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Obituraries 1881

Lizzie Hennigh
1835 - 1881
     Wife of Lither Hennigh, was born June 22, 1835, departed this life July 18, 1881, aged 46 years, 5 months and 26 days.
     Sister Hennigh was the daughter of Elder Elijah Martindale, who is of sacred memory. She was married to Luther Hennigh June 4, 1868.
     In her 14th year she made a public confession of her faith in Christ, and was immersed by Joseph Trowbridge; thus early in life consecrating herself to the Master's work. Disease and suffering marred her happiness and poisoned life's current for some years before her departure. She was a great sufferer for six months before her death, yet she bore it all with a Christian fortitude worthy of imitation.
     She leaves a husband, brothers and sisters, with many friends to mourn their loss. May they imitate the virtues that shone in the life of our dear departed sister and may the comforting influence of the Holy Spirit be with them.
George W. Bearly
1862 - 1881
     Son of David and Sarah J. Bearly, was born October 14, 1862, and died at the residence of his parents, in New Castle, July 20, 1881, aged 18 years, 9 months and 6 days.
     The deceased was a young man of good character and industrious habits. His death will be severely felt among his friends and associates, an especially in the family circle.
     His funeral took place on Thursday, the 21st, at 2:30 p.m. Elder J. B. Ludwig preached the funeral service in the Lutheran church.
     His parents desire, through this medium, to express to their neighbors and friends their sincere thanks for their sympathy and assistance during the sickness and burial of their son. They also tender their thanks to Elder J. B. Ludwig, the officiating minister, and to the members of the Lutheran church, who so kindly tendered the use of their house of worship for the funeral services.

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