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New Castle Female Benevolent Society

Organized November 11, 1856

     Found in the Henry County Historical Society's Museum was an old book (ledger) of the secretary of the Presbyterian church of New Castle, IN. The following was recorded on two sheets of paper found in this book.
     The New Castle Benevolent Society was organized November 11, 1856 with the following Members:
     Mrs. Sarah Crawford, Mrs. Emma Martindale, Mrs. E. R. McGrew, Mrs. H. P. Armstrong, Mrs. Mary S Brady, Miss Elizabeth Chambers, Miss Catherine Zimmerman, Miss Serena Hodson, Mrs. Mary C. Chambers and Miss Catherine Taylor.
     A Constitution and By Laws was adopted. Among the provisions was one allowing any lady to become a member by paying 25 cents, and any gentleman by paying 50 cents a year, in addition to the charter members. The following are on record as members for 1857.
     Mrs. H. A. Bundy, Mrs. Ann Taylor, Mrs. John Mowrer, Mrs. Daniel Mowrer, Mrs. W. A. Bundy, Mrs. D. Hewitt, Mrs. Leonard, Mrs. Hoover, Mrs. Mary Mellett, Miss Isabelle Taylor, Miss Harriet Fleming, Miss Mary Shroyer, Miss Eliza Crawford, Miss Belle Chambers, Miss Lizzie Mellett, Miss Lizzie Mowrer, Miss Lue Morley, Miss Agnes Mowrer, Miss Clanda Hazzard and Miss Catherine Bell.
     To show that this society started out with some drawing qualities about it, I give the list of gentlemen who came up to the work and paid their 50 cents.
     William Armstrong, Thomas B. Redding, David Thomas, J. J. Watson, Robert B. Smith, Joseph Brady, Samuel Hoover, Daniel Mowrer, Hugh Reed, Clint Elliot, Hiram A. Bundy, Elijah B. Martindale, W. T. Hasket, Joseph Murray, Thomas M. Grubbs, C. E. Harwood, W. D. Mowrer, William Murphey and Robert Reed.
     The records show the society met regularly until the last of June 1858 with few omissions, but with no records from that time until 1868, during which year the financial records show active work by Ladies Aid Society, the successor of the original society.
     It is safe to say there has been no year since the organization of the church in which the ladies have not been active agents in forwarding the work of the church. And their help in finances has been such that without it, it would have been impossible to keep up any approach to regular preaching services. Their work in supplying the funds to pay for this church to the amount of $600 was grand.
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