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White Union Cemetery
Fall Creek Township

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    This cemetery is located on West US #36 at county road #525W across the road from the church building. I recorded this cemetery in September of 1998. I recorded the old part, up to the 1930s, up to the lane that runs through the cemetery. The west part is fairly new. The cemetery is in good shape with only a few stones down but all were readable. This cemetery was started about 1830 with different religious denominations using the church and burials grounds

NameDiedBornOther Info
Ayers, C. P.May 187947y, 2m, 2d 
Ayers, Eliza13 Mar 187333y. 7dWife of J. R. Ayers
Badgley, Sophia9 Mar 187042y, 1m 2dWife of Geo. W.
Beemer, Benjamin W.19131845 
Beemer, Francis J.19111840Wife of Benjamin
Bledsoe, Lavisa6 Aug 187081y, 4mWife of Abraham
Bouslog, Geo. Wilson19171915 
Bowers, Malissa19211868 
Bowers, Morton19461873 
Brammer, Jacob N.21 May 185910y, 9m, 25d 
Brammer, Mary19 Jun187718y, 10m, 8d 
Brewer, Sarah E.21 Dec187724y, 11m, 21dWife of Will
Brower, Mary Personett3 Jan 188158y, 3m, 12d 
Burner, Lottie19401879 
Burner, Sanford19381854 
Burner, Sarah28 Oct 189618 Jul 1859Wife of A. V. Benbow
Burner, Susan16 Feb 192526 Jan 1907  
Chapman, Alvira2 Nov 190817 Aug 1838Same stone as Wm.
Chapman, Ankey20 Mar 187088y, 10m, 30dWife of Thomas
Chapman, Caroline14 Mar 190020 Apr 1862  
Chapman, Creed10 Aug 189522 Dec 1822 
Chapman, Elza Wilber27 Jul 18635m, 6d 
Chapman, Florence E.19041903 
Chapman, Ida B.19161870 
Chapman, Lillian12 Sep 18841y, 10dD of Wm. & Alvira
Chapman, Lucinda15 Apr 18956 Oct 1833 
Chapman, Luther 23 Feb 19012 Mat 1874 
Chapman, Marinda17 Sep 18641y, 2m, 2d D of C and LC
Chapman, Newton 6 May 188720, 3m, 12dSon of C & LC
Chapman, Payton12 May 188879y, 2m, 11d 
Chapman, Phebe14 Sep 18709m, 14dD of Wm. & Alvira
Chapman, Ruth16 Aug 18754m, 15dD of Wm. & Alvira
Chapman, Thomas16 Apr 186575y, 10m, 23d 
Chapman, Willard19461866 
Chapman, William26 Jul 190410 Oct 1834Same stone as Alvira
Conner, Susan  W of M
Cox, Charles19391861 
Cox, Infant26 Mar 1888 24Mar 1886D of C & M
Cox, Magnolia19371865 
Cummins, Maggie E.5 Aug 18741m, 5dD of AJ & E
Derrow, Henry J.   
Derrow, Mary S.    
NameDiedBornOther Info
Fadely, David17 May189330 Oct 1828H of Lydia
Fadely, Genette1850 D of David & L
Fadely, Lydia25 Feb 189710 Aug 1831W of David
Fadely, Sewall N.11 Sep 189710 Apr 1897S of Doritha Fadely
Fleming --------29 Apr 18433y, 6m? of Nathan & Joanna
Fleming, Andrew J.19261843Pvt. Co. E 8th IN vols
Fleming, Archibald19171835 
Fleming, Archie J.1 Mar 189910 May 1898  
Fleming, Beniah9 Mar 186219y, 11m, 15dPvt Co E 8th IN vols.
Fleming, Catharine J.19281853W of Wm Riley
Fleming, Charity A28 Jul 194120 Jun 1863 
Fleming, Eddy31 Jan 188418y, 11, 18dS of A & H
Fleming, Effie O.18 Jan 19262 Feb 1864W of Oscar
Fleming, Eliza D.7 Dec 186527y, 9m, 19d 
Fleming, Ellen19251845 
Fleming, Elmo4 Jul 186325y, 10m, 24dS of N & J
Fleming, Francis L.19571867H of L B
Fleming, George R.19 May 19207 Jan 1840 
Fleming, Hannah19161837W of Archibald
Fleming, Henry11 Sep 18686m, 15dS of WR & CJ
Fleming, Infant18 Feb 191518 Feb 1915D of F & L
Fleming, Infant  ? of F & L
Fleming, Infant male  S of F & L
Fleming, Jessie20 Nov 189629 May 1894 
Fleming, Joanna7 Apr 188372y, 6m, 14d 
Fleming, Joseph20 Oct 184751y, 11m, 16d 
Fleming, Joseph23 May 186618y, 2m, 12dS of N & J
Fleming, Joseph E.13 May 19074 Nov 1854 
Fleming, Julia A.21 Feb 188656y, 7m, 3dW of E.D.
Fleming, Laverna8 May 192024 Jun 1839 
Fleming, Lillie B.19151869W of FL
Fleming, Ludesky4 Feb 188915y, 10m, 16dS of WR & N
Fleming, Mary D.24 Nov 187550y, 9m, 228d 
Fleming, Mary M28 Jul188416y, 8m, 8dD of Nathan & Joanna
Fleming, Nancy J.31 Mar 188745y, 11m, 9dW of WR
Fleming, Nathan13 Apr 188377y, 6m, 27d 
Fleming, Oscar A.16 May 193611 Mar 1861 
Fleming, Samuel25 Sep 1860 S of E. D. & JA
Fleming, Sarah3 Mar 18974 Nov 1807 
Fleming, Sarah9 Feb 187677y, 2m, 22dW of Joseph
Fleming, Sarah L.30 Mar 190813 Aug 1843 
Fleming, William24 Nov 186225y 
Fleming, William R.19271838Pvt Co E, 8th IN vols
Fleming, Wm Riley19181851H of WR
Funk, Amanda22 May 18622y, 3m, 19dD of N & E
Funk, Martha8 Aug 18625y, 4m, 21dD of N & E
Funk, Mary22 Jul 18622y, 8m, 12dD of N & E
Gipson, Wilson1 Nov 186441y 
Goines, Carrie18961869 
Good, Infant  S of Moses & Harriet
Goudy, Anna4 Aug 18756m, 10dD of M & J
Goudy, Cora16 Oct 18855m, 17dD of S & JH
Goudy, John29 Jul 190223 Dec 1850 
Goudy, Levi7 Nov 18843y, 7m, 18dS of S & JH
Goudy, Rebecca14 JUL 19144 Oct 1833 
Goudy, Sarah4 Aug 188533y, 19dW of JH
NameDiedBornOther Info
Harry, Albert8 Jun 188573y, 3m, 23d 
Harry, Julia D,1 May 187353y, 2m, 11dW of Albert
Harry, Sarepta25 Apr 18739y, 5m, 11dD of Albert & Julia D.
Harter, Belle19351863 
Harter, John L,19261859 
Harvey, Allen H.11 Jul 186210y, 7m, 4dS of LD & S
Harvey, Andrew16 Jul 18621yS of LD & S
Harvey, Ausgutus19081836H of Mary
Harvey, Eliza11 Jul 18623y, 10m, 28dD of LD & S
Harvey, Elizibeth6 Jul 187158y, 2m, 17dW of Henry
Harvey, Henry T,8 Mar 189281y, 9m, 18d 
Harvey, Infant20 Sep 1864 S of LD & S
Harvey, Isabelle M.9 Jul 18629m, 3d, 9dD of LD & S
Harvey, Jane8 Jul 185811dD of J & F
Harvey, Jane31 Aug 184751yW of John
Harvey, John22 Jun 186066y 
Harvey, Jonathan15 Feb 187023y, 3m, 14dS of HT & E
Harvey, Lorenzo D.7 Nov 187244y, 3m, 27dH of Sally
Harvey, Mary J.19151836W of Augustus
Harvey, Michael9 Sep 186212y, 4m, 27dS of LD & S
Harvey, Nancy C.2 Sep 1862 D of LD & S
Harvey, Serena9 Sep 18625y, 15m, 9dD of LD & S
Harvey, Walter C.5 Oct 188719y, 18dS of A & MJ
Heath, Huldah13 Apr 19082 Sep 1835 
Helsey, Almeda19281859W of Jerome
Helsey, Jerome19201847 
Hendricks, John D.187839y, 1m, 11d 
Hendricks, Laverne8 May 192024 Jun 1839 
Hendricks, Mariah1 Apr 187822y, 9m, 21dW of JP
Hendricks, Minnie7 Jun 18782m, 16dD of JP & M
Huffman, Emma F.19311852Eastern Star
Huffman, Jacob18 Feb 189311 Apr 1829 
Huffman, Jonathan19181850Masonic emblem
Huffman, Sarah J.15 Dec191915 Sep1838W of Jacob
Jones, Mary21 Apr 187658y 6m, 10dW of William
Judd, Frances E.20 Mar 18571yD of Wm. & S
Leash, Rebecca25 Jan 187628y, 3m, 10dW of William
Lilly, George A.1891 S of HH & C
Lilly, Laura E.18 May 18691y, 4mD of HH & C
Lowery, Emily11 Mar 190723 Mar 1845 
Lowery, Henry18 May 186929y, 6m, 16d 
Maddy, Eliza2 Apr 190627 Mar 1835 
Maddy, George W.14 Jan 18658 Apr 1836 
Maddy, Henry11 Apr 18495y, 7m, 11dS of W & C
Maddy, Infant4 Jul 1867 S of JA & MA
Maddy, Infant29 Mar 1864 ? of J & M
Maddy, John18 Jan 186817y, 11m, 9dS of JA & MA
Maddy, Laura E.7 May 18796y, 3m, 25dD of J & J Ellen
Maddy, Mary A.23 Apr 186824 Jan 1824W of James A.
Mann, Austin18 Jul 18395m, 15d 
Mann, Cynthia30 Sep 187174y, 8m, 24dW of Michael
Mann, Emma18592y, 17d 
Mann, Emma A19431859W of Rufus
Mann, Harriet E.6 Oct 18398m, 3d 
Mann, Jos. Walter11 Mar 186714y, 5m, 10mS of CD & MJ
Mann, Margaret S.22 Feb 18672y, 4m, 10dD of CD & MJ
Mann, Mary J.12 Mar 189463y, 5m, 3dW of CD
Mann, Michael21 Dec 188994y, 4m, 9d 
Mann, Robert F.14 Apr 188322y, 5m, 4dS of CD & J
Mann, Rufus A.19171852 
Mann, Sarah31 Jul 186972yW of Michael
Mann, Scott19331880 
McConnell, Nancy20 Dec 186960y, 7mW of Reuben
McKinsey, Ernest19661893 
McKinsey, Grace Prsonet19661894D of Orville Personett
McShurley, Crystal1901  
McShurley, Ruby M.1901  
Meliza, Adam25 Oct 184667y, 1m, 9d 
Meliza, Susanna17 Oct 186229y 
Menefel A.18941812 
Menefel, C.18931811 
Menefel, Caroline Scott19031846 
Menefel, Edith19811891 
Menefel, John A.19151842 
Menefel, Leo A.19371886 
Menefel, Marshall M.18951883 
Mills, John W.5 Jun 189027 Jan 185436y, 4m, 9d
Mills, Murl Ethel17 Apr 18821y, 2m, 20dD of JH & Harriet
Modlin, Cleo (Young)19291892 
Modlin, Loring E.19121882 
Modlin, Sarah C.19271859 
NameDiedBornOther Info
Neff, Absalom14 Oct 18923 Feb 1811 
Neff, Adam14 Oct 18923 Feb 1811 
Neff, Levi27 Jul18846 Aug 180676y, 11m, 12d
Neff, Levi19201873 
Neff, Magdelena31 Oct 1853 1st W of Levi
Neff, Margaret2 Jan 188264y, 11m, 24dW of Levi
Neff, Mary11 Feb 189427 Feb 1818 
Neff, Norma26 Aug 18791y, 2m, 7dD of John & Anna
Neff, Rebecca   
Neff, Sarah1 Feb 187386y, 4mWife of Adam
Neff, Sarah19231848 
Neff, William   
Nelson, Calber29 May 187425y, 7m 23dMasonic Marker
Nelson, Infant1 Jan 1861S of Caleb 
Nelson, John5 Nov 187765y 
Nelson, Margaret27 Dec 188268y, 9m, 5dW of John
Nelson, Orpheus4 Apr 186820y, 8m, 29dS of CB & R
Nelson, Rachael14 Feb 187729y, 5m, 4dSame stone as Calber
Nelson, Sarah Alice13 Jun 187715y, 5dD of CR & R
Peacock, Paul15 Nov 187030 Apr 1904 
Personeet, Orville19541870S of Daniel
Personett, Alex18627m, 11d 
Personett, Daniel19021825 
Personett, Hannah19001832W of Daniel
Personett, Joseph15 Nov 187070y, 9m, 7d 
Personett, Lavinia H,1y, 6m D of A & M
Personett, Lillian20 Sep 186911m, 1dD of A & V
Personett, Marian20 Sep 186911m, 1dD of A & V
Personett, Mary A.18627m, 11d 
Personett, Mary Ann20 May 186524yW of Alexander
Personett, Mary M.19441870W of Orville
Personett, Rebecca1 Jan 186754y, 10m, 7dW of Joseph
Personett, Sarah J.6 Jan 187850y, 5m, 12dD of J & R
Personett, Virginia Dunbar   
Personett, Ward19821901S of Orville
Personett, William14 Aug 18644y, 5m, 27dS of A & M
Personett, Velma Conner19711902W of Ward
Ray, Cythinia19--1837W of Thomas
Ray, Thomas19061818 
Rhoton, Anna J.23 Feb 189233y, 6m, 11dW of Franklin
Richardson, Nancy29 Oct 191311 Feb 1845 
Roof, Sarah30 May 185259y 
Scott, Bushrod W.21 Aug 187162y, 11m, 13d 
Scott, George W.1 Mar 188329y, 7m, 4d 
Shetlow, John31 Mar 185269y, 6m, 27dMilitary Marker
Shetlow, Eva19 Feb 187081y, 11m, 12dW of John
Shoemaker, Elizabeth14 Mar 189318 Sep 1831W of Noah
Shoemaker, Etta21 Oct 1877 D of N & E
Shoemaker, Noah13 Jun 18--4 Jan 1827 
Shortridge, Bertha19151877 
Shortridge, George W.18741823 
Shortridge, Lucy18801822 
Shortridge, Nancy L.31 Jul 187728y, 1m, 11dD of GW & L
Shortridge, O. L.19121878 
Shortridge, William E.18921852 
Smith, Charles19521868 
Smith, Harry31 Jul 1939 Sgt 139 Fld arty 38 Div.
Smith, Olive N.19401872 
Stanley, Mattie E.19291876 
Stanley, ---nis24 Oct 191817 Sep 1917 
Stanley, Park19191876 
Street, Marion,5 Nov 18561m, 11dS of MS & S
Street, Marion P.22 Nov 18501m, 7dS of MS & S
Strong, Olive19501878 
Swearingen, F. F.19171887 
Swearingen, Grace A.19341891W of FF
Swearingen, Mary C.18621865 
Swope, Infant son20 Jan 186420 Jan 1864S of Michael & Sara
Swope, Laura25 Jan 187315y, 4m, 17dD of Michael & Sara
Swope, Michael3 Jul 187243y, 2m, 8dMasonic emblem
Swope, Perry C.6 Aug 187721y, 8m, 20dS of Michael & Sara
Thaxton, Sara E.25 Sep 18752y, 2mD of JJ & SJ
Warner, Lydia13 May 18582y, 25dD of D & AL
Warner, Peter M.4 Sep 18522y, 11m, 9dS of D & AL
Williams, Charles9 Nov 184879y, 11m, 23d 
Williams, Mary1 Apr 185282y, 21dW of Charles
Williams, Sarah6 Sep 184122y, 8m, 24dW of JR
Warner, John10 Oct 184562y, 4m, 3d 
Young, Agnes L.21 Jan 190718 Jan 1907D of EJ & Ida
Young, Charles19141865 
Young, Earl J.19381877 
Young, Infant21 Oct 190518 Oct 1905S of EJ & Ida
Young, Mae19531872W of Wood
Young, Ollie G.19391867W of Charles
Young, Sophia19021839 
Young, W . H.19171840 
Young, Wood19421870 

U. E. Bush 2000

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