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Nugen Farm Burials

Franklin Township, Est. 1830s

   This old burial ground is located at 1330 US #40 east on the Keith Allhands farm just west of Lewisville, IN, Henry County, IN. It is supposedly the burial grounds for John See, a veteran of the American Revolutionary war. I have been told that at one time there was a grave marker for his grave but it has disappeared. It seems that the burial ground was used as a neighborhood burial place since the other burials were those of neighbors of the See's.
   On Halloween night of 1960, vandals destroyed the little burial grounds, spreading the markers all over the village of Lewisville. Fortunately Mr. Tom Mahill of Knightstown, IN had previously recorded the stones before their destruction. The stones were recovered and later placed in the big red barn with plans to re-set them later; unfortunately they remain in the barn having never been reset.
   Mr Allhands showed me the stones and exactly where they once were located. The burial site has never been plowed over, but is near the fencerow behind the barn.

Baldwin, Elizabeth 1839 ?? W of John
Leonard, Hannah E. 8 Jun 1839 5y, 6m, 27d 
Leonard, Mary M. 17 Dec 18361y, 4m, 7d  
Leonard, Nancy J. 17 Apr 183410y, 6m, 4d 
Leonard, Sirus V. 27 Sep 18381m, 21d  
See, John* 2 Jan 1837 1757 Revolutionary War Vet
See, Margaret Jarrett*nd nd  
Shryhock, Helen Marr 26 Aug 18341y, 27d  
E. R. nd nd Foot Stone
UEB 2005

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