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New Castle, Indiana Sewer System Improvement 1902
A $75,000 Improvement

A Perfect Sewer System That Reaches Every Lot in New Castle

New Castle Courier 1902

      No city in the country has a finer sewer system than has New Castle. At various times in this past eight or ten years small sections of the town had been supplied until nearly all parts south of Broad and west of Main had access to some trunk sewer. Two years ago it was proposed to install a system that would give adequate and sanitary sewerage to every house or lot within the corporation of New Castle, The survey and estimates were made and it was found to be a stupendous undertaking. But the town trustees proceeded with the preliminaries, and a little over a year ago the contract was awarded to Talbott and Company of Logansport for $48,000.
     The specifications called for eight miles, the tile varying in size from three feet down to eight inches. One main trunk line runs to Blue River and from this there are twenty-seven tributaries. Thirty flush tanks are scattered in various parts of town to insure that every tributary is kept clean and clear of debris. One hundred manholes connect the sewer with the surface of the street. Since the original contract was made many extensions have been ordered, and these with the 1,500 service connections, make a total length of nearly sixteen miles. The aggregate cost will be $80,000, nearly double what was first estimated. Every lot in town has a connection already built from the sewer to the curb, so there will be no need of digging up of any street to get into it. New Castle has all told nearly twenty miles of sewer, making it in that respect the superior of any town of twice the size in the state. Much of the last contract was done by two ponderous digging machines, each capable of making a trench ten feet deep, thirty inches wide and 400 feet long, in a day doing the work of fifty or more men. In fact it worked faster than the tile could be laid and joints cemented.
     The numerous extensions and extraordinary wet season delayed the work until it could not be completed before winter. This left the streets in almost impassable condition, but two weeks ago the contractors commenced to take away the surplus dirt and re-gravel the streets. This work will be completed within thirty days and the sewer ready for formal acceptance by the town council. It has been a long and at times exasperating improvement, but now that it is finished the town of New Castle has a sewer system of which it has just reason to be proud. It has been expensive as are all good improvements, but it takes money to make a good town.

UEB 2002

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