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Mooreland, IN Cemetery

Blue River Township - Est. 1891

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      The Mooreland cemetery is located on US #36 at its intersection with the Wilbur Wright Road in Blue River Twp. in section #14, just north of mooreland.
     In 1882 Miles M. Moore laid out the "New" village of Mooreland. When the CCC & St. Louis railroad had just been completed between the villages of Blountsville and New Castle, with the site of Mooreland directly in its path and the old Mooreland cemetery located on the property of the Downing family would be next to the RR tracks, so the little village was looking for a new location for their cemetery. In1890 a committee of local residents began negotiating with the Downey family for more land to expand the cemetery, with many residents complaining that it would be too close to the railroad and the committee and the downing heirs could not agree on a price, Charles P. Moore, who owned the property just north of the village, offered to sell a small tract of land to the village for a cemetery. His offer was accepted and on 14 May 1891, the following people were elected trustees to accept the land deed for the cemetery: Charles T. Moore, Newton Davis and Abraham Wrightsman. The first grounds keeper and gravedigger was James Bales.
     After the cemetery was open for burials many families had their deceased family members re-interred in this cemetery from other older and neglected burial grounds. That is the reason you will see several gravestones that date before 1892 in this cemetery.
     Today the Mooreland cemetery is one of the best looking and best-kept cemeteries in Henry County and still used regularly for burials from all over the county.
     Thomas Hamm did the first recordings here in the spring of 1974. Norman Thornburgh and Wilma Massengale recorded the following list of internments and tombstone inscriptions in the summer of 2002. The names were taken from several records tombstones, the cemetery records, burial permits and the burial records of the local mortician Mr. Astor Main.
     As with any compilation of records you will have mistakes such as correct spelling, dates and such. If you happen to notice one, please let us know of it.
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The following is a list of abbreviations used in this list:
Dt - DaughterMN - Maiden nameOS - On same stoneS - Son
ISL - In same lot.NT - Next to.P - Parent(s)W - Wife
H - Husbandy - Yearsm - monthsd - days 
An * asterisk denotes an unmarked grave.
There are over 3,156 graves with approximately 276 of them unmarked.

A-B   C-F   G-H   I-L   M-Q   R-S   T-Z
Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathMarriageMiscellaneousSec.
*Talbert Kizzie 0/0/1874 6/0/1926   52y. Cemetery Records reads Kesial Wise. Tiabut(h) 1-203A or 1-208A  
*Taylor Malinda 0/0/1901     2nd W.of Wm Brown, NTAugustus Taylor. 1st H. (Locke) 1-70E
Taylor Augustus 0/0/1851 1/5/1892   NT Malinda 1-70F
Taylor Lewis 0/0/1850 8/9/13   63y.NT Effie P: James & Elizabeth Shaffer Taylor 1-54F
Taylor Effie Thelman 0/0/1864 11/22/1952  88y. NT Lewis P: Frank & Amanda Laboyteaux (Wilkinson) one record reads C 1-54E
Taylor Sophie Nevadie 0/0/1887 3/25/1968   80y. OS Gordon 2-101E
Taylor Gordon S. 0/0/1882 11/11/1960  78y. OS Nevadie 2-101F
Taylor John N. 8/2/02 6/6/82   79y. NT Frank & Isma Shultz NT George Glenda Johnson 2-158E
Taylor Elizabeth Devore 0/0/1845 2/7/1934   88y. OS Robert P: William & Margaret Devore C: Lucy & Henry 2-98A
Taylor Robert H. 0/0/1845 5/5/1938   93y. OS Eliza 2-98B
Taylor John W. 0/0/1924     OS Rosemary  
Taylor Rosemary Hale 0/0/1924 5/13/1990   66y. OS John 2-100E
Taylor Stephen Lee 4/2/50 3/7/00 6/12/71 49y. OS Susan Veteran 2-100D
Taylor Susan Diane 1/9/52 7/3/95   43y. OS Stephen 2-100C
Taylor Diane Marie 11/21/57 11/4/99   41y. OS George 2-100A
Taylor George Roy 11/27/52     OS Diane  
Taylor Edna L. 10/15/189511/1/1972   77y. OS WH & Jessie 2-262C
Taylor William Henry 0/0/1872 3/11/1944   72y. OS Jessie & Edna P: Robert & Eliza Taylor 2-262B
Taylor Jessie Smith 0/0/1875 12/14/1965  90y. OS WH & Edna P: Charles & Eliza Fouts Smith 2-262A
*Taylor Infant 10/26/37 10/26/37   Stillborn 2-71
Teeter Edward Clay 0/0/1888 2/24/1970   81y. OS Mabel P: Lewis L. & Mary Henninger Teeter 3-67B
Teeter Mabel G. Stauble 0/0/1893 6/12/81   87y. OS Edward 3-67A
Teetor Clinton Ray 3/15/1890 1/20/70   79y.OS Zola P: Lewis L. & Mary Henninger Teeter 3-65D
Teetor Zola Lee Houser 12/26/189410/26/79   84y. OS Clinton Ray P: Eli & Ollie Page Houser 3-65C
Teter Iva Pearl Davis 0/0/1880 8/18/1956   76y. NT William Davis P: Nelson & Mary Downing Ridgway. one record reads 1-13E 0-13F
*Thomas Frederick 0/0/1905 8/24/76   71y. ?
Thompson Nevada H. 0/0/1909 4/18/1986   76y. OS Base Kenneth & Jacqueline Cook 3-295A
Thompson Joseph H. 12/18/18458/19/1887   OS Hannah P: ARA & Sarah Cory Thompson. Civil War Veteran 2-69C
Thompson Hannah C. Bird 0/0/1849 8/0/1926   77y. OS Joseph P: Elisha & Amelia Hart Bird (Parker) 2-69A
Thompson Cora C. 8/8/1821 3/10/1825   3y. 7m. 2d. Dau. of J.H. & H.C. 2-69D
Thompson Leslie E. 5/30/01 2/8/90 0/0/1922 88y. OS Hettie Veteran 3-113B
Thompson Hettie 0/0/1903 11/6/1970   67y. OS Leslie 3-113A
Thompson Frank H. 0/0/1883 1/2/1959   75y. OS Otie 1-96D
Thompson Otie Ethel 0/0/1884 8/28/1966   81y. OS Frank 1-96E
Thompson Paul 8/28/09 8/29/09   1d. 1-96B
Thompson Charles H. 2/21/22 2/22/22   1d. 1-96
Thompson Joseph H. 5/19/08 6/9/08   20d. 1-96A
Thompson Anson R. 10/29/186910/30/1935  66y. OS Bertha P: Joseph & Hannah Thompson 1-97A
Thompson Bertha O. 10/25/18733/15/1947   73y. OS Anson P: Martin & Sarah Bookout Maulsby (Gertie) 1-97B
Thompson Myron Paul 1/8/1892 7/22/1910   18y. NT Anson Died in Stoney Creek Township 1-97C
Thompson Orrel Maulsby 1/3/1901 12/27/1932  31y. 11m. 24d. US Artillery P: Anson R. Thompson 1-97D
Thompson Merchant James 0/0/1904 10/4/1963   59y. OS Audrey NT Anson 1-97E
Thompson Audrey L. 0/0/1907 0/0/1993   OS Merchant 1-97F
Thompson Georgia 0/0/1873 3/17/1942   NT Omer W. & Berniece Trout 1-114D
Thompson Noah J. 2/1/1874 4/13/1931 5/31/00 57y. 2m. 12d. NT Lora P: Samuel & Mary Barkley Thompson. C: Robert, Clarence Alonzo & Kenneth 1-166B
Thompson Leora E. Waltz 9/5/1884 5/23/1923   W Noah P: Aaron & Sarah Raffe Waltz. Burial Record reads Lura Ethel 38y. 7m. 18d. 1-166A
Thompson Walter 0/0/1886 5/16/1941   55y. one record reads 0-186. NT William L. & Myrtle L. Koons 0-157F
Thornburg Ervin Alfred 9/24/15 8/3/93   77y. OS Martha P:Anson E. & Bertha Adams Thornburgh 3-42B
Thornburg Martha Lucille 6/30/20 9/21/01   81y. OS Ervin MN Hallman P: Andrew Hallman C: Julie, Sarah, Alfred, Sue, Mark, Jennifer, Karl, Kevin, Jon & Margaret 3-42A
Thornburg Jesse C. 0/0/1835 1/6/1918   82y. NT Charles L. & Maude S. Waters 1-58A
Thornburg Charles W. 11/2/07 9/4/86   78y. OS Alpha C: Phyliss 1-34B
Thornburg Alpha B. Winslow 7/9/11 4/3/75   63y. OS Charles 1-34A
Thornburg Anson Everett 1/19/1879 6/18/63   84y. OS Bertha P:James & Sarah Clevenger Thornburgh 1-34D
Thornburg Bertha Viola 1/21/1888 12/11/61   73y. OS Anson C: Charles, Clara, Dorothy, Ervin & Esley MN Adams 1-34C
Thornburg Dorothy Vern 2/17/14 8/6/14   5m. 17d. P: Anson E. & Bertha V. Adams Thornburg 1-34F
Thornburg William S. 0/0/1911 6/25/1983   71y. OS Thelma 1-93B
Thornburg Thelma I. 0/0/1917     OS William  
Thornburg Oliver M. 0/0/1872 0/0/1942   OS Bessie 1-93
Thornburg Bessie L Covalt 0/0/1877 0/0/1917   OS Oliver 1-93C
Thornburg Georgia Ann 0/0/1866 6/6/1929   62y. 6m. 3d. NT Orville MN Pierce 0-108A
Thornburg William Orville 0/0/1860 6/16/1935   75y. NT Bessie, Lula Evans 0-108B
Thornburgh James Monroe 10/25/18562/2/15 6/6/1878 58y. 3m. 8d. OS Sarah P: Wm.S.& Rachael Thompson Thornburgh 1-33F
Thornburgh Sarah Elizabeth 10/5/1857 8/19/43   85y. 10m. 14d. OS James P:Elisha & Catharine Myers Clevenger C: Anson E., William C., Elsie & Nila 1-33D
Thornburgh William C. 6/9/1883 3/24/52 12/1/05 68y. 9m. 14d. OS Hazel P: James M. & Sarah Clevenger Thornburgh Middle Name Clevenger 1-33C
Thornburgh Hazel Leona 8/25/1889 12/9/78   89y. 3m. 14d. OS William P: Samuel & Fannie Adams Wiles C: Gladys, Dale, Lee, Vada & Luva 1-33B
Thornburgh Gladys Pearl 6/4/1906 11/29/21   15y. 5m. 25d. NT William P: Wm & Hazel Wiles Thornburgh 1-33A
Thornburgh Vada Maude 5/18/14 12/20/97   83y. 7m. 2d. P: Wm C. & Hazel Wiles Thornburgh. 1-Sp. btwn. 10 & 33  
Thornburgh Norman Lee 5/6/33   11/22/51 C:Vicki, Michael, Cindy & David OS Joyce P: Lee & Pauline Werking Thornburgh (Owns 3-119 A, B, E & F)  
Thornburgh Anita Joyce 3/30/34 2/22/95   60y. 10m. 23d. OS Norman P: Dale & Docia Means Black and Robert R. McConnell 3-119A
Thornburgh Lee James 10/6/10 12/10/95 6/22/32 85y. 2m. 4d. OS Pauline C: Norman & Ronald P: William C. & Hazel Wiles Thornburgh 3-119D
Thornburgh Pauline Marie 7/15/10 8/18/03   93y. OS Lee P: Curtis & Katherine Utt Werking 3-119C
Thornburgh Dale Underwood 9/12/08 9/13/74   66y. 1d. OS Dorothy P: Wm. C. & Hazel Wiles Thornburgh 3-163F
Thornburgh Dorothy Hawkins 4/29/18 9/18/01   83y. 4m. 20d. OS Dale P: George & Nellie Abbott Hawkins C: Barbara 3-163E
Thornburgh Jacob Albert 0/0/1850 5/0/1924   73y. OS Lorinda 1-132F
Thornburgh Lorinda 0/0/1846 0/0/1918   OS Albert 1-132E
Tinkle Glenn 9/28/11 2/2/02   90y. OS Florence 1-12F
Tinkle Florence L. 9/7/14     OS Glenn Maiden Name Shaffer  
Tinkle William Henry 10/18/18562/25/04   NT Rebecca P: Samuel & Catharine Hughes Tinkle. Spelling on the stone is Tinkel 0-186C
Tinkle Rebecca Ann 4/22/1858 4/30/13   NT WH P: Jackson & Eunice Coffin Smith 0-186B
Tinkle Edith L. Huffman 0/0/1892 2/4/1984   91y. OS Jesse 2-248C
Tinkle Jesse Luther 0/0/1889 2/1/1972   82y. OS Edith 2-248D
Towe Wilfred L 7/1/22 2/28/92 5/22/48 69y. Veteran 3-109F
Towe Norma Ruth 5/3/31 2/27/61   29y. 3-109E
Towe Dainty C. 6/22/29   9/24/61 Married Winfred L.  
*Towe Pearl M.   4/0/1925   (Schweikhardt) 1-43A
Treasure Luva Hazel 0/0/1901 4/22/1927   26y. NT Clyde 1-217A
Treasure Clyde Algernon 0/0/1900 7/6/1934   34y. 2m. 20d. Pvt SATC Ind Normal School 1-217B
*Treasure James       Infant of Clyde 1-217D
Treasure Edna May 0/0/1870 5/12/1960   89y. NT Robert 1-217C
Treasure James Franklin 0/0/1872 5/28/1941   68y. OS Edna 1-217D
Treasure Robert E. 9/9/24 11/30/71   47y. PFC Co C 306 Med Regt WW II 1-217F
Trees Eliza Jane 0/0/1855 12/9/1938   83y. OS Newton 1-203E
Trees Newton A. 0/0/1855 8/0/1925   71y. 3m. 18d. OS Eliza Record reads 1926 1-203F
Trimble Claude A. 0/0/1909 12/5/1980   71y. OS Catherine 2-168F
Trimble Catherine L. 0/0/1910 12/19/2001  91y. OS Claude 2-168E
Trout Harold Lee 2/5/35 6/23/94 12/30/85 59y. OS Barbara 2-43B
Trout Barbara A. 2/9/38     OS Harold  
Trout Russel E. 0/0/1924 5/28/1979   54y. OS G. Marie 2-43D
Trout G. Marie 0/0/1924 0/0/2002   OS Russel 2-43
Trout Harold Herbert 0/0/1905 1/19/1960 0/0/1934 54y. OS Marie 2-43F
Trout Laura Marie 0/0/1914 10/15/1969  55y. OS Harold 2-43E
Trout Omer W. 0/0/1905 4/12/1971   66y.OS Berneice Btwn. 1-114 - 132  
Trout Berniece 0/0/1905 2/3/1996   OS Omer (Souliere) one record reads 2-114F 1-114F
Tuck George "Edd" 5/1/27 8/2/02 10/13/83 1st W Norma Jean 2nd W Joyce Wilson P: Earl & Gussie Parks Tuck Veteran OS Opal J. 5-392F
Tuck Opal J. 0/0/1936     OS George "Edd"  
Tucker Paul D. 4/6/1922 5/30/1992   70y. OS V. Louise Veteran 3-230E
Tucker V. Louise 0/0/1920     OS Paul Lot 3-230 E & F  
Tucker Ore Frankford 0/0/1870 1/31/40   70Y. NT Ben & Flora Grissum 0-77B
Tullis Arna Baker 0/0/1865 0/0/1945   OS Sister Mansfeld Baker 2-87D
*Turner Eva B. 0/0/1896 12/26/64   68y. NT Nora V. Hart 2-286C
Turner Dorian L 0/0/1915 6/20/1993   78y. "OS Rebecca 3-296E
Turner Rebecca M. 0/0/1916 2/6/1999   82y. OS Dorian 3-296D
Turner Jonas 0/0/1873 12/9/1952   79y. OS Myrtle 2-74C
Turner Myrtle Olive 0/0/1873 12/2/1939   66y. Hartman (Hoover) 2-74A
Turner J. Newton 9/12/1896 6/30/1959   62y. OS Gladys 2-32B
Turner Gladys Marie 0/0/1898 2/17/1959   60y. OS J. Newton (Lyons) 2-32A
Turner Daniel 0/0/1879 1/18/82   102 Years 1-155B
Turner Addie Minnie 0/0/1876 0/0/1920   NT Raymond 1-155A
Turner Raymond E. 10/20/06 2/1/08   NT Addie 1-155D
Turner Gladys A. 10/29/11 3/28/12   6m. Dt. DW & ME 1-155C
Turner Carrie L. 3/1/1895 3/9/1969   74y. OS Herschel P: Jacob & Elvira Current Acker 2-174A
Turner Herchel 8/27/1890 2/18/1972   81y. OS Carrie P: Phillip & Louisa Courtney Turner 2-174B
Turner Mary E. Cory 0/0/1866 1/16/1950   83y. OS George Burial Permit reads 2-200D 2-200C
Turner George H. 0/0/1871 4/5/1956   85y. OS Mary 2-200D
*Turner Minnie E. 0/0/1883 8/0/1923   40y. 10m. 20d. ?
Ulmer Vinora Ellen 0/0/1862 3/16/1918   55y.NT Charles ISL O.P.Shaffer P:Daniel & Sarah Ogle Shaffer 0-26E
Ulmer Charles S. 0/0/1865 5/20/1940   74y. NT Vinora 0-26F
Ulrich Samuel 0/0/1870 5/13/1930   58y. 11m. 15d. ISL David Wise 0-14C
Ulrich David 5/19/1846 2/24/04   57y. NT Louisa 0-174B
Ulrich Louisa H. Koons 7/25/1848 2/24/04   55y. NT David P: Joseph & Lucinda Ray Koons 0-174A
VanGordon Isaac C. 0/0/1893 11/1/1968 12/20/13 75y. OS Stella. C: Angelene, Elsie, Wanita & Evelyn 1-21D
VanGordon Stella Conway 9/15/1892 1/14/1980   87y. OS Isaac 1-21C
VanGordon Mary Louise 9/24/14 8/6/20   5y. NT Isaac 1-21
VanGordon Ruth Maxine 6/12/22 6/30/22   18d. NT Stella 1-21B
*VanGordon Infant       Infant of J.C. 1-21A
VanHoose Alfred Carroll 11/30/32     OS Ida  
VanHoose Ida M. Pope 0/0/1893 7/28/1978   85y. OS Alfred C: Katherine, Clarice, Priscilla, Sylvia, Dale & Fred 1-169C
Voiles Brenda Lee 2/7/61 2/22/61   15d. NT Sharon Ann Bolinger east 1-208D
Voiles Ruby H. 11/30/31 8/1/01   69y. NT Hyla & Dorothy Wilkinson 1-Sp. btwn. 207 & 208  
Vores Charles Edgar 0/0/1901 8/28/1963   62y. OS Jeanette P: Jehu & Laura Vores 3-200B
Vores Jeanette Reece 1/5/1910 11/29/1994  84y. OS Charles 3-200A
Vores Phyllis A. 0/0/1930 8/2/1990   59y. P: Charles & Jeanette Vores 3- Btw. 197 & 200  
Vores Jimmie D. 10/3/46   5/15/82 OS Marilyn  
Vores Marilyn 12/6/52     OS Jimmie  
Vores Jehu J. 10/16/186610/27/1932  66y. 11d. OS Laura P: James 0-33E
Vores Laura Belle 0/0/1874 11/2/1946   72y. OS Jehu P: Richard & Amelia Niccum 0-33D
*Vores Infant       C JJ & Laura 0-33B
Vores Flora Bell 9/2/1872 3/2/1892   19y. 6m. W J.J. Vores MN Manifold 0-33F
*Vores Harley E. 12/17/187912/29/30   51y. 12d. S George & Mary J. 2-294
Vores George J. 0/0/1873 0/0/1942   ISL Harley, Elnora & James H Daisy Cook Vores 2-294A
*Vores Elnora May 8/26/1881 2/25/12   2nd W James P: Thomas & Naomi Groble 2-294
*Vores James M. 6/30/1871 2/19/55   83y. P: James & Mary Davis Vores 2-294B
Waggoner Fern S. 0/0/1902 8/31/1977   74y. OS Bennett 2-267A
Waggoner Bennett H. 0/0/1902 12/24/1975  73y. OS Fern 2-267B
Walker Francis William 0/0/1944 8/26/1949   4y. Infant of Francis 3-43A
Walker George E. 12/28/29 9/10/93   63y. OS Thelma C: Pam, Tom, Tim & Clint. Veteran 1-115F
Walker Thelma Jones 5/18/1933 6/25/1985   52y. OS George P: Clarence H. & Florence M. Riley Jones 1-115E
Walker Rex Allen 0/0/1953 12/18/1955  2y. Son 2-117D
Walker Mary Della 0/0/1879 4/29/1964   84y. OS Wade 2-117E
Walker Barton Wade 0/0/1878 7/31/1951   72y. OS Della 2-117F
Walker Robert Howard 0/0/1921 12/21/1936  15y. NT Waudonetta M. Polly 2-118F
Walker Donald W. 1/7/1908 10/26/1978  70y. OS Lena 2-122F
Walker Lena M. 8/14/1909 10/5/2001   92y. OS Donald 2nd H Sitton. one record reads 2-31E 2-122E
Wallace Wanda C. Pope 4/16/17 7/25/96 9/12/47 NT Phyllis Pope P: Lawrence & Eva Barrett Pope W of Edward E."Gene"Wallace (6-19-1914-12-9-1977) his P: John & Hazel Modlin Wallace C: Judy & Tammy 2-189C
Wallen Hansford L. 5/31/21 3/18/95 3/9/41 73y. C: Catherine & Annette Veteran 3-238F
Wallen Grace E. Peters 8/27/25     OS Dorothy Heckathorn  
*Walls Della May 0/0/1926 11/0/1928   1y. 9m. 4d. Bill paid by Edward Walls ?
Walradth Grace 0/0/1888 7/11/1965   77y. OS Glade 2-222E
Walradth Glade 0/0/1886 3/28/1969   82y. OS Grace C: Marian, Glendabell, Verl, Robert & Berl 2-222F
Walradth Merrell E. 0/0/1881 0/0/1942   OS Cora 2-222C
Walradth Cora Lee 0/0/1887 9/5/1959   72y. OS Merrell 2-222D
Walradth Viretta E. 0/0/1854 11/16/1931  77y.OS Eli MN Wisehart 2-222A
Walradth Eli W. 0/0/1851 11/14/1935  84y. OS Viretta P: Mark & Sallie Warner Walradth 2-222B
*Walter Twins 1/5/58 1/5/58   P: Harry 1-91F
Walter Harry Cebert 0/0/1886 1/5/1938   51y. 4m. 12d. Pvt Coastal Artly Cp NB P: Roscoe & Ida Walter 1-91E
Walter Hazel 0/0/1894 11/5/1980   85y. NT Harry 1-91D
Walter Harvey Roscoe 6/18/23 8/19/87   64y. NT Jacob Acker NT George Luke Veteran 2-180A
Walter George Edward 0/0/1915 2/20/99   OS Thelma & Charles B. Ashes 4-24-99 one record reads 2-102B 2-102D
Walter Thelma H. 0/0/1919 3/20/1976   56y. OS George & Charles 2-102E
Walter Charles Edward 0/0/1947 3/7/1976   28y. OS George & Thelma 2-102F
Walter Ida M. Abshire 6/11/1870 1/16/1955   84y. OS Roscoe P: CB & Mary Wilson Abshire 2-195E
Walter Roscoe Samuel 1/10/1856 3/3/1931   75y. 5m. 2d. OS Ida P: Samuel & Elizabeth Stephens Walter 2-195F
Walter Clide Samuel 1/3/1888 7/18/72   84y. PFC WW I NT Rosamond Greene 2-182A
Waltz Donald Eugene 4/6/23 3/7/02 4/25/43 78y. OS Norma P: Benj. F. & Nila Thornburgh Waltz 1-6B
Waltz Norma Caroline 8/12/23     OS Donald C: Jay Daniel & Douglas MN: Keys  
Waltz Benjamin Franklin 6/16/01 7/1/88   87y. OS Nila P: Aaron & Leanna Waltz. Betty L.,Donald & Bernard Ray 1-6C
Waltz Nila Maude 5/27/01 11/7/83   82y. OS Benjamin James & Sarah Clevenger Thornburgh 1-6D
Waltz Betty Louise 1/12/22 3/22/22   NT Benjamin one record reads 1-6F P: Benjamin Franklin & Nila Maude Thornburgh Waltz 1-6E
Waltz Alonzo Edward 11/22/18961/24/82   85y. OS Gladys P: Aaron & Leanna Waltz C: Edith, William & Myra 2-53F
Waltz Gladys M. Luellen 11/28/18992/20/1950   50y. OS Alonzo P: Alstophus & Martha Ridgway Luellen 2-53E
Waltz William E. 12/8/1923 2/25/1987   63y. OS Wilma NT Alonzo 2-53D
Waltz Wilma J. Cleek 3/2/1928     OS William  
Waltz Daniel 3/6/1868 8/7/47   79y. OS Sarah 1-130C
Waltz Sarah A. Shaffer 1/8/1866 7/23/15   49y. OS Daniel 1-130A
Waltz Edward 12/23/187210/31/1951  78y. OS Emma P: Eli & Mary Waltz. one record reads 0-11B 0-11E
Waltz Emma Mote 1/6/1875 1/25/1962   86y. OS Edward C: Kathryn 0-11F
Waltz Mary Ann Heller 0/0/1869 4/12/04   35y. NT Edward C: Elmer, Clarence, Ernest & Henry 0-11D
Waltz Clarence 10/16/18949/20/1954 12/12/14 59y. OS Ethel P: Edward & Mary Ann Waltz 0-11B
Waltz Ethel Naomi 0/0/1897 1/5/1951   53y. OS Clarence P: Ila Cory C: Neata Marie, Norman Leroy & Pearl Louise 0-11A
Waltz Nancy Ellen 0/0/1848 9/19/1927   NT Jefferson P: Thomas & Mournan Lamb Sears 1-197D
Waltz Jefferson 0/0/1845 4/15/12   NT Nancy P: Daniel & Mary Fouts Waltz 1-197C
*Waltz Ollie       Infant of Jefferson 1-197E
Waltz Oliver Test 0/0/1859 8/11/10   51y. OS Laura P: Peter & Margaret Main Waltz 1-135F
Waltz Laura E. Shaffer 0/0/1860     OS Oliver  
Waltz Eli 0/0/1850 2/19/1925   74y. OS Mary P: Daniel & Mary Fouts Waltz C: Edward, Ida, Daniel & Lena 1-125F
Waltz Mary Elizabeth 0/0/1850 2/2/28   77y. OS Eli Maiden Name Baker 1-125E
Waltz Daniel 0/0/1880 5/19/1946   66y. OS Emma P: Eli & Mary E. Baker Waltz C: Elizabeth & Lorene 1-125C
Waltz Emma F. Niccum 0/0/1884 10/25/1958  75y. OS Daniel P: David & Jane Ingram Niccum 1-125B
Waltz Elizabeth 0/0/1904 6/15/20   NT Daniel & Emma 1-125A
Waltz Aaron 1/30/1862 8/13/1935 8/8/1883 73y. OS Leanna P: Daniel & Mary Fouts Waltz C: Laura, Grace, Clarence, Mabel, Verna, Alonzo, Mata & Benjamin 1-168B
Waltz Leanna Raffe 4/24/1863 3/9/09   OS Aaron (Lena) 1-168A
Waltz Infant 2/17/1891 2/17/1891   Infant Dt. of Aaron 1-168C
Waltz Mata Ellen 0/0/1899 10/25/1984  85y. NT Aaron 1-168D
Waltz Elmer 2/5/1892 4/16/1980 12/25/13 88y. OS Venus C: Ramona Elaine & Nondis Inez 2-195C
Waltz Venus Walter 0/0/1894 1/6/75   80y. W Elmer P: Roscoe & Ida Abshire Walter 2-195D
Waltz Norman L. 1/2/1920   8/14/38 OS Mary C: Treva & Daniel  
Waltz Mary M. 9/3/1918 8/7/02   OS Norman P: B. Wade & Mary Della Clark Walker 2-116E
*Waltz Frederick Leon 0/0/1918 9/22/41   23y. 0-175B
Waltz Dora E. 0/0/1865 1/18/03   38y. OS Alfred & Emma 0-175D
Waltz Emma Leakey 0/0/1867 5/9/1959   93y. OS Alfred & Dora P: Ephrian & Catherine 0-175E
Waltz Alfred Lewis 0/0/1857 1/6/1946   88y.OS Emma & Dora P: Peter & Margaret Main 0-175F
Waltz Fern 0/0/1894 9/15/02   8y. Dau. of A.L. & E.L. 0-175A
Waltz Clarence Grover 5/3/1889 3/12/1959 5/31/19 69y. OS Anna one record reads 2-225B 2-255B
Waltz Anna M. Routh 5/29/1894 1/20/1957   62y. OS Clarence (Miller) C: Ruby Irene 2-255C
*Waltz Thomas Lee 5/19/34 9/19/35   1y. 4m. C Henry 2-106A
*Waltz Eliza Kiser 0/0/1851 6/1/11   60y. W Lewis 1-114B
*Waltz Frank 0/0/1881 4/8/35   55y. S Lewis & Eliza 1-114C
*Waltz Jesse 0/0/1885 2/23/71   87y. S Lewis & Eliza 1-114E
*Waltz Lewis 0/0/1846 3/23/19   73y. 1-114A
Waltz Bernard Ray 4/25/27   4/25/52 OS Barbara Jean P: Benjamin Franklin & Nila Maude Thornburgh Waltz (5-16C, D, E & F)  
Waltz Barbara Jean 4/24/32     OS Bernard Ray P: Norvel F. Blackwell C: Shawn Marlene & Leanna Jean No Stone Yet  
Wampole Clara M. 0/0/1873 5/26/1966   93y. OS George A. 1-153A
Wampole George A. 0/0/1871 12/1/1917   45y. OS Clara Died in Wayne Township 1-153B
Wampole Holland Roscoe 0/0/1906 8/10/1908   1y. OS Clara & George 1-153C
Wampole Marie M. 0/0/1908 0/0/1908   OS Clara & George 1-153D
Wantz Howard E. 0/0/1913 1/12/1970   56y. OS Marjorie 3-199F
Wantz Marjorie H. 0/0/1916     OS Howard  
Wantz George W. 2/5/1893 11/5/1953   60y. OS Ruby P: Eli & Susan Wantz 2-192C
Wantz Ruby May 0/0/1890 2/26/1959   68y. OS George P: Frank & Emma Stone Anderson 2-192D
Wardlow Revilo Claude 12/21/30 1/21/34   3y. 29d. P: Carl & Lois Baker Wardlow 2-58E
Wardlow Carl D. 10/31/03 10/23/91 10/25/24 87y. OS Lois Between 3- 62 & 71  
Wardlow Lois Ivalou 3/29/04 2/27/90   85y. OS Lois 3-62F
Warner Francis Clinton 3/27/1908 12/16/81   72y. OS Wilma 2-235D
Warner Wilma Irene 9/29/1909 9/8/1995   85y. OS Francis NT Wesley Dye 2-235C
*Warner Rosa Belle 3/17/1884 1/21/17   32y. W William T. MN Landes 1-50
*Warner William T. 12/25/1872      1-50F
*Warner Will         1-149A
Warren Ray E. 12/6/05 8/25/06   8m. Son of E.D. & E.R. Warren 1-186F
Warren Edward D. 0/0/1847 6/23/1933   85y. 5m. 25d. OS Ella 1-186B
Warren Ella R. 0/0/1867 0/0/1919   OS Edward 1-186A
Waters George F. 2/2/28   7/2/49 OS W. Lorene  
Waters Wilma Lorene 8/16/20 10/20/00   80y. OS George 5-6E
Waters Sarah C. Rogers 2/5/1861 3/27/1887   26y. 1m. 22d. W George 1-27A
Waters George Morrison 7/30/1853 10/21/1932  79y. OS Anna P: James & Margaret Waters C: Charles, Robert & Lucy 1-27B
Waters Anna Laura 0/0/1861 7/25/1941   80y. 6m. 19d. OS George (Eckard) C: Robert & Charles 1-27C
Waters Robert C. 6/11/1899 12/29/54   55y. Staff Srgt HQ 5 Ser Dept WW I NT George 1-27D
Waters Charles L. 1/3/1892 8/8/1956   64y. OS Maude P: George & Anna Waters 1-27E
Waters Maude S. 0/0/1896 8/4/1991   94y. OS Charles MN Williams 1-27F
Waters Emerel 9/9/02 8/6/91   88y. W Robert C. Waters Cremated 1-27D
Waters James Leonard 9/16/1817 2/19/1894   76y. 5m. 3d. OS Margaret P: Geo. & Mary Davis 1-28D
Waters Margaret J. 1/7/1828 12/18/08   80y. OS James L. P: Peter & Rebecca Jones Current 1-28B
Waters Willie Claude 8/15/1871 6/11/1886   14y. 9m. 27d. Son of J.L. & M.J. 1-28A
Waters Russell 0/0/1911 2/13/2000   89y. NT Wilbur Veteran 1-124C
Waters Wilbur Norris 11/27/189110/30/1973  81y. OS Madge P: Frank & Lovada Waters 1-124E
Waters Madge M. 0/0/1891 6/23/1950   58y. OS Wilbur C: Russell MN Luellen 1-124D
Waters Frank Leslie 9/14/1859 9/12/1934   74y. 11m. 28d. OS Lovada P: James & Margaret Waters 1-124A
Waters Lovada Smith 0/0/1871 9/0/1920   OS Frank NT Wilbur 1-124B
Waters Coleman Peter 10/19/18563/3/1936   79y. 4m. 4d. OS Eliza P: James & Margaret Waters C: Earl & Kenneth 0-109F
Waters Eliza F. Graham 0/0/1856 0/0/1943   OS Coleman P: David & Mary Retherford Graham 0-109C
Waters Kenneth L. 9/14/1880 1/13/77   96y. NT Coleman 0-109D
Waters Cecil Earl 11/25/18834/13/1969   85y. OS Nellie P: Coleman & Eliza Waters. one record reads D 0-109C
Waters Nellie Reece 4/4/1887 10/10/78   91y. OS Earl P: Frank & Louella Bales Reece 0-109B
*Waters Cora Lee       NT Nellie, could be Cora Lee cannot read stone 0-109A
*Waters Lydia         0-109E
Watson Charlie F. 6/18/18 12/19/89   71y. OS Luda 3-57F
Watson Luda E. 2/17/17     OS Charlie  
Watts Cecil E. 0/0/1914 8/12/1997   82y. 3-62C
Weaver Lloyd 9/18/18     OS Ina Mae  
Weaver Ina Mae Murray 12/21/18 4/13/97   78y. OS Lloyd C: Pat 3-234C
Weaver Patty Bell Cross 0/0/1929 11/12/96   67y. C: Greg Cross & Jeff Cross. P: Verl E. & Theo Wright Pierce. btwn. 2-212 & 231  
Welborn Jewell A. Wray 11/2/06 1/1/97   NT Reva Enoch NT Orestus & Vada btwn. 2-130 &139  
Werking Chester Howard 7/29/1908 2/14/1987 8/15/36 OS Anna Marie C: Patty, Betty, Janet & Linda P: Richard & Alice Ferrell Werking 3-120C
Werking Anna Marie 1/30/1915     OS Chester MN Kritsch  
Werking Patricia Ann 5/7/38 6/6/03   65y.NT P: Chester & Anna Marie Kritsch Werking 3-120A
White Martin Luther 11/16/08 12/20/00 12/14/35 92y. 3-6B
White Verda M. 10/15/14        
White Oscar W. Jr. 0/0/1915 11/18/1982  66y. OS Marie 3-114D
White Marie Nocjar 0/0/1913 9/6/1998   85y. OS Oscar 3-114C
White Robert Eugene 0/0/1914 1/9/1998   OS Doris one record reads 3-112C 3-112D
White Doris L. Bales 0/0/1915 1/22/2001   OS Robert NT Archie Bales (D) or 3-112C
White Pearl Snyder 0/0/1896 4/22/1969   73y. NT Lewis Snyder 2-86B
White Fred R. 1/3/09 2/29/72   63y. NT Willis Oscar P: WO & Annie Vanderbeck White 1-8C
White Willis Oscar 0/0/1871 7/30/1924   OS Addie P: Philip & Nancy Modlin White 1-8E
White Addie 0/0/1873 12/31/1925  52y. OS Willis Oscar Mother of 17 children. MN Vanderbeck (Addaline) 1-8D
White Walter 0/0/1897 8/3/1921   24y.NT Willis Oscar P: WO & Addie Vanderbeck 1-8F
White Carlis Cameron 0/0/1917 3/1/1971 5/24/46 53y. OS Wilma 2-238E
White Wilma Janet 0/0/1922 12/31/1976  54y. OS Carlis NT Archie Conwell P: Archie & Luva Conwell 2-238D
White Hugh Fredrick 1/7/28 1/7/28   30 minutes P: Fred & Berneice Dakins White 0-34F
White Berneice Dakins 9/7/06 3/4/98   91y. W Fred 0-34E
*White Laura Duke 0/0/1866 8/28/47   81y. W Anders M. P: Robert & Emily Littleton Duke 1-163C
Wicker Edna Mae Bales 0/0/1913 6/18/1947   33y. OS Noland P:Frank & Ethel Snodgrass Bales C: Wava 4-16A
Wicker Noland B. 12/11/18896/7/74   84y. OS Edna P: Albert & Louise White Wicker 4-16B
Wiggins Laura Burroughs 0/0/1852 8/12/1927   OS Jane Boroughs (Hancock) 0-127C
Wiggins Dr.DulaniaSheldon 0/0/1874 4/1/63   88y. OS Gertrude 4-10F
Wiggins Gertrude Koons 0/0/1881 6/16/77   95y. OS DS P: John & Ruth Bell Koons. Burial Permit reads 4-10D 4-10E
Wiggins Mildred A. 0/0/1910 6/14/1998   88y. OS George & Joseph Earl Bacon. one record reads 4-10C 4-10B
Wiggins George M.D. 0/0/1904 5/16/1952   48y. OS Mildred & Joseph Earl Bacon 4-10A
Wiles Sanford N. 11/3/1895 8/2/1971   75y. OS Phoebe P: Samuel & Fannie Frances Adams Wiles C: Fred, Betty, Dorothy, Evelyn, Berniece, Juanita & Carl 2-191B
Wiles Phoebe A. Rosaa 8/1/1895 8/23/73   78y. OS Sanford Middle Name Armente 2-191C
Wiles Juanita Marie 0/0/1921 5/8/1938   17y. NT Sanford P: Sanford & Phoebe Rosaa Wiles 2-191E
Wiles Carl Edward 0/0/1918 12/25/1930  12y. NT Phoebe P: Sanford & Phoebe Rosaa Wiles 2-191F
Wilkinson Ronald P. 0/0/1937 10/26/19729/27/58 34y. OS Edith 3-80F
Wilkinson Edith J. 0/0/1941     OS Ronald  
*Wilkinson Infant       Infant of J. H. 0-42B
*Wilkinson Infant       Infant of J. H. 0-42E
*Wilkinson Rebecca A. 0/0/1858 7/29/40   82y. 0-42D
Wilkinson Alvah 7/30/1877 10/5/1897   20y. 2m. 6d. Son of J.H. & R.A. 0-42F
*Wilkinson John Henry 0/0/1846 12/0/1921   75y. 0-42E
Wilkinson James 0/0/1865 8/25/1941   75y. OS Luella 0-16D
Wilkinson Luella Adams 0/0/1870 4/1/1902   OS James P: Alvis & Asenath Baldwin Adams 0-16C
Wilkinson Rachel Florence 0/0/1919 2/19/1967   47y. OS Clarence 0-75C
Wilkinson Clarence 0/0/1896 2/7/1972   75y. OS Rachel 0-75D
Wilkinson Lawrence 12/6/1898 2/3/1899   OS Florence S Lorenzo & Laura 0-78B
Wilkinson Florence 12/6/1898 2/3/1899   OS Laurence Dau. Lorenzo & Laura 0-78A
Wilkinson Lorenzo 0/0/1866 3/24/1924   57y. OS Laura P: G.D. & Barbara Wilkinson 1-208F
Wilkinson Laura Belle 0/0/1872 10/5/1939   67y. OS Lorenzo P: Joseph & Mary Wright Wise Burial Permit reads 0-208E 1-208E
Wilkinson Hyla H. 0/0/1905 4/11/1970   65y. OS Dorothy P: Lorenzo & Laura 1-208B
Wilkinson Dorothy L. Bales 2/6/09 5/13/1956   47y. OS Hyla P: Frank & Ethel Snodgrass Bales 1-208C
Wilkinson John J. 8/19/1850 5/25/1914   63y. NT Jennie P: Lanson & Jane Lockwood Wilkinson 0-81D
Wilkinson Jennie 12/31/18525/6/1912   NT John J. P: Alvis & Margaret McDonald Haguewood 0-81B
Wilkinson Irene Dell Paul 7/20/1878 9/12/1952   74y. OS John F. P: Isaac & Barbara Becktell Paul 1-211C
Wilkinson John F. 2/14/1871 12/18/1954  83y. OS Irene P: Joseph & Rosanna Clark Wilkinson 1-211D
Williams Homer 0/0/1886 11/12/1935  OS Phoebe 1-1B
*Williams Lavina Pearl 1/12/29 1/12/29   Stillborn P: Homer & Phoebe Williams 1-1
Williams Pheobe Ethel 0/0/1888 1/12/1929   40y. OS Homer 1-1A
Williams Curtis 0/0/1873 7/8/1932   59y. 3m. 25d. OS Ida P: Enoch & Elvina Evans Williams C: Elmer, Ivan, Lloyd & Jesse 2-90F
Williams Ida Jane Houck 0/0/1870 2/5/1971   101y. OS Curtis NT Ivan P: Jesse & Mary Houck 2-90E
Williams Ivan Agustus 0/0/1901 4/26/1988   87y. OS Juanita NT Curtis Veteran 2-90D
Williams Juanita E. 0/0/1902 0/0/1942   OS Ivan one record reads D 2-90C
Williams Lloyd Carl 0/0/1905 9/25/1969   64y. NT Ivan & Juanita Williams 2-90B
Williams Harvey C. 0/0/1903 1/13/1962   58y. OS Kathleen 2-205A
Williams Kathleen Higgs 0/0/1907     OS Harvey  
Williams Walter 12/8/1890 12/13/1986  96y. OS Lucy 2-75D
Williams Lucy 0/0/1894 5/3/1936   42y. OS Walter 2-75D
Williams Infant 11/22/37 11/22/37   Stillborn NT James Infant of James 2-12F
Williams James Clifford 0/0/1894 1/10/1959   64y. OS Joyce C: Betty, Maxine & Marilyn 2-12E
Williams Joyce Lutes 0/0/1895 5/11/1964   68y. OS James 2-12D
Williams Harvey L. 0/0/1865 6/11/1937   72y. 1d. OS Mary NT Harry P: Obed & Christena Covalt Williams 1-109F
Williams Mary Alice 0/0/1864 1/22/1930   65y. OS Harvey C: Orville & Harry 1-109E
Williams Harry C. 0/0/1885 1/13/1957   71y. OS Ida 1-109C
Williams Ina Burroughs 7/31/1886 11/11/1976  90y. OS Harry 1-109C
Williams Orville S. 9/27/1897 10/20/1984  87y. WW I OS Mary M. 1-109B
Williams Mary M. Sheets 2/14/1902 3/17/1972   69y. OS Orville 1-109A
Williams Estella 0/0/1883 3/10/32   49y. 0-76C
*Williams Dewey V. 7/16/1899 4/3/35   35y. 8m. 18d. NT Estella 0-76B
Williams Robert A. 8/21/1913 6/21/1966   53y. OS Ramona C: Mary Ann & John 2-195A
Williams Ramona E. 0/0/1916     OS Robert  
Williams Ellanora 0/0/1878 8/10/1977   99y. OS George 2-282D
Williams George W. 0/0/1875 11/27/1949  74y. OS Ellanora Burial Permit reads 2-282F 2-282E
Wilson Anderson 7/13/1862 2/13/1953   90y. NT Rosa & Jeanette one record reads 1-138 1-139C
Wilson Rosa B. McColley 6/5/1861 2/18/1907   45y. NT Anderson 1-139A
Wilson Jeannette M. 0/0/1896 0/0/1919   NT Anderson 1-139D
Wilson Drucilla Clark 1/19/1830 4/13/10   80y. 2m. 25d. 0-189A
Wilson Fred Austin 0/0/1902 4/6/1982   80y. OS Bernetha 4-13F
Wilson Bernetha F. 0/0/1905 5/5/1965 6/28/25 59y. OS Fred 4-13E
*Wilson Patricia 0/0/1943 12/8/01   58y. 4-13C
*Wilson Infant       C Robert 1-128F
*Wilson Virginia Kathleen 6/24/44 6/30/03   59y. P: Clifton P. & Lois Helm Groce C: Cindy, Annie & Tracy 3-48B
Wise Charley B. 7/18/1862 7/17/1940   77y. OS Vina P: Joseph & Mary 0-24B
Wise Vina Adams 3/21/1867 2/5/1952   84y. OS Charley P: Alvis & Asenath Baldwin Adams 0-24A
Wise Walter Oscar 3/11/1887 12/21/63   76y. NT Margaret 1-181F
Wise Margaret L. Smith 2/14/1887 2/14/20   NT Walter 1-181E
Wise Leonard Henry 0/0/1911 10/26/198010/12/32 69y. OS Frances 1-181D
Wise Frances M. 0/0/1913 12/20/1994  81y. OS Leonard 1-181C
Wise Fredrick L. 10/0/1941 4/23/42   6m. P: Leonard & Frances 1-181D
Wise Helen L. 4/1/18 4/16/19   1y. 5d. NT Walter 1-181B
Wise Dorothy 11/23/09 11/23/09   Dau. of W.O. & M.L. 1-181A
Wise David M. 10/23/18604/30/02   41y. OS Viretta P: Joseph & Mary 0-14F
Wise Viretta Davis 12/29/18667/2/40   OS David P: William & Martha Remington Davis (Ulrich) 74y. ? 0-14E 0-14D
Wise William 0/0/1859 1/13/1913   54y. OS Viola P: Joseph & Mary Wise 0-75A
Wise Viola Brown 0/0/1859 10/0/1926   OS William P: Thaddeus & Susanna Holder Brown 0-75B
Wise Everett 11/9/1885 1/20/1898   12y. 2m. 11d. Son of W. & V. 0-75E
Wise Oscar 10/26/18905/11/1896   5y. 6m. 15d. Son of W. & V. 0-75F
Wise Joseph 2/3/1837 3/23/04   67y. 1m. 20d. OS Mary 0-131F
Wise Mary Wright 2/17/1838 2/16/06   67y.11m. 27d. OS Joseph 0-131E
Wise Orval B. 8/30/00 2/24/1969   68y. OS Louise P: Charles & Vina 4-6F
Wise Eva Louise Flinn 0/0/1905 4/28/1987 12/20/24 81y. OS Orville 4-6E
Wise Joseph A. 06/12/1929    OS Lavena P: Orval & E. Louise Flinn Wise  
Wise Lavena 3/5/1935     OS Joseph  
Wisehart Ward T. 0/0/1915 2/26/2000   85y. OS Ruth C: Nancy, Janet & John 3-33B
Wisehart Ruth Louise 0/0/1912 12/24/1985  73y. OS Ward 3-33A
Wolf Anna Marie 10/6/12 8/11/90   77y. Mother of Charlotte Cook 3-255A
Wollam Candy Joella 8/18/47 3/21/75   27y. NT Johnson no stone (Edna Glee) 2-134D
Wood Charles 0/0/1869 6/0/1928   59y. OS Winning 2-87F
Wood Winning R. 0/0/1862 3/3/1929   66y. OS Charles 2-87E
*Wood Harold Marvin 12/7/27 12/7/1927   1hour P: Charles Wood ?
*Wood Infant 10/12/41 10/12/41   Stillborn P: Charles Wood. Burial paper reads Lot 222 on E end of Original Plt. running S from well. Grave on SE corner of lot. 1-222F
Wood Elizabeth 1/7/1858 10/8/36   78y. NT Ethel Shaffer 2-239A
Wood Melvin 11/30/18668/12/49   82y. OS Nora P: John & Emaline Featherland Wood 0-30E
Wood Nora Elizabeth 9/15/1869 6/3/20   50y.W OS Melvin P: John & Martha Brown Rinard 0-30D
*Wood Eva Fern 0/0/1877 3/20/55   78y. died in Indianapolis, Indiana 0-30F
*Wood Infant   5/0/1920   Infant of Melvin Wood 0-30F
Wood Steven Albert 0/0/1863 5/25/1943   80y.OS Elva P: John & Emaline Featherland Wood 0-19B
Wood Elva Ruth Hanson 0/0/1882 7/27/1956   74y. OS SA P: Zimri & Isabel Chamness Hanson (Lykens) 0-19C
Wood Mary E. Foutz 6/6/1870 4/9/09   38y. 10m. 3d. NT SA 0-19A
Wood Orville 0/0/1892 8/30/1914   22y. OS Mary Died at Dalton 0-19D
Wood Flossie Muriel 8/31/18 4/9/93   74y. C: Bob, Joan, Sue & Lois 2-264D
Wood Fredrick 0/0/1855 2/15/1939   83y. NT Nancy Burial Permit reads 0-192B 0-182B
Wood Nancy Downing 7/14/1850 1/11/03   52y. NT Frederick P: Francis & Elizabeth Ray Downing 0-182A
*Wood Harvey F. 0/0/1886 10/21/50   64y. 0-182C
*Wood Harvey Glen 0/0/1921 7/0/1922   1year ?
*Wood 4 children       C Fred & Nancy 0-182
Wood Jesse H. 0/0/1888 7/17/1961   72y. OS Nellie 2-276B
Wood Nellie M. 0/0/1897 12/11/1977  80y. OS Jesse 2-276C
Wood Glen N. 4/5/1918 1/8/1980 9/9/39 61y. OS Pearl 2-276A
Wood Pearl Blaydes 1/27/1914 10/18/1996  1st H Glen N. 2nd H Robert J. Dye C: Ken E. & Gary D. P: Benj.N. & Elma Eunice Keltner. Btwn. 257 & 276  
Wood Pha 0/0/1886 10/8/1948   61y. NT Cora 2-265D
Wood Cora B. 0/0/1888 11/14/1966  78y. NT Pha 2-265E
*Woodson Edwin DeWayne 10/7/46 10/7/46   NT Schweickhardts 0-20C
*Wooten William       ISL John Snyder 1-179D
*Wooten Charles 0/0/1858 6/0/1923   65y. ?
Wray Rachel J. Sears 3/21/25 8/6/02   77y. H Harold P: Ernest & Pearl H. Hall Sears C: Twins Janiece & Jeanine No Stone Yet 2-130E
Wright Orlif Field 0/0/1883 2/25/1939   55y. OS Lena P: John L. & Mary Ann Howard Wright C: Theo, Frank, Mary & Ruth 1-20C
Wright Lena Waltz 0/0/1884 2/15/1967   82y. OS Orlif 2nd H: Frank Frazier P: Eli & Mary E. Waltz 1-20B
Wright Willie Anna 0/0/1871 7/26/1949   78y. NT John 2nd W of John 1-15E
Wright John Lawrence 0/0/1858 1/15/1918   59y. NT Willie 1-15D
Wright George M. 0/0/1861 0/0/1921   OS Viola P: Thomas & Rebecca Pollard Wright 1-15A
Wright Viola Florence 0/0/1863 2/7/1955   91y. OS George P: Abraham & Sarah Felton Wrightsman 1-15B
Wright Elva M. 0/0/1894 2/2/1958   63y. OS Floyd 2-154A
Wright Floyd A. 0/0/1894 11/19/1958  63y. OS Elva 2-154B
Wright Max Edward 8/26/19 5/22/97 10/11/47 77y. OS Adeline C: Roger & Cynthia Veteran 2-154C
Wright Adeline E. 6/3/27 1/4/99   71y. OS Max 2-154D
Wright Caleb Lee 5/30/82 5/301982   Stillborn NT Max & Adeline Infant of Roger 2-154E
Wrightsman Mary Ann 0/0/1876 9/11/1950   74y. NT Barbara Smith P: Daniel & ? Meiskey Neff 2-207A
Wrightsman Mark 0/0/1870 10/1/1957   87y. OS Ethel P: Abraham & Sarah Wrightsman 2-207C
Wrightsman Ethel B. 0/0/1888 8/30/1971   83y. OS Mark NT Adda Hernly 2-207D
Wrightsman James 7/8/1862 3/1/46   83y.OS Elizabeth P: Abraham & Sarah Wrightsman 1-36F
Wrightsman Rachel Elizabeth 8/13/1867 3/27/49   82y. OS James P: Solomon & Lucinda Pidgeon Bales 1-36E
Wrightsman Francis Rollin 12/0/1919 3/18/1920   3m. NT Marie Infant of Walter & Marie 1-82B
Wrightsman Lowell Wayne 6/25/1930 6/25/1930   NT Marie P: Walter & Marie Wrightsman 1-82C
Wrightsman Walter 8/15/1894 8/30/56   62y. OS Marie P: James & Elizabeth 1-82E
Wrightsman Cressie Marie 1/19/1896 10/23/1988  92y. OS Walter MN Jordan 1-82D
Wrightsman Isaac Harvey 10/24/18808/21/57   76y.12th Batty,Arty., USA, P: Abraham & Sarah Felton Wrightsman 1-151-138  
Wrightsman Abraham 0/0/1837 0/0/1910 9/5/1861 OS Sarah P: Isaac & Caroline Ray Wrightsman 1-151C
Wrightsman Sarah L. Felton 9/27/1843 8/1/1930   86y. OS Abraham P: Wm & Sarah Stonebraker Felton 1-151A
Wrightsman William W. 0/0/1868 4/3/1938   69y. NT Sarah P: Abraham & Sarah. Burial paper reads 1-133 1-151D
Wrightsman James W. 0/0/1870 1/23/1943   OS Bertha P: John & Emma 1-188E
Wrightsman Bertha Myers 0/0/1877 12/18/1958  81y. OS James W. P: Wm & Jennie Walters Myers 1-188F
Wrightsman John 0/0/1840 3/16/11   70y.OS Emma P: Isaac & Caroline Ray Wrightsman 1-133D
Wrightsman Emma Caroline 0/0/1842 7/17/15   73y. OS John P: William J. Reed 1-133B
Wrightsman Ida Jane Waltz 3/7/1874 4/25/1952   78y. P: Eli & Mary E. Waltz C: Wilbur 1-125D
Wrightsman David 0/0/1847 12/13/1927  80y.OS Martha Co A. 79th Ohio Inf. P: Wm & Jane Civil War Veteran 0-40E
Wrightsman Martha Jane 0/0/1853 3/6/1933   80y. OS David P: Ira & Malinda Thornburgh Main 0-40F
*Wrightsman Infant       C David & Martha 0-40
Wrightsman Lewis H. 0/0/1873 6/19/1946   72y. P: John & Emma 2-134A
Wrightsman Letha Ann Scott 0/0/1871 11/29/1960  89y. P: John H. & Esther Duke Scott (Ledbetter) 2-224B
Wrightsman Wilbur H. 0/0/1892 10/7/1959   67y. NT Ida Btwn. 1-125-162 P: James & Ida Wrightsman C: Margaret & James  
Yanos Janice Louise       (Ellson) Owns 4-17 A B C D & E. 4- Alley between 17A & 0-189F. 4-18C & D. 2-226C & D. 2- Alley between 247F & 256A. 2- Alley between 256F & 277A  
Yauky Henry 10/20/18408/19/25   84y. 9m. 29d. OS Mary P: Frederick & Magdaline Shell Yauky 0-27F
Yauky Mary Keiser 12/13/18482/23/27   78y. 2m. 11d. OS Henry 0-27D
Yauky Howard E. 0/0/1903 2/0/1926   Our Son S J & F 0-68D
Yauky Jacob W. 0/0/1876 8/4/1909   33y. OS Florence & Baileys 0-68F
Yauky Florence L. Bailey6/1/1874 11/19/61   87y. OS JW, Baileys 0-68E
Yeager Cora E. 8/24/1891 1/29/83   91y. OS Clarence 2-166E
Yeager Clarence J. 6/19/1890 4/9/55   OS Cora 2-166F
Yergin Berenice Millikan 0/0/1898 2/7/1981   NT Howard 1-106D
Yergin Howard Fletcher 12/7/1893 8/16/68   PFC HQ Co 47 INF, WW I P: Horace & Elizabeth 1-106E
Young Fannie Stam 11/19/182810/30/1892  W OS William & Catharine 1-90D
Young William 4/21/1828 9/18/15   87y. OS Fannie & Catharine P: John & Mary Brown Young 1-90E
Young CatherineHarkman 0/0/1841 1/5/1929   87y. OS Wm & Fannie, 2nd W William 1-90F
Young Alcinda Lewellen 0/0/1836 6/16/1917   81y. NT James Lewellen 0-130B
Young Hop 0/0/1878 0/0/1944   NT Ella 4-2B
Young Mary Ellan 0/0/1880 8/4/1950   70y. NT Hop 4-2A
Young James H. 0/0/1901 12/13/1969  68y. OS Martha 4-26C
Young Martha Ruth 0/0/1905 2/7/1994   OS James (Paul) 4-26B
Young Thomas E. 7/27/31 11/13/99   67y. NT James & Martha Veteran Ashes 4-26A
*? Baby       NT Rosamond Koons ?
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Cemetery records show "paupers" buried on lots 1 & 2 of the original section.


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