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Painter Cemetery - Fall Creek Township

    This cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Fall Creek Township (1830s). It is located in section #28 at county roads #600 west and #950 north. It was deeded by Alexander Painter to be used as a burial ground 10 May 1839. It was cared for by the cemetery trustees until 25 May 1925 when it was deeded to the Fall Creek civil township by Joseph V. Painter, Augustes A, VanMater and Oren W. Groner, for use as a public cemetery. Thanks to Phyllis Sanders Poor of Sulphur Springs, IN, these names have been recorded for others doing research on their ancestors.

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NameDiedBornOther Info
Abshire, John 8 Mar 1870 7 Feb 1842 Son of Jubal & Nancy
Abshire, Nancy 10 May 1874 62y W of Jubal Abshire
Abshire, Wm. W. 14 Dec 1831 - Son of Jubal & Nancy
Adams, ..rt, Family ---
Alger, Isaac18 Mar 189477yCo. H 56th IN inf.
Alger, Mabel5 Sep 18864mDau. of Lon & Roma Carter
A-Ocker, Christopher24 Dec 184012y 2m 7dIn memory of
A-Ocker, Daniel2 Mar 185932y 3m 26d-
A-Ocker, Elizabeth17 Jan 186470y 10m 24dW of Anthony Ocker
A-Ocker, Elizabeth9 Mar 18--50y 1m 7d-
A-Ocker, Evelyn Josie24 Oct 1861-D. of Peter & Sarah Ocker
A-Ocker, Henry18 Apr 18533m 10dS of John & Ann Marion Ocker
A-Ocker, Inf Son1850-S. of Peter & Sarah Ocker
A-Ocker, Infant4 Apr 185111dS of John & Mary Ocker
A-Ocker, Infant4 Apr 185111dD of John & Mary Ocker
A-Ocker, Jacob30 Aug 186128y 6m 5d-
A-Ocker, Jacob H.28 Aug 1852--
A-Ocker, Laura19401875-
A-Ocker, Lee8 Sep 1849--
A-Ocker, Mary L.2 Jan 18587dD of -- & L. Ocker
A-Ocker, Pauline5 Jul 1911Oct 1895-
A-Ocker, Samuel18751819-
A-Ocker, Samuel Milt19 Aug 18622y 8dS of John & Ann Ocker
A-Ocker, Sarah19101826W of Samuel Ocker
A-Ocker, Sarah Jane13 Mar 1862-D, of Peter & Sarah Ocker
NameDiedBornOther Info
Baker, Minnie--D of C.C. & S.E. Baker
Baker, Sarah18861848W of Geo. E. Baker
Ballingall, Dr.George21 Oct 186573y 11m 25d-
Ballingall, Infant--D of W.L. & Mary Ballingall
Ballingall, Isabell--W of Dr. G.H. Ballingall
Ballingall, John P.2 Sep183720y 6m In Memory of
Ballingall, Mary L.19111856W of W.L.
Ballingall, Nancy J.30 Oct 189164y 10m 11d-
Ballingall, R. Sanford20 Mar 184525y 8m 6dIn Memory of
Ballingall, W.L.19241861-
Balsar, Abraham 27 May 1870--
Balsar, Christy27 Jan 187172y 4m 10d-
Balsar, John13 Feb 18503y 4m 11d-
Balsar, Sarah4 May 187072y 9m 25dW of Christy Balsar
Basicker, Abby19391855-
Basicker, Elier19281840-
Basicker, Mary E.28 Nov 187435y 3m 15dW of Elias Basicker
Bell, Rev. James H.24 Jan 186-85y 18d-
Bell, Sarah22 May 187942y 8m 26dW of James H. Bell
Blazer, EliJun 185327y 5m 5dS of -- Blazer
Bonner, Infant--S of P. & M.E.Bonner
Bowden, Infant3 Jul 1875-S of - & R. Bowden
Bowden, Joseph22 Jul 1877-S of R.C. & R. Bowden
Bowers, Ann E.30 Dec 188043y 29dW of John T. Bowers
Bowers, John T.46y 27dJul 1845-
Bowers, Lula R.Aug 18881y 6m 6d-
Bowers, Mary15 Jan 187151y 5dW of Andrew Bower
Bowers, MattiDec 1887Jul 1866W of O.P.Bowers, 21y 4m 12d
Bowers, Willis12 Oct 18704y 9m 3dS of John & Elizabeth Bowers
Brandon, ?4 Nov 188728 Apr 1855S of John & Anna Brandon
Brandon, Ben19341877-
Brandon, Infant13 Mar 188113 Mar 1881D of J.T. & J.E. Brandon
Brandon, Jane Eliz.19 Mar 188121y 5m 24dW of John T. Brandon
Bristol, Ben W.8 Sep 189322y 5mCo. H 69th IN Vol.
Brubaker, Jacob13 Mar 189759y 11m 21d-
Bushong John P.13, 18--2y 2m 21dS of Phillip & Sarah
Bushong, Charles27 Apr 188010y 6m 15dS of Phillip & Sarah
Bushong, Elizabeth17 Dec 1858-Consort of Peter in Virginia.
Bushong, Hannah12 Sep 18673y 7m 4dD of Phillip & Sarah
Bushong, Margaret S.11 May 186129y 8d-
Bushong, Peter3 Dec 186874y 11m 12d-
Bushong, Phillip19061822-
Bushong, Sarah1874-Same stone as Phillip.
NameDiedBornOther Info
Campbell, Benjamin25 Oct 1862-S of A&J, Civil War, Ashland,KY
Campbell, Lydia16 Apr 18542y 25dD of J. & A. Campbell
Carey, Infant8 Jun 18--3dD of Levi & Susan
Carey, Susan5 Jan 187635y 2m 22dW of Levi
Carter, John14 Jun 184770y-
Carter, John12 Aug 1863--
Cheek, Benjamin---
Chrisman, Mannie3 Oct 189229 Sep 1862W of Frank, D of D&M Burk
Chrisman, Mary23 Sep 18-129yW of Jacob
Chrisman, Mary E.19441859Mother
Chrisman, Nellie25 Mar 189628 Aug 1881-
Chrisman, O.C.19261859-
Christ, Catharine19 Nov 185619 Sep 1796W of Henry H, Rockingham, Co.
Christman, EllenoreFeb 1886-D of Jacob & Mary
Clairy, Nancy4 Apr 1846-In Memory
Clary, Nancy21 Apr 184612m 26dIn Memory
Clevenge, Peter27 Aug 184710m 7dS of James & Mary
Clevenger, Elizabeth10 Nov 1852-D of James & Mary
Clevenger, Emma J.--D of Jesse M. Clevenger
Clevenger, George W.--S of J.C. & Mary
Clevenger, James16 Nov 185231y 15d-
Clevenger, Peter27 Aug 1847-S of James & Mary
Coffman, ---------12 Oct 18-8-S of Joseph & Rebecca
Coffman, Betty19211848-
Coffman, Charles18771846-
Coffman, El C.19831849-
Coffman, Joseph18641810-
Coffman, Louisa18781850-
Coffman, M---23 Nov 187425yW of E.C.
Coffman, Mary6 Jul 187333y 5m 2dW of David
Coffman, Mary6 Jun 187335y 5m 2dBeloved W of ? Coffman
Coffman, Rebecca18641814-
Coffman, Susanna4 Nov 185320 Jul 1781W of David
Coffman, W.R.2 Sep 1858-S of J. & R.
Conn Evalin26 Feb 189111m-
Conn, Adam12 May 186966y 11m 18d-
Conn, Charles9 Apr 19102 Oct 1839-
Conn, Infant--S of A.L. & Ann Conn jr.
Conn, Margo L.9 Nov 1863-W of Adam Conn
Conn, Mary14 Nov 18989 May 1838on same stone as Charles
Conn, Mary 9 May 187777y 1m 2dW of Adam
Cooper, Nelson16 Sep 187878y 5m 6d-
Cooper, W.26 May187944y 7m 2d-
Cottrell, Emily J.21 May 18431843-
Courtney, ?-4yBroken Stone
Courtney, Edward14 Nov 186248y 2m 20d-
Courtney, Frank27 Jun 18666yS of ? & ? Courtney
Courtney, Henry184717m 20-
Craig, Albert19751928-
Craig, Gertrude-1904Mother, M. 28 Nov 1922
Craig, Glen L.19621874Father
Craig, Greg L. Sr.22 Feb 19281975Sgt. USAF, WW2 & Korea
Craig, Harrold19431934Son
Cramer, Sarah19211841-
Crist, H.P.17 Feb 186--W of W. Crist
Crist, Hannah17 Dec 186-8m 2dD of W. & H.P. Crist
Crist, Jacob H.--S of W. & H.P. Crist
Crist, James--S of W.&M.R. Crist
Crist, James--S of W. & H.P. Crist
Cummins, Eliza J.18551846-
Cummins, Infant--? of Martin & A. Cummins
Cummins, James13 May 187077y 6m 23d-
Cummins, Lucy15 Nov 18502y 9m 22dD of James & Lucy
Cummins, Lucy4 Jun 186873y 10m 7dW of James
Cummins, Moses E.18 Jan 186--5yS of D. & E. Cummins
Cummins, Reuben18 Nov 1853-S of Andrew & Margaret
Cummins, Sintha26 Aug 18521y 7m 1dD of James & Lucy
Cummins, WoodsonDec 188346y 29d-
Cunningham, Margaret16 Apr 184730y 4m 12dW of William
NameDiedBornOther Info
Davis, Sammie24 Sep 18972m 29dS of G.L. & M. Davis
Davis, Waldo3 Aug 18811y 1m 10dS of L. & M. Davis
Deaver, Elizabeth-66yD of Henrietta
Deaver, Hannah--W of Wm. Deaver
Deaver, Mary3 Sep 1871-D of R & H.
Deaver, Thursday--D of Richard & Henrietta
Dellinger, Alfred---
Dellinger, Eliza C.18751842W. of George
Dellinger, Eliza Cathr.18751842-
Detrich, ?-24y 6m 6dS of B.F. Detrich
Detrich, Floe189822y 8m 2dW of B.F. Detrich
Dickey, ?8 Mar 1829-W of Wm Dickey
Dipboy, ?--Broken stone
Dipboy, Daniel S.Oct 185321y 3m 9d-
Dipboy, Elanor19 Nov 18..13y 10dD of A. & Anna
Dipboy, Infant--S of Daniel & Eliza
Dipboy, Lewis S.14 Apr 18507m 17dS of Joseph & L..
Dipboy, MargaretMar 1854-Broken stone
Dipboy, Mayala3 Mar10y 10mD of A. & Anna Dipboy
Dipboy, Rosanna16 Sep 187785y 2m 8dW of Abraham
Dotson, John--S of Sophia Dotson
Dotson, John E.2 May-S of S. & Sophia Dotson
NameDiedBornOther Info
Evans, Catharine30 Oct 184147yW of Geo. Evans
Fadely, Abraham3 Feb 18522m 3dS of W. & J. Fadely
Fadely, Henry20 Mar 18523y 4m 16dS of M.& L. Fadely
Fadely, Infant--? of H.E. & E.A. Fadely
Fadely, Infant--? of H.E. & E.A. Fadely
Fadely, Infant--? of H.E. & E.A. Fadely
Fadely, Infant--? of H.E. & E.A. Fadely
Fadely, Infant1853-? of H.& E. Fadely
Fadely, Infant1854-? of H.& E. Fadely
Fadely, Infant1855-? of H.& E. Fadely
Fadely, John1847--
Fadely, John20 Jul 1822--
Fadely, John29 Jan 1847--
Fadely, Louisa3 Mar 186325y 26dW of Jacob Fadely
Fadely, Lucretia13 Nov 1853-D of ?? & E.A. Fadely
Fadely, Polly27 Oct 182817y 5m 2d-
Fadely, Rebecca17 Oct 184774yW of John Fadely
Fadely, Rebecca Jane2 Mar 186324dD of M.& L. Fadely
Faulkner, ??---
Foltz, Phebe1 Aug 186871y 5m 20dW of Joseph Foltz
Foster, Ellen--W of C.R. Foster
Foster, Ellen--W of P.R. Foster
Foster, Infant--S of G. & A. Foster
Foster, Lavina H.--Broken stone
Freston, Cora A.14 May18743y 6mD of D. & E. Freston
Fry, Amos6 Jan 186631y 11m-
Fry, D..10 Oct 1858-D of M.& E. Fry
Fry, Infant--D of W.& E. Fry
Fry, Infant21 Sep 187621 Sep 1876D of Joseph & M.J. Fry
Fry, Jacob---
Fry, Mary15 Jul 185511y 10m 21dD of Samuel & Rebecca Fry
Fry, Mary E.31 Jan 185719y 9m 10dW of J.M. Fry
Fry, Rebecca13 Apr 189068y 6m 12dW of Samuel Fry
Fry, Samuel12 Apr 187162y 6m 18d-
Funk, Mary E.5 May 18555y 28dD of John & Eliza Funk
Funkhouser, Isaac16 Feb 188462y 5m 18d-
Funkhouser, Louis18861823-
Funkhouser, RayJune 18893y 9m 6dS of A.F. & M.M.S.
Funkhouser, Shirley1 May 18922y 5m 1dD of D. & ? Funkhouser
Fuque, ?--W of Wm. Fuque
Fuque, Wm.---
NameDiedBornOther Info
Getts, Adam-2 Apr 1821broken stone
Getts, Anna Marie27 Apr 18--20y 2d-
Getts, Bennet20 Mar 186052y 15d-
Getts, G. Margaret13 ? 189285y 1mW of Adam Getts
Giles, J.Feb 1848-S of S. & S. Tomlinson
Good, Catherine9 Feb 186968y 2m 29dW of Jacob Good
Good, Jacob12 Jun 184953y 4m 29d-
Good, Jacob---
Good, James6 Apr 187317y 6m 2dS of H. & E.A. Good
Good, Michael9 Oct 18601y 10m-
Gossett, Infant--D of John & Elizabeth
Gossett, Infant--? of John & Elizabeth
Gossett, Joseph2 Dec 186060y 8m 12d-
Gossett, Rebecca6 Mar 185586yW of Joseph, same stone
Gossett, Temperance7 May 187659y 6m 4d-
Gossett, Wm.--In memory of
Graves, Elizabeth1895-D of C. & G.
Graves, George B.20 Oct 186929y 2m 5d-
Graves, Infant24 Feb 1864-D of C. H. & M.J. Graves
Graves, Infant9 Oct 1856-D of C. H. & M.J. Graves
Graves, Margaret2 Sep 189882y 8m 22dW of S. Graves
Graves, Sidney26 Oct 187958y 2m 10d-
Griffin, Mary--D of A.& M. Griffin
Griffin. ?--D of Aaron & Mary
Gronendyke, Amos27 Dec 186920y 1m 13dfrom wounds at Franklin, TN
Gronendyke, Josephine-19-
Gronendyke, Michael8 Feb 189815 Mar 1815-
Gustin, Margaret13 Aug 190415 Oct 1859-
NameDiedBornOther Info
Hale, Mary1 Jun 187725y 4m 12dW of John M. Hale
Harmon, Rebecca18781824-
Harmon, Wm. H.2 May 188443y 6m 9d-
Heath, Abner23 Nov 189371y 10m 6d-
Heath, David A.1 Aug 18953y 2m 2d-
Heath, Infant1851-? of A. & M. Heath
Heath, Mary---
Heath, Sanford W.Jan 186617yCo. G, ?reg. IN ?
Hedrick, Charles13 Jun 1857--
Hedrick, Charles E.20 Apr 186925 Sep 1847-
Hedrick, John24 Jul 189331 Mar 1822-
Hedrick, Mahala30 Jan 185310 May 1850-
Hedrick, Margaret12 Dec 186010 Mar 1821-
Hedrick, Mary Ann28 Jun 186220 Oct 1845-
Hedrick, Mathias20 Dec 18601 Aug 1860-
Hedrick, Minerva3 Jun 186425 Jul 1854-
Hedrick, Wm.16 Jun 188316 Jun 1852-
Hoffer, GarrettAug 18753m-
Hoffman, Infant--D of J.& P. Hoffman
Hoffman, Infant1852-D of J.& P. Hoffman
Hoffman, Mary12 Sep 1859-D of S.& D.Hoffman
Hopper, Freeman19261848-
Hopper, Rwnn ?15 Apr 189662y 4m 23dW of S.P. Hopper
Hopper, Wm.19251850-
Huff, Anderson23 Nov 187-26y 10m 12dS of J. & P.A. Huff
Huff, Doreles27 Mar 18626y 6m 5dD of J. & Phebe Huff
Huff, George186419y 9m 2dS of J.& P. Huff
Huff, Jacob8 May 192422 Apr 1811-
Huff, Martha R.12 Mar 186240y 11m 12dD of J.& Phebe Huff
Huff, Martin18 Apr 185623y 2m 5dS of J. & P. Huff
Huff, Phebe186452yW of Jacob Huff
NameDiedBornOther Info
Jackson, Harry E.7 Mar 191914 May 1897Camp Merritt, NJ (flag)
Johnson, Daniel13 Feb-? of A.& A.E. Johnson
Jones, Clifford31 Aug 18933m 
Jones, Elizabeth2 Jun 18-972y 2m 2dW of Wm. Jones
Jones, Hannah1878-rest unreadable
Jones, James28 Aug 189458y 2m 13d-
Jones, Lucretia16 Mar 188916 Nov 1837W of James Jones
Jones, W. D.15 Apr 18-476y-
Jordan, Fannie N.19271863-
Jordan, John19201862-
NameDiedBornOther Info
Labyteaque, Jacob 27 Feb 186120 Feb 184-S of Joseph & Sarah
Lambert, Joel5 Sep 1871--
Lambert, Marina26 Jun 186552yW of J. Lambert
Lenzie, Molly B.13 Aug 19005 Apr 1882Sister
Liggett, Robert035y-
Lindamood, Infant1863-S of Mary E.
Lindamood, Mary12 Jul 1879-W of Phillip Lindamood
Lindamood, Mary E.19171830-
Lindamood, Mary E.19171830-
Lindamood, Samuel1875182--
Lindamood, Samuel18751803-
Lindamood, Silas 15 Feb 18-- 1y 2m 18d S of Wm. & Lydia Lindamood
Lindamood, Wm.28 Aug 1848 S of P.& M. Lindamood
Lions, Abraham185261y-
Lions, Anna0-D of A.& S. Lions
Lions, Sarah183853yW of Abraham
NameDiedBornOther Info
Marsh, Angelina 0-In memory of
May, Geo. 3 Feb 18695y 2m 6d-
May, HettieNov 1876Oct 1876-
May, Jacob-0-
May, John H.19171914-
May, Jonathan19121841-
May, Leah 0--
May, Liah21 Mar 188770yW of George
May, Lillian Scales19231872-
May, Mary25 Jan 186947y 6m 26dW of Wm May
May, Melissa19121852-
May, Nancy Helvie19001850-
McAllister, Alexander18 Mar 184867y-
McAllister, Cloriina0-D of Francis & Margaret
McAllister, Elvira19181837-
McAllister, Frances19101851-
McAllister, Martha J.19241846-
McAllister, Mary19171869-
McAllister, Mary D.1856-D of W.G.& Rebecca
McAllister, Matilda19101828-
McAllister, Nellie30 Mar 1890 2y 11mD of F.J.& Mary
McAllister, Rebecca18 Feb 188168y 2m 9d W of William
McAllister, Ruanna0-W of Alexander McAllister
McAllister, William21 Dec 187569y 4m 3d-
McCallister, Joseph C.19261848on same stone as Mary J.
McCallister, Mary J.19361853on same stone as Joseph C.
McClintock, Elizabeth2 Nov 18653 May 1830-
McClintock, Elizabeth J2 Nov 18-535y 6mW of John McClintock
McDorman, Charles28 Dec 189073y 1m 23d-
McDorman, Geo. H.19 Nov 189136y -
McDorman, James25 Jul 18351y 6m 12d-
McDorman, Lavina188725 Apr 18--W of Charles
McDorman, Rose L. 21 Feb 186116y 2dD of C.& L. McDorman
McDorman, Wm. J.10 Jul 18453y 12d-
McNairy, Francis17 Feb 189478y-
McNairy, MaryFeb 1857 20y 1m 6dD of H.R.& Mary McNairy
McNairy, Polly0 38y-W of Francis McNairy
Miller, ?21 Oct 18616y 10m 13dS of ? Miller
Miller, Catharine15 Jan 1841 57y 5m 27dW of Phillip Miller
Miller, Geo10 Feb 188177y 1m 15d-
Miller, George20 Feb 186172y-
Miller, Jacob4 Jul 1865age---
Miller, Mary0 11yD of ? Miller
Miller, Rachel25 Mar 1873-W of Geo. Miller
Miller, Samuel0-In memory of.
Mingle, D--28 Dec 188075y 9m 8dW of Henry Mingle
Mingle, Elizabeth4 Jun 1908-8 Mar 1844 W of Gustus Mingle
Mingle, George22 Sep 18-215y 4m 1d-
Mingle, Gustus4 Sep 189810 Nov 1840-
Mingle, Mary13 Apr 188541y 1m 26dW of Gustus Mingle
Mingle, Wm.22 Oct 1885--
Minot, Willie8 Mar 18----
Mitcham, Abraham0-Co. F, 7th IN Cav.
Mowrey, John19 Apr 18843 Apr 1814 Age 70yr
Mowrey, John M.19111863-
Murrell, ? 21 May 1898 -S of R.M.& V.C. Murrell
NameDiedBornOther Info
Nation, Infant0-S of D. & S. Nation
Nicholas, Joseph22 Aug 18531y 2mS of J.W.
Nixon, Eddie Carl12 Mar 188410m 5dS of R.L. & E.B. Nixon
Nixon, Eliza0-? Robert Frequa
Nixon, Eusebius A.L.0-13 IN Light Arty.
Noland, Ernie23 Jun 186332y 2m 14d-
NameDiedBornOther Info
Ocker, David 15 Sep 1893 70y-
Ocker, David 9 Mar 1881 50y 4m 7d H of Elizabeth
NameDiedBornOther Info
Paiinter, Lydia 0- D of Abraham Painter
Painte, Anna Rader 22 Nov 1879 17 May 1819-
Painter, Abraham 9 Dec 1840 66y In memory of
Painter, Absalom 13 Mar 1866 77y 9m 13d-
Painter, Absalom 0 30 Jun 1821 S of A.& S. Painter
Painter, Alexander 25 Sep 1869 90y -
Painter, Amanda 1847 1825 -
Painter, Carl Franklin 1958 1892-
Painter, Children Dec 1897 - of E.C.& Maggie L. Painter
Painter, Clarence M. 3 Sep 1884 1y -
Painter, David 20 Mar 1893 --
Painter, Diana E. 4 Mar 1875 23y W of A.E. Painter
Painter, Elizabeth M. 1920 1841 -
Painter, Fleming W. 1919 14 Nov 1841 -
Painter, Florence 1955 1869 -
Painter, Infant 13 Mar 1870- S of S. & E. Painter
Painter, Infant 1877 1m 12d ? of A.E.& D.E. Painter
Painter, James O. 1936 1866-
Painter, Jane 13 Jul 1880- W of David Painter
Painter, Joe 1943 1873-
Painter, John R. 6 Oct 18-- 21 Mar 1837 S of S. & A. Painter
Painter, L.H. 1915 1871-
Painter, Magdaline 27 Jun 1856 84y 9m 22d-
Painter, Mary 17 May 1859 72y W of Alexander Painter
Painter, MD B.H. 1925 --
Painter, Melanie Lee 1958 --
Painter, Naomi J. 1908 1844 W of William Painter
Painter, Rhoda Sanders 0--
Painter, Ruth 1903 ? -
Painter, Samuel Daily 12 Jul 1876 26 Mar 1816 -
Painter, Sarah 1 Oct 1875 80y 6m 3d W of A. Painter
Painter, William 1922 1834 -
Pate, Catharine 15 Nov 1844 1m 12d D of S.& -Pate
Peacoat, Olive 24 May 1900 12 Sep 1855 Mother
Perdue, John1886 62y-
Perdue, Lorina 11 May 1870 76y 8m 6d -
Perdue, Margaret 6 May 1858 25y 11m W of A.F. Perdue
Perdue, Margaret 3 Jan 1863 20y 2m D of A.& M. Perdue
Perdue, Rufus 27 Dec1862- Co. H, 69th IN inf. Soldier
Pierce, Calloway 1916 1822 -
Pierce, Erhal 6 Aug 1884 4y 9m 18d D of Wm. & -- Pierce
Pierce, John 0- S of C.& ?. Pierce
Pierce, Ruanna 27 Nov 1878 67y 4m 17d W of Calloway Pierce
Pierce, Ruanne 1872 1827 -
Pierce, Susanne 1840--
Pierce, Thomas Oct 1855 1796 -
Pitser, Emma 0- Broken stone
Pitser, Evin 24 Sept -- --
Pitser, Infant children June 1898- of D.E. Pitser
Pitser, J. E. 15 May 1894 83y 2m 6d -
Pitser, Mary 10 Oct 1886 59y 3m W of Michael Pitser
Pitser, Mary Lennie 0 2m D of D.E. & Emma
Pitser, Sine 1 -- 1871 48y 4m 16d W of Evin Pitser
Pittser, Children 0 -Childen of J.& N. Pittser
Pittser, Elizabeth 1 Sep 1855- D of E.& S. Pittser
Pittser, Geo. M. 6 Feb 1917 1 Jun 1842-
Pittser, Infant 0 6m 26d D of B.& D. Pittser
Pittser, Wm. 9 Dec 1866 20y 9m 26d S of Evan & S. Pittser
Pittser, Wm. M. 0 --
Preston, Frank 1930 1872-
Preston, Grace 1935 1877-
Preston, S. ---
Procter, Daniel 1870 1826 -
Procter, Infant 1 Au 185- 5m 10d S of Daniel & Mary Procter
Procter, Mary 1914 1828 Same stone as Daniel
NameDiedBornOther Info
Quick, Hannah 21 Aug 1861 82y-
Quick, John 13 Apr 1838 2m 16d In memory of
Quick, Nancy 17 May 1843 14y 2d In memory of
Quick, Nancy 17 Mar1843 11y 2d In memory of
NameDiedBornOther Info
Rader, Christina 31 Aug-- 40y W of Wm. Rader
Rader, Jackson 24 Mar 1832 2y 1m 10d S of Wm. & Christina
Rader, Rebecca Sep 18-6 4m 25d D of Wm. & Christina
Rader, Sarah 10 Sep 1851-D of Wm. & Christina
Rader, William 7 May 1865 61y 6m 20d -
Richardson, Samuel J. 10 Jun 1907 18 Mar1842 -
Richardson, Yancy 21 Apr 1893 19 Apr 1821 -
Richman, Jacob 1881 61y 10m 12d -
Richman, Mary 13 May 1873 5 Oct 1822 W of Michael, 50y 7m 3d
Richman, Michael 24 - 1879 22y 3m 19d S of Jacob & Eliza
Richman, Michael 19 Feb 1890 20 Mar 1817 81y 10m 20d
Richmond, Albert--S of H. & L. Richmond
Richmond, Caroline-- Broken stone
Richmond, Durrel--D of J. & E. Richmond
Richmond, Geo.4 Mar 1830--
Richmond, Henry 13 Jun 1838--
Richmond, Infant27 Sep1861-S of H. & L. Richmond
Richmond, Infant--S of H. & L. Richmond
Richmond, Joyce --In Memory of
Richmond, Lilly--D of Jacob & E.R. Richmond
Richmond, Rebecca5 ---1843 4m 9d
Richmond, Rebecca10 Apr 187685yW of Henry Richmond
Richmond, Sarah Good6 Jan 18--1m-
Richmond, Wm.--S of J. & E.
Rinker, Cynthia24 Feb 190019 Mar 1915-
Rinker, Geo.3 Mar 184377y-
Rinker, Jacob5 Aug 189610 Feb 1810-
Rinker, Mary--W of Geo. Rinker
Rinker, Minerva18931851-
Rinker, Phebe12 Mar 1843-D of John & Jane Rinker
Ross, Amours S. 25 Mar 1910 24 Aug 1843-
Ross, Eliza Ann 23 Jan 1880- D of Hiram Ross
Ross, Geo. L. 4 Sep 1868- S of A.D. & W.A. Ross
NameDiedBornOther Info
Sanders, Anthony 2 Oct 1851 56y 11m 18d-
Sanders, Flemmon 6 Feb 1855 1 Feb 1822 S of Anthony & Lovicy Sanders
Sanders, Freemont D. -- S of T.& S. Sanders
Sanders, Lovicy 24 Sep 1867 62y 3m 1d W of Anthony Sanders
Sanders, Thomas 20 Feb 1868 24y 24d -
Sheets, Harry 6 Apr 1854- S of S. & Arlenella
Shields, Geo. Curtis 6 Apr 1863- S of David
Shields, Louisa 7 Mar 1864 22y 1m 9d W of David Shields
Shoemaker, Amanda 10 Nov 1865 10m 29d W of Jacob
Shoemaker, Jacob 1 Nov 1854- S of J. & A. Shoemaker
Shoemaker, Joseph P. -- Large Monument
Shoemaker, Minnie 6 Sep 1878 11y 9m 24d D of L.P. & M.R. Shoemaker
Showhan, Infant 25 Jan 1834- S of David & Eliza
Showhan, John 7 Nov 1833- S of David & Eliza
Simpson, Wm. 5 Nov 1864 19 Apr 1849 -
Simpson, Wm. 3 Nov 1864 10 Apr 1799-
Smith, Cyrus - 60y 7m-
Smith, Julia 12 Apr 1869 - W of Cyrus Smith
Smith, Laura - - D of C. & J. Smith
Smith, Martin - - S of C. & J. Smith
Speece, Elizabeth 11 -- 1838 45y W of Daniel Speece
Spell, Catharine 29 Jul 1846 53y -
Spell, Henry 13 Aug 1868 83y-
Spell, Sarah 17 Dec 1848 10y-
Spell, Wm. 18 Mar 1855 47y 10m-
Staggs, Sarah 15 Jan 18-1 45y W of Benjamin Staggs
Stanley, Catharine 17 - 1866 63y 6m 17d W of Thomas Stanley
Stephens, John - - S of H.A.& S.
Strickler, Ann -- Stone Broken
Strickler, David 24 Aug 1853 51y 4m 15d-
Strickler, Elizabeth - - D of David & Jluia
Strickler, Elnora J. 7 Feb 1867 10y 1m 1d D of David & Julia
Strickler, Margaret 16 Aug 1859 21y 1m 24d W of Peter G.
Strickler, Polly 1872 - W of David
Strickler, Sophia A. -- D of David & Julia
Strough, Andrew 1845 1y 11m- S of John & Sarah
Strough, Miles 13 Oct 1845 5m S of J. & S.
Strough, Rachel - - D of John & Sarah
Summers, A------ - - D of Jeremiah & Eliza
Summers, Catharine - - D of Jeremiah & Eliz, Summers
Summers, Diane 7 Feb 1850 52y 2m 24d In memory of
Summers, Horace ---
Summers, Jacob 1888 1805 -
Summers, Lewis 22 Jul 1879 89y 5m 2d-
Summers, Naomi 1892 1818-
Summers, Sarah Jun 1895 Jan 1824-
NameDiedBornOther Info
Thomas, ?? -0 9m 4d of John & Delilah
Thomas, ?? - --
Thomas, Delilah 1922 18?3 W of John Thomas
Thomas, Francis M. 17 Feb 1889 23y S of John & Delilah
Thomas, John - - Broken Stone
Thomas, John 1867- 11y 9m-
Thomas, John H. 3 Oct 1878 20y S of John & Delilah
Thompson, Infant 1848 - S of W. & L.
Thompson, Infant 1849 - D of W. & L.
Thompson, Infant 1850- S of W. & L.
Thornbro, James W. 1946 1866-
Thornbro, Mary 1909 1866 Same stone as James
Thornbrro, Homer 1909 1879 -
Thurman, John 1918 1885 -
Tomlinson, Abraham 4 May 18?? 30y 8m 2d -
Tomlinson, Angeline 23 Oct 1888 61y 11m 5d-
Tomlinson, Catharine 4 Nov 1860 ?y 8m 22d-
Tomlinson, Dolly H. 19 Sep 22 ? W of Geo.
Tomlinson, Elizabeth 18 May 1845 32y 46m 18d W of Joseph
Tomlinson, Elizabeth J 3 Oct 1853 37y 1m 9d D of J.& S.
Tomlinson, Frances 10 May 1870 71y 10m 27d W of Sotha
Tomlinson, Garrison 2 Jul 1838 24y 8d S of J & S.
Tomlinson, Hannah 6 Mar 1898- D of Sotha & Sarah
Tomlinson, Infant 6 Feb 1893- S of ??
Tomlinson, Jud-- ---
Tomlinson, Nancy - 44y 2m 12d W of ?
Tomlinson, Nathin ---
Tomlinson, Sarah ---
Tomlinson, Sarah -- D of J. & R.
Tomlinson, Sarah 22 Aug 1835 40y 8m W of Sotha Tomlinson
Tomlinson, Sotha 3 Apr 1884 79y 8m 15d-
Tomlinson, Wilson 6 Dec 1848 23y S of J. & S.
Tomlinson, Zadoc 3 Jun 1871 6y 4m 7d-
Tomlison, Joseph 22 Dec 1863--
Toops, Adam 18 Sep 1866 76y 8m 3d-
Toops, Amelia 25 May 1868- W of Adam
Toops, Henry D. 14 Oct 1859 25 Jul 1830 -
Trout, Abraham 3 May 1866 28y 11m Co. E, 8th BT IN
Trout, Herbert --S of ??
Trout, Herschell 28 Jul 1891 - S of R.M. & ? Trout
Trout, Infant-- of M.L.& R.J. Trout
Trout, Levi 17 Jun 1884 75y-
Trout, Margaret -- W of Levi
Trout, Phebe 3 Mar 1878 33y 1m 5d W of Marcus L.
Trout, Wm G. 16 Jun 1863 26y Co. E, 8th IN inf.
Tucker, Ella 1891 22y W of W. Tucker
Turner, Infant -- D of Orrin & Erline Turner
Turner, Joel 24 Nov 1848 54y 1m -
Tutmiller, Mary E. Jun 1888 19y 4m 3d W of J.P.
NameDiedBornOther Info
VanMatre, Absalom -- S of D. & H.
VanMatre, Amos -- S of ??
VanMatre, David 20 Dec 1882--
VanMatre, Didna 1859 1850-
VanMatre, Elizabeth 1901 1827 -
VanMatre, Henry 1889 1815-
VanMatre, Henry J.-- S of D. & H.
VanMatre, Infant 10 May 1862 - D of D. & H.
VanMatre, Joab 1 Nov 1854 23y 1m 1d S of Rebecca VanMatre
VanMatre, John 13 Mar 1891 81y 9m 11d-
VanMatre, Lewis 4 Nov 1847 3y 9m 12d S of J.B.& J.A.
VanMatre, Lucinda 1859 1852-
VanMatre, Margaret 1 Dec 186? 72y 2m 2d W of John
VanMatre, Maria -- Mother & W of David
VanMatre, Mary J. 28 Jan 18543y 1m 12d D of J.B.& J.A.
VanMatre, Peter 1865- -
VanMatre, Rebecca--W of Abner VanMatre
NameDiedBornOther Info
Walker, John D.- 66y -
Warnar, David Jacob 2 Oct 1855 - -
Warner, Eliar 25 Feb 1864 16 Feb 1814 -
Warner, Salina 10 Feb 18?? 25 Dec 1821 -
White, Andrew 25 Jul 1851 76y -
Whitworth, Elizabeth 12 Dec 1856 - D of C. Whitworth
Whitworth, Sarah H. 23 Dec 1849 13y 1m 3d-
Wickliff, Carey 1940 1876--
Wiggens, Daniel D. 1 Jan 1873- S of James & Sally
Wiggins, Sally Ann 2 May 1842 40y 4m 2d W of James G.
Wilson, Labardo 28 Feb 1887 - -
Windsor, Henry 1851- S of James
Windsor, Henry 20 Aug 1851- S of D.E.& ? Windsor
Windsor, James 27 Oct 185343y 4m 28d S of Thomas & Nancy
Windsor, Lewis 16 Jan 18?? 32y S of James
Windsor, Nancy Curry 26 Feb 1865 79y 5m 14d W of Thomas
Windsor, Thomas 10 Aug 1847 - S of Christopher
Wise, Geo. 10 Mar 18?? 22y S of ? Wise
Wise, Geo. 21 Nov 1854 30y 11m 9d H of Mary
Wise, L--- -- W of R.C. Wise
Wise, Robert 26 Jan 1822? - S of W.& R.C.
Wise, Wm. 1864--
Wise, Wm. H. 25 Nov 1864- Co. F, 124th IN inf
NameDiedBornOther Info
Young, Children of-- Geo. & Elizabeth Young
Young, Children of 1875 - R.A.& M. Young
Young, Christina 19 Jun 1888 79y-
Young, Edna 2 Feb 1882 2 Feb1882 D of B.A.& H.C.
Young, Infant 5 Nov 1872 5 Nov 1872 D of C.A.& N.G.
Young, Mary Jane 1875 - W of Robert
Young, Sarah Emma 28 Mar 1850 22 Jan 1839-
Young, Solomon 18 Jun 1862 58y 3m 13d-
Yount, Infant Mar 1886- S of R.L.& Ella

These records have been sorted and indexed by
U.E.Bush, 2000

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