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Mooreland, IN Cemetery

Blue River Township - Est. 1891

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      The Mooreland cemetery is located on US #36 at its intersection with the Wilbur Wright Road in Blue River Twp. in section #14, just north of mooreland.
     In 1882 Miles M. Moore laid out the "New" village of Mooreland. When the CCC & St. Louis railroad had just been completed between the villages of Blountsville and New Castle, with the site of Mooreland directly in its path and the old Mooreland cemetery located on the property of the Downing family would be next to the RR tracks, so the little village was looking for a new location for their cemetery. In1890 a committee of local residents began negotiating with the Downey family for more land to expand the cemetery, with many residents complaining that it would be too close to the railroad and the committee and the downing heirs could not agree on a price, Charles P. Moore, who owned the property just north of the village, offered to sell a small tract of land to the village for a cemetery. His offer was accepted and on 14 May 1891, the following people were elected trustees to accept the land deed for the cemetery: Charles T. Moore, Newton Davis and Abraham Wrightsman. The first grounds keeper and gravedigger was James Bales.
     After the cemetery was open for burials many families had their deceased family members re-interred in this cemetery from other older and neglected burial grounds. That is the reason you will see several gravestones that date before 1892 in this cemetery.
     Today the Mooreland cemetery is one of the best looking and best-kept cemeteries in Henry County and still used regularly for burials from all over the county.
     Thomas Hamm did the first recordings here in the spring of 1974. Norman Thornburgh and Wilma Massengale recorded the following list of internments and tombstone inscriptions in the summer of 2002. The names were taken from several records tombstones, the cemetery records, burial permits and the burial records of the local mortician Mr. Astor Main.
     As with any compilation of records you will have mistakes such as correct spelling, dates and such. If you happen to notice one, please let us know of it.
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The following is a list of abbreviations used in this list:
Dt - DaughterMN - Maiden nameOS - On same stoneS - Son
ISL - In same lot.NT - Next to.P - Parent(s)W - Wife
H - Husbandy - Yearsm - monthsd - days 
An * asterisk denotes an unmarked grave.
There are over 3,156 graves with approximately 276 of them unmarked.

A-B   C-F   G-H   I-L   M-Q   R-S   T-Z
Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathMarriageMiscellaneousSec.
Cagley Tanya Rena 3/28/65 3/28/65   Dt.Virginia Lynn Cagley NT Jack Helms West (Hall) Burial Permit reads 3-43B East 3-43C
Caldwell Hinton Dalphus 10/27/25 2/13/96 7/1/19- 70y.C: Roger, Brenda, Donna, Randy, Rhonda & Jason Veteran 3-304F
Caldwell Lillie Faye 12/12/19-     OS Hinton  
Caldwell Glenn A. 1/29/05 9/13/76   71y. OS Bernice Between 1-96 & 111  
Caldwell Berniece T. 12/9/06 5/25/02   OS Glenn one record reads 2-96F 1-96F
Caldwell Jeremy D. 8/1/74 12/8/01   27y. NT Hinton Delphus Caldwell 3-305E
Campbell Dortha B. 2/23/20 4/3/00 12/28/44 80y. OS Melvin 2-133F
Campbell Melvin R. 11/3/19     OS Dortha  
Campbell Jessie 0/0/1889 11/27/1970  82y. NT Stephen Farrel Darby 2-223E
Canada Jonathan Adolph 0/0/1875 2/12/1933   57y. NT Suffrona Harris Burial Permit reads Cannaday other record reads Canaday 0-43B
Canaday Lilah Brown 0/0/1855 0/0/1942   OS Jesse P: Albert & Elizabeth Brown 2-196C
Canaday Jesse 0/0/1847 4/20/35   OS Lilah P: Enos & Hannah Chamness Canaday 1st W Sarah Jane Wright Canaday (1848-1876), dt. of Thomas & Rebecca Pollard Wright is buried in the Hodson Cemetery in Stony Creek Township. 2-196D
Canaday Lillie Bales 7/12/1880 11/6/1933   53y. NT Omer Davis P: Levi & Emeline Healton Bales 0-152D
Canaday Dorthy Evelyn 3/1/24 3/11/24   10d. D James & Lillie 0-152A
Carter Wilma Stanley 5/11/32     NT Richard Stanley NT O. Perry Stanley  
Cates Dr. John Paul 6/18/20 7/25/99   79y. OS Joan C: Jan, Jack & Jeff 3-144D
Cates Joan L. 10/31/22 10/30/81   58y. OS John 3-144C
Cates Dr. Jack A. 9/24/49 9/9/92   42y. C: Travis, Tim & Summer 3-144B
Cecil Henry Jr. 6/23/25 12/30/79   54y. NT David & Edith Hellard 2-115D
*Chalfant Violet       NT Mabel Rinard Buried between 0-9 and 0-30  
Chamberlin Steven E. 0/0/1949 0/0/1988   OS Neva J. Sears 3-56
*Chamberlin Iva Davis 0/0/1892 11/13/74   82y. NT Thomas Poindexter 1-41E
*Chamness Infant       C. Fernando & Magdalene 1-198E
*Chamness Infant       C. Fernando & Magdalene 1-198F
*Chamness Fernando Ulysses 11/14/18662/3/31   P: William & Martha Chamness 1-198D
Chamness Magdalene 12/27/18685/28/07   W Fernando U. P: Alexander & Mary Covalt Main 1-198B
Chamness William 6/24/1838 3/9/1923   84y. 8m. 15d. OS Martha P: Jesse & Ruth Woody Chamness 1-65B
Chamness Martha Ann 12/31/18393/10/1923   83y. 2m.11d. OS Wm P: Wm & Mildred Beeson Modlin 1-65A
Chamness Libbie Blanche 0/0/1870 4/6/1947   77y. 3rd W Alonzo Maiden Name Youse 0-63F
Chamness Alonzo Aristus 1/3/1859 2/4/36   77y. 1m. NT Flora P: William & Martha Chamness 0-63E
Chamness Flora A. Branson 3/25/1869 3/23/12   2nd W Alonzo P: Joseph&Catharine Branson 0-63D
Chamness Malissa Adaline 5/22/1865 5/8/1897   31y. 11m. 17d. 1st W Alonzo P: Wm & Vesta Adamson 0-63A
Chamness Rebecca Tinkle 5/31/1836 12/2/1899   OS Henry P: Samuel & Catharine Tinkle 0-62F
Chamness Henry C. 11/21/183411/1/1895   60y. 11m. 10d. OS Rebecca P: Isaac & Rebecca 0-62E
Chandler Infant 11/3/03 11/3/1903   Infant Dau. of Chas. & Minnie 1-190E
*Chandler Infant Son 2/0/1924 2/0/1924   7hours Infant of Charles 1-190F
Chapman Joseph R. 0/0/1911 10/4/1993   82y. OS Zelda 3-71F
Chapman Zelda Ruth 0/0/1920 10/20/1977  57y. OS Joseph (Brown) 3-71E
*Chapman Virginia May 0/0/1918 1/2/40   22y. (Spencer) William Chapman ?
Christner Silas D. 0/0/1842 8/0/1921   NT Catharyne 1-68D
Christner Catharyne L. 0/0/1858 10/16/1938  79y. NT Silas MN Rouch Burial paper reads 2-68A 1-68C
Christner Iona T. 0/0/1878 8/2/1939   61y. NT Silas Burial Permit reads Tessie L. 1-68F
*Clapper Dr. David D. 10/5/1849 8/29/29   80y. P: Jacob & Sarah Priddy Clapper 1-65D
*Clapper Alice Josephine 8/22/1862 2/19/28   65y.W. David P: Wm & Martha Modlin Chamness 1-65C
Clark Monroe C. 0/0/1850 4/23/1931   81y. OS Sarah 1-184C
Clark Sarah A. 0/0/1854 9/13/1913   OS Monroe 1-184A
Clark Edna A. 0/0/1865 8/0/1925   OS Clyde 1-209A
Clark Clyde Eugene 0/0/1877 7/9/58   80y. OS Edna 1-209B
Clark Minnie Lee 0/0/1871 7/11/1940   69y. NT Letha Ann Wrightsman 2-224A
*Clark Catherine Marie 0/0/1898 9/20/69   71y. NT Thelma McKinney 4-35A
Clements Ira L. 7/1/1927     OS R. Irene  
Clements R. Irene 6/18/1933     OS Ira MN Waltz  
Clevenger Reva 0/0/1924 5/0/1926   Child of Milford Record reads Reba 1-221A
Clevenger Fannie 0/0/1896 1/2/1984   87y. OS Milford 1-221B
Clevenger Milford 0/0/1898 12/2/1987   89y. OS Fannie 1-221C
Clevenger J. Alva 0/0/1871 9/20/1953   82y. OS Phoebe 0-149B
Clevenger Phoebe C. 0/0/1870 0/0/1898   OS J. Alva 0-149C
Cline Dorothy E. 0/0/1928     Swoveland
Coffin R. Berniece 0/0/1923 3/19/1998   Dunn 2-20C
Coffin Debra Sue 3/24/59 5/23/63   4y. OS Elaine P: Kermit & Phyllis Elaine Bettner Coffin Burial Records read 2-27C and she is on the same stone at 3-189 with her mother Elaine 2-27C
Coffin Elaine Bettner 9/24/1940     OS Debra  
Coffin Oscar Fremont 0/0/1866 2/19/1935   68y. OS Barbara 2-2F
Coffin Barbara Ellen 0/0/1868 4/21/1950   81y. OS Oscar P: Dalvin & Louiza Becktell Cross 2-2E
Coffin Charles N. 11/11/06 6/12/1993   86y.P: Allen Morris & Cora Pearl Hawkins Coffin 2-27B
Coffin Lois Bird 6/29/06 10/27/73   67y.W Charles P: Jerome T .& Hannah Ellen Pidgeon C: Kermit & Merrill 2-27A
Coffin George W. 0/0/1829 6/18/1905   75y. OS Amilia Died in Perry Township 1-141F
Coffin Amelia Gibson 0/0/1839 6/4/1917   77y. W OS George Died in Monroe Township 1-141E
Collins Earl S. 0/0/1884 6/25/1956   71y. OS Armeda, Arthur, Sophia, Lewis & Sherman 2-123B
Collins ArmedaLockwood 0/0/1882 7/19/1963   81y. OS Earl, Arthur, Sophia, Lewis & Sherman 2-123C
Collins Arthur H. 0/0/1880 10/10/1949  69y.OS Earl, Armeda, Sophia, Lewis & Sherman 2-123D
Collins SophiaEllenShirk 0/0/1855 6/21/1938   82y.OS Earl, Armeda, Arthur, Lewis & Sherman 2-123E
Collins Lewis H. 0/0/1852 12/11/1932  80y.OS Earl, Armeda, Arthur, Sophia & Sherman 2-123F
Collins PFC Sherman L. 0/0/1913 7/27/44   NT Lewis Co L 330 Inf 83 Div. Died in France 31y. Buried 6/6/1948 2-146A
Collinsworth Reuben N. 0/0/1827 0/0/1908   OS Polly & Clara Foutz 1-150A
Collinsworth Polly Ann Conway 0/0/1829 0/0/1908   OS Reuben, Clara Foutz 1-150B
Conner Willard Paul 0/0/1897 8/23/1968   71y. OS Wonnie 3-197B
Conner Wonnie 0/0/1913 9/13/1978   65y. OS Paul W of L.M. Boatwright 3-197A
Conner Lawrence 0/0/1880 11/16/1947  67y. OS Eva 0-65A
Conner Eva H. Downing 0/0/1884 9/30/1939   55y. OS Lawrence 0-65B
*Conner Lawrence Junior 12/24/26 1/14/27   21days Paul Conner ?
Conner Patrick 3/17/1826 9/28/01   OS Rachel Co K 66th Ohio Inf. Civil War Veteran 0-156C
Conner Rachel Jones 1/10/1837 4/30/24   OS Patrick 0-156A
Conner James Floyd 0/0/1891 7/7/1918   26y. NT John Died in Perry Township 0-156D
Conner John F. 0/0/1869 0/0/1905   OS Mary 0-156F
Conner Mary R. Cory 0/0/1869 7/18/1959   90y. OS John Summers 0-156E
*Conner Mary Jane 0/0/1921 9/0/1921   7m. 20d. ?
Conrad Adrian Bertrell 7/12/1933 1/13/1991 10/9/55 57y. OS June "Bud" Veteran 3-108C
Conrad June L. Ball 3/29/1937     OS Adrian P: Reed & Mary Ball  
Conrad Adrian B. 0/0/1907 2/20/76   68y. P: Thomas & Bertha Conrad OS Norris 3-152D
Conrad Norris Bain 0/0/1912 10/19/1983  70y. OS Adrian 3-152C
Conway Emily 1/3/18 1/3/18   NT Everett & Estella 1-31A
Conway Wm. Everett 2/14/1887 11/6/1965 3/0/1905 78y. OS Estella 1-31F
Conway Estella Woolard 7/8/1888 12/7/77   OS Everett P: Aaron & Hannah Werking Woolard C: Hester, Marguerite & Helen 89y. 1-31E
Conway Clayton 0/0/1863 4/13/1927   63y.OS Maggie NT Clem P:Wm & Maria Runyan Conway 1-32F
Conway Maggie Rinard 0/0/1868 12/12/1942  74y.OS Clayton P: Adam & Alice Johnson Rinard 1-32E
Conway Clem Adam 4/22/1890 12/20/1972  82y. OS Edna NT Clayton 1-32D
Conway Edna M. Shock 11/8/1889 10/3/1972   82y.OS Clem P: Cash & Ida May Baldwin Shock 1-32C
Conway Clayton M. 5/22/13 6/21/92   79y. OS Marjorie C: Marsha & Danny 1-32B
Conway Marjorie H. 7/21/12 9/24/96   84y. OS Clayton P: Fred & Laura Davis Beeson C: Marcia & Daniel. 1-32A
Conway Herschel P. 4/1/20 11/26/61   41y. Tech Serg 16 Inf USM WW II NT Claude 1-11F
Conway Claude 11/8/1890 4/13/61   70y. OS Elizabeth P: John & Martha Conway 1-11D
Conway Sarah Elizabeth 0/0/1898 8/2/1990   92y. OS Claude Wise 1-11E
Conway John Wesley 0/0/1854 9/2/1939   86y. OS Martha S. 1-11C
Conway Martha Susan 5/16/1857 8/7/1933   76y.2m. 22d. Maiden Name Allen 1-11B
Conway Harvey J. 0/0/1887 10/27/1918  NT John W. 1-11A
Conway Hazel L. 0/0/1890 5/29/1981   90y. NT Rosetta G. Conway 1-220C
Conway Rosetta G. Covalt 0/0/1861 5/19/1921   59y. NT John A. P Wm & Matilda Cory Covalt 1-220E
Conway John Austin 0/0/1861 4/19/1924   62y. 11m. 13d. NT Rosetta P: Wm & Mary Runyan Conway 1-220D
Conway Laura Haynes 0/0/1871 1/10/67   95y. P: Aaron & Mary Edwards Haynes 0-144D
Conway William 2/26/1837 1/10/1898   OSElizabeth RidgwayP:Richard & Cynthia Ray C. Civil War Veteran Corp. Co A, 124 Ind. Inf. 1st W Maria Runyan (1841-1869), buried Batson Cemetery. 0-51F
Conway Elizabeth Couch 12/9/1843 2/1/25   OS Wm. Conway P: Franklin & Lucretia Trotter Couch. She was 2nd W of William H. Conway, with whom she is buried. 2nd H Daniel Boon Ridgway (1838-1930, S of Noah & Nancy Dunn Ridgway, buried in Hillsboro Cem. 0-51E
Conway Frank 11/18/18813/24/01   19y. Son of J.M. & M.E. 0-162F
Conway May Harter 5/4/1864 1/14/45   80y. NT James 0-162E
Conway James M. 8/13/1859 1/7/23   63y. NT Mary E. P: Wm & Maria Runyan Conway 0-162D
Conway Mary Ellen Smith 10/9/1859 3/24/01   41y. Wife of J.M. 0-162B
Conway Floyd 4/6/1887 3/12/01   13y. Son of J.M. & M.E. 0-162A
Conway Charles 0/0/1865 11/28/1917  52y. P: William & Maria Runyan Conway one record reads 0-146E 0-146F
Conway Don W. 0/0/1910 4/23/1990   79y. NT Clifty & Dorothy 2-250F
Conway Dorothy Carol 0/0/1911 2/28/1938   27y. NT Clifty 2-250E
Conway Clifty 0/0/1884 11/6/1964   80y.OS Elva NT Dorothy P:JohnA. & Rosetta Covalt Conway 2-250B
Conway Elva White 0/0/1885 8/27/1966   81y. OS Clifty P: Phillip & Nancy Modlin White 2-250A
Conwell Raymond Lewis 10/23/19131/21/1974 1/26/32 60y. OS Ruby P: Frank & Lucy Paul Conwell 3-100E
Conwell Ruby D. Mosier 2/7/1915 1/19/96   80y. OS Raymond P: Homer & Martha Mosier C: Beverely, Nancy, Saundra, Dorwin & Lloyd 3-100D
Conwell Jeffery Shawn 9/1/63 9/11/63   10d. S Dorwin & Gretchen 3-100A
Conwell James Curtis 0/0/1882 4/30/1962   79y. OS Elsie 2-208F
Conwell Elsie May 0/0/1885 3/27/1973   87y. OS James C, Alva & Floyd Hawkins MN Anderson Burial Permit reads 2-208D 2-208E
Conwell Archie Blair 0/0/1886 8/13/1955   69y. OS Louva P: Winfield S. & Jennis Buck 2-238B
Conwell Louva Pearl 0/0/1888 10/24/1961  73y. OS Archie P: Joseph & Melissa Bales Rogers 2-238A
Conwell Karen Lee 2/27/1956 2/27/1956   Dt. Robert & Zelma NT Bernard 2-238C
Conwell Glenda Belle 6/17/20 9/11/20   Dau. of F.R. & Lucy one record reads 1-63A 1-83A
Conwell Laverne L. 5/21/12 10/13/29   17y. Dt. of Frank 1-83B
Conwell Frank R. 5/21/1890 6/6/44   54y. OS Lucy P: Eli & Mary Conwell 1-83D
Conwell Lucy L. Paul 11/22/18922/11/43   OS Frank P: Lewis & Armettie Swoveland Paul 1-83C
Conwell Gilbert 0/0/1879 6/4/1950   70y. OS Emma P: David & Maria Conwell 1-76C
Conwell Emma Mae 0/0/1882 5/16/1951   69y. OS Gilbert P: Geo. & Izetta Sowash Wimmer 1-76A
Conwell David Henry 0/0/1854 10/0/1915   NT Maria P: George & Mary Messick Conwell 1-76F
Conwell Mary Maria Miller 12/9/1861 3/25/1954   92y.W NT David H. P:Adam & Catharine Koons Miller 1-76D
Conwell Della L. Kerr 12/19/18833/18/1982   98y. OS George 1-123C
Conwell George Arthur 0/0/1879 10/14/1950  71y. OS Della 1-123D
Conwell Byron Rodger 6/16/1909 5/31/1988   78y. OS Rose P: Archie & Louva Rogers Conwell Veteran 2-184C
Conwell Rosetta G. 12/5/1910 6/18/03   92y. OS Byron P: John Thomas & Ida May Allen Greeley 2-184D
Conwell Burley L. 0/0/1890 7/12/1952   61y. OS Bertha 2-124B
Conwell Bertha Glee 0/0/1895 1/14/1969   73y. OS Burley Burial Permit reads 3-124A 2-124A
Conwell Rosalyn M. 0/0/1944 0/0/1945   NT Ethel 2-150A
Conwell Ethel R. 6/22/1909 10/31/1988  79y. OS Bernard NT Rosalyn 2-150B
Conwell Bernard G. 7/4/1909 11/19/1968  59y. OS Ethel 2-150C
Conwell Samuel R. 0/0/1846 8/10/1915   69y.NT Margaret P: George & Mary Messick Conwell 0-90D
Conwell Margaret Fanny 0/0/1855 4/19/1947   91y. W Samuel P: David & Mary Retherford Graham 0-90E
Conwell Ida F. 0/0/1876 4/14/1961   84y. NT Scott Conwell NT Margaret F. Conwell 0-90B
Conwell Scott 0/0/1883 5/6/1894   10y. NT Samuel 0-90A
Conwell Eli Messick 0/0/1848 9/2/1923   75y.OS Mary P:George&Mary Messick Conwell 0-87A
Conwell Mary McCaffrey 0/0/1851 0/0/1896   OS Eli 0-87C
Conwell William R. 0/0/1878 10/23/1939  61y. OS Pollie 0-87D
Conwell Pollie N. Frazier 8/2/1883 6/5/1971   87y. OS William R. one record reads 0-87D 0-87E
Cook Thomas W. 0/0/1947   12/4/68 OS Charlotte  
Cook Charlotte 0/0/1933     OS Thomas  
Cook Kenneth A. 0/0/1926     OS Jacqueline OS B Nevada H. Thompson  
Cook Jacqueline 0/0/1931     OS Kenneth  
Cook Cora Elizabeth 0/0/1910 6/12/1956   46y. OS William C. & Ethel M. 3-296A
Cook William C. 0/0/1888 2/17/1970   82y. OS Cora E. & Ethel M. 3-296B
Cook Ethel Marie 0/0/1886 8/13/1964   78y. OS Cora E. & William C. 3-296C
Cook Sandy 0/0/1918 6/16/99   80y. OS Vivian 2-204D
Cook Vivian Mae 0/0/1922 5/16/1984   62y. OS Sandy 2-204C
Cook Danny Lee 4/21/44 1/4/86   41y. NT Sandy & Vivian 2-204B
Cook Harold K. 10/14/30 6/7/73   42y. P: Harve & Helen Cook 2-167F
Cook Ruth E. 0/0/1900 10/13/1987  87y. Mother one record reads 2-262C 2-263C
Cooper Donald E. 3/9/12 1/26/90   77y. OS Plinia Veteran 3-62A
Cooper Plinia A. 12/10/28     OS Donald  
Cooper Betty W. 0/0/1880 8/16/1957   77y. OS Charles 1-163E
Cooper Charles O. 0/0/1879 8/25/1936   56y. 9m. OS Betty 1-163F
Cooper Claude M. 9/30/15 1/23/03 7/4/36 87y. W Edna K. King P: George Thompson & Vervin Ethel Rankin Cooper C: Lyle T., Cecil F. 3-178B
Cooper Edna K. King 6/20/19     Darlene, Larry W. & Joyce Lot 3-178 A & B  
Cory Harley 0/0/1877 12/23/1916  39y. 9d. NT Mayme Millikan P: Wm & Florence 1-158C
Cory Orestus S. 0/0/1896 2/2/1974   77y. OS Vada P: Ingmar & Della Cory 2-130B
Cory Vada Vera 0/0/1894 5/22/1972   78y. OS Orestus MN Wilkinson 2-130A
Cory Martha L. 0/0/1892 12/2/1956   64y. OS Harvey 2-200A
Cory Harvey E. 0/0/1883 12/31/59   76y. OS Martha 2-200B
Cory Opha Main 0/0/1885 4/23/1924   OS Warren P: Oren & Mary McVicker Main 0-88A
Cory Warren L. 3/16/1887 2/16/1922   33y. 11m. OS Opha P: Wm & Elizabeth Wimmer Cory 0-88B
Cory Ishmael W. 3/18/1912 3/18/1912   Infant S Warren & Orpha 0-88E
Cory Donovan 1/27/1914 1/27/1914   Infant S WL & O 0-88E
Cory William Henry 5/9/1854 3/1/1893   38y. 9m. 23d. NT Elizabeth Lauck P:David & Mary 0-88F
Cory Flora E. 10/12/18693/19/05   NT John & Jane 0-84B
Cory John 4/11/1842 2/8/1899   OS Jane NT David P:Wm & Florence Ray Cory 0-84D
Cory Jane Johnson 3/7/1843 9/19/11   OS John P: Lewis & Eunice Hodgson Johnson 0-84C
Cory David 1/7/1819 3/10/1898   79y. 2m. 3d. NT John P: John & Mary Osborn C. W Mary Weaver Cory (1814-1870), buried in Bales Cemetery 0-84F
Cory Lovina M. Lake 10/12/18332/23/08   OS Elijah P: Jeremiah & Polly Bailey Lake one record reads Levira 0-171D
Cory Elijah 12/15/18289/24/14   85y. OS Lovina P: Stephen & Millia Sperry Cory 0-171F
Cory Lillian Percilla 0/0/1864 5/14/34   69y. NT Florence (Lincoln) 0-169C
Cory William 0/0/1854 0/0/1917   NT Lillie 0-169B
Cory Florence Ray 0/0/1858 0/0/1898   NT Wm OS James Ray P: James & Lydia Ray 0-169A
*Cory Infant 1/16/1892 1/16/1892   S. I.B. Moved from ? ?
Courtney Ryan Matthew 8/5/81 1/16/00   18y. S Michael & Stacey Benson Courtney 2-sp. btwn. 245 & 258  
Courtney Carolyn J. 8/9/1935 6/18/1995 8/23/53 59y. OS Marion Thompson then adopted by C. Fleming C: Jill, Mike, Tim & Janna 2-258A
Courtney Marion E. 10/13/1935    OS Carolyn  
Courtney Michael E. 7/8/56 6/18/93   36y. C: Chad, Eric & Ryan Husband of Stacey Benson 2-258D
Courtney Emma Wantz 0/0/1888 9/26/1975   87y. OS Albert P: Eli & Susan Wantz 2-258E
Courtney James Albert 0/0/1885 9/24/1957   72y. OS Emma 2-258F
Courtney Paul E. 0/0/1912 1/9/1958   45y. OS Frances 2-283C
Courtney Frances 12/6/1911     OS Paul  
Courtney Rosemary 4/23/1932 12/14/1932  7m. 21d.NT Frances 2-283A
Covalt James Lawrence 0/0/1868 2/25/1940   71y. NT Alviretta P: Eneniah & Elizabeth Covalt 1-87B
Covalt Alviretta VanFleet0/0/1870 3/2/1922   51y. NT Lawrence 1-87A
Covalt Willie 0/0/1885 8/15/15   30y. NT Dock 1-108F
Covalt Perry D. 0/0/1899 8/14/1982   83y. OS Clyde one record reads 0-108D 1-108D
Covalt Clyde 0/0/1882 3/14/33   50y. 6m. 29d. S Ferdinand & Roxanna 1-108E
Covalt Dock Ferdinand 3/19/1854 8/16/18   NT Willie P: Cheniah & Elizabeth Eckelbarger Covalt 1-108B
Covalt Roxanna Farlow 12/28/18586/6/43   86y. W Ferdinand P: Wm & Leuwezer Beckerdite Farlow 1-108A
Covalt Matilda Cory 1/9/1838 1/24/15   77y. NT Wm P: Stephen & Millia Sperry Cory 1-93D
Covalt William 1/12/1835 3/7/1923   87y. 7m. 25d. NT Matilda P:Cheniah & Elizabeth Eckelbarger Covalt 1-93F
Covalt Minnie 0/0/1881 11/4/1969   88y. OS Carl 1-202E
Covalt Carl 12/7/1880 11/9/1969   89y. OS Minnie 1-202F
Covalt Cheniah 3/31/1840 7/4/08   Priv Co C 36 Ind. P: Jared & Rebecca Gilgress Covalt Civil War Veteran 0-78D
Covalt E. Maxine Pope 10/21/17 11/23/01 12/24/39 84y. OS Raymond C: Richard & Pam 2-218E
Covalt Raymond H. 1/14/18 7/5/02   OS E. Maxine P: Floyd & Ethyl Hoover Covalt 2-218F
Covalt Harve H. 0/0/1873 12/11/1950  77y. OS Carrie P: Cheniah & Elizabeth Covalt 2-263A
Covalt Carrie D. Beall 0/0/1878 10/30/59   81y. OS Harve 2-263B
Covalt Elizabeth Ann 0/0/1839 5/6/1912   71y. W Cheniah MN Gephart 0-118F
*Covalt Margaret Taylor 0/0/1844 12/18/1928  84y. NT May McShurley D. of James & Elizabeth Shaffer Taylor. H John Covalt (1839-1877) son of Cheniah & Elizabeth Eckelbarger Covalt, is buried at Nettle Creek. 1-99F
Cox Grace E. Waltz 6/6/1887 12/15/19188/10/11 31y. NT Aaron Waltz Died at Hagerstown Wife of Alva O. Cox 10/2/1886 to 9/7/1955 P: Aaron & Leanna Raffe Waltz 1-168
Craig Ada L. Davis 0/0/1888 9/6/1950   61y. NT Dudley Davis (Morris) 0-176A
Cramer Joseph 9/2/1858 2/1/20   61y. OS Margaret 1-46B
Cramer MargaretElizabeth 2/9/1860 12/8/34   74y. OS Joseph Maiden Name Pressel 1-46A
Cranor Luesettie 0/0/1878 11/19/1958  80y. OS Delma 2-70A
Cranor Delma O. 0/0/1871 5/7/1934   62y. 11m. 15d. OS Luesettie 2-70B
*Cray Elva Fay 0/0/1903 12/17/22   19y. ISL William, Zada, & Loren Halstead 1-4F
*Cray Annis G. 0/0/1922 2/0/1923   5m. 16d. P: Collin C. & Elva Fay Halstead Cray. Elva and Annis were wife and baby of Collin C. Cray. I would think this baby would be in 1-4 ?
Cronk Alfred E. 6/27/1891 7/23/64   73y. OS Mable 2-225F
Cronk Mable M. 0/0/1900 11/4/1972   72y. OS Alfred 2-225E
Cross Byron L. 0/0/1910 8/6/1989 7/29/29 78y. OS Doris Between 3-53 & 80  
Cross Doris 11/6/1913     OS Byron  
Cross Merle E. 12/0/1919   10/17/41 OS Betty C: Jeanne  
Cross Betty J. 12/7/1924     OS Merle  
Cross Leonard E. 8/10/17 5/3/03 10/23/1938 85y.OS Vera Lot 3-76 A & B P: Pearl M. & Gertrude M. Stauble Cross 3-76B
Cross Vera W. Hoover 9/27/20     OS Leonard C: Rachel Jean & Bonnie June  
Cross Joseph Samuel 0/0/1923 3/31/1982   58y. OS Jewel Veteran 3-14C
Cross Jewel L. 0/0/1923     OS Joseph  
Cross Robert H. 4/30/21 8/28/00   79y. H: Carolyn C: Robert, Bonnie & Kathy. Veteran 3-206E
Cross William R. 7/6/25   7/2/48 OS Grace  
Cross Grace Monroe 6/30/30     OS William  
Cross Delmar E. 2/24/27 5/2/94   67y. NT Harvey Coke Williams 2-205E
Cross Mildred Louise 7/29/16 2/13/17   6m. 15d. Dt. OL & MM 1-23A
Cross Maude M. Stauble 0/0/1885 12/20/1948  63y. NT Ollie 1-23B
Cross Ollie L. 0/0/1885 10/29/1949  64y. NT Maude 1-23C
Cross Robert T. 7/26/06 6/25/94 10/4/52 OS Reba 2-37C
Cross Reba E. 5/5/14 3/27/89   74y. OS Robert 2-37B
Cross Marion D. 0/0/1913 5/0/1991   OS Mary Jane 2-204E
Cross Mary Jane 0/0/1921     OS Marion  
Cross Ephriam Nelson 11/15/18655/2/51   85y. OS Mary J. P: Calvin & Louiza Cross 1-69C
Cross Mary Jane 3/10/1871 12/19/60   89y. OS Ephriam P:Henry & SarahYauky Swoveland 1-69B
Cross Lilian M. 11/17/02 11/18/02   NT Mary Jane 1-69A
Cross Lonzo Brady 4/8/1871 2/21/1897   25y. 10m. 13d. S of C. & L.E. 0-59E
Cross Calvin 3/3/1838 9/19/13   OS Louiza P: Joseph & Martha Norman Cross. Civil War Veteran 0-59A
Cross Louiza Ellen 6/6/1843 2/28/00   OS Calvin P: John & Annis Mills Becktell 0-59C
Cross Frank E. 0/0/1899 8/4/1983   84y. OS Neva 1-131C
Cross Neva M. 12/0/1905 12/16/1998  93y. OS Frank 1-131B
Cross Carman Lorene 10/25/14 1/29/15   3m. Dt. of Glen & Glenie 1-131A
Cross Mamie B. 1/5/1894 8/5/1895   1y. 7m. Dt. of A.S. & Flora (Minnie) 0-132A
Cross Bertha M. 12/25/18906/28/1898   7y. 6m. 3d. Dt. of A.S. & Flora 0-132B
Cross Alva Sherman 0/0/1867 2/27/1949   81y. NT Flora P: Calvin & Louiza 0-132D
Cross Flora Ellen 0/0/1873 11/13/1966  93y. NT Alva P: Wm & Rebecca Yauky Henninger 0-132C
Cross Clinton Monroe 5/31/1895 6/12/1986   91y. "OS Hazel 0-132E
Cross Hazel Belle 4/24/1897 5/21/75   78y. OS Clinton P: Eli & Ollie Page Houser 0-132F
Cross Kenneth Leon 0/0/1923 9/12/1946   23y. NT Everett one record reads 2-263F 2-257F
Cross Everett 0/0/1893 3/10/77   83y. OS Bessie P: Charles & Lucinda Cross 2-257D
Cross Bessie B. 0/0/1898 3/25/1993   94y. OS Everett 2-257C
Cross Pearl Monroe 0/0/1874 8/23/1958   83y. OS Gertrude P: Calvin & Louiza 2-246F
Cross Gertrude M. 0/0/1882 7/14/1959   76y. OS Pearl P: Frantz & Nancy Replogle Stauble 2-246E
Cross Lucinda Ellen 9/15/1871 3/27/1957   85y. OS Charles P: Martha Jane Bundy 2-273A
Cross Charles Henry 7/12/1868 8/31/1941   73y. OS Lucinda 2-273B
Crull Samuel W. 0/0/1869 7/3/1927   58y. OS M. Josephine 1-45D
Crull M. Josephine 0/0/1900 8/19/1939   39y. 4m. 2d. OS Samuel. Burial Permit reads 2-33E 1-45C
*Cummings Edd       This could be Edward Lee Cummins 2-136F
*Cummins William H. 0/0/1869 5/30/46   77y. NT Edward 2-136F
Cummins Edward Lee 0/0/1902 4/14/1958   56y. OS Beulah 2-136E
Cummins Beulah F. Brown 0/0/1910 9/12/76   65y. OS Edward P: Maurice & Ida Brown 2-136D
Cunningham Violet E. 8/24/1922   1/18/41 OS Jack  
Cunningham Jack H. 5/5/19 4/28/91   71y. OS Violet Veteran Between 2-194 & 219  
Current Carl C. 0/0/1879 2/1/1941   61y. OS Lillie P: James & Mary Current 1-24D
Current Lillie Arbell 0/0/1878 7/21/1952   73y. OS Carl P: Frederick & Nancy Downing Wood 1-24C
Current Leonard L. 0/0/1912 0/0/1917   4y. 1m. 9d. NT Carl 1-24A
*Current Child 8/7/1883 8/7/1883   C. of James & Mary 1-19
Current James William 0/0/1839 10/21/1923  84y. 8m. 15d. OS Mary P: Abraham & Elizabeth Lake Current 1-19F
Current Mary A. Hart 0/0/1841 9/1/1918   77y. OS James P: Henry & Bursheba Hart 1-19D
Current Marion 0/0/1867 4/9/1961   93y. OS Serena 2-36B
Current Serena B. 0/0/1865 10/13/1953  87y. OS Marion P: J.& C.Mahoney Bechtelheimer 2-36A
Current Esther Louise 0/0/1902 11/11/1988  86y. OS Eugene, Elma Kerr MN Kerr 1-145E
Current Eugene 0/0/1893 7/11/1969   75y. OS Ester, Elma Kerr 1-145F
Current Clifford C. 11/11/18939/6/1972 9/5/14 78y. OS Elsie C: Arthur & Ruth 0-55A
Current Elsie V. 0/0/1897 3/12/1972   75y. OS Clifford MN Thornburgh 0-55B
Current Henry L. 0/0/1862 2/11/1938   75y. OS Amanda 0-55D
Current Amanda Turner 0/0/1860 3/19/1933   72y. OS Henry NT Clifford 0-55C
Current Jennie M. 8/1/1886 2/22/07   Wife of Homer E. Snider 0-55E
Current Orville A. 1/14/1889 3/17/1896   7y. 2m. 3d. S HL & A 0-55F
Current Thomas Jefferson 0/0/1853 11/15/1936  83y. OS Mary 2-181F
Current Mary Marilda 0/0/1862 3/21/1937   OS Thomas P: James & Arthela Davis Luellen 2-181E
Current Phoebe 0/0/1884 6/14/1954   69y. NT Thomas 2-181D
Curtis John G. 0/0/1867 2/19/1937   OS Alma Burial Permit reads J.C. Custer Ashes 1-180F
Curtis Alma O. 0/0/1861 4/10/1935   73y. 6m. 28d. OS John P: John & Sarah Stanford Burch 1-180E
Cutler George W. 7/2/1830 6/30/08   NT Carmen Lorene Cross 1-156A
Dakin Andrew J. 2/23/1840 8/16/13   1st M Mary Koons 2nd M Mary Richardson 1-57F
Dakin George H. 0/0/1864 0/0/1943   NT Elmer 1-57E
Dakin Elmer 0/0/1873 8/23/1950   76y. NT George & Andrew 1-57D
Dakins James Franklin 0/0/1875 1/25/1935   59y. OS Minnie P: Andrew J. & Mary Koons Dakin(s) 1-55F
Dakins Minnie M. 0/0/1874 1/6/1965   OS James 1-55E
Dakins David A. 0/0/1865 0/0/1945   OS Allie P: Andrew J. & Mary Koons Dakin(s) 0-34B
Dakin(s) Allie Rhoades 0/0/1870 8/25/1947   77y. OS David 0-34C
Dakins Murry G. 3/4/1893 11/28/1893  S David & Allie 0-34A
*Dale Deanna Dorean 5/16/59 5/16/59   Infant of Charles 2-296C
*Dalrymple Ruth Ann 11/21/39 11/24/39   3 d. This lot at S end-2nd row E running N. This lot at S end-running S from well. 1-225A
Daniels Hazel Clair 0/0/1887 1/9/00   13y. Dt. Fred & Leona 0-168C
Daniels John Fred 0/0/1859 7/11/1929   70y. NT Hazel Clair 0-168B
Darby Ivan H. 3/14/18 5/15/99 6/17/40 81y. OS Hazel Lois P: Ernest L. & Myra Dunn Darby C: Larry, Ed, Joyce & Phyllis 2-120D
Darby Hazel Lois 3/15/20 5/13/03   83y. OS Ivan P: Harvey L. & Zora Brandon Schell 2-120C
Darby Ernest L. 0/0/1895 4/10/1957   61y. OS Myra 2-120B
Darby Myra Lois 5/11/1898 3/9/1967   68y. OS Ernest 2-120A
*Darby Infant       C of Eugene 2-223F
Darby Eugene F. 12/26/27 7/15/83   55y. OS Venetia 2-Between 91 & 120  
Darby Venetia G. 3/10/33     OS Eugene  
Darby Barbara Joan 1/27/31 3/8/31   1m. 11d. P: Ernest & Myra Darby Pauper ground 0-37E
Darby Stephen Farrell 12/8/51 12/9/1951   1d. P: Eugene NT Jessie Campbell 2-223F
Daugherty Earl 0/0/1890 11/5/1974   84y. OS Flossie 2-73D
Daugherty Flossie L. 0/0/1892 4/15/1955   62y. OS Earl 2-73C
Davis Clinton 8/29/1894 1/5/79   84y. "OS Ernie 3-33F
Davis Ernie Elta 7/27/1896 12/16/80   84y. OS Clinton 3-33E
Davis Kenneth 4/7/28     OS Marilyn  
Davis Marilyn R. 2/16/33 2/7/02   68y. OS Kenneth 3-33C
Davis Robert Harrison 10/13/18894/9/1983   OS Cora, Mary & Russell P:JR & Sabrey Davis 93y. 3-72D
Davis Cora Elizabeth 0/0/1892 7/1/1974   82y. OS R. H., Mary & Russell MN Wilkinson 3-72C
Davis Mary E. 2/20/22 3/6/88   66y. OS R. H., Cora & Russell P: R. Harrison & Cora Wilkinson Davis 3-72A
Davis Russell Eugene 4/29/70 4/29/70   OS Opal, NT Cora 3-72B
*Davis Opal H.       ISL Robert, Cora, Mary & Russell 3-72
Davis Ella Lindley 0/0/1888 8/16/1971   82y. NT Robert Lindley 3-203F
Davis William Henry 0/0/1843 1/26/1935   91y. 11m. 12d. Co D 144 Ohio Inf NT S. Martha. Civil War Veteran 2-119A
Davis S. Martha Jinks 0/0/1869 1/20/1955   85y. NT William H. 2-119B
Davis Orville W. 3/29/05 3/11/17   12y. NT Gray 1-62A
Davis Gray 5/1/1879 3/11/17   NT Eva & John R. 1-62B
Davis Ethel J. 10/10/188312/17/70   87y. NT Gray Burial Permit reads 0-62C 1-62C
Davis Sabrey A. Jester 3/14/1860 3/11/17   56y. NT John P: Wm & Lucy Hinshaw Jester 1-62E
Davis John R. 1/30/1855 3/7/36   81y. NT Sabrey P: William & Amelia Davis 1-62F
*Davis Della May       W. of James P. 1-59
*Davis Cordelia Rinard 0/0/1886 1/23/07   21y. W. of James P. 1-59
Davis James Pet 4/30/1881 2/7/1964   82y. NT Cordelia & Della 1-59B
Davis Marcus 11/14/18850/0/1945   OS Myrtle 1-183C
*Davis Infant       Infant of Miles & Nancy 1-183A
Davis Myrtle Snider 0/0/1886 4/20/63   76y. OS Marcus 2nd H White. one record reads 1-182D 1-183D
Davis William 3/22/1839 11/6/02   63y. OS Martha P: Spencer & Amelia Bond Davis 0-13F
Davis Martha Ellen 7/4/1844 9/18/23   OS William P:Jacob & Sarah Remington 0-13D
Davis John Charles 0/0/1873 10/0/1924   51y. OS Pearl P: William & Martha Davis 0-13E
Davis Joseph S. 3/25/1855 1/15/1929   73y.OS Melissa P: Spencer & Amelia Bond Davis 0-6D
Davis Melissa Wilkinson 0/0/1864 4/14/06   OS Joseph 0-6C
Davis Pearl 11/29/18873/1/06   19y. Dt. Joseph & Melissa records read Perry 0-6E
Davis Zola Fern 4/3/1899 7/8/03   4y. NT Joseph 0-6F
Davis Elmer Jones M.D. 0/0/1868 4/12/1936   67y. 8m. 11d. OS Matie P: Lewis & Lucinda Davis 0-99A
Davis Matie McDonald 12/17/186912/8/1958   OS Elmer P: Samuel & Linnie Black McDonald 0-99B
Davis Lewis Woodward 5/22/1841 3/30/16   74y. Co.B.134 Ind.Vol.Inf. Civil War Veteran 0-101E
Davis Lucinda Elonor 0/0/1845 5/9/1920   74y. OS Lewis P: Jacob & Matilda Chappell Jones. Died in Dalton Township 0-101D
Davis Margaret A. Cory 4/9/1852 2/23/1890   37y. 10m. 14d. W OS Thomas W. P:David & Mary Weaver Cory 0-85E
Davis Edith       NT Thomas 0-85A
Davis Thomas W. 0/0/1846 11/25/1927  81y. OS Mary Jane 0-85C
Davis Infant 8/22/03 8/22/03   S Thomas 0-85F
Davis Mary Jane 0/0/1862 12/24/1936  75y. 7m. 9d. OS Thomas W. MN McVicker 0-85B
Davis Mary H. 8/19/1873 6/18/06   32y. Dt. NB & Hattie 0-100A
Davis Hattie S. Williams0/0/1845 1/2/1929   83y. NT Newton Burial Permit Harriett E. (Smith) 0-100B
Davis Newton B. 0/0/1838 12/25/1898  60y. NT Hattie P: Nathan & Hannah Moore Davis 0-100D
Davis Edgar N. 0/0/1881 12/24/1947  66y. NT Irene P: Newton & Hattie Davis 0-100F
Davis Irene Addington 0/0/1887 7/20/1961   73y. NT Edgar 0-100E
Davis Ethel 0/0/1886 5/17/1950   64y. NT Emma 0-64E
Davis Emma Allen 3/4/1860 1/17/1938   77y. OS Rusus P:James & Elizabeth Wright Allen 0-64D
Davis Rufus H. 2/23/1843 12/31/18   75y.OS Emma P: Nathan & Hannah Moore Davis 0-64F
Davis Harry 0/0/1893 9/2/1898   5y. NT Rufus 0-64C
*Davis Clara 0/0/1891 1/16/52   61y. NT Helen NT Harry 0-64B
*Davis Helen A.   9/27/66   NT Clara 0-64A
Davis Esther Ann Hill 12/8/1846 8/9/27   80y. OS Amos P: Benjamin & Lovina Hill 0-155A
Davis Amos D. 10/7/1842 1/15/02   OS Esther, 9th Ind. P: Spencer & Amelia Bond Davis Civil War Veteran one record reads 0-152B 0-155B
Davis John H. 0/0/1878 2/12/1957   79y. P: Amos & Esther Davis 0-155D
Davis Bertha Hazelton 12/10/18850/0/1950   NT Perry P: Lewis & Matilda Jones Hazelton. Burial Permit reads death 1/3/1949, body was buried 1/6/1950. signed by Ira Lundy 0-134B
Davis Perry 1/27/1881 5/18/1950   69y. NT Bertha & Maud P: Miles & Nancy Davis 0-134C
Davis Maud Shaffer 11/27/18853/3/04   19y. W Perry Dt. Eliasha & LB Shaffer 0-134D
Davis Infant Son 2/24/04 2/26/04   2d. Son of P. & M. 0-134F
Davis Nancy Jane Cory 2/2/1862 2/7/1931   69y. 5m. OS Miles P: Elijah & Lovina Lake Cory (Newhouse) 0-171A
Davis Miles 11/14/18511/3/1924   72y. 1m. 20d. OS Nancy P: Spencer & Amelia Bond Davis 0-171C
Davis Dudley Donald 0/0/1884 12/15/1926  42y. NT Jehu, Ada Craig 0-176B
Davis Lydia A. Jeffrey 0/0/1854 1/21/1927   72y. OS Jehu P: Russell & Jane Hodgson Jeffrey 0-176C
Davis Jehu N. 0/0/1843 0/0/1902   OS Lydia NT Erville 0-176D
Davis Erville Leonard 0/0/1889 7/24/1941   51y. 10m. Co B 129 MG Mn NT Jehu 0-176E
Davis Eva 0/0/1885 3/14/72   86y. NT Clara 0-190E
Davis Edna Clara 0/0/1908 1/8/1933   24y. NT Evaline & Amos D. 0-190D
Davis Amos D. 0/0/1907 2/18/1932   24y. 7m. 12d. NT Clara P: Benj. Davis 0-190C
Davis BenjaminSpencer 1/13/1885 5/27/1960   75y. OS Lelah P: Amos & Esther Davis 0-190B
Davis Lelah Mae 0/0/1885 8/26/1918   32y. OS Benjamin S. MN Addleman 0-190A
Davis Lewis Spencer 0/0/1916 0/0/1917   NT Omer 0-152F
Davis Omer 6/2/1875 11/21/19   44y. NT Lillie Canaday P: Amos & Esther Davis 0-152E
*Davis Thomas G. 0/0/1871 11/14/35   64y. 11m. 1d. ISL Emilia & Thomas Poindexter 1-41F
Davis John H.       Small marker w/no name 0-2D
Day Samuel Hamilton 1/5/1898 4/12/72   74y. Corp Co E 25 Inf WW I OS Cora 3-63F
Day Cora 0/0/1903 4/29/1985   81y. OS Samuel H. 3-63E
Dealey Jennifer Michelle 4/24/87 4/24/87   Infant 3-295F
Deardorff Dorothy 2/9/09 3/24/96   87y. NT Oliver & Nettie Between 0-179 and 4-7  
Deardorff Nettie Marshall   12/21/45   OS Oliver 4-7A
Deardorff Dr. Oliver Morton 0/0/1877 12/27/57   80y.OS Nettie P: Peter & Rosina Ulrich Deardorff 4-7B
Deardorff Mabel C. 7/16/03 11/16/86 1/31/27 83y. OS Cecil 4-7E
Deardorff Cecil R. 7/12/05 2/5/85   79y. OS Mabel 4-7F
Deardorff Porter O. 0/0/1889 3/13/1971   81y. OS Samantha 2-262F
Deardorff Samantha L. 7/10/1891 3/28/1981   89y. OS Porter 2-262E
*Delaware Infant       S. of Daniel & Mary 0-58F
Delaware Daniel W. 0/0/1848 7/29/1927   79y. 2m. 3d. OS Mary 0-58E
Delaware Mary Ann Harter 0/0/1862 1/8/1947   84y. OS Daniel 0-58C
Delaware Lura O. 0/0/1901 8/26/1978   77y. NT Daniel & Mary 0-58B
Delaware Lula P. 0/0/1903 1/25/1984   80y. NT Nellie O. Stewart Btwn. 0-58 & 57  
Deltour Zola L. Jones 0/0/1889 9/17/1957   68y. NT Laura Richardson 1-2D
Denney Elmer J. 0/0/1922 7/7/1984 9/28/40 62y. OS Donna 3-301B
Denney Donna R. 0/0/1925     OS Elmer  
Dennis Isaac Llindley 12/30/18641/25/1939   74y. OS Viola NT Howard P: W. & L. Reynolds Dennis 1-111A
Dennis Viola A. 0/0/1873 9/25/1947   73y. OS Isaac P: Joseph & Hannah Bird Thompson 1-111B
Dennis Howard W. 0/0/1901 10/7/1968 2/16/24 66y. OS Geneva NT Isaac 1-111D
Dennis Geneva B. 0/0/1906 5/0/1998   OS Howard Ashes 1-111C
Devers Colonel Hedgman 0/0/1844 2/2/1933   89y. 10m. 10d. OS Martha (Butler) 1-129B
Devers Martha Ann 8/28/1852 2/12/16   OS Colonel P: Jesse & Mary Chamness Pidgeon 1-129A
Deye David Wesley 0/0/1877 9/25/1962   84y. OS Rosella NT Wilma Warner 2-235B
Deye Rosella 0/0/1875 5/14/1950   74y. OS Wesley 2-235A
Dinkins Jackie Williams 1/27/1942 2/4/1942   8d. NT William 1-185F
Dinkins William H. 0/0/1874 7/25/1960   86y. OS Lular 1-185E
Dinkins Lular Victoria 0/0/1875 5/30/1965   90y. OS William Maiden Name Williams 1-185D
Dinkins JosephineFrances 9/24/13 12/18/19   NT Ina 1-185C
Dinkins Ina Amelia 2/4/02 11/1/19   17y. NT Josephine 1-185B
Dinkins Otis L. 11/1/04 1/21/67   62y. OS Grace 2-160C
Dinkins Grace E. 0/0/1916 12/5/1968   52y. OS Otis 2-160D
Dinkins Rickey Gerald 0/0/1948 1/29/1950   1y. 9m. 6d. NT Otis 2-160B
Dinkins Danny Robert 2/3/47 2/3/47   6 hours NT Rickey 2-160A
Dishman Wendell Scott 3/23/59 3/23/59   NT Flossie Muriel Wood 2-264A
*Dishman Leona Elizabeth 0/0/1868 10/15/60   92y. ISL Jesse & Mary Houck, Hazel & J. Fred Daniels. Died in Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana 0-168
Doughty Charley 0/0/1858 11/24/1944  86y. OS Mary 1-142B
Doughty Mary E. Brown 0/0/1864 0/0/1909   OS Charley 1-142A
Downing Dennis 10/29/183410/27/1881  46y. 11m. 29d. OS Evaline P:F. & E. Ray D. Moved from Downing Cemetery 0-44B
Downing Mary C. 5/22/1857 12/16/1863  6y. 6m. 25d. Dau. of D. & E. 0-44C
Downing Eveline 4/5/1839 8/2/1891   52y. 3m. 27d. W OS Dennis Moved from Downing MN Lennington 0-44A
Downing Arthur H. 0/0/1855 1/26/1938   82y. OS Clara P: James & Hannah Murphy 0-65C
Downing Clara B. 0/0/1855 11/18/1938  82y. OS Arthur P: David & Harriett Hunter 0-65D
Downing Grace B. Hunter 9/7/1886 7/29/1895   8y. 10m. 22d. Dt. AH & CB 0-65E
Downing Maggie 2/20/1889 7/20/1895   6y. 4m. 28d. Dt. A.H. & C.B 0-65F
Downing Mary Alice 7/22/1897 11/24/55   OS John P: Henry & Ellen Clark Bridgett 2-278C
Downing John Harvey 1/31/1862 6/27/43   81y. OS Mary P: Martha Downing 2-278D
Downing Edythe Healey 0/0/1905     OS Ernest  
Downing Ernest Leon 0/0/1900 5/6/1933   34y. OS Edythe 2-278F
*Downing Martha 3/2/1838 10/2/1897   59y.P: Francis & Elizabeth Ray Downing, never wed. ?
*Doyle Gertrude 0/0/1871 1/21/34   63y. (Buckley) W J.A. Doyle ISL Charles M. Sr. & Gladys E. Brown 2-214A
Duckworth David 3/17/44 3/17/44   10 minutes NT Paul 2-296F
Duckworth Paul J. 0/0/1895 11/23/1972  77y. OS Elva NT David Burial Permit reads 2-296E 2-296D
Duckworth Elva M. Ankrom 0/0/1898 12/13/76   78y.OS Paul P: John & Laura Johnsonbaugh Ankrom 2-296E
Dudley Boyden T. 1/3/07 3/7/75   68y. OS Minnie 2-140D
Dudley Minnie 8/20/09     OS Boyden  
Dudley Margarette J. 0/0/1880 6/13/1931   51y. 4m. 14d. OS Clinton "Maggie" 1-219
Dudley Clinton Otto 0/0/1877 2/8/1940   62y. OS Margarette 1-219B
Dugger Charles G. Sr. 4/11/17 5/28/85   68y. OS Beatrice & Timothy C: Connie, Kenneth, Charles, Steven & Timothy 3-201C
Dugger Beatrice G. 11/23/24 9/14/01   76y. OS Charles & Timothy 3-201B
Dugger Timothy F. 4/23/58     S Charles G. & Beatrice G. Dugger  
Duke Esther 5/17/1810 6/14/1898   88y. 28d. 3rd W James Duke Sr. (1799-1873) son of Robert & Ann Rhew Duke, James Sr. is buried w/his first two wives at Messick. Infant of Esther 0-45F
*Duke William         0-45A
Duke Sarah Emily 0/0/1865 2/0/1926   W Daniel W. P: David & Priscilla House Daniels Cemetery Record reads 1925 0-104A
Duke Daniel Webster 0/0/1858 0/0/1910   NT Emily P: Edward & Caroline Duke 0-104B
Duke Mary Ann 0/0/1855 12/17/19   Dt. Edward & Caroline 0-104C
Duke Caroline Smith 9/25/1836 10/23/08   W Edward P: Cornelius & Ann Clelland Smith 0-104D
Duke Edward Sr. 11/7/1826 11/22/12   NT Emily P: James & Catharine Reece Duke 0-104E
*Duke William "Willie" 0/0/1866 0/0/1892   26y. S. of Edward & Caroline Duke 0-104F
*Duke William 0/0/1827 0/0/1903   S. of James & Catharine Reece Duke ?
*Duke William N. 0/0/1866 8/11/31   65y. died in St. John's Hospital, Anderson, IN. Bill was paid by Glen Houck ?
Dunn Emery Fookes 0/0/1917 2/18/73   56y P: David & Martha Dunn 2-20D
Edington Daniel Lee 0/0/1959 5/16/1988   28y. P: Robert A. & Ladyne Edington 3-30D
*Edstene William 9/26/50 9/26/50   ISL James Williams P: Bill & Maxine Edstene 2-12F
Eilar Ormal L. 0/0/1924 8/0/1924   OS Ormal 2-67B
Eilar Lois C. 0/0/1925 2/18/1926   4m. OS Arma 2-67A
Elam Ula Martha 0/0/1896 7/17/1973   77y. NT Marguerite Martin 3-290A
Elliott Murry Harold 4/1/17 12/9/23   S Claud & Estella 1-213A
Elliott Wendell Max 4/5/44 11/27/44   7m. Infant of Myron 1-213B
Elliott Myron "Monk" 4/1/17 3/24/02   84y. 1-213E
Elliott Estella Bird 9/14/1892 2/6/76   83y. OS Claud P: Jerome & Ellen Pidgeon Bird 1-213D
Elliott Claud 5/8/1885 2/2/1947   61y. OS Estella P: Ola Elliott 1-213C
Elliott Doris 1/3/11 1/3/11   OS Gwen 4-7C
Elliott Gwen D. 3/29/07 10/15/74   67y. OS Doris 4-7D
Ellis Helen Josephine 0/0/1911 10/10/1983  72y. OS Mike 0-91A
Ellis Kermit C. "Mike" 0/0/1908 2/23/77   69y. OS Helen 0-91B
Ellison James B. 10/18/36   8/14/65 OS Norma Lot 3-15 E & F  
Ellison Norma J. 4/9/42     OS James  
Ellson Louisa 0/0/1882 0/0/1945   OS William 2-256C
Ellson William S. 0/0/1882 6/17/1957   74y. OS Louisa 2-256D
Ellson William L.       Owns 2-225C & D  
Enoch Reva Ethola 0/0/1912 7/31/1973   60y. NT Jewell Welborn NT Frank & Isma Shultz 2-139A
*Enoch Foster 0/0/1891 9/15/1984   93y. NT Reva 2-139B
Ertel Dessie 0/0/1877 7/6/1955   77y. OS Oscar 1-226E
Ertel Cornelious Oscar 0/0/1864 1/13/1936   71y. OS Dessie 1-226F
Ertel Albert Lloyd 0/0/1901 0/0/1920   NT Oscar 1-226D
Ertel Robert Ralph 0/0/1909 0/0/1944   NT Albert 1-226C
Estes Barney E. 0/0/1919 3/15/1980   60y. OS Kathryn 3-277F
Estes Kathryn C. 0/0/1923 11/13/98   75y. OS Barney 3-277E
Evans James Robert 6/4/36 6/7/36   3d. P: Robert Evans 2-13F
Evans Rev. Overton E. 0/0/1853 11/16/1932  79y. OS Catharine & Clarence 1-143C
Evans Catharine 0/0/1858 0/0/1944   NT Albert 1-143B
Evans Clarence 0/0/1902 1/16/1914   11y. OS OE & Catharine Died in Muncie 1-143A
Evans Herbert C. 8/25/1895 12/20/84   89y. OS Dora 1-169A
Evans Dora A. 0/0/1897 9/17/1969   72y. OS Herbert 1-169B
Evans William Garfield 0/0/1880 6/25/1938   58y. NT Lula 0-108E
Evans Lula Thornburg 0/0/1885 10/29/1979  94y. NT William, Orville Thornburg 0-108D
Evans Infant Son 0/0/1914 0/0/1914   NT William & Lula 0-108F
Evans Douglas Ray 9/2/1936 10/5/1952   16y. S OS Cecil & Carl 4-19A
Evans Cecil S. 0/0/1912 11/28/1994  OS Carl & Douglas 4-19B
Evans Carl C. 0/0/1910     OS Douglas & Cecil  
*Evans Clayton       NT Irene 0-153C
*Evans Irene       NT Clayton 0-153D
Fadely Anthony Eugene 0/0/1942 8/5/1942   2m. NT Clarence 2-279A
Fadely Clarence E. 5/29/09 2/11/76   66y. P: William & Martha Ice Fadely 2-279B
Fadely Beatrice M. 4/1/1904 6/13/99   95y. Dt. WP & M 2-279D
Fadely Martha Alice Ice 0/0/1880 12/21/1963  83y. OS W P & Beatrice 2-279E
Fadely William Perry 0/0/1867 5/22/1938   71y. OS Martha & Beatrice 2-279F
Fannin Infant 1/15/61 1/15/61   Stillborn Infant Dt.of Richard Burial Permit reads 0-112D 3-155D
Farlow Myrtle Lenora 9/15/1875 5/12/1970   94y. NT William 1-9A
Farlow William S. 8/27/1832 6/18/25   92y. 9m. 22d. OS Leuwezer P: E. & M. Stanton. Civil War Veteran 1-9F
Farlow Leuwezer 1/12/1834 12/11/21   87y. 10m. 29d.OS Wm P: B. & I. Beckerdite. Burial Record reads name as Louisa 1-9D
*Farlow David L. 0/0/1863 6/0/1928   65y. 1m. 7d.  
*Farlow David 5/4/1863 5/4/1863   P: Wm & Leuwezer Beckerdite Farlow 1-9B
*Farlow Edward 3/28/1868 3/28/1868   P: Wm & Leuwezer Beckerdite Farlow 1-9C
Farlow Clyde Alvin 8/20/1890 1/1/1956   65y. OS Lottie F. & Flora Main 2-276E
Farlow Lottie McVicker 0/0/1903 6/11/1991   88y. OS Clyde F. & Flora Main 2-276D
*Farlow Marjorie Ellen 0/0/1917 6/5/80   63y. ISL Candy Joella Wollam 2-134E
*Farlow William Edward 0/0/1878 6/18/46   Burial Permit gives age as 78y. died at Seymour ?
Farmer Eddy Thomas 6/9/1895 9/25/1956   61y. OS Lenora WW I 3-154A
Farmer Lenora Belle 0/0/1900 3/7/1967   66y. OS Eddy (Hamilton) 3-154B
Faulkner FlorenceElizabeth 0/0/1919 4/19/2001   81y. Sister Flo & Pepi 3-95E
Fear Don C. 0/0/1888 5/11/1932   44y. NT Roy & Maye Reece 1-184F
Felton Howard 0/0/1905 8/27/1976   71y. OS Ethel P: Riley & Margaret Felton 3-234B
Felton Ethel M. 0/0/1904 10/20/1992  88y. OS Howard 3-234A
Felton Ronald V. 0/0/1894 9/6/1987   92y. NT Nellie 0-16B
Felton Nellie G. 0/0/1894 4/13/1988   93y. NT Ronald 0-16A
Fields Theola Lewis 12/20/37 12/31/00   63y. NT Nathan Lewis W of Russell Fields P: Nathan & Mattie Lewis 2-138A
Fleming Ronald R. 1/15/47 4/24/83   36y. P: Robert R & Betty R Holcomb Fleming 3-102D
Fleming Robert R. 12/12/25 2/8/01   75y. OS Betty C: Ronald, Karen & Danny Vet. 3-102F
Fleming Betty R. Holcomb 12/5/1925     OS Robert P: Glen & Bernetha Houser Holcomb  
Fleming Frank Columbus 2/16/1861 1/15/38   76y. OS Margaret P: Winston & Mary Williams Fleming 2-59F
Fleming Margaret E. Lines 7/6/1865 9/6/25   60y.OS Franklin P:John & Catharine Johnson Lines 2-59E
Fleming Clay C. 0/0/1887 11/18/1931  44y. NT Onia P: Franklin & Margaret Fleming 1-45B
Fleming Onia M. 0/0/1881 12/7/1974   93y. NT Clay 1-45A
Fleming Clyde J. 1/7/1894 2/19/75   81y. OS B. Irene P: Franklin & Margaret Fleming 2-33D
Fleming Bessie Irene 0/0/1896 8/11/1929   33y. OS Clyde 2-33E
Fleming Laura M. Hoover 3/17/1912 3/10/1996   83y. OS Charles NT Clyde 1st H Thompson 2nd H Clyde Fleming 3rd H Jones 2-33C
Fleming Charles Alvin 0/0/1932 7/9/1958   OS Laura 2-33B
Fleming Lowell Edward 0/0/1925 8/18/1943   18y. "Bud" NT Claude one record reads E 2-32F
Fleming Claude 0/0/1894 8/1/79   85y. OS Hildra P: Franklin & Margaret Fleming 2-32C
Fleming Hildra Pidgeon 0/0/1897 4/7/1980   83y. OS Claude C: Margaret & Lowell "Bud". 2-32D
Flowers Larry W. 3/28/55   8/31/89 OS Guyla  
Flowers Guyla G. 5/2/52 5/9/97   45y. OS Larry P: Robert & Betty Hainline Robbins C: Shannon, Christy, Derrick & Doug 3-45C
Flynn Dewey William Sr. 5/7/07 11/1/66   59y. OS Margaret 3-107C
Flynn Margaret P. 3/22/11     OS Dewey MN Caylor  
Flynn Terry Ann 9/21/47 6/16/48   9m. Dt. Dewey P: Dewey & Margaret Flynn 3-107A
Flynn Barry Steven 3/16/51 3/16/51   P: Dewey & Margaret Flynn 3-107
Flynn Bruce Caylor 3/16/51 4/12/01   50y. P: Dewey & Margaret Flynn 3-107E
Foland Vessie L. 5/27/1877 3/30/04   Dt. Elisha & Lovina Lake Cory 0-172C
*Foland Clarence       NT Vessie 0-172
*Foland Child       C. of Clarence & Vessie 0-172D
*Foland Child       C: of Clarence & Vessie 0-172E
*Foland Child       C: of Clarence & Vessie 0-172F
Forrest Emma E. 0/0/1879 12/26/1969  91y. OS John 2-252E
Forrest John Leon 0/0/1878 4/11/1947   68y. OS Emma 2-252F
*Fouts Leander 0/0/1865 4/23/35   70y. 5m. 8d. NT Mary 1-58E
Fouts Mary E. 0/0/1855 0/0/1915   NT Sclumon 1-58F
Fouts Sclumon 11/18/18462/6/09   62y. 2m. 18d. P: Daniel & Martha Allen Fouts 0-19F
Fouts Sarah E. 4/26/1848 9/5/00   53y. 4m. 9d. W S 0-19E
Foutz Clara B. 0/0/1859 8/8/51   92y. OS Reuben & Polly Collinsworth 1-150C
Fowler Rose Marie 3/18/36   9/26/54 OS William  
Fowler William Lee 10/3/31 5/8/01   69y. OS Rose Marie Veteran 2-105F
*Fowler Ray Infant       Grandson of Charles S of Betty (E) or 0-115F
Fowler Reva Deloris 4/4/39 4/4/39   Stillborn Dau. of Wibur & Eva Jane 0-115F
Fowler Betty M. 6/20/28 10/20/29   1y. 4m. (F) or 0-115E
Fowler Raymond P. 0/0/1895 0/0/1946   OS R. Harold 0-115D
Fowler Ralph Harold 0/0/1900 1/8/1980   79y. OS Raymond one record reads 0-115D 0-115C
Fowler Charles E. 0/0/1866 1/17/1940   73y.OS Olive NT Ray P: Wm & Mary Beall Fowler 0-115B
Fowler Olive Jane 0/0/1872 3/30/1949   76y. OS Charles P: Jehu & Lydia Jeffrey Davis 0-115A
Fowler Benard M. 4/1/26 5/14/93   67y. NT Roy & Cora Veteran 2-253C
Fowler Cora Dell 0/0/1885 5/7/1949   63y. OS Roy one record reads 2-353B 2-253B
Fowler Roy C. 0/0/1897 11/17/1965  67y. OS Cora 2-253A
*Fox George Allison 0/0/1861 8/16/33   72y. NT Melissa P: David & Debra Cox Fox 1-140B
*Fox Melissa Covalt 0/0/1865 3/13/31   66y. NT Ethel Fox W Alfonse Fox C: Orville & Josie 1-140A
Fox Ethel 2/6/04 9/19/08   NT Melissa Fox 1-140C
Fox Hattie E. 0/0/1901 9/24/1978   77y. OS William 4-34A
Fox William Harvey 0/0/1889 5/28/1963   73y. 4-34B
Fraizer Sarah J. Kerr 0/0/1863 5/11/1941   77y. OS James P: Joseph & Matilda Ridgway Kerr 0-36E
Fraizer James H. 0/0/1860 1/23/1937   76y. OS Sarah Burial paper reads 0-86F 0-36F
Fraizer Eli W. 0/0/1848 8/23/1926   78y. NT Alice 0-102F
Fraizer Alice Davis 0/0/1855 3/29/00   NT Eli & Warren P: Nathan & Hannah Moore Davis 0-102E
Fraizer Dr. Warren Lewis 0/0/1888 3/20/1913   NT Alice 0-102D
Frame Mark L. 8/7/40 5/13/02 10/9/87 61y. 9m. 7d. 1st W Virginia 2nd W Melinda K. Jarvis P: Lawrence A. & Frances E. Skinner Frame C: Angela & Ross Moved from Webster Cemetery on November 11, 2002 3-92B
Frame Melinda K. 8/18/55     OS Mark L. C: Abigail and Joshua Golliher P: Bob & Delonda ? Jarvis  
Freer Joseph A. 0/0/1913 7/9/1980   66y. OS Crystal C: Floyd 3-80B
Freer Crystal B. 0/0/1915     OS Joseph  
Fultz Margaret J. 0/0/1856 8/29/1938   OS Edward MN Leakey 2-163A
Fultz Edward C. 0/0/1848 7/24/1936   87y. OS Margaret 2-163B
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Cemetery records show "paupers" buried on lots 1 & 2 of the original section.


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