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Some Henry County Citizens Want To Ban Sunday Rail Service

The following article appeared in the June 10th edition of
The Henry County Republican
New Castle, IN - June 10th, 1871
This letter was written and signed by local citizens and business men in response to the proposed ban.

To the Superintendent of the Chicago & Great Eastern Railway:

Dear Sir,

      The undersigned citizens and business men of this place were informed this day, for the first time, that many of your employees have been indicted by the Grand Jury of this county, at the Spring term of the Henry Circuit Court, for a desecration of the Sabbath, by running trains on that day.
     We feel deeply mortified over the affair, and cannot account for it unless it is a petty spite on the part of one who may have been a member of that honorable body, for we have never heard the matter complained of at all, on the part of any of our citizens for the few cars you were compelled to ship on that day.
     We will add further that said Grand Jury was made up of citizens mostly residing in the country, and as we have never heard of anyone complaining. We cannot conceive what could have given rise to it, for we do not believe our people are more religious than other communities.
     We therefore send you this note to inform you and, through you, the officers and managers of the road, that we protest against any such procedure, and that all such indictments should be non-prossed at once. And we deem the shifting of cars on that day a matter of necessity, and should not be prosecuted.

Truly Yours,

George Keiser, Foundry;
Jennings & Company, Hardware;
Nixon & Son, Druggists;
Seth S. Bennett, Auditor of Henry County;
James Cummins, Restaurant;
J. Luellen, Henry County Commissioner;
Elwood Pleas, Publisher;
William Nicholson, Henry County Commissioner;
George Hazzard, Treasurer of Henry County;
Levi Bond, Recorder of Henry County;
William E. Livezey, Furniture;
John Needham, M.D.;
George Burton, Saddler;
Kahn & Company, Merchants;
Strickland & Bush, City Flour Mills;
J. M. Gough & Company, Manufacturers of Wagons and Plows;
J. C. Eckard, Wagon Maker;
L. A. Jennings, Lumber Merchant;
Joshua Holland, Merchant;
Mowrer, Murphey & Company, Merchants;
Mullin & Hernly, Grocers;
James Mullin, New Castle Junction Hotel;
Hiram Thornburg, Grocer;
I. Mendenhall, Druggist;
Burr & Hoover, Grocers;
Pence & Moore, Druggists;
G. W. Goodwin & Company, Merchants;
Lee Harvey, Merchant;
B. F. Moore & Company, Grocers;
J. L. Peed, Farmer;
N. E. Black, Merchant;
Mowrer & Harrison, Grocers;
Burley & Rogers, Carriage Makers;
William Peed, Livery;
Smith & Pence, Dealers in Agricultural Implements;
M. L. Powell, Stoves and Tinware;
M. E. Pleas, Publisher;
Johnson & Fisher, Manufacturers of Wagons & Cradles;
Samuel Arnold, Grocer;
S. R. McMeans;
Edmund Johnson;
I. W. Ellis, Dentist;
R. C. Kinsey;
Miles Murphey;
S. T. Powell;
Henry Shroyer, Merchant;
M. L. Bundy;
Clement Murphey;
Eugene Bundy, Attorney;
John Rea, M. D.;
John C. Livezey, Hardware;

U.E.Bush 2003

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