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Report of Visiting Committee
June 5, 1889

The visiting committee to the Pauper Children's Home at Spiceland, have submitted the following report to the commissioners:

To the Honorable Board of Commissioners of Henry County, Indiana

    We, the visiting committee to the Pauper Children's Home, submit the following report: The home for the past year has been under the care of Miss Mattie Hadley, who has performed her arduous duties very satisfactorily. It is a great pleasure to us to note the prompt obedience, the continued cheerfulness and devotion to the matron on the part of the children. Their intelligence is superior to what it was some years ago. The transfer of some of them to the Home for Feeble Minded Children partially accounts for it. The number of children in the home one year ago was thirty-three, twenty-two boys and eleven girls. The number in the home at present is thirty-four, twenty-two boys and twelve girls. The number of colored children is five, three boys and two girls. The whole number of children who have been in the home during the past year is forty-two, twenty-six boys and sixteen girls. Children entered the past year, nine, four boys and five girls. Children placed in other homes, eight, four boys and four girls, one a little baby girl removed to the better home.

    Six rooms, a large basement, one hall and five closets have been added to the building this past year, which add much to the comfort of the family, for which the matron and the committee are heartily thankful. Two of the closets, as well as some other improvements, were put in at the matrons expense.

    One hundred and thirty gallons of fruit were canned, forty gallons of which were cherries. One hundred and fifty pounds of apples were dried, eighty bushels of apples were stored. One hundred and twenty-five bushels of apples were grown on the grounds. They have also cultivated most of the vegetables used in their large family. This work is done by the matron and the boys. Each child over six years of age has regular duties to perform before and after school hours. All children o school age have been kept in school as much as health would permit, considering the measles and mumps have been in the home for six months. The health has been good with these exceptions and the sickness of the baby.

    Again do we thank the tax-payers of the county for this beneficent home for the helpless little ones. "If ye have done it unto one of the least of these, ye have done it unto me", said our Great Exemplar.

Mrs. Sarah A. R. Boor
Miss Susan Fussell
Mrs. Martha A. White, Secretary
Spiceland, Ind., June 5, 1889

Copied from the Henry County, IN commissioner's records.
UEB 2000

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