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The Old Nixon School House

Article from
The New Castle Courier
6 Jan 1916
By: THE C.M.

    The Nixon schoolhouse is located about four miles west of New Castle, a little way south of the Honey Bee Line, or stop #29. Here is a typical rural schoolhouse, situated in the center of a fertile farming community in which live such farmers as Howard Fisher, Thomas Moore, Loring Fisher, Walter Fisher, Murray Jacoby, R. B.Smith, Levi Lowe, Sala Roof, Mr. Kimbrough, Robert Polk, Val Gold, Mr. Kinder, Paul Adams, Hiram Adams, Luther Pearce, Jack Williams, Ira Bell and Nate Shaffer.
    South of here is the noted Clear Springs meeting house of the Friend's church, which has been here so long the memory of the present generation can recall. A mile south also is the beautiful park known as "Mount Lawn," which is one of the best kept summer recreation places you may know, high and above the surrounding country, shady and with good water. Also, the manager is very careful to select only those gatherings which are profitable and calculated to help the people who compose them and also the people of the community in which it is located.
    The Nixon school house was so named because of the land being owned by a Mr. Nixon, who lived nearby. At this schoolhouse the people who have lived in the neighborhood have received the common school education and the memories of those who have so received their education and who now live nearby, are filled with the happy days of childhood spent within the walls of this renowned old building which has survived the central school idea. And their children who are being educated here will perhaps in the future have the same kind of stories to tell, the same interesting things to talk about that their fathers and mothers have today. Long live the rural schools, is our motto.
    About this school, as about all such schools, cling the thoughts and inspirations of community. It is, and should be the center of community interest. Here the patrons gather on holidays and Christmas times, to meet each other in social ways while they listen to the songs, readings and recitations of their children, who will one day take their place in the community now occupied by the parents. It draws the citizens closer together, cementing friendships; making each other better by having associated in and been a member of such community.
    Here follows the names of the pupils in this school; Noble Fielden, Francis Fisher, Glenna Fisher, Violet Fisher, Earl Graham, Ollie Graham, Ruth Graham, Helen Hoover, William Hutson, Lillian Jacovy, Lois Jacovy, Wilfred Jacovy, Margaret Locker, Lucille Lowe, Thelma Lowe, Winona Lowery, Clarence Loy, Elizabeth McClure, Mary Louise McClure, Helen Munson, Lottie Ograff, Georgia Pearce, Laura Ellen Pearce, Harry Francis Petro, Beatrice Roof, Lucie Tungate, Cecille Tungate, Kenneth White, Lester White and Illis Winter.
    All grades are taught here. Miss Madeline Gullion is the teacher and seems to be giving good satisfaction. There are three months yet of school. Most of the children from the east are gathered in and brought to school in a hack that is driven by John Munden.

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