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Rose Public Burial Grounds - Greensboro Township

    This little cemetery, or what's left of it, was deeded to the public for use as a public burial grounds on 5 Jul 1855.It seems that the village of Greensboro was populated mostly by Quakers and they had a restriction pertaining to grave markers and family plots. In order to be buried together in a family plot and to have grave markers the non-Quakers needed a cemetery. So Jesse Rose, a non-Quaker started this cemetery. His family plot, five sites, is located in the southwest corner of this one-acre cemetery. Over the years the south and east edges have been plowed up into the cemetery and the stones have disappeared. To day all that remains is about one fifth of the original cemetery.

NameBornDiedOther Info
Ballinger, Caroline23y, 8m, 19d30 May 1859Wife of W. L.
Crump, Josephene1y, 4m, 2d6 Oct 1859Daughter of E. B. & M. J.
Hinshaw, Henry20y, 2m, 8d22 Aug 1855 
Hosier, Enoch46y, 6m, 5d1 Nov1854 
Hosier, Isaac33y, 11m, 18d2 Nov 1860Son of H. & E.
Hosier, Lewis8y, 5m, 12d4 Jul 1859Son of E. D.
Norton, Mary52y, 2m, 1d28 Nov 1869Wife of E.
Parkins, Charlotte27y, 10m, 18d21 Jan 1858Wife of J. B.
Plaster, John26y, 11m, 6d26 Aug 1855From Penn.
Price, Mary2y, 4m, 11d1 Feb 1864Daughter of J. & N. H.
Price, Omer7y, 14d21 Jan 1862Son of J. & N. H.
Taylor, Amanda31y, 10m, 21d16 Dec 1864Wife of F. A.
*Rose, Jessec. 1785c. 1873died in his 80s
*Rose, Hesterc. 1794c. 1865died in her 70s
*Unmarked, Jesse Rose had five burial sites in the Southwest corner of his cemetery.
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