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Deaths of 'Old Settlers'

This list was announced at the 1875 meeting of the Old Settlers. They had not met for four years 1872 through 1874 and these members passed away during those years.

Adams, Stephen B. c1874 Franklin
Baldwin, Uriah 20 Jan 1875 Greensboro
Bills, John 31 an 1875 Harrison
Binford, Samuel 23 Aug 1872 Franklin
Bond, William 23 Jun 1874 Liberty
Branson, William 27 Oct 1874 Greensboro
Burner, John c1875 Jefferson
Butler, Joshua c1874 Franklin
Canaday, Nathan 25 Mar 1874 Prairie
Carpenter, Samuel c1875 Henry
Cartwright, William c1875 Dudley
Copeland, Joseph c1873 Franklin
Copeland, Phebe c1874 Greensboro
Courtney, Henry c1875 Henry
Culbertson, Samuel c1873 Wayne
Garrett, Elizabeth 12 Mar 1875 Prairie
Griffen, Samuel 12 Jan 1875 Spiceland
Grose, Sara c1873 Dudley
Harvey, Benjamin 20 Nov 1874 Prairie
Hatch, Warner c1873 Henry
Heagy, James 6may 1875 Harrison
Healey, Welborn c1873 Franklin
Hernley, Henry 1872 Prairie
Holland, J. W. 5 Mar 1875 Dudley
Holland, Nancy 24 Oct 1874 Dudley
Hollingsworth, Valentine13 Jan 1875 Spiceland
Hunt, John 1875 Henry
Johnson, Daniel 1872 Franklin
Kerr, Taylor C. 22 Apr 1875 Blue River
Martindale, Elder Elijah1875 Henry
McKee, John 5 Dec 1871 Harrison
Moore, Phillip E. 28 May 1872 Blue River
Myers, Elijah 16 Mar 1875 Harrison
Olinger, Phillip 1 Jan 1874 Fall Creek
Pearson, Harry c1873 Jefferson
Pence, Christian 1875 Fall Creek
Pidgeon, David 6 May 1874 Blue River
Powell, Samuel c1872 Henry
Reece, William C. 13 May 1875 Greensboro
Sanders, Wright 1873 Jefferson
Shank, Mrs. Henry c1874 Harrison
Stephens, Harrison 6 Nov 1874 Henry
Stewart, S. W. 1872 Dudley
Straughn, Merrimon c1873 Dudley
Summers, Dr. Roland T c1875 Fall Creek
Swain, Elihu 1875 Fall Creek
Weeks, Winafred 1875 Greensboro
Woodward, Asahel 19 Mar 1875 Henry
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