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William Nathan Reed and his sister Ethel V. Reed Photo taken in New Castle , Indiana Abt. 1883. Decendants of Reedsville, In. founders...Photo courtesy of John D. Reed

This house is still standing according to Nellie Cannady, now Mrs. Charles Brook H ave. New Castle, IN. who visited Bertha ( Crandall ) Russell in 1962. She is in the front row sitting on the ground. Names: Allen Russell, Ella Cannady Russell, Grace Russell, Ernest Russell, Nellie Russell with the Newton Boys on each side....Photo courtesy of Richard Trent

Left to Right Benjamin, Andrew and Joseph Smith (Last known Civil War veteran of Henry County) - April 24, 1924....Photo courtesy of Judith Schrameck

James M. Wyatt. One of the First Trustees of The German Baptist Orphan's Home and the longest surviving original member. ...Photo courtesy of Therese Lewis

Left to right... John T., Jane, John and Anna Caseley, Knightstown circa 1800. ...Photo courtesy of Bill Pethers

The whiskered patriarch is Oliver Holaday, 1823- 1910, next to his seated wife, Nancy Wyatt, 1828- 1913. My grandmother is the little girl in the 1st row, middle, with the big white bow. Her name was Margaret Lucile Holaday, 1898- 1969. ...Photo courtesy of J.P. Smith

Claude and Maude Estelle (c-1890s) ...Photo courtesy of Shirley Tyson

In front: Catherine, Maude, Claude and George Estelle. Others unkown. (c-1890) ...Photo courtesy of Shirley Tyson

Maude Estelle. Born 21 October, 1888. (c-1895) ...Photo courtesy of Shirley Tyson

Claude Estelle. Born 27 February, 1893. (c-1893) ...Photo courtesy of Shirley Tyson

Jesse Frank Branner. Born 21 January, 1875, Mt. Summit. (c-1896) ...Photo courtesy of Shirley Tyson

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