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Greensboro, IN Duck Creek Friends Cemetery - Repaired

      The restoration and repair of the vandalism went off like clock work this morning. You would have thought this project was months in the planning, but with the help of the many volunteers and the expert guidance of the INPCRP members, the entire cemetery was finished in about four hours. There are many people to thank for this. I wish I could have gotten everyone's name, but we were too busy. First there's Henry County Sheriff Kim Cronk, who brought the community service workers, who by the way were invaluable to us, his deputies, Jim Goodwin and others that I didn't get their names. Mark Davis of Hartford City INPCRP, his father, Stuart Davis, Westfield INPCRP and Helen Wildermuth, Martinsville INPCRP who were simply amazing, they wouldn't even stop for a break, as long as we got the drinks to them they were satisfied. Also Donna Tauber, president of the Henry County Cemetery Commission, Max Riddle, Greensboro township trustee, Johnny Martin and his backhoe and others. The Bobcat operator, and a special thanks to the Good Lord for watching over us out there today, great weather and no one was hurt…..not even a chigger bite that I know of.. I am proud to say that the INPCRP has a really great bunch of people who will drop everything and help out in a minutes notice. There were local citizens stopping by to check things out, they had nothing but praise for all of us. TV stations channels 6 and 13 were there to cover the repair. It should be on tonight's broadcast. It's nice to finally get to meet people you have been emailing all this time. God bless all of you and many thanks from the Henry County Cemetery Commission. UEB
The juvenile vandals were involved in the clean up. Hopefully they have learned a very valuable lesson.

Click here to see what was damaged

UEB 2002
Henry County Indiana INPCRP

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