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Stephen Elliot
1807 - 1896

From the New Castle Democrat 28 Dec 1894

His 88th Anniversary Today

      Mr. Stephen Elliot reached his 88th milestone today, and this morning his old friends and fellow travelers on life's journey gathered at the office of Dr. Samuel Ferris and proceeded in a body to the residence of Mr. William Clift, where congratulations were extended him. The young fellows spent a very pleasant hour exchanging reminiscences of by gone days, and remarks appropriate to the occasion were made by General William Grose and Rev. William C. Bowen.
      Those participating in the happy meeting together who have grown from boyhood to frosted manhood in Henry County, with the age of each appended.

     Andrew Nicholson, 89
     Henry Shroyer, 84
     George Lowe, 72
     Gen. William Grose, 82
     Jacob Mower, 82
     William Boise, 82
     Peter Rider, 81
     John R. Millikan, 81
     Rev. W. C. Brown, 78
     Andrew Lytle, 78
     Edward Ogborn, 78
     James Harvey, 77
     James McDowell, 77
     Judge M. L. Bundy, 76
     Dr. William F. Boor, 76
     Dr. John Rea, 76
     John C. Hudelson, 74
     Lewis Foutz, 73
     Dr. Samuel Ferris, 73
     Rev. Thomas Rogers, 72
     Simon T. Powell, 71
     James C. Peed, 70
     Daniel Harvey, 70
     Edward Rogers, 69
     N. T. Clawson, 65

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