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Shepherd's Burial Ground

Established 1820s

    This little burial ground is located on the former Indiana State Hospital grounds just east of highway 103, Muncie Pike as it is sometimes called, upon the south bank of the Little Blue River. The exact burial spot is not known for sure, but it is near the area where the stones are located. The only reference to Allen's burial was in an old newspaper article mentioning that he wanted to be buried on his land known as the "old Indian Fort." There were wild roses planted in each corner of his burial ground, so they assumed he was buried in that area. I have had some tell me that they didn't believe he was buried where his stone is… but who knows?
Allen Shepherd supposedly came to Henry County in the early 1800s with his in-laws, Nathan and Mrs. Powell, some give the date as 1818 and it has been recorded as the 1st white settlers to arrive in Henry County. Henry County was still Indian territory at that time and there was a Miami Indian village just northwest of where they settled and he had stated that often traded with the Indians and that they were peaceful and not hostile toward the whites at any time. Very little is known about Nathan Powell other than he was a soldier in a New Jersey Regiment during the Revolution. In the 1970s the local DAR erected a government military stone at his gravesite to mark his service.
Also in the 1970s the State Hospital closed the eastside part of the hospital and there was an attempt by the local veteran's affairs to make the area a National military cemetery, but it seems no one had enough political clout to pull it off. So today the little plot is simply ignored and completely over grown with rank vegetation and is very hard to find. A sad fate to the legacy of a man who donated the land that would one day be known as the city of New Castle, IN town square, truly one of New Castle's founding fathers.
Updated March 2009
The burial site is presently owned by the Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife and managed by Wilbur Wright Fish and Wildlife Area. At this time the site is not overgrown as property personnel keep the site and trail trimmed. Access is not restricted but visitors must walk from a parking area along SR 103. The property office can provide an exact location. If you should need any further information please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your consideration.
Cary Schuyler
Property Manager
Atterbury/WilburWright Fish & Wildlife Area's
P.O. Box 3000
Edinburgh, IN 46124-3000

Powell, Nathan 1826 1739 Revolutionary War Veteran
Powell, Mrs. Unknown Unknown W of Nathan
Shepherd, Allen 15 Feb 1832 1785 1st white settler Henry Co.
2006 UEB


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