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YMCA of Henry County, Indiana 1886

State of Indiana
Henry County

At the regular meeting of the Young Men's Christian Association of New Castle, Indiana held at their room in New Castle, December 3, 1886, the following resolutions were adopted viz:
Resolved that we hereby incorporate the Young Men's Christian Association of New Castle, Indiana under the following article of association, to wit;

  1. The purpose of this association shall be to hold religious services, and use our own earnest endeavors to promote the cause of Christianity in New Castle and vicinity, and the following shall be the impression of our seal. Viz: YMCA
  2. No one shall become or remain a member of the association who is not a friend of Christianity; Who is not willing to work for the promulgation of the Gospel among his fellows. Who is not of good moral character. Who indulges in obscene language. Who frequents saloons, or drinks intoxicants. Who visits gambling places or engages in any form or species of gambling, or Who practices other vices and immoralities of a questionable and injurious character.
  3. Each member shall pay to the Secretary, One Dollar and twenty cents ($1.20) for annual dues, to be paid in monthly installments on or before the first Friday of each month, and two months delinquency shall invoke a forfeiture of membership, except in case of sickness, or by vote of the association. The Secretary shall promptly pay over all dues to the Treasurer, taking his receipt for the same.
  4. The officers of the association shall be a President, a Vice President, and a Secretary who shall be elected semi-annually on the first Friday evening in January and July of each year, while the funds and property of the association shall be held in trust by three Trustees who shall be permanent residents of New Castle, members of some Orthodox Christian church, and twenty-one years of age.
  5. The President, Vice President and Secretary, shall also be members in good standing in some Orthodox Church, and together with the Trustees, they shall constitute the Advisory Committee of the Association
  6. Any number of members not less than five shall constitute a quorum.
  7. We hereby report for incorporation the "Young Men's Christian Association" of New Castle, Indiana. With: Francis S. Kiser as President, Perry E. Powell as Vice President, George B. Cain as Secretary, Theodore R. Vaughn as Treasurer and William S. Bedford, William Dingle and Theodore R. Vaughn as Trustees
Signed this 3rd day of December 1886 at New Castle, Indiana.

Signed Members:
J. H. Ford -- New Castle, Ind.
F. S. Kiser -- New Castle, Ind.
Charles W. Mikels -- New Castle, Ind.
Pery E. Powell -- New Castle, Ind.
Guy Tawney -- New Castle, Ind.
William Dingle -- New Castle, Ind.
George B. Cain -- New Castle, Ind.
Frank Evans -- New Castle, Ind.
Harry E. Jennings -- New Castle, Ind.
Paul Polk -- New Castle, Ind.
Herbert H. Moore -- New Castle, Ind.
Frank Wayman -- New Castle, Ind.

Recorded on this 14th day of December, 1886, 3:00 P. M. Book #7, pages #544 & 545

U.E.Bush, 2004

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