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Wayman Burial Grounds

Prairie Twp., Henry Co., IN

Stewart, Moses18351854Son of Andrew and Nancy Wayman Stewart
Wayman, Herman8-19-17506-19-31Revolutionary War Veteran
Wayman, James L.4-22-18401852, 15 mo.Son of Milton and Bridgett Wayman
Wayman, Mary Louisa4-3-185111-28-1852D of Milton and Bridgett Hoover Wayman
Wayman, Moses3-23-18351852, 17yrsS of Milton and Bridgett Wayman
Wayman, Moses Sr.5-11-17859-8-34, 49y, 22dHusband of Ruth Jones Wayman
Wayman, Moses Jr.8-2-18159-17-1834, 19yS of Moses and Ruth Wayman
Wayman, William B.18449yS of Milton and Bridgett Wayman
Foot Stones:  M.W & H. W. (Probably Hermans) , -----N Jr. rest of stone missing.

   I did not locate a stone for Herman Wayman, but the foot stone with H. W. on it was located in the middle part of the cemetery where there are several large field stones laying on the high part of the grounds, one is a large marble stone. I would guess that there are several more stones in this burial ground, it is so over grown and some stones are buried under tree roots. It has been abandoned for many years and is back in a woods. The farmer who lives there told me that some of the stones were used to mark the grave of a pony that died years ago, we couldn't find those.
Some dates were given to me by family descendants to fill in missing dates on some of the stones.

UEB 2000

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