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Henry County, IN WW-1 Gold Star Honor Roll

(1914 - 1918)
This is a list of Henry County, IN men who died in the service of The United States during WW-1

Buchanan, Bertram - Private
   Son of George (deceased) and Hattie Buchanan; born September 15, 1890, Vevay, Switzerland County, Ind. Moved to Henry County in 1914. Farmer. Entered service September 15, 1917, Vevay, Ind. Sent to Camp Taylor, KY; transferred to Camp Sevier, SC; then to Long Island, NY. Overseas in May 1918; assigned to Company A, 113th Machinegun Battallion. Died pneumonia November 8, 1918, Hospital #41, France. Survived by widow, Bessie Buchanan, New Castle, IN
Buck, Carl E. - Private
   Son of James and Marjorie Elizabeth Buck (deceased); born April 17, 1892, Kennard, Henry County, IN. Mechanic. Entered service October 5, 1917, New Castle, IN. Sent to Camp Taylor, KY; assigned to 54th Company, 14th Training Battalion. 159th Depot Brigade. Transferred to Camp Shelby, Miss; then to Camp Merritt, NJ. Embarked for overseas on June 10, 1918; assigned to Company e, 26th Infantry. Died July 20, 1918, from wounds received in action. Buried at Pierrefonds, France. The first Henry County boy killed in action.
Caudle, James A. - Private
   Son of Lafayette and Susan Caudle; born March 18, 1898, Baywood, VA. Moved to New Castle, IN, in 1915. Enlisted in U. S. Regular Army October 16, 1916, and was sent to Jefferson Barracks, MO; assigned to Company C, 28th Infantry. Embarked for overseas June 13, 1917; attached to 1st Division. Killed in action July 22, 1918. Buried in American cemetery, Pioise, Aisne, Grave #103, Section F, Plot #2.
Crull, Clarence Milner - Private
   Son of Peter Daniel and Emma Milner Crull (Lineback); born August 20, 1886, Hamilton, Ohio. Moved to Indiana in 1896. Entered service March 29, 1918, Hamilton, OH. Sent to Camp Sherman, OH. Sent overseas in June 1918; assigned to Company M, 102nd Infantry, 26th Division. Killed in action October 25, 1918, Bois-de-Ormont. Buried in American Cemetery, Samogneux, France. Survived by widow, Edith Wesling Crull, Lewisville, IN
Englerth, Benjamin Logan - 1st Lieutenant
   Son of Dr. J. T. and Celisse Whitworth Englerth; born January 2, 1892, Honey Creek, Henry County, IN. Graduated from Eclectic Medical School of Cincinnati in 1915. Enlisted in medical Department of U. S. Army, in summer of 1917, (exact date unknown). Promoted to 1st lt. in Medical Corps. Sent overseas early in 1918. Stricken with Pneumonia, he died December 16, 1918, Base Hospital #101, St. Nazaire. Buried in U. S. Cemetery St. Nazaire, France.
Hart, Clyde Joseph - Private
   Son of Joseph and Mary Hart; born January 20, 1894, New Castle, IN. Farmer. Called into service August 24, 1918, New Castle, IN. Sent to Camp Custer, Mich.; assigned to 47th Company, 12th Training Battalion, 160th Depot Brigade. Transferred to Battery E, 30th Field Artillery. Died of Pneumonia March 14, 1919, Camp Custer, Mich. Buried in Hess cemetery, Henry County, IN.
Holland, Sidney - Private
   Son of James and Elizabeth Holland; born September 9, 1892, Britton Ferry, Wales. Came to the United States in 1897 and settled in Middletown, Henry County, IN. Automobile mechanic. Enlisted in British Service May 12, 1917, at St. Louise, MO. Served with British Forces until August 1918 when he received a transfer to the American Expeditionary Forces; assigned to 12th Railway Engineers. Died of pneumonia March 14, 1919, Base Hospital, #82, Toul, France. Buried in Toul Cemetery, France.
Hollis, Alva Cicero - Private
   Son of Alvah H. and Sarah Ann Hollis; born January 11, 1893, Madisonville, KY. Living in New Castle, IN when he enlisted in Company M, Indiana National Guard, June 4 1917, New Castle, IN. Sent to Camp Shelby, Miss.; assigned to Company F, 18th Infantry. Sent overseas; wounded in action July 21, 1918, Battle of Soissons, Invalided to U. S. November 1918. Treated in hospital, Ft. McPherson, GA. furloughed home and died November 9, 1919, Madisonville, KY. Burial Madisonville, KY
Lee, William Robert - Private
   Son of Marion T. and Harriet Lee; born in October 1887, Kennard, Henry County, IN. Farmer. Called into service March 29, 1918, New Castle, IN. Sent to Camp Taylor, KY, assigned to 3rd Company, 1st Training Regiment, 159th depot Brigade. Sent overseas in May 1918, assigned to Company K, 47th Infantry. Killed in action July 29th 1918, Chateau-Thierry France. Buried in American-French Cemetery, Chateau-Thierry, France.
McDaniel, Orlie K. - Private
   Son of Lee (deceased) and Clinta McDaniel (Faust); born March 2, 1898, Portland, IN. Moved to New Castle in 1891. Taxi driver. Enlisted in U. S. Regular Army March 1, 1917. Sent to Columbus, OH; assigned to Company L, 18th Infantry, 1st Division. After three months training in Texas and Arizona, he sailed for France June 1. 1917; assigned to Headquarters Company, 18th Infantry. Participated in battles of Soissons, St. Mihiel and Argonne. Gassed October 2 and died October 5, 1918.
Maddy, Gerald - Private
   Son of Frank ad Alice Maddy (both deceased); born August 10, 1895 at Richmond, IN. parents moved to a farm near Sulphur Springs, Henry County, IN. in 1896. Farmer. Called into service October 5 1917, New Castle, IN. Sent to Camp Taylor, KY; then to Camp Shelby, Miss.; assigned to Company M, 151st Infantry. Transferred to Camp Merritt, NJ. Sailed for France in June 1918; assigned to Company B, 102nd Infantry, 26th Division. Died from wounds August 2, 1918. Buried in Chateau-Thierry Cemetery, France.
Mundel, Charles - Private
   Son of Daniel and Mary Mundel; born June 10, 1883 near Middletown, Henry County, IN. Farmer. Enlisted in Company M, Indiana National Guard, Company M, 151st, New Castle, IN August 26, 1917. Sent to Camp Shelby, Miss. sent overseas in June 1918, assigned to Company B, 18th Infantry, 1st Division. Participated in numerous engagements. Killed in action October 10, 1918 in the Argonne Forest Drive. The American Legion Post in Middletown, IN is named for him
Mundy, Harvey - Private
   Son of Edward Monroe (deceased) and Nancy Mundy; born July 24, 1894, Yadkin County, NC. Moved to New Castle, IN November 1902. Entered service September 21, 1917, New Castle, IN. Sent to Camp Taylor, KY, assigned to 54th Company, 14th Training Battalion, 159th Depot Brigade. Transferred to Camp Shelby, Miss.; assigned to Company A, 151st Infantry. Sent overseas in June 1918; assigned to Company E, 26th Infantry. Killed in action battle of Soissons July19, 1918. Buried in Ploisy, Aisne, France.
Payne, James Lennon - Private
   Son of Jeremiah and Anna Payne; born September 5, 1901, Hinsdale, IL. Moved to Henry County in August 1902. Machinist. Enlisted in Company M, 2nd Infantry, Indiana National Guard, (Company M, 151st Infantry) August 5, 1917, New Castle, IN. Sent to Camp Shelby, Miss., sent overseas in June 1918; assigned to Company F, 18th Infantry, 1st Division. Killed in action October 5, 1918 in Argonne Forest. Buried in American Cemetery #1232, Romagne, France
Peacock, Samuel Bruce - Private
   Son of Mr. And Mrs. Robert Peacock; born January 31, 1898, Mocksville, NC. Moved to Henry County, IN. in his early life. Mechanic. Entered service may 23, 1918 and sent to Jefferson Barracks, MO. Went overseas in July 1918; assigned to Company F, Headquarters Company, Medical Department. Died of pneumonia January 28, 1919 just before sailing for U. S. Body returned to U. S. in November 1920 and buried in New Castle, IN. Survived by widow, Voleta Peacock and two sons, Samuel B. and Charles H. Peacock.
Pence, Eugene Runyan - Seamen 2nd Class
   Son of Mr. And Mrs. Bert Pence; born June 4, 1901, New Castle, IN. Student. Enlisted in U. S. Navy July 22, 1918, Indianapolis, IN Sent to U. S. Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, IL; assigned to duty as Apprentice Seaman, U. S. N. R. F. Promoted to 2nd Class Seaman. Died of influenza on September 25, 1918, Great Lakes Naval Training Station, IL. Buried in New Castle, IN.
Ross, Carl Fourqurean - Private
   Son of Amos and Williamanna Fourqurean Ross; born November 13, 1882, Delaware County, IN. Employed as an ironworker in New Castle, when he was called into service March 23, 1918. Sent to Jefferson Barracks, MO; then to Washington, D. C.; assigned to Company H, 35th Engineers. Sent overseas June 1918. Killed accidentally by train February 8, 1919 at Bordeaux, France just before he was to sail for home. Buried in Cemetery of U. S. Army Hospital, Bordeaux, France.
Smith, Howard Rea - 2nd Lieutenant
   Son of Edward and Mary Bonslog Smith; born January 9, 1888, New Castle, IN. Educated in University of Michigan. Enlisted in aviation service of U. S. Army in June 1917, Champaign, IL. Trained in Canada and Kelly Field, TX. Commissioned a 2nd Lt. Sailed for England in January 1918 with 28th Aero Squadron. Met death by accident May 27, 1918, Gervain, Scotland. Body returned to U. S. and buried in South Mound Cemetery, New Castle, IN. American Legion Post, New Castle, IN named in his honor.
Thomas, Verl Thomas - Private, U. S. M. C.
   Son of Sylvester and Joanna Thomas; born February 19, 1897, New Lisbon, Henry County, IN. Farmer. Enlisted in U. S. Marine Corps june 19, 1917, New Castle, IN. Sent to Quantico, VA; assigned to 18th Company, 5th Regiment. Went overseas; killed in action June 12, 1918 at Belleau Woods, France. Buried in American Cemetery, Belleau Woods, France. Awarded Croix de Guerre, (posthumously) for bravery in action. Received special mention in order from General Petain and two American Generals.
Wilson, Alba A. - Private
   Son of David and Hattie Buck Wilson; born June 4, 1895, Tipton, IN. Moved to Henry County in 1917. Farmer. Entered service June 24, 1918, Tipton, IN. Sent to Camp Sherman, OH; assigned to Company G, 333rd Infantry. Went overseas in September 1918; assigned to Machine Gun Company, 91st Division. Died November 11, 1918 from wounds received in action. Buried in American Military Cemetery, #1252, Grave #61, Waereghem, West Flanders.
Other names for whom complete records could not be obtained:
Carpenter, Gerald H. - Private
   Blountsville, IN. Died of pneumonia January 19, 1918, Columbus Barracks, OH.
Collins, Robert - Private
   New Castle, IN. Killed in action July 21, 1918 in battle of Soissons.
Dunbar, Henry Clyde - Private
   New Castle, IN. Company B, 162nd Infantry. Killed in action July 21, 1918.

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