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The War of 1812 Veterans

      This is a list of known veterans of the War of 1812 that were known to have been living in Henry County at one time. The majority of these veterans were early immigrants to Henry County using their land grants to buy land and settle here. Others immigrated to the county at later dates. This list was compiled from many sources, such as pension records, land grant records, family histories and cemetery records. I know this is far from being all of the War of 1812 Veterans connected to Henry County. Since there is no known record of all veterans of the war of 1812, I have tried to locate as many as possible. If anyone knows of others that were veterans of the War of 1812 that lived in Henry County or for any corrections to this list please notify me at ueb@hcgs.net and I will gladly add their names to my Database. I would like to have a complete list, which I know is impossible.

Allen, Thomas Harrison MD Militia  
Baker, Isaac Liberty VA Militia 13 Dec 1870
Bales, Aaron Jr. Blue River  29 Apr 1847
Ballard, Aaron Jefferson VA Militia 1 Aug 1877
Beavers, Samuel Jefferson VA Militia 1856
Blount, Andrew Stoney Creek VA Militia 11 Dec 1865
Bowers, David Henry MD Militia 1 May 1849
Bowers, Mary Henry Widow  
Bowers, Soloman Fall Creek VA Militia  
Brannon, Michael Prairie    
Burr, Bissell Stoney Creek NC Militia 12 Apr 1845
Buroughs, Charles Blue River 30 Mar 1876
Butler, Levi Spiceland Georgia 1850
Cain, Mary Spiceland Widow  
Camplin, Henry Greensboro NC Militia  
Carey, Watsel M. Wayne   4 Jun 1863
Carpenter, Samuel   NJ Militia  
Chrestner, Jacob      
Clunk, Elizabeth Henry Widow  
Colliflower, Michael Henry   4 Jun 1872
Collingsworth, John Liberty VA Militia  
Conway, Miles Sr. Blue River   22 Sep 1883
Cooper, Isaac Fall Creek VA Militia 1870
Corey, Abraham Blue River KY Militia 1877
Corey, Joseph Blue River KY Militia 23 Mar 1873
Cowgill, Joseph Prairie VA MIlitia  
Crockett, James Henry  23 Oct 1873
Cummins, Charles Fall Creek VA Militia 13 Nar1852
Cummins, John Jefferson VA Militia  
Davis, Peter Stoney Creek VA Militia 9 Apr 1887
Dennis, Benjamin Dudley   8 Aug 1844
Dodd, James Prairie VA Militia 24 Jul 1861
Dougherty, Edward Stoney Creek PA Militia 12 Mar 1856
Dougherty, Isaac Stoney Creek PA Militia 6 Feb 1859
Dougherty, John   PA Militia  
Dougherty, Rebbecca   Widow  
Doughty, Maj. William Wayne VA Militia 20 Nov 1878
Downs, Robert Prairie PA Militia 26 Jun 1872
Elliott, Jacob Sr. Greensboro   1855
Engle, John      
Englerth, John Greensboro PA Militia 8 Jul 1871
Fadely, John Fall Creek VA Militia 29 Feb1847
Fadely, Rebecca Fall Creek Widow 17 Oct 1847
Fitch, Henry Henry KY Militia  
Fleming, David Fall Creek VA Militia  
Fout, Christian Spiceland MD Militia  
Frazier, Eli Blue River   18 Sep 1831
Galyean, Thomas Jr. Stoney Creek  
Gossett, Joseph Fall Creek VA Militia 2 Dec1860
Graham, William Fall Creek   1865
Grose, William Liberty PA Militia 1875
Harvey, Absalom Prairie NC Militia  
Harvey, Benjamin Prairie NC Militia 20 Nov 1874
Hayes, John Jefferson NC Militia  
Hazelton, William Prairie   19 Jul 1873
Hedrick, George Blue River   28 Oct 1863
Hedrick, Mary E.   Widow  
Hedrick, William      
Hefner, David Stoney Creek MD Militia  
Hoglin, Enoch   NJ Militia  
Howk, George Prairie    
Huston, Samuel Fall Creek   1876
Ice, Jesse Prairie VA Militia 8 Nov 1863
Isenhour, Henry Fall Creek    
Jackson, Daniel Spiceland KY Militia  
Jackson, Israel Harrison KY Militia  
Jacoby, John Dudley    
Johnson, Alexander Henry PA Militia 28 Sep1868
Jones. Jacob Blue River NC Militia  
Judge, John Greensboro PA Militia  
Keesling, John Fall Creek VA Militia 1864
Kerr, David Blue River 8 Aug 1861
Koons, George Blue River   27 Mar 1849
Landis, David Liberty VA Militia  
Lawson, Jacob Franklin    
Leonard, Zepheniah Henry   21 Oct 1854
Longfellow, William Prairie DE Militia 28 Oct 1866
Main, Christopher Liberty   5 Apr 1882
Manifold, Joseph Blue River   9 Jan 1857
Manifold, William Blue River   26 Feb 1858
Marshall, Samuel Blue River    
Mason, Daniel Wayne KY Militia  
McConnell, Reuben Fall Creek    
McCormack, John Harrison VA Militia 29 apr1876
McDowell, William Henry VT Militia 12 Aug 1883
Messick, Daniel Blue River  
Messick, David Franklin MA Militia  
Messick, Eli S. Blue River    
Millikan, Alexander Liberty  18 Aug 1880
Mitchell, Charles Fall Creek VA Militia 1863
Moore, John Stoney Creek TN Militia 1864
Moore, William Blue River VA Militia 1865
Murray, William Stoney Creek 19 Oct 1856
Nicholson, John Liberty NC Militia  
Oder, Martin Stoney Creek VA Militia  
Perry, Hiram Liberty NC Militia 26 Mar 1884
Phillips, David Henry VA Militia  
Pierce, Jonathan Blue River   1862
Porter, David Prairie VA Militia  
Prigg, William Fall Creek MD Militia 1876
Ray, Thomas Blue River   1845
Reed, Rebecca   Widow  
Riadon, William Dudley KY Militia  
Richman, Henry Fall Creek VA Militia  
Rinard, George Blue River NC Militia July 7, 1870
Robertson, Moses Liberty VA Militia 11 Nov 1868
Ross, Jonathan Stoney Creek PA Militia  
Sanders, Anthony Fall Creek VA Militia 2 Oct 1851
Shackle, Levi Henry   27 Dec 1863
Shedron, Jacob Fall Creek PA Militia  
Shively, Phillip Prairie   1872
Smith, James L Spiceland   1862
Spencer, Peter Harrison    
Stewart, William Fall Creek    
Stonebraker, John Stoney Creek   18 Feb 1896
Straughn, Merriman Dudley    
Sutton, Humphrey      
Templeton, Samuel Franklin NC Militia  
Thalls, Nathaniel Stoney Creek   13 Mar 1873
Thornton, George Liberty VA Militia  
Trowbridge, Daniel Stoney Creek    
Van Buskirk, John Dudley    
Waters, James Henry VA Militia 31 Oct 1871
Wimmer, Peter Utah Pack Horse Brigade27 May 1864
Winders, Alexander Prairie MD Militia  
Windsor, Thomas Fall Creek NC Militia 10 Aug 1847
Wisehart, Thomas Fall Creek VA Militia 1844
Wood, Ashbury Liberty   28 Feb 1866
Woodward, Asahel Henry   19 Mar 1875
Wright, William   NC Militia  

2001 UEB

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