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Isaac Paul (MEC) Cemetery

Dudley Township, Henry County, IN
-Established 1836-

Paul Cemtery 2003 - click to enlarge Paul Cemtery 2003 - click to enlarge
      Located in Dudley township, Henry county, IN, in section #18, this cemetery was established on 23 Sep 1836 when John Horton donated acre of land to the ME Church for the erecting of a church building and cemetery to be used by the members forever. The first trustees were George Atkinson, Samuel Templeton, Henry B. Welch, John Welch and William Woolen. (Recorded in deed book F, page #239.)
     The cemetery has been maintained for several years by the landowner, Mr. Ron Barnes, who lives near the grounds. For several years it had been completely forgotten about until Mrs. Catherine Watkins and Thomas D. Hamm recorded it in November of 1991. This last fall, as a community volunteer service project, it was cleaned and some of the overgrowth removed. Most stones are in good condition but several need to be reset or straightened. Mr. Barnes has been working diligently on cleaning up some of the brush and tree limbs in the cemetery this year (2002) after a storm went through the area.
     This cemetery is one of the projects scheduled for maintenance this year by the Henry County Cemetery Commission.

NameDeathBornOther Info
Bailey, Mary E. 7 Sep 1849 2y,11m,12d Dau. of FP & R
Baker, Mary Eliza 10 Jun 1854 4m,16d Dau. of Thomas J. & Martha
Ballard, John 4 Oct 1848 19y,8m  
Bradway, Alice 23 Nov 1859 57y,11m,18d Wife of Josiah
Bradway, Joeph 11 Apr 1849 28y,6m,1d  
Dinkins, Malissa J. 10 Aug 1880 22y,11m,18d Wife of Samuel
Farley, Rebecca 3 Mar 1876 72y,7m,16d Wife of Joseph
Foster, Phelia S. 28 Jul 1852 3m,23d Dau. of Samuel M. & Alice
Foster, Infant 23 Sep 1855 8m  
George, Benjamin 5 Jan 1870 7y,8m,19d Son of RH & E
Goar, Ada B. 14 Sep 1887 24 Apr 1887  
Goar, Benjamin F. 30 Mar 1883 66y,4m,15d  
Goar, Della 1913 1856 Wife of James M.
Goar, Elnora 8 Apr 1876 10m, 13d Dau. of JM & SJ
Goar, Gert V. 15 Jun 1888 22 Jun 1886 Same stone as Ada
Goar, James M. 1912 1843  
Goar, John J. 23 Jul 1870 22y,28d Son of Henry & Martha
Goar, Martha 5 May 1901 22 May 1822 Wife of Benjamin F.
Goar, Sarah J. 28 Feb 1877 32y,8m,28d Wife of James
Lane, Elizabeth 30 Nov 1877 63y Wife of James
Lane, Mercy 22 Jan 1862 26y,1m,18d Wife of James
McMahan, Mary 16 Feb 1848 6 Nov 1818 Wife of Joel
Nation, Rebecca J. 25 Dec 1870 28y,11m,25d Wife of JR & Dau of J&N Paul
Paul, Daniel 7 Jul 1872 74y,5m,10d  
Paul, Franklin 27 Jan 1870 1y,3m,3d Son of Joseph & Elizabeth
Paul, Isaac 11 Jan 1873 34y,2m,21d Husband of Nancy L.
Paul, Isaac 29 Aug 1840 76y,8m,4d  
Paul, James 27 Mar 1851 16y,6m,22d Son of Jesse & Nancy
Paul, Jesse 1 Mar 1896 19 Aug 1814 81y,5,12d
Paul, Jesse Sr. 5 Feb 1851 78y  
Paul, John 20 Dec 1873 3y,5m,20d Son of Joseph & Elizabeth
Paul, Mary 1841 14y,6m Dau. of D & Leah
Paul, Mercy 16 Feb 1844 71y,11m,15d Wife of Isaac
Paul, Nancy 10 Jun 1878 65y,4m,14d Wife of Jesse
Paul, William 2 May 1856 15y,9m,1d Son of D & L
Perdiue, James 19 Apr 1846 25y,5m,3d  
Perdiue, Deborah 14 Apr 1848 24 Dec 1785 Wife of Benj. A Native of NC
Ratcliff, Jennie 1 Apr 1880 2m,13d Dau. of JM & SJ
Sharp, Mary 12 Apr 1849 39y,3m,25d Wife of Nelson
Stubblefield, Diantha J. 20 Apr 1847 17y,2m,5d Wife of George
Van Buskirk, Thomas B. 10 Dec 1843 1y,1m  
Ward, Levi F. 11 Aug 1960 5m,14d Son of SC & M
Ward, -------- 20 Sep 1847 61y,1m,6d  
Ware, Jane 22 Jul 1847 57y,9m,11d Wife of Pleasant
Ware, Samuel M. 4 Feb 1854 34y,6m,19d  

U.E.Bush 2003

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