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Rogersville Cemetery - Stoney Creek Township

Est. 1834

   This old cemetery was started by the ME Church in 1834 when Jabish Luellen deeded the land to the church to be used for the erection of a church, or house of worship, and a burial ground for its members. Rogersville, laid out by James O. Rogers and John Colburn, was a growing little village in the mid 1800s with a population of about seventy. It was the mid point between New Castle and Muncie on the old Messick pike. It had a hotel, black smith shop, doctor, dry goods store, harness shop and a shoe store. It was also a stop on the "Underground Railroad" It had visions of becoming a large metropolis at one time…. until the railroads and turnpikes were located way south and northeast of the of the village and killed any hope of future growth. Just think where it could have been today with Summit Lake being where it is. There is a lot of history in this part of Henry County.
   Rogersville Cemetery is under a Conservation Management Agreement between the Central Indiana Land Trust Inc. (CILTI) and Stoney Creek Township. Under this agreement, CILTI manages the native prairie habitat on the properties for preservation purposes. These small sites are some of the few remnants of native prairie vegetation that existed prior to European settlement in portions of east-central Indiana. Prairie species present include big blue stem, little blue stem, New Jersey tea, black-eyed Susan, beebalm, Indian grass, pale-spiked lobelia, showy tick trefoil, rose pink, flowering spurge, and lance-leaved coreopsis.

Bailey, William 7 Apr 1865 1y S of D & R
Benbow, Mary 16 Sep 1841 1y, 11m 18d D of Edward & Susan
Bechtelheimer, Isadora E. 17 Oct 1861 1m, 28d D of SH & MJ
Bechtelheimer, William S. 13 Jan 1859 11d S of SH & MJ
Carter, Grace Clark 27 Jul 1882 28 Oct 1881 D of Nathn & Lutie
Clanor, James 1877 No date  
Daniels, Candas Rogers 4 Apr 1897 59y, 5m, 11d W of Wilson
Daniels, David D. 27 Feb 1884 21 Nov 1826 Co H, 140th Ind. Inf.
Daniels, Franklin E. 11 Feb 1881 2m, 11d S of D & PM
Daniels, Priscilla House 8 Nov 1880 46y, 11m, 17d W of David
Davis, Merit Hendricks 15 Nov 1868 1y, 10m, 15d S of Alpheus & Clarissa
Davis, Orlando 15 Sep 1853 4y, 13d S of SN & H
Haynes, Davis P. 1936 1850 H of Nancy
Haynes, Eliz. Thompson 2 Aug 1888 2 Feb 1814 W of William
Haynes, Infant 1891   Child of D & N
Haynes, Nancy Mahoney 1906 1854 W of Davis
Haynes, William 24 Aug 1903 25 Jan 1818  
Houck, Elizabeth Luellen 10 Sep 1880 60y,7m, 23d W of Michael
Houck, Michael 5 Aug 1901 88y  
Jones, Elanor 14 Oct 1867 67y, 11m, 2d W of John
Jones, Isaac P. 6 Sep 1863 21m S of T & ?
Jones, John 20 Oct 1838 44y, 7m, 23d  
Jones, Infant No date No date Child of J & E
Jones, William P. 13 Sep 1836 1y, 3m S of J & E
Kerr, Daniel Webster 16 Jan 1866 12 May 1842 S of Wm. & Narcissa
Kerr, Henry Clay 22 Jan 1843 4y, 3m, 4d S of Wm. & Narcissa
Kerr, Narcissa Stanford 26 Oct 1894 13 Dec 1817 W of Dr. William
Kerr, Sallie A. 4 Aug 1901 1 Oct 1848 D of Wm. & Narcissa
Kerr, Dr. William Moses 3 Jan 1878 67y, 10m, 23d  
Lake, Ava Brenda 19 Sep 1863 3y, 1m, 14d D of J W & Eunice
Lake, Mary Luellen 23 May 1857 31y W of John
Lake, Myra Edna 30 Jan 1885 1y, 11m, 29d D of Cassius & Laura
Luellen, Abigail Jones 11 Dec 1884 87y, 4m, 2d W of David
Luellen, A. Elizabeth Davis 19 Feb 1856 27y, 2m, 8d 1 st W of James
Luellen, Cassius M. Clay 21 Apr 1855 14y, 21d S of J & M
Luellen, David 1 May 1855 59y, 12d  
Luellen, Frances 10 Jul 1854 1m, 4d D of JS & AE
Luellen, Henry C. 22 Jul 1839 1y, 5m, 3d S of J & M
Luellen, Ida May 18 Feb 1874 2y, 6m, 13d D of Loring & Mary
Luellen, Infan No date   Child of J & SJ
Luellen, Infant 31 Oct 1888   Child of Alstophus & M
Luellen, Jabish 19 Jan 1876 60y, 1m 16d  
Luellen, Jesse 1906 17 Aug 1827  
Luellen, Lethel 22 Jun 1850 1y, 23d D of JS & AE
Luellen, Lillian L. 23 Dec 1871 7m, 16d D of Loring & Mary
Luellen, Lucy Ethel 9 Jan 1888 3y, 3m, 10d D of JM & RM
Luellen, Mary Macy 18 Nov 1880 14 Oct 1819 W of Jabish
Luellen, Rebecca J. 3 Aug 1836 1y, 11m, 20d D of David & Abigail
Luellen, Rebecca J. 2 Sep 1880 No date D of J & SJ
Luellen, David M. No date 1847 S of Jabish & Mary
Luellen, Sarah J. Smith 10 Sep 1894 1838 2nd W of Jesse
Luellen, Serepta Mcfadden 1886 1847 W of David
Luellen, Susan Lake 1858 No date 1st W of Jesse
Luellen, A. 3 Apr 1853 11y, 19d D of Jabish & Mary
Luellen, Unknown No date   Near Jesse Luellen
Luellen, Unknown No date   Near Jesse Luellen
Lykins, Cynthia E. Mcdaniel 22 Oct 1916 72y, 8m, 12d W of James
Lykins, Infant 18 May 1889   Child of Herod
Lykins, James 17 Jun 1892 66y, 4m, 18d  
Lykins, John 5 Oct 1890 91y  
Lykins, Martha J. 17 Sep 1862 1m, 1d D of J & C
Lykins, Thomas 2 Apr 1889 10y  
Macy, Jonathan 11 Oct 1865 6 May 1791  
Pain, Belle 1 Feb 1869 3y, 2m, 5d D of JH & Lydia
Richardson, Millie Rogers 9 Dec 1888 22 Oct 1856 1 st W of Christian
Rogers, David L. 16 Mar 1873 25y, 5m, 16d  
Rogers, Eliza Luellen 2 Sep 1894 17 Aug 1821 W of Thorton
Rogers, Margaret J. 20 Sep 1874 4y, 9d D of DL & MH
Rogers, Mary H. Richardson 25 Dec 1881 16 Apr 1851 W of David
Rogers, Thorton F. 3 Dec 1883 15 Oct 1810  
Rogers, Ulysses Grant 23 Apr 1891 2 Nov 1868 S of David & Mary
Sheets, Mary E. 24 Feb 1902 25 May 1901 D of Charles & Emma
Stein, Christopher 26 Feb 1856 23y 25d  
Swearingen, Elizabeth 21 Jan 1845 9 Oct 1803 W of Van
Swearingen, Ida M. 16 Feb 1864 2y, 2m, 3d D of David & Mary
Swearingen, Infant 17 May 1845   S of Van & Rebecca
Swearingen, Mary Dickover 9 Dec 1862 20y, 5m, 2d W of Demetres
Swearingen, Savanna 7 Feb 1883 13y, 6m, 13d Adopted D of D & M
Swearingen, Van Boos 9 Oct 1870 21 May 1802  
Swearingen, Wateman P. 19 Jul 1848 4y, 6m, 3d S of VB & E
Thornburg, Elizabeth Lake 15 Nov 1884 30y, 11m, 17d W of Eldon
Wolford, Mary Haynes 24 Mar 1893 22y W of David m.
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