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Henry County, Indiana Business Registry

1909 - 1987

   This is a list of the many businesses and partnerships that were recorded at the Henry county recorder's office from the years 1909 - 1987.
   This list of businesses and partnerships was found among the old ledgers located in that office. I would like to thank Terry Pope, Henry County Recorder, for her help in obtaining this list.

Name of FirmBusinessAddressName of OwnersHome AddressDate
?? Sanatorium Sanatorium 214 - 218 Burr Bld. Mr. A. R. Myers New Castle, IN 8/15/1932
20th Century Auto Electric Auto Electric Parts 318 N 18th St. John A. Eineman 318 N 18th St. 9/24/1946
A & D Apartments Real Estate Developement North Carolina Macie Amas North Carolina 6/23/1978
A N & R World Traders Unknown N/A N/A N/A 8/23/1971
A. J. Jessup & Son Farming Shirley, IN Allen Jessup & Lowell Jessup Shirley, IN 7/21/1937
A. P. Lessel Young d/b/a Adjustment 152 1/2 Court St. S. P. Lessel Young Indianapolis, IN 10/24/1947
Ace Fog Service Insect Control 331 S 8th St. Robert D. Tichenour New Castle, IN 6/30/1956
Acme Drug Co. Retail Drugs 1704 I Ave. Geo. R. Mote, Phil P. Hale & J.A. Long Kokomo, IN 12/21/1929
Adult Group Properties (1) Real Estate Developement Ohio Dennis E. McKee & Etal Columbus, OH 11/1/1985
Albert Fischel Retail Jewelry 1320 Broad St. Albert & Kurt Fischel 321 N 12th St. 1/10/1946
Albert Shoe Co. Shoes New Castle, IN Charles Albert New Castle, IN 7/30/1913
Albert's Shoe Co. Shoe Merchant New Castle Charles Albert 618 Central Ave. 8/18/1909
Alexander Monument Co. Mem/Monuments Knightstown John & Philip Moffitt Knightstown 3/20/1948
Alma's Beauty Salon Beauty Service #420 Burr Bldg. Alma F. Jones RR 1 New Castle 1/2/1951
American Grocery & Meats Groceries 1600 I Ave. Sarah E. Yost New Castle, IN 12/16/1943
American Grocery & Meats Market 1600 I Ave. Melvin T. Yost 1322 S 17th St. 5/16/1945
American Grocery Store Meat Market 1600 G Ave Melvin A. Yost 1322 S 17th St. 6/4/1929
Anderson Laundry Laundry Service 1319 Race St. S. M. Anderson New Castle, IN 8/1/1923
Andy's Repair Service Auto Garage Hagerstown, IN Walter S. Andrew Hagerstown, IN 8/16/1957
Angel Care Limited Ptrship. Property Management Indianapolis, IN CT Corporation System Ltd. North Carolina 8/11/1985
Angel Corporation Property Management Indianapolis, IN J. Robert Laur Angel Care Inc. Indianapolis, IN 7/28/1975
Applegate Coal Yard Coal 1511 G Ave. Wm. T. Applegate 322 S 7th St. 3/10/1944
Arab Termite & Pest Control Pest Management Pennsylvania Arab International Pennsylvania 2/22/1977
Arrowhead Lodge Catering RR #5 N. C. Les & Lydia Puckett RR 5 N. C. 11/24/1947
Associated Ins. Managers Inc. N/A Pennsylvania Interstate Ins. Agency New Castle, IN 12/4/1973
Automotive Radiator Repair Serv. Radiator Repair New Castle, IN Joe W. Silvey & G.H. Downey Indianapolis, IN 5/2/1958
B & B Construction Inc. Building & Construction Denney Dr. Robert A. Berry New Castle, IN 6/29/1979
B & D Famous Brand Shoes Retail Shoe Store 166 N 8th St. Dale & Betty Bedwell Middletown, IN 2/13/1960
B & M Beverage Co. Beer Wholesalers 130 S 16th St. Robert P. Mattox #20 Rose Crt Apts. 8/12/1957
Baker Auto Co. Retail Auto Dealer 1515 Broad St. Wm. T. Baler Alexandria, IN 11/23/1920
Ballard & Shirey Mortuary Funerals Middletown, IN Geo. Balalard & Ray Shirey Middletown, IN 7/1/1952
Balloon Palace Balloon Bouquets 111 E Main St. Jerry & Pamela Reed RR#1 Knightstown 1/20/1988
Banner Disposable Service Inc. Disposal Service PO Box #127 Thomas R. Banner & B. Broadbent New Castle, IN 11/14/1980
Bargain Center Retail Furniture Business 1302 S 14th St. Edith Coffey 1304 S 14th 3/10/1959
Beeman & Bolinger Service Station 14th & Fleming E. Beeman & C. Bolinger New Castle, IN 7/12/1935
Bell Hardware Store Hardware Knightstown, IN Courtney Armstrong Knightstown, IN 2/7/1930
Bench Warmer Sporting Goods Inc. Sports Equiptment New Castle N/A New Castle, IN 5/30/1986
Beneficial Finance Co. Commercial Loans New Castle, IN Formerly Commonwealth Loan New Castle, IN 4/17/1971
Beneficial Income Tax Servicee Tax Service New Castle, IN N/A New Castle, IN 10/26/1970
Best Ever Dairy Dairy Products 411 S 15th L., L., P. & W. Hardacre New Castle, IN 4/8/1938
Best Ever Dairy Co. (2) Dairy Products S 15th St. Hardacre Bros. & Roy Nelson New Castle, IN 3/19/1937
Bial F. Vance Real Estate Commercial Real Estate 109 S 12th St. Henderson A. Pierce 424 Lenora Lee 5/30/1973
Big Springs Soap Co. Soap & Furniture Polish Knightstown, IN Charles B. Spencer Knightstown 2/24/1911
Big T Tastee-Freez Ice Cream Products 1812 Riley Road Robert & Mary Lou Meager Huntington, IN 5/18/1978
Black Market N/A 512 S 22nd St. Harold Wray & H. J. Dial 3308 S Main St 12/12/1974
Blountsville Elevator, The Grain, Feed & Fuel Blountsville, IN Geo. Shirley & C. Masterson Blountsville, IN 7/31/1945
Blountsville Stockyards Cattle Sales Blountsville, IN John L. Heid Indianapolis, IN 7/24/1959
Blue Eagle Coal Co. Coal Yard 516 Spring St. C. F. Skaggs New Castle, IN 9/14/1933
Blue River Casting Co. Manuf/Casting Plastic Items 316 S 9th St. Grundane & Howard 228 Bundy Ave 12/20/1956
Blue River Coal Co. Coal Yard 502 W Broad St. Robert M. Keen 903 Thornburg St 95/1930
Blue River Manufacturing Mail ordPhoto Supplies Knightstown, IN Earl Carter & Walter Grover Knightstown, IN 1/14/1947
Bluffton Limited Renting & Selling Real Estate New Castle, IN Ralph E. Loveless & John Smiley New Castle, IN 6/27/1983
Bonner Enterprises Inc. Pest Exterminators 1810 Williamsburg N/A N/A 2/22/1977
Boston Store Dry Goods & Millinry East Broad A. L., C., & H. Smith New Castle, IN 5/8/1911
Bouslog Sales Frigidaire Appliances 116 N 14th St Opal Bouslog 1008 S 19th St. 4/28/1939
Bouslog Sales Co. Radios 1008 S 18th St. Wylie & Opal Bouslog 1008 S 18th 1/8/1936
Bouslog's Sales Appliance Sales & Service 116 N 14th St. Mark Myers 27 Cresent Dr. 8/17/1959
Bowman Insurance Agency Gen. Insurance 201 N 12th C. W. Hummickhouse & Nash 201 N 12th 8/12/1949
Boyco Insulation Service Home Insolation 255 Pleasentview N/A New Castle, IN 9/3/1971
Boyd Radio Co. Radio Sales 1625 B Ave. Minnie Boyd, Owner New Castle, IN 5/1/1933
Boyd Radio Corp. Export Sales New Castle, IN Minnie Boyd 901 S 17th St. 5/26/1932
Bradway Chocolates Chocolate Manufactor 1522 Indiana Otis B. Bradway 115 Bundy Ave. 8/21/1944
Bradway Co. Pump Manufacturing 1215 Race St. Otis B. Bradway 1120 Indiana Ave. 3/30/1953
Bradway Locker Plant Lockers 1125 Broad Otis B. Bradway 115 Bundy Ave. 8/21/1944
Bramberry & Son Engineer Consultants 100 Leland St. H.M. Bramberry & H.M Jr. 100 Leland 1/21/1946
Bresken Auto Parts & Tire Co. Auto Parts 1605 Broad St. Harry Breskin New Castle, IN 5/7/1911
Broad Street Tire & Batteryy Store Tires & Batteries 1101 Broad St. E. & H.D. Brown, C.K. Hardin, J.B. FranksNew Castle, IN 10/18/1929
Buckeye Foot Remedies Foot Supplies-Remedies Richmond, IN Albert L. Adams Richmond, IN 9/19/1944
Budget Loans Financing Loans 1557 Broad St. General Finance Co. New Castle, IN 2/16/1953
Budget Water Conditioning & Sales Water Softeners 124 1/2 N 26th Nathan P. & Barry J. Rust 4222 Cindy Lane 10/1/1974
Bun Boy Drive In Restaurant & Market 3100 Brown Rd. William A. Barnes Brown Rd. 6/4/1964
Burgess Interstate Realty Co. Real Estate New Castle, IN John K. & O. R. Burgess New Castle, IN 12/6/1915
Burgess Real Estate Co. Real Estate, Loans & Ins. 14th & Broad St. John K. & O. R. Burgess New Castle, IN 12/6/1915
Burk & Scott Attorneys 1536 Broad St. Wm. L. Burk & A. B. Scott 115 N 17th St. 4/1/1932
Burk's Super Service Gas Station 126 S 16th St. William L. Burk 1116 1/2 Broad St. 7/15/1929
Busy Bee Restaurant New Castle, IN James Galyes & John Motaras New Castle, IN 12/7/1921
C & G Pizza Pizza Pie Knightstown, IN Les Berry Knightstown, IN 6/10/1977
C & L Security Personal Security New Castle, IN Kim Cronk R#1 New Castle, IN 9/11/1980
C & R Construction Construction Services Box #123 NC Roger W. Upchurch New Castle, IN 2/5/1986
C & W Apparel Inc. Apperal Service Indianapolis, IN N/A Indianapolis, IN 4/26/1978
C. A. Hammow Piano Co. Pianos & Organs New Castle, IN C. A. Hammow New Castle, IN 3/25/1912
CADRE Engineering Comp. Service RR6 New Castl, IN Carl Green Box #13 New Castle, IN4/20/1987
Caldwell & Caldwell Grocery Store Groceries New Castle, IN Robert E. & Wm. M. Caldwell New Castle, IN 1/15/1932
Cardinal Motel Motor Hotel New Castle, IN N/A New Castle, IN 10/23/1968
Cardinal Pharmacy Pharmacuticals 127 S Memorial Dr. Bruce Hinshaw & Fred Cook 901 Leland St. 12/9/1986
Carender & Thompson Co. General Trucking Co. RR #2 T. Carender & L. Thompson RR #2 New Castle 7/28/1947
Carman Trucking Co. Common Carrier New Castle, IN Paul R. Benson 1224 Broad St. 2/23/1945
Castle Beauty Salon Beauty Products 112 1/2 S Main Evelyn Morris & Lois Hall 222 Maxim Bld. 1/3/1936
Castle Cab Co. Taxi Service 1432 Race Vern & Thomas Worl 1605 F Ave. 12/5/1941
Castle Cab Co. Taxi Cabs 110 N 14th M. Whitehouse & R. Phipps 1404 S 21st 4/21/1947
Castle Cabinet Shop Cabinet Maker 2424 Brown Rd. Larry Dormer 2424 Brown Rd. 10/18/1944
Castle Cafe Restaurant 1129 Broad St. W. E. Southwood RR #3 5/16/1947
Castle Supply Co. Wholesale Products 1718 A Ave. Don Cassaday 636 S 11th St. 10/13/1944
Castle Supply Co. Wholesale Tobacco 1343 S 14th St. Earl & Rena Cassaday 636 S 11th St. 7/2/1946
Castle, Candy Co. Wholesale Candy 321 N 12th St. Russell L. Smith New Castle, IN 12/18/1929
Cedarit Co. Merchant 1103 Broad S. C. E. Steffey New Castle, IN 3/16/1927
Central Investment Co. Brokerage New Castle, IN Perry Fraizer & E. A. Nation New Castle, IN 11/19/1913
Central Manufacturing Co. Manufacturing New Castle, IN Frank E. Felt New Castle, IN 3/19/1954
Central Stamp Works General Stamps 207 S 18th St. Vern L. & Florence Bartholomew New Castle, IN 7/28/1921
Central States Cooperage Co. Barrels & Casks New Castle, IN Harry E. Jennings New Castle, IN 3/20/1912
Central Supply Co. Mail Order 1415 Indiana Ave. C.B. Bridgeman & W.L. Saul New Castle, IN 12/8/1913
Century 21 Real Estate Real Estate 3105 N Memorial Glen Reed New Castle, IN 9/27/1976
Century 21 Real Estate Real Estate 1911 Rex Court Glen A. Reed New Castle, IN 6/10/1977
Century Press Job Printing 112 S. Main St. Calud Stanley & Henry Chessick 1311 Vine St. 5/14/1931
Certified Rug Cleaners Rug Cleaner 2205 Ohio St. Cliff Smith & James Correll New Castle, IN 12/15/1958
Cesta Lac Co., The Poultry & Livestock Middletown, IN Jnos. D. Greenlee Middletown, IN 10/6/1936
Challenger Tire Co. Automobile Tires New Castle, IN Myer & Mark E. Savesky Marion, IN 8/16/1919
Charlotte Comm. Hospital Inc. Medical Facility Port Charlotte, FL Brady R. Justice Jr. Port Charlotte, FL 8/8/1982
Chem-Lawn Corporation Lawn Care Indianapolis, IN C. R. Robinson & Amber V. Rales Indianapolis, IN 6/12/1979
Cherrywood Laundry Laundry-Dry Cleaners 1622 I Ave. Arthur Lykins & Robert Rains 1611 M Ave. 6/10/1946
Chiropratic Home Health Chiropatric Care 1810 Broad St. Cassell Wilson New Castle, IN 6/27/1924
Circle Printing Service General Printing 1423 Race St. Car E. Bainbridge 115 N 24th St. 5/21/1930
Citizen's Insurance (3) Insurance Agency 1702 I Ave. Martin S. Lane & Etal. New Castle, IN 8/13/1959
City Barber Shop Shave & Hair Cuts 1518 Broad St. Lloyd & Ruth M. Hern 1127 Webster Ave. 5/2/1962
City Cab Co. Taxi 1313 Race St. Ethyl Nicely New Castle, IN 2/29/1944
City Cab Co. Taxi Service 1525 Race St. George W. Nicely 115 N 15th St 4/9/1946
City Cab Co. Taxi Service 1321 Race St. R. L. Dinkins & Ed Nicely New Castle, IN 7/13/1934
City Cigar & Sporting Goods Cigar Store 1411 Broad St. Harold Bland 2418 Broad St. 1/11/1951
City Cigar Store Cigars & Billards 1422 Broad St. B. Sastoff, G. Yelton & Stoner 1801 Cherrywood 12/1/1949
City News Stand Newspapers & Magazines 1132 Broad St. Fred, Robinson & Bertha Sanders 206 S 11th t. 1/8/1930
City Package Store Retail Liquor & Spirits 1717 S Main St. Wilma E. Shank RR#1 New Castle, IN 9/13/1971
City Window Cleaning Co. Windows, Floors & Interior 2nd Floor Imperial P. W. Carr & Jo Bill Lee New Castle, IN 12/6/1961
Cleland Shoe Market Shoes 110 S 14th St S. A. Cleland 712 S 14th St. 2/23/1926
Cline Electric Service Electrical Repair 1601 Broad St. Seban & Mary Cline 1144 S Main St. 10/31/1945
Cline Manufacturing Co. Smoking Stand New Castle, IN Delbert & Selbern Cline New Castle, IN 3/1/1924
Clinic, The Medical Services 1007 N 16th St. William C Heilman Jr. New Castle, IN 3/9/1972
Clinic, The (4) Medical-Hospital 1319 Church St. Dr. Walter M. Stout & Etal. New Castle, IN 1/25/1952
Clinic, The (5) Hospital & Medicine 1319 Church Dr. Walter M. Stout & Etal New Castle, IN 8/8/1960
Clinic, The (6) Hospital & Medical 1319 Church St. Dr. James S. McElroy & Etal 1213 Audonon Rd. 6/1/1964
Coburrn Motor Co. Motors New Castle, IN Tom P. Coburn New Castle, IN 2/1/1923
Colburn & Co. Retail Hardware Straughn, IN Stanton S. & Francis E. Colburn Straughn, In 2/15/1915
Colonial Sales Co. Selling Specialist 1228 G. Ave. G. C. Shirey New Castle, IN 2/21/1913
Color Craft Decorations Wall Paper & Paint 1214 Central Chas. O. Mogle 3005 N 11th 3/6/1936
Comm. Home Appliance Small Appliances 1800 Broad St. Harold Ratcliff & Ernie Prough New Castle, IN 12/7/1946
Commercial Communications Co. Radio Communications Muncie David L. Castello Muncie, IN 8/23/1973
Commonwealth Real Estste Real Estate 745 Hawthorn Mrs. Andrew Neff 745 Hawthorn Crt. 3/25/1939
Community Sale Barn General Sales Knightstown, IN Fred E. Sohn Knightstown, IN 1/8/1932
Consumer Adjustment Inc. Collection Agency 100 1/2 S Main St. Martin S. Lane New Castle, IN 4/9/1976
Country Acres Animal Clinic Veterinarian R#3 New Castle, IN Kent Wisecup New Castle, IN 7/26/1976
Crane & Son Home Decorating 1007 S 21st Clifford J. & Kit C. Crane 2606 Walnut St. 12/28/1949
Credit Bureau Inc. of Georgia N/A Georgia N/A New Castle, IN 5/14/1970
Credit Bureau Inc. of Georgia Collection Agency Trojan Square Credit Bureau of Georgia New Castle, IN 3/31/1978
Crider's Drive In Drive In Restaurant 38 & 3 New Castle Kenneth Crider & Ronnie Hosea New Castle, IN 4/29/1957
Crow Sales Co. Auto Agency 1515 Broad St. Judy Crow 1227 Bundy Crt. 8/11/1932
Cumfy Togs Clothing Mfging. 1004 S. 15th E. G. Scotten & E. G. Junior New Castle 3/5/1949
Curtis-Burns N/A New Castle, IN N/A New Castle, IN 5/14/1970
Dale Printing Co. Job Printing 204 S. Main Wm. Dale & W. F. Wilkinson New Castle, IN 5/6/1911
Dan-Dee Candy Co. Candy Store 1335 Fleming Delbert C. Fisher 415 Maxim Bldg. 11/14/1930
Dann Brothers Junk & Scrap Iron New Castle, IN George Dann New Castle, IN 4/6/1946
Danner's Variety Store 117 E Main St. Danner Brothers Co. Inc. Indianapolis, IN 8/25/1954
Dari - Snak Ice Cream Shop Raysville, IN Roy C & Ruth Ramsey Knightstown, IN 12/16/1954
Data Medical Labs Inc. Med. Laboratory Procedures 424 S. Main St O. R. Webb MD 424 S. Main St. 3/21/1977
Davis Funeral Home Funeral Services 314 S Main St. M.T. Smith & R.J. Couden 332 N 12th St. 7/18/1945
Davis Heating & Air Conditioning Sheet Metal Work New Castle, IN Davis New Castle, IN 8/16/1971
Davis Sales & Service Lighting Protection RR 5 NC Arthur J. Davis RR #5 12/15/1949
Daylight Store, The Paint & Wallpaper 1131 Broad St. J. M. & Margaret E. Day 803 Plum St. 8/14/1940
Deas Pamphlets 1120 Thornburg John C. Baucraft New Castle, IN 6/8/1946
Detroit Bargain Store Groceries 1519 S 18th St. Victor Schlesinger New Castle, IN 5/1/1921
Dietz Automobile Sales Autu Sales 1622 Broad St. Geo E. Dietz & Larry N. Gooding 3/28/1977 3/28/1977
Dingle Coal Co. Retail Coal 600 S 18th St. John Pfenninger 906 Mower St. 12/29/1945
Don-A-Fashion Shopp Ladies Ready-Wear New Castle, IN Marjorie E. Jones R3 Box 423 New Castle 8/21/1972
Draper Shade & Screen Co. Shades & Projector Screens Spiceland, IN E. Pidgeon, J. Pidgeon, L. Pidgeon Spiceland, IN 6/12/1963
Draper Shade Co. Mfg. Window Shades Spiceland, IN Luther O. Draper Spiceland, IN 2/19/1921
Draper Shade Company Window Shade Mfg. Spiceland, IN Luther O. & Elmer T. Draper Spicelnd, IN 10/14/1937
Dudley's Grocery Groceries 127 S 21st St. Carl Long 1104 Woodlawn 11/9/1942
East Side Garage & Taxi Service Garage & Taxies 1538 Broad St. James P. Gallivan New Castle, IN 3/14/1923
East Side Transfer & Storage Co. Transfer & Storage 2318 Broad St. James W. Clinton & Carl Crickmore New Castle, IN 4/9/1918
Eastern Indiana Engineering Civil Engineering 108 1/2 S Main Walter D. Main 1112 S 19th St. 3/8/1938
Eastern Indiana Publishing Co. Newspaper 27 N Jefferson R. Thomas Mayhill Knightstown, IN 4/29/1961
Eaton Canning Co. (8) Processing & Canning Dunreith, IN Orville & Mary Butterfield Spiceland, IN 9/10/1943
Eddie Battery Co. Storage Batteries 1107 Broad St R. A. Eddie Indianapolis, IN 3/3/1921
Eddie's Texaco Service Gas Filling Station 14th & Fairmont Harrold Jessie & Ed Carter 2406 S 14th St. 6/1/1951
Edward's Jewelers Jewelery Store 1334 Broad St. H. Ray & Ray Morris Edwards 1334 Broad St. 12/20/1960
Electric Utility Supply Electrical Materials New Castle Notice of Dissolution 1313 H Ave. 6/16/1950
Electric Utility Supply Co. Electrical Material New Castle R. L. Scott & O. J. Dall 1915 Broad 11/3/1949
Electrical N/A Knightstown, IN Harry E. Johnson & Ivan A. Hill Knightstown, IN 12/10/1919
Ellison Meat Market Co. Fresh Meats 1214 Broad St. Oscar E. Ellison 1214 1/2 Broad St. 2/10/1926
Elm Grove Dairy Dairy Products Spiceland, IN Hilburn S. & Della Wyatt Spiceland, IN 4/4/1941
Elmore's Shoe & Harness Leather Goods 1333 Fleming St. B. J. Elmore & J.M. Morrison New Castle, IN 8/26/1946
Engineering Industries Tool & Gauge Middletown Chas. C. & Rex Slick Middletown 2/14/1949
Enterprise Co., The Paving Contractors Sul. Springs, IN Charles Vice & C. M. Young Greenfield, IN 12/2/1954
Ernest & Moore Feed & Supplies Mooreland, IN Ernest Moore Mooreland, IN 12/6/1939
Evart Engineering Co. Tool Engineering 886 Locust St. Arthur & Evelyn Hedrick Middletown, IN 10/11/1954
Expendable Products Distr. Wholesale & Mail Order 410 N 12th Jessie M. Alexander 410 N 12th St. 1/2/1940
F & J Realty Real Estate 402 N 14th Leon Fadely & Robert John 326 N Main St. 11/22/1950
F. P. Ice Lumber Co. Lumber Material Mt. Summit, IN The Wilkinson Co. Michigan 6/4/1940
F. P. Ice Lumber Co. Lumber & Supplies Mt. Summit, IN Midland Bldg. Industries Indianapolis, IN 10/25/1952
Factory Shoe Outlet Shoe Store 1402 Rosemont Ave. N/A New Castle, IN 2/26/1975
Fadely Brother's Retail Grocery Store Sulphur Springs K. C. Fadely Sulphur Springs 1/14/1952
Fair Dress Store Ladies Ready to Wear 201 S Main St. Wm. S. Sakosky Indianapolis, IN 10/28/1929
Fall Creek Oil Co. Gas, Oil & Grease Middletown, IN Earl R. Walker Middletown, IN 1/10/1939
Family Grocery Store Groceries 2125 Walnut St. Ralph Wishard & Art Wise, Mgr. Indianapolis, IN 5/8/1913
Family Hobby Center Hobby Supplies N/A N/A New Castle, IN 4/15/1966
Farmer's Oil Syndicate Oil Well Drilling New Castle Fred Sewell & R. B. May New Castle, IN 10/23/1950
Fashion Shop Clothe Merchant New Castle, IN Phillip Goldberg New Castle, IN 2/11/1927
Fashion Shop, The Ladies Ready to Wear New Castle, IN Philip & Ida Sea & Goldberg New Castle, IN 11/26/1943
Favorite Washer Co. (9) Mfg. & Sell Favorite Washers Honey Creek, IN John S. Edwards & Etal Honey Creek, IN 2/11/1913
Federated Services Bureau Business Indianapolis N/G Indianapolis 11/2/1947
Filson Brothers Farm Machines & Parts 806 S 18th Fred & C. M. Filson RR #4 New Castle 1/12/1936
Filson Tractor & Implements Farm Equiptment 1023 S 25th St. Zora A. Filson 1023 S 25th 4/11/1939
Finnegan Brothers Wall Paper & Paint 1122 W Broad Walter J. Finnegan 618 Spring St. 9/9/1909
First Rate Finance Corporatin Finance Company New Castle, IN N/A New Castle, IN 1/11/1973
Fischel Bros. Jewelers Jewlery 1320 Broad St. Albert Fischel 631 Elm Heights 5/21/1949
Fischel Bros. Jewelers Jewelry 1320 Broad St. Albert & Kurt Fischel 631 Elm Hgts. 7/1/1946
Fischel's Jewelry Retail Jeweler 1320 Broad St. Albert Fischel 631 Elm Hgts. 1/2/1952
Fleming & Long Insurance New Castle, IN Russell Long New Castle, IN 8/20/1971
Fletcher Bros. Transfer Co. Transfer Garage 1321 Race St. Clarence & Letha Fletcher 1101 Race Street 3/16/1921
Foust Lumber Yard Lumber Supplies New Castle, IN Sam Foust & L.B. Fadely New Castle, IN 2/8/1945
Foust Lumber Yard Building Materials 402 N 14th St. Leon B. Fadely 326 N Main St. 10/9/1946
Foust Lumber Yard Retail Lumber 402 N 14th St. Leon Fadely & Robert John 421 S 21st St. 12/30/1946
Fox & Macer Funeral Directors 1116 Broad St. Leland E. Macer & Tom Macer New Castle, IN 12/30/1926
Frank C. Michael N/A New Castle, IN Frank C. Michael New Castle, IN 2/19/1919
Fran's Four Seasons Ladise Apparel 2616 Maple Dr. N/A New Castle, IN 11/9/1976
French & Co. Selling Pianos New Castle, IN E. Edgar, Jesse & Jesse French Jr. New Castle, IN 11/22/1913
French & Sons Pianos New Castle, IN Jess, Jesse Jr. & H. Edgar French St.Louis, MO 3/25/1914
Furniture Bargain Barn Retail Furniture 1302 S 14th St. Edithe Harry 1302 S 14th St. 9/26/1955
Fuson Adjustable Shade Co. Mfg. Window Shades Spiceland, IN Frank & Raymond Fuson Spiceland, IN 5/21/1914
G. W. D. Partnership N/A New Castle, IN Gerken, Wilson, Wilson & Dickson New Castle, IN 1/31/1986
Gaar Nurseries Nursey Supplies Henry Co., IN Campbell S. Brower Cambridge City, IN 9/5/1953
Gamble Stores Hardware Knightstown, IN Clarence & Ressa Post Knightstown, IN 6/1/1945
Garvey Construction Co. General Construction N 18th St. Catherine Garvey New Castle, IN 12/3/1929
Gay Spot, The Tavern Knightstown Edward Clayton Frye 106 1/2 E. Main 2/25/1948
General Finance Corporation Consumer Loans 525 S Memorial Dr. Timothy Galbraith New Castle, IN 10/7/1976
General Products Misc. Products 1817 Bundy Ave. Frank D. Bennett 1817 Bundy Ave. 9/24/1965
Geo. N. Williams Co. Dry Goods Knightstown, IN Edward B. Williams Knightstown, IN 2/24/1930
George W. Williams Co Auto Garage Knightstown, IN E. B. Williams Knightstown, IN 7/17/1923
George W. Williams Co. General Mechanic Knightstown, IN Edward Williams & Otis Huddelson Knightstown, IN 2/26/1919
George Williams Co. Clothing & Dry Goods Knightstown, IN Edward B. Williams & Otis Hudelson Knightstown, IN 3/17/1917
George Williams Co., The General Merchandise Knightstown, IN Geo. & Ed Williams & O. Hudelson Knightstown, IN 2/8/1912
George's Vaccum Sales & Service Vaccum Cleaners New Castle, IN Geo. A. & Stan Poore New Castle, IN 4/14/1975
Golden Rule Distributors Misc. Specialities 1310 S 21st St. L. Baldwin & C. Smith 1310 S 21st St. 3/5/1955
Golden Scissors Hair Care Cen. Hair Care & Products R#3 Box #418 Peggy Lee Gent & Etal New Castle, IN 6/14/1983
Goodwin & Hines Grocery Groceries 1308 G Ave. Austin Hines & John H. Goodwin New Castle, IN 11/1/1922
Goodwin Brothers Automobile Co. (10) Auto Sales & Garage New Castle, IN John C. Goodwin & Etal New Castle, IN 14 Jul 1920
Goodwin Clothing Co. (11) Retail Clothing & Accesories New Castle, IN William M. Goodwin & Etal. New Castle, IN 7/23/1920
Graft Realty Real Estate New Castle, IN John G. Graft New Castle, IN 12/4/1965
Grandview Stock Farm Farm Stock R #2 New Castle Roy & Maria Sowder R #2 New Castle 9/17/1936
Grassy Creek Enterprise N/A Kusicuko Co. IN Donald R. Brinnagel Muncie, IN 12/20/1978
Gray's Brokerage Firm Brokerage 19th & I Ace. S. W. Gray New Castle, IN 8/25/1921
Gray's School of Real Estate Realty School Pat Henry Hotel Elaine E. Gray 325 S. 11th St. 6/16/1964
Greensboro Market Gen Grocery & Gas Greensboro, IN R. Shepherd & F. Zearbough Greensboro 7/29/1950
Gregory's Grocery Store Grocery Supplies 204 Trainor St. Wilma Gregory New Castle, IN 9/8/1971
Gridiron, The Restaurant 114 N Main St. Thomas & Blanche Ryan 818 Broad St. 4/17/1946
Griffin & Bundy Merchandise Spiceland, IN J. Griffin, C.l. Bundy & C.D.Pierson Spiceland, IN 4/30/1918
Guarantee Auto Store Auto Parts Store 427 S Memorial Guarantee Auto Stores Inc. New Castle, IN 11/30/1978
Guarantee Tire & Rubber Co. Auto Supplies 1423 Broad St. Walter W Kuhn, Pres. N/G 7/28/1947
H. B. Heims & Associates Catering Business 1222 S 21st St Howard B. Heims, Ed Adams & G. Cork New Castle, IN 4/17/1930
H. C. Paint & Wall Paper Paint & Wallpaper 206 S 14th Smith/Alsop Paint & Varnish Terre Haute, IN 3/2/1939
H. H. Sales Auto Business Shirley, IN Adam Weintraught & Raymond Tindal Shirley, IN 12/5/1923
Harvey Seed Co. Seed Products Sales Mt. Summit, IN Howard & Ralph Harvey Mt. Summit, IN 1/6/1954
Hasket Insurance Agency Ins. Loans & Investments Spiceland, IN John C. Haskett Spiceland, IN 3/1/1923
Hayes Hill Aviaries Aviary Dunreith, IN Lillian E & Eva S. Hayes Dunreith, IN 1/9/1933
Helen's Five Candies Candy Making 1617 Grand Ave. Helen Lowery 1617 Grand Ave. 3/5/1949
Helkut Machine & Tool Co. Manufacturing Dunreith, IN Rosemary Sorrell Dunreith, IN 8/17/1972
Helms & Son Mortuary Funeral Directors Lewisville, IN A. W. & Duane Helms Lewisvill, IN 9/16/1950
Henderson Barber Shop Barbers Broad St. Clarence Smith & Wm. Peyton 324 S 18th St. 7/20/1928
Henry Co. Angus Beef Breeders (12) Pure Bred Cattle Henry Co., IN Orville O. Carpenter & Etal Henry Co., IN 1/28/1922
Henry Co. Bait House Fish Bait 2424 Brown Rd. Larry Dower 2424 Brown Rd. 5/17/1951
Henry Co. Bldg. Supply Co. Retail Bldg. Supplies 224 Burr Bldg. Maurice Upgraff Construction N/G 6/20/1947
Henry Co. Distributors Wholesale Beer 609 Church Cowan Smith RR#2 New Castle 8/16/1944
Henry Co. Distributors Beer Wholesale 609 Church St. Clarence Ocher 1952 Short St. 11/2/1949
Henry Co. Excavating Co Excavating/Construct. New Castle, IN D. Dyer, E. Atis, H.Collins New Castle, IN 8/22/1946
Henry Co. Excavating Co. Landscape Excavating 125 S 18th Irvin C. Dyer 125 S 18th St. 11/14/1949
Henry Co. Gun & Equiptment Shop Gun Sales & Supplies 2528 Broad St. R. Bitler, K. Cronk & R. Lampe New Castle, IN 8/7/1978
Henry Co. Gun & Equiptment Shop Gun Sales & Supplies 2528 Broad St. R. Bitler, K. Cronk & H. Riggs New Castle, IN 4/7/1980
Henry Co. Paint & Wallpaper Paint & Wall Paper New Castle, IN Smith-Alsop Paint & Varnish Co. Terre Haute, IN 4/6/1964
Henry Co. Paint-Wallpaper Paint & Wallpaper New Castle, IN Foster Miles Terre Haute, IN 8/20/1941
Henry Co. Publishing Co. Newspaper Publication Burr Bldg. F. E. Parlie & R. R. Wheeler New Castle, IN 7/31/1936
Henry Co. Publishing Co. Job Printing 112 N Main St. Ellis J. Baker 621 S 11th St 8/6/1937
Henry Co. Rural Women's Market (13) Food Market New Castle, IN Neva Bowers & Etal Henry Co., IN 3/12/1935
Henry Co. Sales Automobiles 1621 Broad St. Clifford C. Harry New Castle, IN 1/17/1933
Henry Co. Sports Center Sporting Goods New Castle, IN N/A New Castle, IN 1/13/1970
Henry Co. Tire Store Tire Services 115 S 12th St. Cory, Cooper, Hunter, Hunter New Castle, IN 9/20/1956
Henry County Beverage Co. Wholesale Beer & Malt Bev. New Castle, IN Willard Hiatt & Marshall Dann 1821 Thornburg St. 1/8/1957
Herman J. Redd Co. Automobile Retail 1115 Broad St. Herman J. Redd New Castle, IN 6/17/1935
Hiatt Auot Co. Automobile Sales & Service Knightstown, IN Willard H. Hiatt Knightstown, IN 11/20/1928
Hiatt Auto Co. Auto Business Knightstown, IN Willard Hiatt Knightstown, IN 1/3/1928
Hiatts Cafe Tavern 1555 Broad St. Clarence B. Ocker 308 N 18th St. 2/13/1943
Higham Appliances Co. Electric & Gas Appliances 1335 Fleming St. Philip & Dorothy Higham Brown Rd. 12/19/1957
Higham Shoe Repair Shop Shoe Service 1335 Fleming St. Philip & Dorothy Higham Brown Rd. 12/19/1957
Hilbert Machine & Tool Co. Tool & Die Knightstown, IN Wayne & James Hilbert Anderson, IN 4/19/1943
Hillside Nursery Gardening Shop Cambridge City Don & Ronald Darter Cambridge City, IN 11/19.1973
Hines Laboratories Mail Order 806 S 20th St. Howard Hines New Castle, IN 10/20/1927
Holland Tulip Gardens Wholsale/retail Bulbs Kennard, IN John Crowes New Castle, IN 2/15/1938
Home Hatchery Chicken & Eggs 300 N 23rd St. Cassell C. Wilson 1810 Broad St. 6/27/1929
Home Improvement Co. All Weather Awnings 2826 S 19th Wm. J. Huiton 2826 S 19th 11/14/1947
Homemaker's Club Matrimonial Club New Castle, IN Lillian V. Myers New Castle, IN 11/3/1921
Hoosier Cabinet Co. Kitchen Furniture 1145 S 14th St. E.G. McQuin & F.B. Hunly 611 S 14th St. 12/19/1942
Hoosier Cabinet Sales Co. Kitchen Equiptment 1145 S 14th St. George W. Plumley 1638 Grand Ave. 3/8/1940
Hoosier Connection, The Transportation Knightstown, IN Larry Lewmon Knightstown, IN 2/27/1979
Hoosier Products Co. Poultry, Butter & Eggs 1540 Broad St. M. J. Chalfant New Castle, IN 12/31/1929
Hope Hill Farmms & Dairy Dairy Products Mt. Summitt B. B. & T. M. Ice Mt. Summit, IN 8/29/1935
House of Fabrics of New Castle Fabrics New Castle, IN N/A New Castle, IN 6/13/1969
Hub, The Men's Clothing & Shoes 1428 Broad St. Harry Segal Rose Crt. Apt. #6 7/30/1924
Huffman & Lacy Electrical Contractors Broad St, N. C. E. Huffman & Ben Lacy Spiceland, IN 12/7/1939
Hutchins & Kirkpatrick Auto Sales Auto Sales 1121 Broad St. J.E. Kirkpatrick & Clarence Hutchins Portland, IN 5/22/1922
Hutzel & Co. Plumbing & Heating New Castle, IN Herman Hertzal & Max Hutzel Muncie. IN 12/14/1911
Hy - Gold Service Station Retail Gas & Oil 1313 Race St. Hafer H. Nuff Richmond, IN 10/14/1939
Hyatt Supply Co. Office Supplies Mt. Summit, IN Gerald J Hendricks Mt. Summit, IN 5/1/1946
Ice & Son Lumber , Coal & Hardware Mt. Summitt T. P. & Wade H. Ice Mt. Summti 1/18/1927
Ice & Son Coal & Lumber Yard Mt. Summit Wade H. Ice Mt. Summit, IN 11/28/1928
Ice Hardware Store Retail Hardware 1318 Broad St. Clint & Leonard Ice New Castle, IN 9/28/1920
Ideal Hat Shop Millenery & Blocking 1325 1/2 Broad St Homer E. & Daisy D. Marley 2303 Plum St. 3/14/1928
Imperial Hotel Co. Rooms For Rent 805 S 18th St Joe Shapiro New Castle, IN 5/11/1921
Indiana Farm Land Owners Ltd. N/A Noblesville, IN N. Ackerson, S. Carter &J. Pickering Noblesville, IN 6/3/1983
Indiana Leisure Living Log Cabin Homes New Castle, IN Danny E. Jacobs Lewisville, IN 6/28/1976
Indiana Loan Co. Small Loans 211 Maxim Bldg. J. H. Aufderheide & W. B. Crunk Indianapolis, IN 7/30/1917
Indiana Metal Novelty Mfg. Co. Mfg. Metal Novelty Items 142 S 12th St G.h. & Flossie Kahre New Castle, IN 1/31/1930
Indiana Simbrak Breeders Ltd. Breeder's Association Knightstown, IN G. Michael Matlock Knightstown, IN 7/18/1986
Indiana Supply Co. Mercantile Operators #1 Colonial Flat Samuel Bezuire New Castle, IN 5/15/1911
Indy.-New Castle Motor Exp. Common Carrier 1351 Race St. Paul R. Beeson New Castle, IN 4/16/1946
Information Base Marketing Research Fort Wayne, IN Philip S. Schuman Fort Wayne, IN 2/2/1987
Ingersol Steel & Disc Co. Steel Mill New Castle, IN Borg-Warner Corporation Chicago, IL 3/9/1935
Ingersoll Steel Disc Co. Steel Manufactoring W Broad St. C.S. Davis & R. C. Ingersoll Chicago, IL 4/2/1942
Insulation Warehouse Wholesaler Insulation New Castle, IN Dennis L. Gilstrap New Castl, IN 6/3/1983
Interstate Displays Inc. Out Door Advertising Sydney, OH Lennard, Carson, Yockey Assoc. Indianapolis, IN 11/2/1984
J & J Realty Co. Real Estate Sales Fort Wayne, IN Jan F. & J.E. Lassus & Wm. Yarnell lll Ft. Wayne, IN 5/30/1974
J. S. Winchester Masonry Co. Masonry Sub Contractor 1435 Swarthmore Julius S. Winchester 1435 Swarthmore Dr. 6/11/1962
Jacobson & Co. Funeral Director S 14th St. C. M. Jackson & Marian Couch New Castle, IN 11/10/1926
Janitor & Maint. Workers Assn. Henry Twp. Schools Union 732 S 21st St. W. Mercer, F. Martin & E. Bunch New Castle, IN 4/1/1960
Jersey Creamery Milk & Cream Products New Castle, IN John A. Davis 615 Indiana Ave 3/27/1912
Jersey Creamery Co. Creamery New Castle, IN E. Hewley, W. Hageman Straughn, IN 1/19/1910
Jersey Creamery Co. Retail Milk & Cream New Castle, IN Rhinehold & Jos. Schubardt 1128 Church St 11/14/1921
Jo-Ann Fabrics Fabric Shop Broad St Brian Burton, VP Lloyd Lightner Indianapolis, IN 7/5/1979
Johanon Co. The Mfg. Food Products 1115 Church St. Clyde John 1115 Church St. 5/19/1945
Joyner Trucking Co. General Trucking 812 Broad St Thomas & Wm. H. Joyner New Castle, IN 2/18/1930
K & F Food Service Retail Cattle Feed Mooreland, IN Kenneth E. King & Eva Faucett Mooreland, IN 5/26/1959
Ken Products Sales Agent New Castle, IN N/A New Castle, IN 9/7/1971
Kennard Food Products Co. Processing & Canning Kennard, IN Isabelle V. Orf Fort Wayne, IN 4/8/1943
Kentucky Coal Co. Retail Coal New Castle, IN Jerry F. Burk New Castle, IN 1/28/1920
Kentucky Coal Co. Retail Coal 1168 S 14th J. F. Burke 126 N 18th St 9/18/1920
Kimball - Bedwell Shoe Store Shoe Retail Middletown, IN J.E. & E.H. Kimball & D. & B. Bedwell Middletown, IN 6/22/1959
King's Title & Abstracts Real Estate Deed & Titles New Castle, IN N/A New Castle, IN 8/23/1973
Kingston Green Apartments Rental Apartments operation Payne Village Stanley Herman & Geo. Fozelman Indianapolis, IN 5/17/1965
Kingston Green Apartments Rental Apartments New Castle, IN N/A New Castle, IN 6/2/1966
Klypsch & Hall Furnace Co. Furnace Sales 920 Plum St. Maurice Klpsch & Clyde Hall 920 Plum St. 2/25/1947
Knightstown Auto Parts Store Auto Parts Knightstown, IN Sol Sterns Knightstown, IN 8/14/1934
Knightstown Auto Sales Co. Auto Sales & Service Knightstown, IN Forest B. Clark Knightstown, IN 2/13/1929
Knightstown Body Co. Auto Tops & Bodies Knightstown, IN Robert Silvers & Mason Walters Knightstown, IN 1/11/1922
Knightstown Concrete Co. Concrete Knightstown, IN Edgar Barton Byrket Knightstown, IN 1/5/1937
Knightstown Electric Co. Electric Supplies Knightstown, IN Wm. A. Fentrass & Harmon Ramsey Knightstown, IN 2/18/1920
Knightstown Electric Light Co. Electric Plant Knightstown, IN William A. Fentress New Castle, IN 9/7/1920
Knightstown Fertilizer Co. Fertilizer Knightstown, IN E. L. Roenemarm Knightstown, IN 10/16/1933
Knightstown Fertilizer Co. Rendering of Enedible Meats Knightstown, IN Elmer L. Koeneman Fort Wayne, IN 12/1/1933
Knightstown Grain Co. Grain Knightstown, IN James M. Hanna Knightstown, IN 5/7/1931
Knightstown Machine Shop General Mechanic Knightstown, IN Jonas Oakerson Knightson, IN 3/11/1919
Knightstown Produce Co. Buy-Sell Produce Knightstown, IN S. E. Lister New Castle, IN 2/14/1921
Knightstown Real Estate Real Estate Knightstown, IN N/A Knightstown, IN 3/23/1973
Knightstown Sale Co. Sale Barm Raysville, IN Carl Morrow Knightstown, IN 5/26/1939
Knightstown Telephone Co. Telephone Service Knightstown, IN G. Matts,Grace Reagen & M. Garison Knightstown, IN 4/29/1919
Knightstown Trailer Co. Trailers Knightstown, IN Samuel Salotkin & Etal. Indianapolis, IN 9/18/1944
Knightstown Warehse & Storage Storage Space Knightstown, IN Carl S. White Knightstown, IN 1/24/1957
K-town Lumber Saw Mill Retail Lumber Knightstown, IN Herman G. Miller Knightstown, IN 1/25/1952
Kuntz Lumber Co. Lumber Merchant New Castle Charles P. Kuntz New Castle, IN 2/8/1910
Kuntz, Peter Co. Change of Name New Castle, IN Peter Kuntz New Castle, IN 11/8/1974
Kwik Shop Restaurant 1801 Grand Ave. Paul Ray 2019 Lincoln Ave 3/31/1960
L & L Roofing & Supply Roofing Contractor 1893 S 14th Gene & Francis Livezey 609 S. 17th 1/15/1947
L & S Company Ltd. Real Estate New Castle, IN Ralph E. Loveless New Castle, IN 11/21/1979
L & S Company Ltd. Buy , Sell & Develope Real Estate1722 S Memorial Dr. R.E. & B.S. Loveless & J.G. & F.K. Smiley535 Edgewood 11/24/1980
La Vaughn Ladies Apparel Ladies Apparel 1718 A Ave. La Vaughn Wolfe & Alma Fennel 431 N 14th St. 11/5/1957
Lake Wood Camp Ground Camping & Recreation R #2 New Castle, IN Marvin & Dorothy Masengale New Castle, IN 8/25/1971
Leakey & Bland Poultry Dealers New Lisbon, IN Flay Leakey & Eugene Bland Nw Lisbon, IN 11/21/1921
Lewisville Hotel Hotel Lewisville, IN C. Oldham & G. Mohler Lewisville 4/18/1947
Lincoln Apartments Apartment Bldgs. Knightstown, IN Elwood Lewis Knightstown, IN 1/13/1981
Lowe's of Indiana Inc. Building Supplies R #5 New Castle, IN L. D. Herring, Pres. New Castle, IN 8/25/1976
M. O. T. Industries Gift Glass ? 707 Cherry St. Macy O. Teetor 707 Cherry St. 11/24/1944
Mack's Shoe Hospital Shoe Shine & Repair 1315 Broad St. Sam Tambricos New Castle, IN 6/27/1918
Magna Machine & Tool Co. Inc. Machine Shop R #4 New Castle, IN Marion E. Shore & Ralph Richard New Castle, IN 2/7/1979
Mark's Office Supply Office Supplies & Equiptment 208 S Main St Mark Mahoney New Castle, IN 11/12/1976
Marsh Foodliner Grocery Store 14th & R Ave. Olen & Ermal Marsh Muncie, IN 11/15/1950
Marsh Village Pantries Convenience Stores New Castle, IN Marsh Supermarkets Inc. Yorktown, IN 1/15/1974
Marshall Electric & Refridge Sales & Service 1317 S 21st Howard W. Marshall 1317 S 21st 3/1/1949
Mary Woodberry Women's Apparel New Castle, IN Roger H. Hammer 227 Reddingdale 2/23/1945
Masaic International Corn Dealer & Club Straughn, IN Ronald Kay Lowhorn Straughn, In 3/17/1975
Maus & Zirkle Pool Room Cigars & Billiards New Castle, IN Frank G. Maus & Juston Zirkle New Castle, IN 10/31/1912
Maxson's Animal Hospital Veterinarian Services RR 3# New Castle, IN Kent D. Wisecup DVM New Castle, IN 3./13/1975
May's General Store Groceries& Misc. Straughn, IN P. F. May Straughn, IN 7/21/1921
McClain & Son Ditching Contracts Middletown, IN Herman & James McClain New Castle, IN 4/23/1954
McGath Overland Co Automobile Dealer 1124 Braod St. Wm. Mcgath, P. Durrel & P. Hoffman New Castle, IN 10/9/1920
McGriffen & Co. Paint & Wall Paper 1131 Broad St. J. W. & Margaret E. Day 803 Plum St. 8/14/1940
McGuffin & Co. Paint & Wall Paper New Castle, IN Henry H. McGuffin & Calvin Prichet New Castle, IN 4/21/1923
Medical Laboratories of Doctors (14)Medical Lab Indianapolis, IN Robert L. Costin & Etal Indianapolis, IN 4/9/1984
Merchants Credit Rating Bureau Collection Agency 214 Mouch Bldg. C. L. Garrison 411 N 11th St 1/23/1929
Merchants Credit Rating Bureau Collection Agency 202 Mouch Bldg. Harry Francis & Loring L. Niles 202 Mouch Bldg. 9/16/1930
Mi Beauty North Beauty Shop 2710 S 19th St. Edna Graham New Castle, IN 8/26/1971
Middletown Dept. Store Dry Goods & Groceries Middletown, IN Schiff, Diamond & Cammy Middletown, IN 10/20/1911
Middletown Fertilizer Co. Branch OF NCFertilizer New Castle, IN Orville Ortle Middletown 11/22/1935
Middletown Fertilizer Co. Fertilizer Middletown, IN Jay Harris Middletown, IN 10/16/1933
Middletown Hardware Store Hardware & Supplies Middletown, IN H. Fadely & W. Strickler Middletown, IN 3/9/1937
Middletown Lumber & Bldg Retail Lumber Etc. Middletown, IN R.A & T.D Carty Middletown, IN 1/6/1954
Middletown Lumber Co. Retail Lumber Middletown B. Erhman Thornburg Markleville, IN 7/14/1950
Middletown Motor Car Co. Automobile Dealer Middletown, IN Wade Dickerson & Charles Wilhoit Middletown, IN 1/28/1920
Middletown Reduction Co. Fertilizer Factory Middletown, IN Alonzo Emswiller & Frank B. Hupp Middletown, IN 2/11/1920
Middletown Rendering Co. Rendering Middletown, IN F. B. Hupp & Alonzo Emswiller New Castle, IN 4/10/1920
Middletown Telephone Co. Telephone Services Middletown, IN Harry Debell & Harry G. Kerlin Middletown, IN 2/16/1920
Midland Building Industry (15) Building Supplies Mt. Summit L. W. Holbrook & Etal Indianapolis, IN 2/27/1946
Mid-West Home Improvements Bldg. Material Dealer New Castle, IN J. William Selvidge RR#2 New Castle 4/25/1957
Midwest Mat. & Supply Co. Building Materials 217 S 17th St. Albert Lieberman Indianapolis, IN 2/18/1946
Midwest Material & Supply Doors & Windows 102 S Main St. Al Lieberman & J. Solman Indianapolis, IN 11/30/1945
Midwest Towel & Linen Ser. Towel Service Muncie, IN Frances I. Hertz Miami, FL 6/13/1952
Midwest Towel & Linen Ser. Towel Service Muncie, IN Maurice Hertz Miami, Fl 6/1/1953
Miller & Hendricks Int. Decorators Paper Hanging & Painting New Castle, IN Glen Miller & Thomas A. Hendricks New Castle, IN 5/10/1923
Miller Brothers N/A Middletown, IN Andrew S. & Frank P. Miller Middletown, IN 6/14/1918
Miller Monuments Retail Monument Sales 2016 S Memorial Dr. John M. & Emily Blackburn New Castle, IN 5/29/1973
Millville Pallet Co. Wooden Pallets R #4 New Castle, IN John Hamblin Millville, IN 7/26/1973
Modern Appliance Sales Co. Appliance Retail Sales Knightstown, IN W. T. Holland Knightstown, IN 4/9/1923
Modern Bridal Shoppe Wedding Necessities 407 S Main St Dale & Linda Madison New Castle, IN 1/13/1975
Mooreland Furniture Co. Household Furniture Mooreland, IN Alexander Halliday Muncie, IN 11/6/1911
Mooreland Grain Co. Grain Elevator Mooreland, IN Geo. Keever & Verl E Pierce Mooreland, In 1/30/1929
Moveland & Co. Slack loop & Kindling #203 Burr Blk. M. A. Moveland New Castle, IN 2/16/1911
Murial Cramer Co. Mail Order 1203 Race St. H. F. Lichty 609 Goodwin St. 11/21/1927
Myers Motor Express Trucking New Castle, IN David Myers 805 S. 17th St 4/26/1932
Myrtle's Cafeteria Restaurant 1523 S. 19th Myrtle A. Heinz 1523 S 19th St. 9/17/1940
N. A. Pickett & Co. Jewelery 15th & Broad St. Nancy A. Pickett New Castle, IN 2/28/1913
N. C. Machine & Welding Mach. Shop & Repair 130 S 16th W. VanCamp & B. Brown New Castle, IN 8/14/1936
N. C. Tent & Awning Co. Tents & Awnings New Castle Chester P. Spears Muncie, IN 7/19/1948
Nat. Merchantile Credit Reporting Credit Reporting 1415 Indiana Ave. Clarence B. Bridgeman New Castle, IN 1/4/1916
National Clothing Co. Clothing Sales New Castle, IN Carrie M. Hows Indianapolis, IN 2/19/1915
National Finance Co. Personal Loans 214 Burr Bldg. O. W. Stover 216 Burr Bldg. 5/11/1939
National Hotel Hotel Knightstown, IN J. Floyd Irish Knightstown, IN 7/18/1925
National Tourist Hotel Hotel Knightstoan, IN Fred G. & Flora C. Fuller Knightstown, IN 4/10/1930
Nelson Investment Company Inc. Investments Indianapolis, IN Wayne R. Nelson Indianapolis, IN 4/11/1984
New Castle "D" Handle Co. Shovel Handles New Castle, IN Wm. A. Bond New Castle, IN 10/21/1911
New Castle Auction Co. Auction Sales 2204 Plum St Dale Pierce & Robert Stewart New Castle, IN 5/14/1976
New Castle Auto Supply Auto Supplies New Castle, IN Homer H. & Margaret E. Locker New Castle, IN 6/19/1920
New Castle Awning & Elect. Manufacturing Awnings 1213 Race St. G. J. Brown & L. R. Bond 716 S 11th St. 7/30/1940
New Castle Brokerage Co., The Brokers New Castle, IN John R. & Esther Ann Cook New Castle, IN 8/19/1911
New Castle Casting Co. Mfg. Gray Iron Castings New Castle, IN W. T Applegate & W. A Steinbrink New Castle, IN 2/18/1921
New Castle Casting Co. Castings New Castle, IN Homer A Steinbrink 417 N 10th St 12/8/1922
New Castle Chiropratic Sanatariu Chriroprctic Service 1332 1/2 Broad St Turniss K. Markle DC. New Castle, IN 9/16/1922
New Castle Clinic Medical Office Building 1007 N 16th St. Dr. William Heilman Jr. New Castle, IN 3/9/1972
New Castle Coal Co. Coal Yard 1508 G Ave. Charles W. Freeman New Castle, IN 2/7/1919
New Castle Coal Co. Coal Yard New Castle, IN Cynthia E. Weaver 1206 S 19th St. 8/22/1934
New Castle Electric Electrical Contracting 1120 Broad St. C. H. Bell New Castle, IN 5/10/1933
New Castle Electric Co. Electrical Contractor 1122 1/2 Broad St. E.R. Younce & C.H. Bell New Castle, IN 7/10/1929
New Castle Electric Supply Co. Electrical Supplies & Lights 508 Broad St. N/A New Castle, IN 6/21/1977
New Castle Elevator Gen. Grain Elevator New Castle, IN Dean S. Martin New Castle, IN 1/7/1944
New Castle Feritlizer Co. Rendering enedible Meat New Castle, IN Orville Ortle Middletown, IN 10/12/1935
New Castle Fertilizer Co. Fertilizer New Castle, IN Paul Lowe Hagerstown, IN 10/16/1933
New Castle Fertilizer Co. Rendering of Enedible Meats New Castle, IN Elmer L. Koeneman Fort Wayne, IN 12/1/1933
New Castle Hospital and Santariu Home Hospital New Castle, IN James A. Stafford New Castle, IN 10/30/1913
New Castle Investment Co. Financial Investments 129 N 26th St J. Robert Lauer & Ejner Freeburg Jr. New Castle, IN 6/27/1983
New Castle Loan Co. Personal Loans 1329 1/2 Broad S. C. Crowe New Castle, IN 5/12/1911
New Castle Machin & Welding Shop Welding & Repair 128 S 16th St Walter T VanCaulk & John A. Brown New Castle, IN 3/5/1929
New Castle Motor Co. Auto Sales & Service 1126 Broad St. John A. Tully 502 S. Main St. 6/12/1930
New Castle Motor Sales Automobile Sales 206 S 16th St. Adam B. Weintraut 1403 S 21st St. 2/24/1929
New Castle Motorcycle Co. Motorcycle Sales & Repair New Castle, IN E. F. Ackeby New Castle, IN 7/28/1915
New Castle Novelty Advertise Co. Advertising Novelties 309 S 7th St. Victor W. Alshore New Castle, IN 5/29/1926
New Castle Paper Stock Co. Buy-Sell Paper Stock 1402 Thornburg Cleo & Anna Thomas 521 N 16th St. 7/20/1946
New Castle Paper Stock Co. Buy-Sell Paper Scrap 1902 Thornburg J.M. Morison & G. Moystner New Castle, IN 8/31/1946
New Castle Products Manufactoring Products New Castle, IN H. O Oberdorfer New Castle, IN 8/8/1938
New Castle Sand & Gravel Sand & Gravel Harrison Twp. W. A. & O. A. Fidley Harrison Twp. 4/6/1939
New Castle Shade & Awning Co. Window Shades & Awnings 212 S 12th St George J. Brown 212 N 12th St. 12/18/1926
New Castle Shade & Awning Co. Window shades & Awnings 216 S. 12th St. Geo. Brown & Thadius E. Frazier New Castle, IN 9/3/1927
New Castle Straup Works Leather Straups 1219 Race St. Vern & Florenc Bertholomew New Castle, IN 10/12/1926
New Castle Tobacco Co. Wholesale Tobacco & Candy New Castle, IN Louis Gregory & Dan W. Hernly 20th & Broad St 10/6/1923
New Castle United Realty Co. Real Estate 2434 Plum St. Millard Tulley New Castle, IN 5/19/1959
New Castle Window Clean Window Cleaners 3002 B Ave. Robert Smith New Castle, IN 7/21/1956
New Castle, Mercantile Adjustmnt. Collection Agency Koons Bldg. John Schewer New Castle, IN 12/30/1916
New Idea Spreader Co. (16) Manure Spreader New Castle, IN B. C. Oppenheimer & Etal Coldwater, OH 4/25/1918
New Lisbon Butter & Cheese Co. (17) Butter & Cheese Products New Lisbon, IN Amos Ellebarge & Etal (1) New Lisbon, IN 6/11/1911
New Lisbon Canning Co. Canning Factory New Lisbon, IN H.R. Shaffer & D.E Alexander Lynn, IN 7/16/1946
New Lisbon Gas Co. (18) Private Gas Line New Lisbon, IN Lawrence Scheldtknecht New Lisbon, IN 2/26/1945
New Lisbon Gas Co. (19) Natural Gas New Lisbon Claude Wright & Etal New Lisbon, IN 3/22/1934
Newby - Paul Motor Car Co. Automobile Retail & Ser. 1517 Broad St Ivan Paul 452 N 12th St. 10/13/1939
News Republican Newspaper Publisher 112 N Main St. Ellis J. Baker 621 S 11th St 8/6/1937
Nickle Plate Truck Lines Inc. Trucking Company New Castle, IN Russell L. Paul & Roger Dishman 1115 Souther Ave. 5/8/1987
Nixon - Pfenninger Agency Insurance & Bonds 200 1/2 S 14th Jacob J. Pfenninger New Castle, IN 5/17/1939
Nixon - Pfenninger Agency Ins. & Real Estate 1227 Race St. J.J. Pfeninger & C.B. Christ 906 Mower St. 12/15/1942
Nixon - Pfenninger Agency Insurance & Loans Colonial Bldg. Jane Hamlins & J.J. Pfenninger Burk Bldg. 8/2/1930
Nixon Family Farms Farming Yorktown, IN Byron Nixon Jr. & Dennis Nixon Yorktown, IN 11/30/1978
Old Mohawk Products Patent Medicine 506 S 15th A. J. Shott 506 S 15th St. 12/24/1948
Oliver C. Steele Mfg. Co. Window Shades & Blinds Spicelaqnd, IN Delmer L. Stockton & Etal Cardinal Motel 1/9/1958
Organi-Gro Lawm Care Lawn Care Denney Drive David Dennison New Castle, IN 11/5/1980
Otto Diamond Co. Clothing & Furnishings New Castle, IN Otto Diamond & Mathew Scliff Anderson, IN 10/20/1911
Page & Co. General Merchandise 1917 Cherrywood Carl Page & Oscar Williams 1606S 14th St 12/9/1924
Parker Gravel Co. Gravel & Concrete Mix 509 Spring St. Robert & Clifford Parker 203 N 10th St. 9/24/1946
Pat's Lawn & Garden Sales Lawn Care Products New Castle, IN N/A New Castle, IN 11/4/1970
Paugh & Pickering Co Landrall Farming Lewiville, IN DeWayne Paugh & Mark Pickering Lewisville, IN 4/21/1980
Payne Bros. Co. Animal Feed & Coal 1530 Broad St. Golden Payne New Castle, IN 2/3/1926
Peggy Ann, The Restaurant/Tourist Straughn Lee & Margaret Remmer RR 1 Straughn, IN 10/18/1948
Peggy Ann, The Restaurant/Gas Station Straughn, IN Elbert O. & Vena J. Neal Straughn, IN 2/16/1950
People's Clothing Co. Clothing 1421 Broad St. Fannie & George Goldman 403 Broad St. 10/29/1918
People's Economic Justice Assoc. Organization H.H. Evans Office Ernest Reichard & Wm. E. Trulok Indianapolis, IN 8/19/1930
Perkins Insurance Co. Gen. Insurance 116 N Main St. Eva R. Nation 228 N 12th 11/6/1940
Personally Yours Beauty Service 1522 Indiana Ave Donna L. Heim & Kathy L. Turner New Castle, IN 1/28/1987
Peterson - Manning Variety Store Variety of Items 1523 S 19th Carl Peterson 1606 S 14th St. 3/24/1928
Photogenic Restaurant & Lounge Restaurant Lewisville, IN Raymond E. & Alicia L. Smith Lewisville, IN 5/15/1975
Pickering Farms Farming R#1 Lewisville, IN Geo. W. & Elsie W. Pickering Lewisville, IN 7/20/1979
Pickering Seed Loans Hybrid Seed Lewisville, IN Geo. & Mark Pickering Lewisville, IN 4/27/1978
Post Electric Service Electric Contractor Knightstown C. Post & R. Post Knightstown 7/10/1947
Precision Watch Co. Watch Repair & Sales New Castle Robert & Ronald Lowe Noblesville 7/8/1948
Princess Theater Motion Pictures & Vaudville 222 S Main St. G. H. & Wm. H. Esch Muncie, IN 5/1/1921
Properties 1 Real Estate Developement 3628 Sleepy Holow Ln.Brown, Utt, Couch & Thrasher Jr. New Castle, IN 3/21/1984
Public Pharmacutical Co. Medical Formulas PO Box #402 Robert L. Falck New Castle, IN 1/13/1928
Public Pharmacy Co. Medicine Formulas PO Box 402 Robert L. Falck Y. M. C. A. 1/13/1938
Public Service Broadcasting Inc Public Service Information New Castle, IN N/A New Castle, IN 7/29/1971
Pytabagoeas Geometric Sculptors Scukptors 930 Maplewood Dr. Joseph Bogue New Castle, IN 9/21/1978
Quality Concret Tile Co. Disolution New Castle, IN Patrick T. Cory New Castle 9/1/1956
Quality Concrete Tile Co. Concrete Drain Tile SR 38 West C. A. Patton & H. J. Corey 205 S 22d 4/25/1951
Quality Shoe Repair Shoe Repairs 112 S 14th Frank E. Sr. & Frank E. Tull Jr. New Castle, IN 3/17/1934
R & H Auto Sales Buy/Sell Used Cars 1816 Grand Ave. J. W. Hines & Wm. S. Roe 1729 S Main St. 12/14/1956
R & M Grocery Store Groceries 925 S 11th L. E. Morris & Lois Hall 929 Cherry St. 10/21/1935
R. A. Smith Lumber Co. Lumber & Supplies Lewisville, IN Midland Bildg. Industries Indianapolis, IN 10/15/1952
R. A. Smith Lumber Co. (20) Lumber Supplies Lewisville, IN L. W. Halbrook Etal. Indianapolis, IN 4/9/1946
R. I. C. Properties Ltd. Real Estate Management New Castle, IN Wm. E. Clark - Realty Income Corp Escondido, CA 1/7/1987
R. R. Smith & Sons Lumber Dealer Lewisville, IN Robert A. & David C. Smith Lewisville, IN 5/31/1911
Radio Clinic Radio Sales & Service 306 N 14th St. C. M. Wood & H. A. Young 1916 Walnut St. 1/6/1940
Raintree Agency Agency 2205 Ohio St. Charles E. Wagoner New Castle, IN 11/5/1958
Raintree Business Center Office Building 415 S Main St. Charles E. Wagoner New Castle, IN 8/8/1975
Raintree Finance Small Loans & Financing 2205 Ohio St. Charles E. Wagoner New Castle, IN 11/5/1958
Raintree Realty Co. Real Estate Agent 2205 Ohio St. Charles E. Wagoner New Castle, IN 11/5/1958
Raintree Square Apartments Ltd. Apartment Rental 2800 S Memorial Lawrence Barker - Quaker Management Wilmington, OH 12/8/1986
Ramsey Ice, Feed & Coal Ice, Feed & Coal Knightstown, IN Hanson Ramsey Knightstown, IN 4/27/1939
Randy Ann Homes & Construction Home Builders Randy Ann Crt. Bernard C Erhart New Castle, IN 12/9/1961
Ratcliff Realty Co. Insurance & Loans 117 Jennings Bldg Mamie E. Ratcliff New Castle, IN 4/2/1923
Ray's Cafe Restaurant 1316 Race St. Ray Halfacre 1414 G Ave. 6/4/1948
Ray's Drive Inn Restaurant 1705 S Main St Edwin & Carol E. Guy Muncie, IN 8/12/1952
Ray's Service Parcel Delivery 1640 Indiana Ave. Ray N. Baase 925 W Broad 4/2/1949
Ray's Service Parcel Delivery 1640 Indiana Geo. W. & Lindsey Maynard 2224 California St. 12/28/1950
Raysville Garage Auto Garage Raysville, IN C. M. Fell Knightstown, IN 5/15/1924
Red Cardinal Inn Motel Disolution New Castle, IN N/A New Castle, IN 11/30/1970
Red Front Grocery Store Groceries 1121 S 14th Bernard Gernstein New Castle, IN 12/31/1924
Red Front Grocery Store Groceries 2200 Plum St Bernard Gernstein New Castle, IN 2/23/1925
Redelman's Lake View Addition Real Estate Spiceland, IN Ed V. & Laura Redelman & Etal. New Castle, IN 6/22/1959
Regal Store Grocery Store 1122 Broad St. Richard C. Hackleman 125 N 10th St 4/4/1941
Rehab Health Services Hospital Indianapolis, IN Brady R. Justice Jr. Indianapolis, IN 8/8/1982
Reliable Service Barcan ?? Knightstown, IN C. F. Pritchard Knightstown 4/5/1937
Rental property Management Rental Ownership Management Anderson, IN G. Clark Harrison 7 Dan S. Davisson Anderson, IN 5/8/1986
Rhim Locker Plant Cold Storage Knightstown, IN C.M., R.C. & H.E. Rhim Knightstown, IN 4/4/1944
Rhim's Locker Service Slaughter House & Locker Straughn, IN Walter & Thomas Rihm Cambridge City 6/17/1963
Richmond Exterminators Pest Control Richmond, IN N/A Richmond, IN 2/22/1979
Ridge Bakery Bakery Goods 1553 Broad St. Sharks L. Brooks Anderson, IN 1/29/1921
Ridge Drug Co. Drugs & Medicines 1559 Broad St. O.l. Carithers & W.A. Anderson New Castle, IN 3/3/1934
Ridge Notion Store Notions 1561 Broad St. O. Corithers & W. Anderson New Castle, IN 6/15/1938
Ridge Notion Store Variety Store 1516 Broad St. Carole H. Anderson 129 Reddingdale 10/7/1946
Riley Estates Real Estate Developement Riley Road Moyster & Moyster-Fannin & Fannin 3333 S Main St. 6/29/1966
Rohn Farms Inc. Agriculture Crawfordsville, IN Charles R Rohn Crawfordsville, IN 3/22/1974
Rose City Auto Brokers Used Auto Sales 534 N Memorial Dr. Greg Baldwin & Larry P. King New Castle, IN 4/17/1987
Rose City Beauty Salon Beauty Shop New Castle, IN N/A New Castle, IN 9/1/1971
Rose City Beverage Co. Beer Wholesaler 127 S 17th St. Naibus J. & Marvin J. Dann 1132 Woodlawn Dr. 3/30/1953
Rose City Beverage Dist. Beer Wholesale 1227 S 18th St. W.H. Hiatt & B.C. Stephens New Castle, IN 10/5/1945
Rose City Bulk Mailing Co. Advertising & Sales Edgewood Addition J. E. Johnson New Castle, IN 11/24/1926
Rose City Convales. Home Rest Home 115 N 11th St. Frances A Maysle New Castle, IN 1/17/1944
Rose City Electric Co. Electrical 1227 Race St Carry L. Hughes 1715 Walnut St. 1/8/1927
Rose City Excavating Co. Basements & Ditches 125 S 18th E. Dyer, E.R. Otis, W. Joyner 125 S 18th St. 2/28/1945
Rose City Iron & Metal N/A New Castle, IN Phillip Blue & Morris Shane New Castle, IN 3/3/1920
Rose City Oil Co. (21) Oil Well Drilling 1106 S. Main St. 19 Shareholders New Castle 3/29/1949
Rose City Packing Co. Packing New Castle, IN J. Green & John K Jefferis Muncie, IN 11/24/1931
Rose City Realty Real Estate New Castle, IN Robert A. Berry New Castle, IN 3/7/1973
Rose City Realty to In-Ro-Inc. Real Estate Broker Denny Dr. Robert A. Berry New Castle, IN 6/29/1979
Rose City Sales Co. Mail Order 724 S 22d St Verley Dudley New Castle, IN 6/14/1927
Rose City Sanitary Dairy Retail Dairy Products 200 S 16th St. M. Underwood & E. Patterson New Castle, IN 7/8/1939
Rose City Sheet Metal Sheet Metal & Roofing 1228 Vine H. Woodfin Meggs (Woody) 2309 Cherrywood 3/5/1936
Rose City Tea & Coffee Co. Buy/Sell Coffee, Tea & Spices New Castle, IN Hal Compton & A. B. Lagle New Castle, IN 10/19/1915
Rose City Transfer & Storage Co. Transfer & Storage 2318 Broad St. Charles J. Elliot 440 N 12th St. 4/27/1929
Rose Craft Gardens Nursery RR#3 Eva B. Rhodes New Castle 5/1/1945
Rosemary Mercham Collections Collection Agency 204 Mouch Bldg. Jack Higgins New Castle, IN 4/17/1913
Ross Used Auto Parts Auto Parts 2725 Broad St. Sophie Ross 2725 Broad St. 8/21/1945
Royal Industries - World Bestos Brake Products Division 1112 S 25th St. Firestone Tire & Rubber New Castle, IN 4/25/1975
S. P. Jennings & Sons Lumber & Supplies New Castle, IN Walter P. Jennings New Castle, IN 10/10/1936
S. P. Jennings & Sons Lumber & Bldg. Supplies 200 S. 15th R. N. & R. P. Jennings New Castle, IN 4/6/1938
S. W. Pickering Estste Farming & Stock Raising Lewisville, IN J., M.W., W.,J.W., & J. Pickering Lewisville, IN 4/4/1923
Safety Cab Taxi Cabs 201 1/2 S 15th Geo. Nicely 115 N 17th 1/22/1947
Safety Cab Co. Taxi Service 1525 Broad St. James Jarrett RR#2 New Castle 3/1/1946
Sanitary Rug & Furniture Cleaners Cleaning Services 1305 S 21st St. E. Hubert Schroth New Castle, IN 3/31/1933
Savo Loboratories Water Softener & Paint 1005 S 14th Jack Brogan 1005 S 14th St. 8/23/1939
Schatz & McIntosh Real Estate Purchasing West Virginia David McIntosh & David Schatz West Virginia 8/2/1983
Schuffman's Furniture Store Retail Furniture 1502 Broad St. H., Ed & Schuffman & Stein New Castle, IN 9/24/1952
Scott Truck Service Trucking Knightstown, IN Henry Addison Knightstown, IN 7/20/1933
Scott's Equiptment Co. Material Handling Equiptment 545 Hosier Dr. R. L. Scott New Castle, IN 10/14/1957
Septic Vacuum Service Septic Tank Cleaning New Castle Francis D. Miller RR1 New Castle 10/31/1951
Shade Service Bureau Window Shades Spiceland, IN Luther O. Draper Spiceland, IN 9/29/1933
Shelley & Son Interior/Exterior Decor. Mooreland, IN Claude & Marvin Shelley Mooreland 4/17/1936
Shelley & Son Inter. Ext. Decorating Mooreland, IN Claude & Marvin Shelley Mooreland, In 5/12/1941
Shirley Canning Co. Processing & Canning Process Shirley, IN Grover C. Hutchison Shirley, IN 10/9/1934
Shoe Box Retail Shoe Store Mt. Summit, IN Sandy Bruhn & Madeline Boykin Mt Summit, IN 3/1/1979
Silver Flash Co. Gasoline & Oil Station New Castle, IN Charles E. Shultz New Castle, IN 11/13/1923
Smith & Ramsey N/A 1410 S 18th St T. G. Smith & R. A. Ramsey New Castle, IN 9/12/1923
Smith Realty Co. Real Estate New Castle, IN Paul E. Smith New Castle, IN 6/10/1971
Smith-Alsop Paint & Varnish Paint Products New Castle, IN Foster Miles Terre Haute, IN 8/20/1941
South End Garage Auto Repair 2407 S 14th St. Paul H. Gibson 2705 Sunnyside Av. 7/22/1952
Spenkirk Maintenance Service Janitrol Work & Maintenance Mt. Summit, IN Terry Spence & m. R. Selkirk 634 S Main St. N. C. 4/14/1983
Spiceland Coal & Lumber Co. Coal & Lumber Spiceland, IN John S. Griffen & Alton Evans Spiceland, IN 3/12/1923
Spiceland Dept. Store Clothing & Dry Goods Spiceland, IN Paul R. Reece Spiceland, IN 5/26/1939
Spiceland Grain Co. Grain Elevator Spiceland, IN Charles M. Mauch New Castle, IN 10/21/1921
Spiceland Sales Co. Community Sales Spiceland, IN Flanagan, Griffen, Paul & Kendall Spiceland, IN 3/8/1923
Spiceland Sales Co. Community Sales Spiceland, IN M.M. Painter & B.V. Flanagan Spiceland, IN 6/16/1925
Spiceland Sales Co. Community Sales Spiceland, IN Barney Flannigan & Cash Essington Spiceland, IN 11/3/1927
Spring Street Coal Yard Coal Yard 603 Spring St. J. Maurice Williams New Castle, IN 2/5/1921
Springport Sales & Service Sales & Service Springport, IN Irvin Calan & J. R. Tavis Springport, IN 2/6/1921
Staggs Electric Co. Electrical Supplies 1227 Race St. Carry L. Hughes Lewisville, IN 10/1/1926
Stanley Mortuary Funeral Services 1217 Race St. Norris Crawford 128 Reddingdale 9/6/1950
Stanley Service Co. Auto Repair & Service 1125-27 Broad St. Claude Stanley & Fred Sharp New Castle, IN 5/24/1918
Star-Pic Realty Joint Venture Real Estate 3500 S Memorial Star Realty Management Oklahoma City, OK 4/16/1975
State Sewer Service Sewers & Drains Losantville, IN Walter Copus Muncie, IN 8/9/1951
State Sewer Service Sewer Service Losantville, IN Mark H. Wood Blountsville, IN 9/21/1951
State Sewer Service Sewer Service Mooreland, IN Walter Copus Mooreland, IN 12/11/1952
State Sewer Service Sewer Service Mooreland, IN C. W. Copus Mooreland, IN 9/1/1953
Stay Form Retail Garments Henry Co., IN Mary Elizabeth Peyton 53 S 11th 9/4/1941
Stewart Construction Co. Construction Work Muncie, IN Eugene J. Moore & Charles Stewart Muncie, IN 7/17/1974
Store Door Delivery Co. Delivery Service 2318 Broad St. Warehouse Distribiting Corp. Indianapolis, IN 4/29/1929
Straughn Feed & Fuel Animal Feed & Fuel Straughn E. H. Beck & F. Bruce Straughn 1/9/1950
Strong Merchantile Co. General Merchandise 1536-38 Broad St. K. W. Strong Muncie, IN 9/11/1931
Sugar Grove Thrashing Co. Crop Thrashing Henry Twp. Howard Bower New Castle, IN 1/28/1940
Sunshine Co. Manufacturing 204 Union Blk. C. O. Hedge New Castle, IN 3/15/1927
Sunshine Window Co. Window Cleaning & Wash Indianapolis, IN Rodney James Cushingham Indianapolis, IN 11/12/1985
Swindell & Co. Grocery Groceries 107 N 14th St. H. W. & Elisa B. Swindell New Castle, IN 3/3/1921
Swiss Cleaners Dry Cleaning 210 S Main St. Jess & Luella Hagner 219 S 9th St. 7/16/1945
Tapscott's Dress Shop Ladies Apparel 214 S Main St. Walter & Mary H. Tapscott 1109 Indiana Ave. 2/2/1950
Terra Firma (22) Real Estate PO Box #639 Larry D. Contos & Etal Anderson, IN 12/19/1986
Texas Lunch & Pure Food Lunc & Pool Room 1422 Broad St. Sam Tumbucos, John & Nick Powlos New Castle, IN 4/5/1929
Thayer Bros. Horse Dealers Knightstown, IN Grant H. Thayer Knightstown, IN 10/11/1919
Tillman Health Center Bath & Massage 211 Bradway Merrill & Margaret Tillman 2706 Sunnyside 10/24/1949
Toggery, The Men's Clothing 110 S Main Warren Worl & Fred Mann New Castle, IN 8/3/1935
Toggery, The Men's Clothing 110 S Main St. J. Warren Worl 1310 Audabon 10/26/1939
Treaty House Ltd. N/A Georgia Robert Lowe & Richard Harrison Nevada 10/10/1980
Tri County Golf Course Golf Club Middletown, IN James Robert Solomon RR#2 Middletown, IN 6/20/1964
Trimline of East Indiana Custom Car Paint Striping 109 Glenwood Dr. Michael Stover & Steve Stover New Castle, IN 11/12/1976
Trojan Developement Co. Construction 129 N 26th St. Joseph Lauer Jr. & Ejner J. Freeburg Jr. New CCastle, IN 2/18/1987
Turtle Creek Convelescent Center Extended Care Facility New Castle, IN Ethan & Frank Jackson, Brady Justice Indianapolis, IN 3/21/1968
Turtle Creek Investments Real Estate Developement New Castle, IN Ethan Jackson Indianapolis, IN 9/14/1973
U. S. Army Salvage Sales Co. Retail Army Surplus Goods 1430 Broad St. Charles S. Albert, Max & Geo. Dann New Castle, IN 12/2/1920
Ulrich & Son Store Groceries & Hardware Greensboro, IN A. R. Mainfold Greensboro, IN 1/31/1935
Union Commercial Collections Collection Claims Adjustment New Castle, IN H. L. Seger New Castle, IN 2/19/1915
Unique Pencil Distributors Pencils 410 N 12th Cletus B. Alexander 410 N 12th St. 8/27/1940
Universal Mechanical Contractors Mechanical Construction N/A N/A N/A 8/21/1969
Used Clothing Exchange Used Clothing 212 S 14th St. Lillie Hines 216 Maxim Bldg. 12/5/1928
Valet Shop, The Tailoring & Cleaning 111 N Main St. Max & Alma Fennell 7713 S Main St. 9/26/1940
Vandergrift Insurance Agency General Insurance Middletown, IN M.J. Insurance & Michael M. Bell Middletown, IN 12/16/1971
VanMatre Manufacturing Co. Wood Products New Castle, IN R.S., G.H., H.R. & J.E. Vanmatre RR#1 New Castle, IN 7/30/1957
Venture Real Estate & Investment Real Estate Investment 2440 Betsy Ann N. Bonder, M. Hetzner, M. Murdock Indianapolis, IN 9/25/1985
Venture Real Estate Investment Ltd. Real Estate Investments 2440 Betty Ann Crt. Nick Bonder, Mike Hetgner, Mike Murdock New Castle, IN 9/26/1985
Vogel's Machine & Engineering Co. Machine Shop Knightstown, IN Roy O. Vogul Knightstown, IN 7/23/1962
W Services Veteranarian RR #2 Hagerstown, IN Hubert & Hilda Wisecup Hagerstown, IN 5/10/1978
W. T. Baker Auto Auto Parts New Castle, IN Raymon H. Baker & Wm. T. Baker New Castle, IN 3/8/1920
Wagoner Disinfecting Co. Manufacturer of Disinfectants Knightstown, IN J. H. Wagoner Knightstown, IN 7/12/1913
Waldon Equiptment Co. Air Conditioning Refrig. 736 S 14th Maurice Waldon 911 Broad St. 5/2/1939
Walker's Feed Mill Feed Milling & Coal Oil Middletown, IN Eugene J. Walker Middletown, IN 1/10/1939
Warren & Sons Contractors Gen. Contracting 2020 Walnut Clarence Ware & 3 Sons 2020 Walnut St. 3/28/1938
Waters & Smith Optical NewCastle, IN H. H. Rogers & M. J. Smith New Castle, IN 1/29/1937
Wayside Floral & Wreath Co Wholesale Flowers 2017 Cherywood H. Bush & Dorthy Clayton 2017 Cherrywood 2/17/1955
Wayside Gift Shop Gifts & Notions 2017 Cherrywood. Dorothy Clifton 2017 Cheerywood 9/9/1954
Weiland's Flowers Florist Shop 407 S Main St. Dale L. & Linda L. Madison 512 W Colonial Dr. 1/13/1975
Well Worth Supply Co. Mail Order New Castle, IN C. R. Burgess & V. W. Bartholomew New Castle, IN 7/26/1913
Western Products Manufact. Corp. Manufacturing SR #38 W Richard P. Franklin 706 Fairoaks 9/7/1971
White Collection Agency Debt Collections New Castle, IN E. T. White New Castle, IN 8/25/1914
White Oil Co Oil Products Shirley, IN Herbert B. White Shirley, IN 5/7/1925
White Rock Poultry Farm Poultry RFD #4 N. C. G. C. Williams & D. E. Hays New Castle, IN 8/11/1939
Wilcox Bros. Mens Clothing & Accesories 1334 Broad St. Geo. W. Wilcox New Castle, IN 1/7/1919
Wilkinson Land Co. (23) Land Company N/A Gene R. Wilkinson & Etal N/A 5/18/1975
William E. Osborn & Co. N/A New Castle, IN Wm. Osborn & Walt Hartwell New Castle, IN 12/7/1923
Williams & Reece Painters Mooreland E. Williams & A. Reece Mooreland 6/6/1936
Wilson Commercial Labs Fly Spray & Etc. 1217 S 18th St. J. Woodrow Wilson 1217 S 18th St. 2/9/1946
Wilson Grain & Implement Farm Implements Sul. Springs C. T. Wilson & Wm. Shockley Sul. Springs 1/17/1942
Wilson Grain Co. Grain & Feed Products Sul. Springs, IN C., E.& D. Wilson Sul. Springs, IN 6/9/1938
Wise & Leisure Fodder Shredder R #4 New Castle H. Wise & C. B. Leisure New Castle, IN 12/1/1936
Wisehart & Ramsey N/A Middletown, IN Pha Wisehart & Dr. Wilbur Ramsey Middletown, IN 5/21/1918
Woodward's TV & Changer Repair Service New Castle, IN N/A New Castle, IN 8/31/1971
World Bestos / Firestone Auto Parts Manucacturing New Castle Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. Dayton, OH 6/8/1962
World Bestos Firestone (24) Tire & Rubber Co. New Castle 10 Stock Holders (2) Akron, OH 2/16/1950
Worl's & Carpenter Hardware Store General Hardware Shirley, IN Walter Worl & Carl C. Carpenter Shirley, IN 10/11/1934
Worl's Laundramat Laundry 2301 S 14th St Bruce A. & Sandra K. Harvey R#2 New Castle, IN 8/6/1974
Wright's Lunch Restaurant 1516 Broad St. Edna Wright Selmer 211 N 17th 6/19/1940
Zimmerman Oil Co. Wholesale Gas & Oil 402 S. Main St. R. L. Zimmerman & M. R. Anderson 1146 Audobon Rd. 12/14/1959
Zirkle & Manifold Contractors New Castle, IN Justin Zirkle & A. R. Manifold New Castle, IN 1/7/1913
Appended Notes to Henry County, IN Business Registry
Additional Stock Holders in Those Businesses
(1) Adult Groups Property: Dennis E. McKee, Richard P. Deeds, Frank W. Schlafer, James A Bozzasso, Darrel L. Rohrer and A. Z. Soferenko.
(2) Best Ever Dairy: Lloyd S. Hardacre, Lorta C. Hardacre, W. Wilbur Hardacre, Paul I. Hardacre and Roy A. Nelson.
(3) Citizen's Insurance: Martin S. Lane, Paul E. Green, Richard W. Schuerman, John E. Fisher & E. Wayne Swayzee.
(4) The Clinic 1952: Drs. C. C. Bitler, Wm. C. Heilman, James S. McElroy, Kenneth G. Hill, Robert R. Davis and George E. Iterman.
(5) The Clinic 1960: Dr. James S McElroy, Dr. William C. Heilman Sr., Dr. William C. Heilman Jr., Dr. Kenneth G. Hill, Dr. Robert R. Davis, Dr. Mark E. Smith and Dr. George E Iterman.
(6) The Clinic 1964: Dr. James S. McElroy, Dr. William C. Heilman Sr., Dr. William C. Heilman Jr., Dr. Kenneth G. Hill, Dr. Mark E. Smith, Dr. George E. Iterman, Dr. Cloyd L. Dye & Dr. Guido P. Wihelm.
(7) The Clinic 1972: Dr. William C. Heilman Jr.
(8) Eaton Canning Co.: Ralph M. Butterfield, Mildred O. Butterfield, Orville C. Butterfield, Mary L. Butterfield, R. Clifford Barger and Hazel A. Barger.
(9) Favorite Washer Manufacturing Co.: John S. Edwards, Vernon B. Edwards, Benjamin H. Edwards, Grace Tulley, Stella Lewis, Mary E.Lawering, Walter A. Edwards, Doris Edwards and Bessie Edwards.
(10) Goodwin Bros. Auto: Wm. Goodwin, William Atchison,, Gary Smith & John Kennedy.
(11) Goodwin Clothing: Maurice G. Goodwin, Clark Reece, Valentine Mendenhall, Arthur B. Crickenberger, Lillian Goodwin, Francis Goodwin & Helen Goodwin.
(12) Henry Co. Angus Beef Breeders: Cecil Mann, Heaton Mann, Walter Boyd, J. A. Tully, Orville O Carpenter, Carl Current, Charles Davis, John Hogee, Charles S. Brown, Harry Modlin, Frank Modlin, Harman Copeland, Ora E. Hoover, John W. Ball, William Wilson, George Wilson, W. R. Leath, N. B. Shafer, Ira E. Bell, Frank Clevenger, E. M. Wilson, F. A. Bolser, Mont Lovett, Joe Clawson & J. E. Wantz.
(13) Henry Co. Rural Women's Market.: Neva Bowers, Lillian Ice, Mary Whistler, Katherine Werking, Ina Hoover, Blanche Bovender, Elsie Pierce, Pearl Paul, Ruth Davis, Marcia Sanders, Eva Griffen, Mary Cronk, Elsie Conwell, Winifred Huff, Nola Harrison, Lula Hodson, Bertha Brown, Dorothy Huff & Celia Murrow.
(14) Medical Laboratories: Doctors Robert L. Costin, Isabelle A Buehl, Gary L. Bolinger, T. Max Warner, F. Donald McGovern, Richard O. McClure & Robert P. Hooker.
(15) Midland Building Industry: Samuel D. Nelson, Walter R. Foltz, George N. Ross and T. R. Black.
(16) New Idea Speeder Co.: J. A. Oppenheimer, Theodore Oppenheimer, Justin Opperheimer, Willemine Kynch & Cecilia Sechorst.
(17) New Lisbon Butter & Cheese Co.: Amos Ellebarger, Isriali Brenneman, B. S. Herr, Wm. House, Anna Maroney, A. P. Hatfield, L.A. Nissler, Raffeus Barger Bros., John Dare, C. P. Nissler, Eliza Hatfield, Nathan McNicholson, J. F. Paddock, 1st National Bank, J. D. Nelson and Morris Reynolds.
(18) New Lisbon Gas Co.: Claude Wright, Lawrence Shildekneicht, Dan Hoover, Charles Lewellen, Chas Clampitt, Chas Raffensbarger, Emerson Pattock, James Maroney & Hindy Keller.
(19) New Lisbon Gas Co.: Daniel Hoover, C. O. Wright, Boss Wooten, Robert Peacock, Lizzie Raffenbarger, Herbert Gray, Ed Stringer and Carroll Hedrick.
(20) R. A. Smith Lumber Co.: L. W. Halbrrok, Walter R. Foltz, Thomas R. Black, George N. Ross, Samuel D. Nelson and Horace T. Mathews.
(21) Rose City Oil Co.: Herman Jay, Harold E. Jay, Joe Fort, Allen C. Johnson, Jessie C. Bailey, John Whitcomb, Walter F. Bailey, Jess Stockton, Ivan Duncan, Harold Wise, S. Ray Archibald, Harold A. Shields, W. D. Duvall, William J. Duvall, Dewey D. Duvall, Adam Weintraut, Ernest Scoggins, Herman McGuire and Fred E. Carpenter.
(22) Terra Firma.: Larry D. Contos, Lowell Hardacre, William Hardacre, Dr. Glen Falls, Lester C. Hardacre, Rollie A. Bennett, John R. Holdren & William Hardacre.
(23) Wilkinson Land Co.: Gene R. Wilkinson, Thomas E. Wilkinson, Zella E. Wilkinson, Jane W. Gwinn, Virginia E. Wilkinson, Margarie A. Wilkinson & Donald G. Gwinn.
(24) World Bestos: Harvey S. Firestone, Lee R. Jackson, John J. Shea, James E Trainer, Harvey, H. Hollinger, Russell A. Firestone, Raymond C. Firestone, John W. Thomas, L. K. Firestone and R. S. Firestone.
2007 UEB


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