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Deaths of Members of
The Old Settlers Association

NameBrief History
Ball, Anna J.Born in North Carolina, April17, 1828 Came to Henry County when a child. Died at her home in Franklin Township, March14, 1895
Bogue, Josiah P. Born in Henry County on November 3 1833, died at his home near Spiceland, November 28, 1894.
Burk, Israel A lifelong resident of Henry County, died at his home west of New Castle July 2, 1895. Aged 73 years, 7 days.
Camblin, Margaret Born in 1816, died at Spiceland, May 17, 1895 after a residence of over fifty years in the county.
Copeland, Isom Born in Wayne county, North Carolina November 20, 1790.Came to Greensboro township in 1825 and lived there util his death, October 20, 1894.
Draper, Ephraim Born in Wayne county, Indiana, July 5, 1826. He settled in Henry County when a young man and died at his home north-east of New Castle on March 25, 1895.
Griffin, Lucy Ann Born in Surrey county, North Carolina on October 30, 1810. Came to Indiana in 1822. Died at her home in Spiceland May 17, 1895.
Harrison, William Born in Roolstone, England on Jan 6, 1796. Came to Henry County about 1840. Died at Raysville on February 1, 1895, aged 99 years and 25 days.
Hawley, Mary Ann Born in Bucks county, PA on October 14, 1825. Came to Henry County with her parents in 1835. Died at her home in Dudley township on February 23, 1895.
Kerr, Narcissa Born near Dayton, OH on December 13, 1817. Came to Henry county when a child. Her parents settled near Luray. She died on October 26, 1894.
Leonard, Mary Louisa Was born in North Carolina, March 24, 1816. She came to Henry County when quite young. She died at the home of R. M. Nixon at New Castle on January 9, 1895
Livezey, Thomas Born in Philadelphia, PA in 1830. He came to Henry County in 1839. He died at his home in Prairie township, July 10, 1895.
Mansfield, Margaret Born at Luray on February 5, 1820, died at Muncie, September 2, 1894.
Ogborn, Edwin F. Born at Egg Harbor, New Jersey, August 25,1816. He came to Wayne County in 1824, and resided in Wayne and Henry Counties until his death, which at the home of his son, A. D. Ogborn, July 4, 1895.
Pickering, Jonas Born in Belmont County, Ohio, September 8, 1812. He came to Henry County in 1823. He died at his home in Cadiz, September 13, 1894.
Presnal, Eliza J. (Burk) Born in Belmont county, Ohio, March 3, 1829, came to Henry County when seven years of age. Died at her home in New Castle on April 9, 1895.
Redding, Thomas B. Born in Henry county, IN December 27, 1831, son of Iredell and Anna (Nixon) Redding, died at New Castle on April 11, 1895
Rogers, Eliza Born in Monongahela county, Virginia, August 17, 1822, came to Henry County in 1836. Died at her home near Mooreland on September 2, 1894.
Rogers, Joanna H. (Willits) Born in Wayne County, IN on February 28, 1828, died at New Castle on March 26, 1895.
Rogers, Thomas Born in Ireland December 14, 1822, came to Indiana in 1838. Taught school, after his marriage settled at New Castle, where he died on July 11, 1895.
Russell, John N Born in Loudon County, Virginia, May 7, 1815, came to Henry County in 1834, where he resided until his death, August 12, 1894 at his home in Lewisville.
Stanford, Isabel (Martindale) Born in Wayne County, IN on April 26, 1825, came to Henry County when a child, and died at her home in New Castle on March 26, 1895.
Unthank, Anna Jane Born in North Carolina, March30, 1819, came with her parents to Indiana and was married to Samuel F. Porch. She died at Spiceland on March 11, 1895.
Ward, Sylvanus Born April 2, 1831 in Union county, IN, came to Henry County when a young boy, died on April 18, 1895.
Welch, John G An early settler south of New Castle. He was a well known through out the county as a preacher. He lived in New Castle many years, died August 5, 1894 at the home of his daughter in Kansas City, MO, aged 85 years.
Wright, Joel Born October 10, 1817 in Tennessee, Came to Henry County in 1835. Died at Greensboro, June 16, 1895.
Wright, Martha (Parkhurst) Born in Trumbull County, Ohio, February 9, 1812, came with her parents to Henry County settling two miles north of Knightstown, in 1821. Died at her home in Franklin township, January 8, 1895.
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