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St. Jacobs Lutheran Cemetery

Wayne County, IN
     This little cemetery is located just inside Jefferson Township, Wayne County, IN near the Henry/Wayne County line on State Road #38 east. Most of the burials here were Henry county citizens.
     Jacob Kimmel donated an acre of land for the church and cemetery in 1838 and agreed to build the church at his own expense. It was completed in 1838. In honor of the donor the church was named Saint Jacobs.
     The Rev. Zumpe of the German Reformed church and Rev. Groover, of the Lutheran church, originally organized the church. The church was originally one of three that formed the East Germantown, Indiana Parish.
     The church closed sometime in the late 1800s and merged with the Lutheran church near Millville in Liberty Township, Henry County. This church later closed and the members joined the Lutheran church at New Castle.
     Today the cemetery is maintained by the Jefferson Township trustee and is mowed and cleaned regularly. There are many stones down and need repaired.
     This list was found in the Henry County Historical Society Museum. There were no name or dates to indicate who the author was.

Butt, Levi 28 Jun 1841 1y, 16d  
Fist, Michael 6 Aug 1886 83y, 1m, 3d  
Fist, Sarah 12 Mar 1877 70y, 8m, 9d W of Michael
Fist, Charlotte 26 Sep 1884 15y, 6m, 8d S of D & M
Fist, Infant 30 Apr 1873 7d S of D & M
Huminger, Sarah 13 Mar 1881 10y, 5m, 12d D of Wm. & Margaret
Huminger, John H. 17 Mar 1881 16y, 6m, 8d S of Wm. & Margaret
Kimmel, Jacob 10 Jun 1851 68y, 11m, 10d  
Kimmel, Anna Mariah 18 Sep 1835 52y, 5m, 12d W of Jacob
Kimmel, John 11 Jul 1845 23y, 4m, 27d S of J & A
Kimmel, Rebecca 22 Aug 1845 25y, 3m, 5d D of J & A
Kimmel, Joseph 15 Feb 1861 50y, 6m, 1d  
Kimmel, Catherine 23 Mar 1886 79y, 1m, 3d W of Joseph
Kutz, Joseph 29 Jan 1889 80y, 4m, 24d  
Kutz, Martha Shell 11 Oct 1875 77y, 9m, 10d W of Jos., Mother of 10
Kutz, Margaret 7 Jun 1851 2y D of Jos. & Margaret
Kutz, John 31 May 1868 8y, 7m, 8d S of Jos. & Margaret
Kutz, John H. 2 Aug 1848 9y, 5m, 25d S of Jos. & Margaret
Miller, Catherine 12 Dec 1859 91y, 8m, 18d M of Susan Wise
Miller, Mary Jane 19 Feb 1869 78y, 8m, 20d  
Pipher, Phillip 6 Dec 1883 91y, 9m, 8d  
Pipher, Catherine 4 Oct 1847 47y, 9m, 4d W of Phillip
Pipher, Henry M. 15 Mar 1873 No date S of Phillip & Sarah
Shell, David No date 1806  
Shell, Christina 12 Nov 1855 50y, 5d W of David
Shell, Lewis 30 Aug 1850 No date  
Sherry, Jacob 5 Nov 1870 64y, 11m, 11d  
Smith, Mary 26 Sep 1889 18y, 1m, 25d  
Stamm, Susannah Young 23 Dec 1848 67y, 10m, 11d W of Samuel
Weideman, Katharine 15 Sep 1851 38y, 1m, 3d W of August
Wise, Eliza 1844 ?? D of P & S
Wise, Salley 1844 ?? D of P & S
Wise, Peter 11 Aug 1870 ??  
Wise, Susan 13 May 1882 83y, 1m, 13d W of Peter
Yaukey, Frederick 5 Nov 1885 79y, 8m, 29d  
Yaukey, Magdaline 18 Apr 1900 86y, 5m, 15d W of Frederick
Yaukey, Jacob 1861 ?? S of Fred & Maggie
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