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Photograph of Margaret Ann (Palmer) Keesling. She was born to John and Elizabeth (Kingerly) Palmer, who are buried in the Hess Cemetery, on 30 August 1854. She married William Jackson Keesling on 9 December 1880. This photograph was taken in the fall of 1921. William and Margaret lived directly east of Andrew and Mahala's house (which you have featured in the pioneer photo album) on what was, at one time, Margaret's parents farm - located on SR38 (It now has a modular home on it). They are buried in the Keesling Cemetery of Fall Creek Township. ...Photo courtesy of Scott Manwaring

A photograph of Mechanicsburg School. I found it in a family file at the Anderson Public Library. I believe the file I was working in was the Alexander Family. At any rate, the information stated that it was built in 1854 and sold to William Perry in 1867 for $80.00. It also stated that the current Masonic Lodge in Mechanicsburg was built as a school in 1887. ...Photo courtesy of Scott Manwaring

Center Chapel located on the west side of Raider Rd., just north of SR38. ...Photo courtesy of Scott Manwaring

Pest House at Knightstown where they housed all of the smallpox patients of 1902. See story... ...Photo courtesy of UEB

The old school house on Mechanicsburg Road in Harrison Township. ...Photo courtesy of UEB

Photograph of the house built by Andrew Jackson Keesling (b. 8 Sept 1816 in Preble Co., OH; d. 9 Oct 1904 Harrison Township, Henry Co., IN) and Mahal (Davis) Keesling (b. 20 Mar 1820 in Greene Co., TN; d. 26 Feb 1900 Harrison Township, Henry Co., IN). The house was built in 1874 and is located on the Northeast corner of SR 38 and Co. Rd. 975W. Pictured in front of the house is (left to right) Newton Willard Keesling (grandson to Andy and Mahala) and his wife Nola and child Cecil, Rosetta (granddaughter of Andy and Mahala), Mary Ann (daughter of Andy and Mahala), Arlie C. Craig (husband of Rosetta) and in front of them, the first two children of Arlie and Rosetta, Gerald M. and Mildred. The photograph was taken in 1906. ...Photo courtesy of Scott Manwaring

Henry County Pauper's Asylum A BRIEF HISTORY
The following is a short and as accurate as possible brief history of the old Henry County Pauper's Asylum (Poor Farm).
March 8, 1839: The commissioner's purchased the farm of William Silver for $2,000.00.
May 1839: A log house was built.
January 4, 1844: A new brick building was erected.
May 9, 1855: The brick building was destroyed by fire. All records were destroyed.
1855: The county commissioners ordered a new and larger building constructed, which is today the present building, at a cost of $7,000.00.
1855 - 1859: While the building was under construction all paupers were kept at the farm of superintendent Mark Modlin.
March, 1860: The new brick building was completed and all inmates returned to there new home.
1900: By the turn of the century the farm had grown to about 300 acres with the purchase of the bottom land.
2005: This building is the oldest county owned building still standing. It was last used as the CEMA (CD) office and by the county sheriff's department. Today the old building sits empty an is no longer being used. Plans have been discussed to demolish the building and replace it with a parking lot. ...Photo courtesy of UEB

Photograph of William Jackson Keesling taken approximately 1861, He is the Grandson of pioneer Jacob Kisling/Keesling who migrated to Fall Creek Township, Henry County, IN the mid 1820's. ...Photo courtesy of Scott Manwaring

Photograph of Peter Keesling, born 09 February, 1800 in Virginia; died 1869 in Henry County, IN. He is buried in Miller Cemetery, Middletown, IN. Peter migrated from Ohio to Fall Creek Township, Henry Co., IN in the 1820's near Mechanicsburg with his father and four brothers. He later built a home in Middletown. ...Photo courtesy of Scott Manwaring

Old Lewisville, IN School House. ...Photo courtesy of Tom Saunders from the estate of Ezra Martin

Lewisville, IN Cubs 1930-31 - L to R: Catherine Huffman, Julia Logan, Julia Glidden, Vera Dishman, Mary Miller, Bertha Stephens, Margaret Cecil, Blanch Walke, Cleora McConnell, Jaretta Jones, Mary Moore, Helen Reddington, Marjorie Johnson and Coach Mrs. Pat Lake. ...Photo courtesy of Tom Saunders from the estate of Ezra Martin

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