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Wyatt Methodist Church Cemetery

Harrison Township - Est. 1854

   This little burial ground, or what's left of it, was established on 13 Feb 1854 when Philip C. Olinger deeded land to James W. Callahan, James Callahan and James S. Callahan, as trustees of the Methodist church, to be used for the building of a church and use as a burial ground. It is located in section #8 in Harrison Township on CR #100N, near the road.
   The little cemetery has been completely stripped of all the grave markers. The landowner told me he removed the stones and placed them behind his shed in order to keep people from destroying them. I was unable to locate them, but R. Thomas Mayhill of Knightstown had previously recorded the stones in the 1960s so no names were lost.
   I was told the little plot had never been plowed over and the ground has never been disturbed and the bases are still there.

Bales, Mahatabel 21 May 185778y, 2m, 20d 
Wyatt, Thomas B. 31 Dec 187520y, 9m, 18dS of A & M
Wyatt, Algibiades28 Apr 18649m, 25d S of A & M
Wyatt, Algibiades28 Mar 188416 Nov 1816 67y, 4m, 10d
Wyatt, Edward 15 Nov 187328y, 6m, 4d S of A & M
Wyatt, Lewis 3 Sep 1867 2y, 4m, 5d S of A & M
UEB 2005

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