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A Penciling of the Businesses of Spiceland, Indiana

-The Spiceland Reporter-
May 2, 1871

      Spiceland can boast of having a representation of almost every kind of business commonly known to towns of from seven hundred to a thousand inhabitants. And as our businessmen are very timid about advertising, although at some time or other during the existence of this paper, now closing it's fifth year, they have been noticed in it, we thought perhaps it would be of interest to give a short penciling of businesses of the place. And now "prepare to commence on:"
     We have two drug stores, one of which is the property of Oliver H. Nixon, on the center of Main and Pearl streets. Oliver has a fair trade. He is also Post Master and Notary Public. Philander Kirk is the man who compounds prescriptions at the other one, and is the first man in the firm of three.
     Asa C. Davis and A. R. Bond distribute the provisions to our people. Davis occupies a room in the Hoover block on the south side of Main street, while Bond operates in the old Porch & Halloway building at the corner of Main and Pearl streets.
     M. A. Wilson and W. S. Chamness do the dry goods business. Wilson is on the south side of Main street, in the Hoover block, and Chamness is in the Bogue and Stubbs room on the north side of Main street.
     Samuel E. Unthank, dealer in hardware, is on the south side of Main street. He has a good tinner employed and does a good business in roofing, spouting, etc.
     Two shoe shops operated by Henry A. Collins and William Dawson. The latter also keeps a stock of telescopes, opera-glasses, stereoscopic viewers, etc.
     Mrs. Jennie Talbert and Mrs. Hannah Collins do the milliner business.
     Mrs. Unthank, a fashionable dressmaker; Calvin W. Ratliff, photographer and jeweler; John Eastridge, harness maker; Samuel B. Lane, carriage painter, Jesse Wilson; wagon maker; Billy Wilcutts, butcher; Thomas K. Millikan, liveryman; Henry Sieg, fashionable tailor; Aaron L. Pleas, proprietor of the Pleas Hotel; James W. Sears and John Q. Bailey, blacksmiths; Robert F. Porch, manufacturer of the Humboldt washer, pumps and furniture; Matthew A. Wilson, manufacturer of the Western washer and lumber dealer; Binford and Talbert, proprietors of the saw and planning mills; Eastridge and Cloud, undertakers; Spencer Winslow, tonsorial artist; Luther M. Anderson, Joseph Butler, George Bundy, Joseph Macy, David Spencer, Wesley Manlove, Ike Camlin, Addison Unthank, Josiah T. Unthank, carpenters; William Parish, stone mason; James Pearce, plasterer; Gordon and Dickinson, housepainters; Cochran & Bailey, Hunt & Jones, M. C. Gordon, Physicians; The Spiceland Reporter published every Thursday by the Reporter Company; Terms: $1.25 per year, in advance; Gus Rosenfeld, Allen Dicks, F. E. Butler and James Antrim, compositors.

UEB 2002

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