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New Castle, IN 1884 Business Directory

Manufacturing and Mercantile Resources

New Castle Foundry and Pump Company: General Foundry and Machine Works.
Shirk, Johnson & Fisher: Grain Cradles.
New Castle Furniture Company: Manufacturer of Furniture, West Broad Street.
Bundy House Hotel: Josiah Bundy & Sons Prop. Main & West Race Streets.
W. G. Hillock Jeweler: The Jeweler, 117 East Broad Street.
T. C. Jordan Shoe Store: Boots & Shoes, 108 Broadway.
C. E. Needham Drug Store: Drugs, Books & Stationary. Main & Broadway Street.
G. H. Root Meat Market: 104 North Main Street.
W. M. Pence Drug Store: Books, Drugs, Stationary & Wallpaper. West Broadway
H. T. Coffin: Jewelry. East Broad Street.
John C. Livezey & Co.: Hardware Store. South Main St.
Gough & Hernly Livery Stables: Livery, Feed & Safe Stable. West Broadway.
W. A. Grove & Son: Meat Market.
Samuel Arnold Grocery: Staple & Fancy Groceries, 106 Broad Street.
Wint Needham: Photographer, 121 South Main Street.
G. W. Goodwin, Jr.: Billiard Hall & Arcade, East Broadway.
Clint Davis Cigar Store: Cigars, Tobaccos, Canned Goods & Confections, So. Main St.
J. M. Gough Wagon Shop: Farm & Spring Wagons & Implements. East Broadway.
M. A. Heirich: Merchant, Men's Tailor Shop, East Broadway.
New Castle Flour Mills: John Rhine, F. G. Miller & D. M. & D. F. Spaulding.
Citizens State Bank: John R. Millikan, Benj. Shirk, D. W. Kinsey & T. B. Millikan.
Robert B. Smith Implements: Farm Implements, Buggies & Insurance Agent.
Baldwin, Roberts & Co.: Pork Packers. J. W. Roberts & Farnum Baldwin.
A. R. Wayman Grocer: Groceries & Staples. Broadway.
G. E. Mahin & Co.: Groceries & Bakery, East Broad Street.
J. U. Keiser: Saloon & Billiard Hall South Main Street.
C. C. Colburn: Livery, Feed Sales & Stables. East Broad Street.
R. B. Carson: Boots and Shoes.
L. Rodgers: Manufacturer of Buggies & Carriages & etc. Broadway.
James Cummins: Grocery & Bakery.
Nathan Livezey: Furniture & Undertaking, South Main Street.
John O. Shriner: Stoves, Tin ware & furniture goods. Broad Street.
Jim Mowrer: Drugs & Medicine, 112 South Main Street.
Fairfield & Moore: Groceries & Provisions, 118 South Main Street.
Junction Hotel & Tavern: G. W. Goodwin, Jr. Prop. East Broad Street.

Among the other more important firms doing business are the following;
Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, clothing and Groceries:
Campbell Brothers, Schrock & Bundy, T. W. Phillips, J. C. McBride, R. D. Goodwin & Co., T. R. Vaughan & Bros., G. R. & W. H. Murphey, R. H. Barr, John Wayman and E. Kahn.
Grain, Hardware, Agriculture Implements, Drugs & Wood Works misc.:
Davis Bros., W. W. Modlin, I. W. Pitman & son, Smith & Shirk, Nixon & Son Mark, Simon P. Jennings Waldron & Maxin Harvey & Davis Bros. Bouslog & Ice. First National Bank, New Caastle Carriage Works, Charles P. Murphey, Jeweler; Kinsey & Griffith, Marble Works; John M. Mowrer, Harness, Houck Bros., Meats; Ernest Moore, Musical Merchandise; Huddleston & Son, Photographer; Hall & Son Restaurant, L. W. & L. D. Needham, Restaurant.

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