corner of the southeast quarter of section thirty-four (34) of Stony Creek Township in Henry County. It is about one-half mile east of County Road 675-E near County Road 850-N and in a wooded area. It is reached through a nearby farm. This data is based on land records, known family history, site visits in 1997 & 1998 and data obtained from other sources.

      This cemetery is situated on land originally purchased by William Galyean in 1827 from the U. S. Government. John Brewer, a son-in-law acquired this land after William's death in 1849. The four sides of this cemetery plot measures about 118 ft. x 96 ft. x 105 ft. x 102 ft. It is in poor condition with trees growing between graves. The cellar of the old home is nearby.

      Various records indicate the burials, some unmarked, and some marked only by fieldstone. Some of these records are obviously incorrect as they are inconsistent with other recorded data. Today only 4 burials can be positively identified. All are in the Galyean/Brewer section of the cemetery.

      The Galyean/Brewer section of this cemetery is about 20 feet square with a stone marking each corner. A map is attached showing grave locations. These graves are identified as:

Probably William Galyean - Born 1794/1800, Died 1849 - Son of Thomas and Margaret Galyean The monument has no inscription.

1. Hulda L. Brewer - Born 4 Jan. 1845, Died 5 Nov. 1858 - Parents John and Hannah Galyean Brewer - Child Marker with inscription partly not legible
2. Probably Nancy E. Brewer - Died 1852/1855, Age 1 year
3. Hannah Brewer - Born 28 Apr. 1819, Died 25 Jan. 1861 - Parents William and Huldah Galyean - Husband was John Brewer - Inscription states MOTHER & DAUGHTERS. Infant daughter, Isabelle is probably buried with her.

NOTE: Earlier records state that Hulda(h) Lamb Galyean, wife of William, died March 4, 1874 and is buried at the cemetery at Jackson's Station, Tipton Co., IN. A visit to this cemetery in 1996 disclosed Hulda is not buried there. Her death and burial is not known. The grave contained an infant granddaughter. This is known as the Gore Cemetery. The marker contains the following:
      OPRAH F.
      dau of
      M.L and J.N. Galyean
      Mar. 17, 1872 aged 1 mo. 19d

Other records indicate the following individuals are buried in this cemetery but individual graves cannot be identified.

John Hawk - Born 1800, Died 1878 - Son of Phillip Hawk
Mary Moore - Born 1808, Died 1863 - Wife of John. Parents, John & Elizabeth Moore
John Moore - Born 1782, Died Aft. 1862
Elizabeth Moore - Born 1784, Died Aft. 1862
John Stanley - Born 19 Apr. 1802, Died 26 Jul. 1865 - Parents John and Elizabeth Stanley
Jane Moore - Born May 1809, Died 4 Oct. 1836 - Parents John and Elizabeth Moore
Also, Narcissa Galyean Wales is believed buried here.

Copyright ©2001 William Galyean

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