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Showalter Cemetery - Fall Creek Township

    This old cemetery is located on the Dorothy Myers property just north of US #36 and east of county road #700 west. This cemetery was started by Abraham Showalter in the 1840s as a neighborhood burial grounds. A lot of the stones are down and there are several unmarked burials in this cemetery. The first settlers in this area were the Showalters and the Personetts. The land owners daughter keeps the grass mowed and looks after the grounds.

   EST. 1840s @ ABRAHAM SHOWALTER Fall Creek Twp., Henry Co. IN (U.S.36-700W; gps 39.9775-85.6412) Abrahamís father John enlisted June 1, 1776 in the 8th Battalion , Earl Twp., Lancaster Co. Militia, led by Col. Peter Grubb to defend Philadelphia @ Rev. War. 1781 John and wife Barbria Falley moved to Franklin Co. VA

Updated 6-21-2013 courtesy of Bob Hess
NameBornDiedOther Info
Barton, Anderson  m. Nancy Showalter 1822, Franklin Co., VA (no stone)
Barton, David 25 Apr 183514 Apr 1859 Mason's stone
Barton, Elizabeth 22 Apr 182821 Dec 1853 d. of Anderson (no stone)
Barton, Mellisa 21 Oct 1856 25y, 9m, 28d Wife of William Barton
Barton, Molissa 24 Dec 1831>21 Oct 1856 d. of William
Barton, Nancy Showalter23 Mar 18045 Oct 1884 d. of Abraham
Brower, Juda Showalter 19 Mar 1808  d. of Abraham; m. Christian (no stone)
Brown, Frances Jane 17 May 182813 Jul 1852 Wife of William D.
Farmer, Mary Polly8 May 1802  d. of Abraham Showalter (n.s.)
Farmer, John S. Oct 1794  m. Mary Polly Showalter 4 May 1819 (no stone)
Farmer, Delialah 20 Sep 183518 Mar 1851 d. of John S. (no stone)
Farmer, Wm. Henry 20 Jan 182721 Nov 1902 s. of John S. (no stone)
Farmer, Fernandez 27 Oct 184928 Sep 1850 s. of Wm. & Mary
Farmer, Viretta 10 May 187230 May 1872 d. of Wm. Henry
Goudy, William8 Aug 186219 Nov 1869 Son of E. S. & E.
Mills, Frances E.31 Mar 183427 Feb 1855 m. Samuel H. Mills
Personett, ? 9 Jun 185610 Feb 1861 
Personett, Alviretta J. 17 Dec 185625 Jan 1864 D. of C. M. & L. J.
Personett, Arminta A. Feb 186430 Aug 1865 d. of C.M. & E.
Personett, Margaret 24 Dec 185525 Jan 1864 D. of C. M. & L. J. os w/ Alvireta
Personett, Elizabeth 24 Jun 177526 Dec 1849Wife of James
Personett, Elizabeth 30 Dec 178119 Aug 1864 m. C.M.
Personett, James 5 Oct 17747 Nov 1855 Husband of Elizabeth 81y, 1m, 2d
Pickering, Elizabeth 22 Apr 182831 Dec 1853 Wife of Joseph
Showalter, Aaron 02 Sep 185030 Sep 1852 s. of J.S.S.
Showalter, Abraham1 Aug 17788 Feb 1869 s. of John & Barbria m. Frances McCormack 1-14-1801, moved to Cambridge City 1828 & Middletown 1834
Showalter, Barbria b.18 Feb 1813  d. of Abraham (no stone)
Showalter, Elizabeth Personett 9 Apr 18136 Nov 1882 m. J.S.S. 29 July 1830 (no stone)
Showalter, Frances J. 2 Mar 184111 Feb 1853 D. of William & Polly
Showalter, Frances J. (McCormack) 05 Apr 178515 Aug 1866 Wife of Abraham
Showalter, Henry O. 21 Feb 182627 Jul 1893 s. of Abraham (no stone)
Showalter, John Saunders6 Jan 18119 May 1862 s. of Abraham (no stone)
Showalter, Lydia Brown 27 Sep 18253 Apr 1854 m. Henry O. 12 Oct 1843
Showalter, Margaret 22 Dec 1842  d. of J.S.S. (no stone)
Showalter, Mary 26 SEP 185011 Dec 1852D. of Henry & Lydia
Showalter, Rosetta 26 Apr 185825 Oct 1859 gd. of J.S.S.
Showalter, Sallie  d. of John & Barbria (no stone)
Showalter, Samuel 6 Feb184716 Feb 1847 s. of J.S.S.
Showalter, William 17 Jul 18487 May 1850 Son of Henry & Lydia
3 footstones, G. W. D., J. S. S. and D. F. Barton stones were carved by: M. Jackson, Anderson.
Showalter Cemetery Additional Burials

Elizabeth Barton, b April 22, 1828, d December 21, 1853, never married. She is the daughter of Nancy Showalter, b March 23, 1804, and Anderson Barton. Nancy Showalter was the daughter of Abraham and Francis McCormack.
Anderson Barton, husband of Nancy Showalter-They were married in 1822 in Franklin Co., VA.
William Henry Farmer, b 1827 d, 1902, son of Mary Polly Showalter and John Showalter Farmer, mr. May 4, 1819
John Farmer, possibly John Showalter Farmer, b Oct, 1794, husband of Mary Polly Showalter.
Farmer, Polly Showalter, Mary Polly Showalter, wife of John Showalter Farmer. Mary Polly Showalter was the daughter of Abraham Showalter and Barbara Falley (Fallon).
Henry O Showalter b 21 February, 1824, d 1893, son of Abraham Showalter and Barbara Falley (Fallon).
John Saunders Showalter, b 811, d 1862, son of Abraham Showalter and Barbara Falley (Fallon). NOTE: cemetery stone marked J S S.
Margaret Showalter, b December 22, 1842, daughter of John Saunders Showalter.
Nancy Showalter, b 28 March 1804, d 5 October 1884. wife of Anderson Barton, daughter of Abraham Showalter.
Samuel Showalter, b 6 February, 1874, d 16 February, 1847, 10 days. Son of John S. Showalter.
SOURCE: Information thought to have been gathered at the time of the Showalter reunion on the "Old Showalter Homestead" in 1905, in the possession of Marjorie Smith.

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