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1st Methodist Church in New Castle

      The Methodist Episcopal Church that was established in New Castle about 1827 used this cemetery. The early church trustees were Hugh Carroll, William Conner, John Coleburn, John Powell and William Sparks. For several years those living in the area known as the "Hobson Neighborhood" used this more or less as a neighborhood cemetery. It was located on land that was owned by the Hobson family. It and the old New Castle cemetery that is located on North 14th Street were the first cemeteries in the town proper. They remained in use up until the establishment of the South-mound cemetery, which was established on 11 Sep 1858. The cemetery didn't see much use after that time.
     Sometime in the early 1900s, the stones that were remaining standing were removed to the backyard of a home on Spring Street and remained there until several were discovered during a cleanup of the property on Spring Street in 2002. I have in my possession two stones from the old cemetery, Revil Coleburn's and his daughter's Jane Webster. Several others were located but taken away by someone before they could be recovered. The lot was then used for the erecting of a Methodist church over the old cemetery.
     There are two veterans of the Revolution buried here, Hugh Healey and Revil Coleburn. Most of the people buried here were in some way related to Revil and Margaret Coleburn. Many of those that died during the cholera epidemic of 1833 are also buried here.
     There are no known records of every burial in this old cemetery, some estimates have it as from 50 to 100 people were buried here, they say it was full of burials.
     The following is a partial list of burials taken from several records that mentioned the old cemetery.

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Coleburn, Revil 24 Feb 1844 16 Sep 1764 Veteran of Revolution
Coleburn, Margaret Polk 26 Nov 1837 24 Jan 1768 Wife of Revil
Healey, Hugh 31 Aug 1824 1758 Veteran of Revolution
Hobson, William Polk 2 Aug 1834 3 Mar 1809 Son of Geo & Sally
Hobson, Joseph 1833   Cholera
Hawn, Mrs. Samuel Aug 1833   Cholera Epidemic
Hobson, Aaron Aug 1833   Cholera Epidemic
Leonard, Marvin 9 Aug 1828 3y Son of Z & M
Julian, Rene 9 Aug 1828 33y Son of I & S
Webster, Jane 2 Aug 1833 33y Wife of Micajah
Webster, Micajah 1820s   Husband of Jane
Twiford, Edmond 5 Sep 1856 48y  
Twiford, George W. 12 Oct 1853 10 Mar 1828  
Twiford, Sarah Coleburn 10 Mar 1857   Wife of Edmond
Elliot, Mary Hobson 19 Aug 1828   Wife of Stephen
Gilmore, James 1826    
Bedsaul, Mrs. Jesse 1833   Wife of Jesse, Cholera
Healey, John Hamilton 4 Oct 1823 14 Feb 1823 Son of Jesse & Sarah
Healey, Sophia Hargreaves 15 Nov 1823 56y Wife of Hugh
Hobson, Evan B. 22 Aug 1838   Son of Geo. & Sally
Hobson, George W. 15 Nov 1839 12 Aug 1828 Son of Geo. & Sally
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