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Mooreland, IN Cemetery

Blue River Township - Est. 1891

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      The Mooreland cemetery is located on US #36 at its intersection with the Wilbur Wright Road in Blue River Twp. in section #14, just north of mooreland.
     In 1882 Miles M. Moore laid out the "New" village of Mooreland. When the CCC & St. Louis railroad had just been completed between the villages of Blountsville and New Castle, with the site of Mooreland directly in its path and the old Mooreland cemetery located on the property of the Downing family would be next to the RR tracks, so the little village was looking for a new location for their cemetery. In1890 a committee of local residents began negotiating with the Downey family for more land to expand the cemetery, with many residents complaining that it would be too close to the railroad and the committee and the downing heirs could not agree on a price, Charles P. Moore, who owned the property just north of the village, offered to sell a small tract of land to the village for a cemetery. His offer was accepted and on 14 May 1891, the following people were elected trustees to accept the land deed for the cemetery: Charles T. Moore, Newton Davis and Abraham Wrightsman. The first grounds keeper and gravedigger was James Bales.
     After the cemetery was open for burials many families had their deceased family members re-interred in this cemetery from other older and neglected burial grounds. That is the reason you will see several gravestones that date before 1892 in this cemetery.
     Today the Mooreland cemetery is one of the best looking and best-kept cemeteries in Henry County and still used regularly for burials from all over the county.
     Thomas Hamm did the first recordings here in the spring of 1974. Norman Thornburgh and Wilma Massengale recorded the following list of internments and tombstone inscriptions in the summer of 2002. The names were taken from several records tombstones, the cemetery records, burial permits and the burial records of the local mortician Mr. Astor Main.
     As with any compilation of records you will have mistakes such as correct spelling, dates and such. If you happen to notice one, please let us know of it.
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The following is a list of abbreviations used in this list:
Dt - DaughterMN - Maiden nameOS - On same stoneS - Son
ISL - In same lot.NT - Next to.P - Parent(s)W - Wife
H - Husbandy - Yearsm - monthsd - days 
An * asterisk denotes an unmarked grave.
There are over 3,156 graves with approximately 276 of them unmarked.

A-B   C-F   G-H   I-L   M-Q   R-S   T-Z
Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathMarriageMiscellaneousSec.
Raichart Maude Adell 0/0/1873 4/13/1939   65y. NT Floyd & Millie Kratz 2-287F
Raker Charles A. 0/0/1914 4/29/1999   85y. OS Thelma 3-113D
Raker Thelma L. 0/0/1912 4/23/1997   85y. OS Charles MN White Veteran 3-113C
Ray James 0/0/1815 1/1/00   84y.NT Lydia P: Thomas & Martha Lawson Ray 0-169F
Ray Lydia Wrightsman 0/0/1820 10/4/10   89y. NT James Wm. Cory P: Abraham & Rachel 0-169E
Reece William F. 0/0/1926 2/14/1979   NT Arthur & Myrl 3-200F
Reece Arthur 5/10/1885 6/17/70   85y. OS Myrl P: Frank & Louella Reece 3-200E
Reece Emma Myrl 7/11/1894 6/25/81   OS Arthur P: Wm H. & Mattie Martin Norman 86y. 3-200D
Reece Lee (Jack) 10/13/18978/22/76   78y. OS Virgil WWI P: Frank & Louella Reece 3-112B
Reece Virgil V. 12/22/18893/29/82   92y. OS Lee P: Horace & Elvena VanWinkle 3-112A
Reece Frank M."Francis" 6/24/1859 5/5/25   OS Louella P: Wiley & Almeda Hinshaw Reece. Burial record reads name as Francis Marion 1-26B
Reece Louella Bales 4/4/1865 11/18/42   OS Frank P: Aaron & Sarah Wimmer Bales 1-26A
Reece Don 11/12/11 11/12/11   Son of F.M. & L. 1-26F
Reece Frank Ellis 12/26/07 12/28/07   Son of Roy & Maye 1-187F
Reece Max Swearingun 11/28/08 2/28/09   Son of Roy & Maye 1-187E
Reece Rex L. 11/28/08 3/3/09   Son of Roy & Maye 1-187D
Reece Roy 10/12/18836/1/68   84y. OS Maye C: Mildred, Jeannette, Ruth & Doris 2nd W Nova 1-187B
Reece Maye Conwell 3/21/1881 12/13/34   53y. OS Roy P: Samuel & Fanny Graham Conwell 1-187A
Reece Paul 0/0/1927 0/0/1927   Son of T.W. & F. 0-187C
Reece Richard E. 0/0/1923 5/0/1923   4d. S TW & F Burial record reads death as 1925 0-187C
Reece Gladys Vivian 0/0/1926 0/0/1928   Dt. TW & Fanny Record reads death Feb. 1926 1 year 0-187D
Reece Frances Maxine 11/27/19185/11/37   Dt. TW & Fanny Burial Permit & Obit reads 1937 18y. 5m. 14d. 0-187D
Reece Ailsie Warden 5/25/1847 2/13/05   W ER P: Iredell & Mary Bovender Warden 0-187E
*Reece Ethel         0-187A
Reece Edith O. 10/13/05 10/17/05   Dau. of T.W. & F. 4-22
*Reece Ellis Richard 12/18/18423/0/1922 Missing St.80y. NT Ailsie P: Jesse & Louisa Wilson Reece 4-22
Reece Thomas W. 0/0/1879 5/16/1964   85y. OS Fannie 4-22
Reece Fanny Mae 0/0/1887 3/23/1962   76y. OS TW (Rosaa) 4-22A
*Reece Baby   8/0/1922   Burial bill paid by T.W. Reece ?
Reed Maurice 0/0/1920     OS Ethelda  
Reed Ethelda 0/0/1917     OS Maurice  
Reed George W. 0/0/1911 5/30/1994 2/22/45 82y. OS Doris 2-24B
Reed Doris E. 0/0/1929     OS George  
Reed Martha Ann Davis 12/6.1839 5/22/03   W Jesse M. P: Nathan & Hannah Moore Davis Jesse Mellett Reed (1827-1884) S of John & Margaret. Mellett Reed is buried in Lebanon Baptist Cemetery in Prairie Township. 0-130
Reger Reba Kerr 0/0/1907 7/14/1991   84y. OS Harry P: Tilman & Belva Kerr 2-199C
Reger Harry Anthony 0/0/1906 12/6/1977   71y. OS Reba 2-199D
Replogle Bettie 12/30/187111/30/50   OS Andrew P: Isaac & Nancy Shultz Teeter. Burial Permit reads Elizabeth 2-171E
Replogle Andrew J. 0/0/1866 6/18/1951   85y. OS Bettie 2-171F
Replogle Mary B. Pifer 0/0/1839 5/0/1925   OS Samuel 0-50D
Replogle Samuel H. 0/0/1836 8/12/1899   OS Mary 0-50F
Reynolds Sarah E. 0/0/1903 7/28/1965   OS Everett 2-164B
Reynolds Everett 0/0/1895 1/19/1943   47y. OS Sarah 2-164C
Rhoades John M. "Dusty" 0/0/1884 1/18/1935   50y. NT Hattie 2-202B
Rhoades Hattie M. 0/0/1886 10/31/1935  49y. NT John 2-202A
Rhoades Susan Margaret 0/0/1848 10/29/194010/20/1867 91y.OS David NT Cora Hahn P: John & Caroline Rowe 0-49E
Rhoades David 9/10/1846 5/31/1948   101y. OS Susan P: John & Susan Replogle Rhoades 0-49F
Rhoades Eli J. 0/0/1854 0/0/1898   OS Hester & Wm. P: John & Susan Replogle Rhoades 0-165D
Rhoades Hester Viola 0/0/1857 4/24/1940   82y. OS William & Eli P: James & Sarah Huffman 2nd H Day 0-165C
Rhoades William E. 0/0/1878 1/1/1959   80y. OS Eli & Hester 0-165?
Riblett Elmer C. 0/0/1854 4/17/1900   45y. OS Mariah Slocum & Emma Alley. Died in Blue River Township 0-167D
*Riblett         Elmer Riblett's mother 0-167F
Richardson Laura B. Duke 0/0/1863 0/0/1943   NT Christian P: Edw.& Caroline Smith Duke. H Joshua N. Jones (1855-1888) S of James & Clara Atkins Jones, buried in Hillsboro Cemetery. 1-2E
Richardson Christian 0/0/1849 4/23/1926   77y. 2m. 13d. NT Laura P:Thomas & Elizabeth Holler Richardson 1st W Millie J. Rogers (1856-1888 Dt. of Thornton & Eliza Luellen Rogers, buried in Rogersville Cemetery. 1-2F
Richardson Isaiah 3/3/1847 11/29/14   67y. OS Sarah P: Thomas & Elizabeth Holler. Richardson Civil War Veteran 1-52D
Richardson Sarah J. Koons 3/21/1846 8/19/17   OS Isaiah P: Geo. & Eleanor Canaday Koons 1-52E
Richardson Lawrence Clayton 1/19/1875 2/17/38   63y. OS Alberta P: Christian & Millie Rogers 2-186F
Richardson Alberta Pierce 3/2/1875 3/3/44   OS L. Clayton P: Miles & Menerva Smith Pierce 2-186E
Richardson Robert D. 4/26/03 12/19/70   67y. OS Edrie P: L. Clayton & Alberta Pierce 2-186D
Richardson Edrie Faun 4/18/08 1/18/72   63y. OS Robert P: L. Clayton & Alberta Richardson. one record reads 2-187C 2-186C
Richey Marie Leone 0/0/1910 7/3/1969   59y. NT Ollie (Cross) 1-23D
Rickert Peggy M. 0/0/1917 2/26/1954   36y. OS Thomas Burial Permit reads Margaret Helen Rickert 2-198F
Rickert Thomas E. 0/0/1915 2/26/1954   39y. OS Peggy 2-198E
Ridenour Grant D. 0/0/1913 4/29/1987 2/21/38 74y. OS Jeannette 3-158B
Ridenour Jeanette L. 0/0/1922     OS Grant  
Ridgway Helen P. 0/0/1902 4/0/1921   NT Henry 0-184A
Ridgway Bertha Duke 11/15/18725/17/1926   53y. 6m. OS Henry P: Robert & Emily Littleton Duke 0-184B
Ridgway Henry Harvey 8/1/1871 6/25/1946   74y. OS Bertha P: Nelson & Mary Ridgway 0-184C
*Ridgway Mable Maxine 9/18/29 9/20/29   2days NT Henry 1-184
*Ridgway Della Agnes 5/14/27 5/15/27   1d. NT Henry P: Harvey Ridgway 1-184
Ridgway Richard S. 3/11/23 3/12/1923   1d. NT Rebecca P: Leonard Ridgway 4-12C
Ridgway Rebecca Symons 6/9/1894 6/4/1986   91y. NT Leonard P: Wm & Mary Luellen Symons 4-12A
Ridgway Leonard D. 8/16/1896 4/1/1948   51y. NT Rebecca P: Henry & Bertha Ridgway 4-12B
Ridgway PFC William E. 12/14/24 11/19/44   19y. Killed in Hurtgen Forest, Germany 4-12D
Ridgway Mary S. Anderson 0/0/1900 8/13/1958   58y. OS Donald P: Frank & Emma Stone Anderson 4-12E
Ridgway Donald Nelson 0/0/1899 10/4/1959   60y. NT Mary P: Henry & Bertha Ridgway 4-12F
Ridgway Francis Benton 0/0/1868 12/29/1955  87y. OS Ada P: Nelson & Mary Ridgway 0-133A
Ridgway Ada Stanley 0/0/1868 12/20/1963  95y. OS Benton P: Ezekiel & Elizabeth Felton Stanley 0-133B
Ridgway Laura Alma 1/20/1876 4/8/1883   7y. 2m. 19d. Dt. Nelson & Mary 0-185C
Ridgway Nelson E. 0/0/1837 0/0/1880   OS Mary McVicker 0-185B
*Ridgway Infant         1-185
*Ridgway Anna B. Current 0/0/1873 4/23/70   97y. NT Marshall 1-16E
*Ridgway Marshall 4/12/1861 1/27/42   NT Anna P: Zackwell & Elma Ramsey Ridgway. Middle Name Dempsey 1-16F
Rinard Mabel Mondan 6/27/1892 2/25/80   87y. Space Between 0-9 & 0-30  
Rinard George William 4/19/1871 6/27/47   OS Theodocia P: John & Martha Rinard 0-30B
Rinard Theodocia A. 5/15/1875 11/28/18   OS George 0-30C
Rinard William       Baby 0-30A
Rinard John 8/10/1835 2/21/17   81y. NT Martha P: Geo. & Catharine Ready Rinard 0-10E
Rinard Martha Brown 5/17/1840 4/11/09   68y. NT John & Lloyd 0-10C
Rinard Lloyd M. 3/3/01 10/31/21   20y. 7m. 28d. NT Martha 0-10B
Rinard Alice Johnson 4/14/1844 10/18/30   86y. OS Adam 0-148E
Rinard Adam S. 10/3/1827 4/8/12   OS Alice P: Geo. & Catharine Ready Rinard. Married 1st to Rachel West 0-148F
Rinard James W. 0/0/1857 4/12/08   NT Adam 0-148D
Rinard Thomas J. 0/0/1878 11/30/1896  18y. NT James 0-148C
*Rinker Zora Belle 0/0/1899 1/24/48   49y. NT O.E. Evans Stone broken off. 1-143D
Robertson Milton H. 0/0/1881 11/12/1950  69y. OS Mabel 1-190D
Robertson Mabel J. Kirklin 0/0/1887 11/19/1961  74y. OS Milton 1-190C
Robertson A. Maxine 5/17/20   11/29/41 OS B. Eugene  
Robertson B. Eugene 6/18/15 11/0/2002   OS A. Maxine 2-137D
Robertson Dorothy L. 0/0/1909 11/5/75   66y. W Smylie OS Peckinpaugh Sister 2-277C
Robinson Thomas Charles 3/21/19 12/31/01 2/9/43 82y. OS Mildred C: Kay, Dwain, Carol, Daniel & Penny Veteran 5-321B
Robinson Mildred N. 4/3/22     OS T. Charles  
*Robinson Mabel 0/0/1932 6/12/1993   61y. Space btwn 2-289 & 4-28  
Rockhill Ralph Raymond 0/0/1907 1/8/1970 10/28/28 62y. OS Clara 2-7F
Rockhill Clara Sarah 0/0/1912 8/20/1990   78y. OS Ralph 2-7E
*Rockhill Infant 6/27/31 6/27/31   Stillborn ISL Anson Thornburg 1-34E
Rodeffer Ernest C. 12/1/03 10/9/89 12/24/28 85y. OS Juanita 2-187B
Rodeffer Juanita 7/18/10 1/29/92   81y. OS Ernest 2-187C
Rodeffer James Clark 2/16/47 2/16/47   Infant of Herman & Mary 2-113A
Rodeffer Linda Lee 2/17/1948 2/17/48   8 hours Infant of Herman & Mary 2-113B
Rodeffer Mary T. 0/0/1923 3/23/1993 8/27/43 69y. OS Herman 2-113C
Rodeffer Herman N. 0/0/1915     OS Mary  
Rodeffer Layne Linda 3/12/85 3/12/85   NT Herman & Mary Infant of Jerry 2-btwn. 113 & 127  
*Rogers Nancy J. Rinard 0/0/1835 4/11/05   71y.W John P: George & Catharine Ready Rinard 0-47F
Rogers John 5/17/1836 7/2/1895   59y. 1m. 16d. 0-47E
Rogers Dr.Aaron Grigsby 8/18/1849 2/9/1934   84y. 0-137F
Rogers Joseph V. 8/15/1890 7/26/1984   93y. NT Clara, Mel Paul 2-244B
Rogers Clara B. Harter 2/21/1893 6/4/75   81y.NT Joe P: Joseph & Hannah Wilkinson. Burial Permit reads 2-224A 2-244A
Rosaa Thurman Albert 0/0/1890 12/27/1965  75y. OS Cora 1-41D
Rosaa Cora Samantha 0/0/1895 3/26/1963   67y. OS Thurman NT Emilia Poindexter 1-41C
Rosaa Margaret Ellen 0/0/1868 12/29/1938  OS John Maiden Name Wise 1-207E
Rosaa John A. 0/0/1862 4/23/1924   61y. OS Margaret 1-207F
Rosaa Earl 0/0/1901 6/5/1969   67y. OS Wilbur 1-207C
Rosaa Wilbur 0/0/1898 5/2/1967   68y. OS Earl NT John 1-207D
Rozelle Flossie Lenette 12/16/18934/1/1981   OS Frances Hayes 4-21A
*Russell Allen J. 11/4/1846 1/22/1923   76y. 1-157F
*Russell Mary F. (Newton) 8/25/185010/15/1912     1-157E
Rutherford Wilbur T. 8/1/1911 2/23/84   72y. OS Charline C: DeWayne & Darrell 3-151F
Rutherford Charline M. 9/2/1913 4/18/03   OS Wilbur 3-151E
Rutledge Lon 0/0/1901 12/1/1963   62y. OS Christine C:LaVernne, Donald Crowin & Wayman 3-69F
Rutledge Christine M. 0/0/1901 5/20/1993   92y. OS Lon 2nd H Sunderland 3-69E
Rutledge Anneke Heather 4/14/72 4/29/72   15d. NT Donald Space between 3-69 & 108  
Rutledge Donald C. Sr. 9/23/22 12/28/89   67y. OS Naomi Veteran 3-108B
Rutledge Naomi P. 0/0/1926 6/11/1978   51y. OS Donald 3-108A
Ryan Elmer Edwin 0/0/1861 5/23/1934   72y. OS Annie 2-71A
Ryan Annie N. 0/0/1872 1/29/1961   88y. Strough 2-71B
Salter Freda Fern 0/0/1899 6/29/1940   41y. 2-2D
Sanders Lizzie Davis 0/0/1885 0/0/1908   W Seth NT Marcus Davis 1-146C
Sanders Earl A. 0/0/1909 7/9/1954   45y. 2-161D
Saylor Oma 7/7/18 7/6/00   81y. OS Gary & Susan H Couch. one record reads 3-29C 3-29B
Saylor Gary J. 10/15/48   8/12/95 OS Oma & Susan Son  
Saylor Susan K. 2/16/52     OS Oma & Gary Daughter in law  
Saylor Dock 1/25/15 1/20/94   78y. OS Ruby 3-263E
Saylor Ruby 6/24/35     OS Dock  
Saylor Charles Wilburn 0/0/2001 1/16/2001   Infant of Dock & Ruby 3-263D
Sayre Betty Jane 8/15/1928 1/28/1985 2/18/50 56y. OS F. Bob P: Howard & Garnet Manifold 2-223B
Sayre Franklin J. "Bob" 8/13/1929     OS Betty C: Steve, Melanie & Kelly  
Sayre Steven H. 2/17/76 4/20/03   27y. P: Steven F. & Cindy A. Gulley Sayre 4-29C
Schmidt Jack R. 5/25/1932   8/31/52 OS Ruth C: Dianne, Linda, Kim & Bruce  
Schmidt Ruth E. 4/12/1933     OS Jack  
Schmidt Herman H. 5/1/1937 1/13/1988   50y. OS Bonnie Between 2-207 & 236  
Schmidt Bonnie L. 0/0/1937 12/6/1992   55y. OS Herman (Grubbs) 2-236A
Schweikhardt William H. 0/0/1872 2/24/1955   83y. NT Abraham 1-35C
Schweikhardt Abraham 7/31/1846 4/19/19   OS Annie 1-35D
Schweikhardt Annie M. 3/19/1848 1/24/16   OS Abraham 1-35F
Schweikhardt Lloyd 12/2/1899 8/18/44   Seaman 2nd Class, USN 1-43C
*SchweikhardtDora Lee 0/0/1877 8/25/1960   83y. NT Henry P: Lewis & Lida Kizer Waltz C: Lloyd, Pearl, Bernice & Marie 1-43E
*SchweikhardtHenry 0/0/1874 3/8/59   85y. NT Dora Lee 1-43F
Schweikhardt Dorothy M. 9/20/11 7/22/12   Dau. of William H. & Mary 0-20B
Schweikhardt Cecil 12/4/1895 9/15/1896   9m. Son of William & Mary E. 0-20A
Schweikhardt Mary Eliza 0/0/1874 6/23/60   "Molly" MN Brown W of William H. ISL Cecil C: Ruby, Evangeline & Leo 0-20D
Scott Esther Jane Duke 12/22/183812/31/28   90y. NTGeorgeP:James & Nancy Russell Koons Duke H John H. Scott (1837-1879), buried in Harvey Cemetery. 2-221C
Scott George Benton 0/0/1858 3/20/1929   70y. NT Esther & James P. John & Esther Scott 2-221D
Scott James P. 0/0/1862 0/0/1945   NT George P: John & Esther Scott 2-221E
*Scott Clara A. 0/0/1884 2/2/60   76y. NT Dick 2-221A
*Scott Richard 0/0/1877 2/13/33   56y. C: Esther Jean, Richard Jr. & James 2-221B
*Scott Ester Jane 0/0/1917 7/18/75   58y. 2-224F
Seagrave Amelia Davis 0/0/1882 6/3/1960   77y. OS Luther P: Amos & Esther Hill Davis (Cory) 1-212
Seagrave Luther 0/0/1880 2/0/1920   OS Amelia P: Tarver & Margaret Mulford Seagrave 1-212F
*Seal Anna 0/0/1862 12/14/37   75y. In Pauper district S of Lum Potts grave. Died in Niles, Michigan ?
Searcy Donald D. 0/0/1931     OS Ruth  
Searcy Ollie Ruth 8/20/1932     OS Donald  
Searcy Ezra Ray 0/0/1902 3/28/1986   83y. OS Narca 0-183F
Searcy Narca P. 0/0/1904 3/27/1949   44y. OS E. Ray 0-183E
Searcy Robert Lynn 0/0/1937 8/31/2001   63y. NT E. Ray Veteran Space between 0-183F & 4-11A. H: Emma  
Searcy James Edward 1/3/36 4/2/53   17y. NT Bonnie Joy Brickles 4-20A
Sears Neva J. 0/0/1924     OS Steven E. Chamberlin  
Sears Terry Lee 2/4/41 2/4/41   NT Charles 1-170
Sears Charles Vernon 4/8/21 4/8/21   NT Terry Lee 1-170
Sears Charles Ernest 8/29/1888 6/26/1959   70y. OS Cecil 1-170B
Sears Cecil Pierce 0/0/1888 3/29/1916   27y. OS Ernest 1-170A
Sears Pearl A. 0/0/1884 9/26/1983   99y. NT Ernest 1-170C
Sears Robert R. 1/26/13 10/16/84   NT Evelyn Burnette 2-156B
Sears Michael Ray 10/15/49 4/28/90   NT Evelyn Burnette 2-141F
Sears Abiathar 1/10/1850 10/7/1850   8m. 28d. S Thomas & Mournen 0-103A
Sears Mournen Lamb 12/24/18167/13/1892   75y. 6m. 20d. W Thos. M. P: Joseph & Lydia 0-103C
Sears Thomas M. 1/2/1819 1/25/1895   76y. 23d. P: Curtis & Nancy Huey Sears 0-103E
Sears Louisa A. 8/19/1854 12/25/1870  16y. 4m. 6d. Dau. of T & M 0-103F
*Sears Melissa Jane 2/14/1846 12/30/1866  20y. 10m. 16d. Dau. of T & M 0-103B
Sears Charlie F. 0/0/1859 12/0/1924   64y. 10m. 2d. NT Minnie P: Thomas & Mournen Sears 0-110C
Sears Minnie F. 0/0/1863 0/0/1915   NT Charlie 0-110A
Sears Annie B. 0/0/1868 11/15/1941  73y. NT Charles 0-110B
Sears Lorenzo 0/0/1841 0/0/1905   OS Elizabeth P: Thomas & Mournen Sears 0-66B
Sears Elizabeth Bonner 0/0/1841 0/0/1896   OS Lorenzo P: George & Mary Richard Bonner 0-66C
Sears Elizabeth Jester 0/0/1863 11/17/1902  38y. NT Lorenzo & Elizabeth Died in Hamilton Township 0-66A
Sears Willard B. 0/0/1856 1/11/1905   OS Ora P: Thomas & Mournen Sears 0-66F
Sears Ora E. Warren 0/0/1860 1/31/1912   51y. OS Willard P: Leonard & Ann Warren. Died in Jefferson Township 0-66D
*Sears Mrs. Rene         1-66A
*Self Rufus R. 0/0/1895 6/0/1925   30y. 1-64
Semler Steven M. 7/16/45 11/1/00   55y. NT Betty & William Veteran 4-14E
Semler BettyJean Beeson 10/31/1925  1/13/43 OS William  
Semler William H. 6/14/21 1/8/00   79y. OS Betty Veteran 4-14D
*Shaffer 2 Infants       C Roscoe 1-12
Shaffer Roscoe D. 0/0/1892 8/24/1959   67y. OS Virgie P: Oliver & Lorinda Shaffer 1-12D
Shaffer Virgie Marie 0/0/1892 9/10/1995   103y. OS Roscoe (Burgess) (Raines) 1-12C
Shaffer Elbert 0/0/1894 6/13/1943   49y. OS Ethel P: Oliver & Lorinda Shaffer 2-234F
Shaffer Ethel 9/23/1894 2/23/1987   92y. OS Elbert C: Robert M. 2-234E
Shaffer Robert M. 5/27/18 3/15/83 10/3/37 64y. OS Nondis 2-234D
Shaffer Nondis I. 2/13/20     OS Robert C: Sam & Bonnie  
Shaffer Infant Son 8/22/00 8/22/00   Infant S of O.P. & Lorinda 0-26A
Shaffer Oliver Perry 0/0/1865 5/5/1949   83y. OS Lorinda P: Daniel & Sarah Shaffer 0-26C
Shaffer Lorinda C. 0/0/1865 8/13/1947   82y. OS Oliver P: Mahlon & Emily Hodgin Chamness 0-26B
Shaffer Lee 0/0/1872 0/0/1944   OS William 1-121D
Shaffer William G. 0/0/1869 1/3/1945   75y. OS Lee P: Daniel & Sarah Shaffer 1-121F
Shaffer Daniel (Samuel) 0/0/1820 0/0/1876   OS Sarah P: Jacob & Celia Hoover Shaffer. 1st W Hannah Cory Sheffer (1825-1847) D of Abraham & Elizabeth Russell Cory is buried in Bales Cemetery. Record show that Daniel and Sarah Shaffer were moved from Hodson Cemetery to Mooreland October 21, 1926.0-161F
Shaffer Sarah Ogle 0/0/1830 0/0/1881   OS Daniel P: Elisha & Mary Cory Ogle 0-161F
Shaffer Elisha 0/0/1857 4/16/1933   76y. OS Laura 0-161D
Shaffer Laura Belle 0/0/1866 2/25/33   66y. OS Elisha (Lucas) 0-161C
Sharp Mildred D. 0/0/1914 3/11/1943   28y. NT Loris & Lena Swoveland 2-18A
Sheets Harry J. 0/0/1883 4/21/1947   63y. OS Alice 2-35A
Sheets Alice M.Showalter 0/0/1867 3/28/1954   86y. OS Harry (Mary Alice) (Allie) 2-35B
Sheets Clarence Elmer 0/0/1904 6/21/1940   36y. OS Mary NT Charles 2-28F
Sheets Mary M. 0/0/1902 0/0/1972   OS Clarence 2-28
Sheets Claude R. 0/0/1898 7/22/1937   39y. NT Charles & Emma 2-29B
Sheets Charles K. 0/0/1873 5/29/35   63y. OS Emma 2-29F
Sheets Emma Luellen 0/0/1878 7/14/1933   55y. 2m. 20d. OS Charles 2-29E
Sheets James H. 0/0/1865 1/20/1939   73y. NT Jacob 1-136B
Sheets Jacob A. 9/5/1844 10/31/15   71y. OS Elizabeth 1-136E
Sheets Elizabeth Ann 3/26/1844 2/5/23   78y. OS Jacob Maiden Name Blair 1-136C
Sheets Hallard 0/0/1881 0/0/1906   NT Jacob 1-136A
*Sheets Jesse 0/0/1881 5/2/06   25y. S JH This could be Hallard Sheets above. 1-136F
Shelley Mildred 0/0/1904 0/0/1904   OS John NT Edna 0-3A
Shelley John L. 0/0/1911 0/0/1912   OS Mildred NT Edna 0-3A
Shelley Edna Loraine 0/0/1905 0/0/1920   NT Donald 0-3B
Shelley Donald Robert 0/0/1914 0/0/1932   NT Mary K. Burial Record gives death 5-2-1931. 17y. 1m. 20d. 0-3D
Shelley Claude Foster 0/0/1883 5/9/1950   66y. OS Eunice & Mary 0-3F
Shelley Eunice A. Luellen 11/12/18863/8/77   90y. OS Claude & Mary C: Mary & Marvin 0-3E
Shelley Mary K. 7/11/1908     OS Eunice & Claude  
Shelley Eliza E. 0/0/1857 11/26/1937  79y. 11m. 17d. OS John 2-240E
Shelley John Richard 0/0/1854 2/4/1938   83y. OS Eliza 2-240F
Shepherd Malinda Catherine 0/0/1862 11/24/1930  68y. NT Charles & Ludora Smith W Thomas 2-230A
Shepherd Jennie Jincy 0/0/1837 0/0/1912   Dt. John & Rebecca Tucker Lykins. 2nd W of Wm Shepherd (1821-1893), buried in Hodson Cemetery, his P: Lewis & Rachael Jarvis Shepherd. 0-60B
Shepherd Mary J. McCarthy 0/0/1860 0/0/1906   OS Jincy Shepherd 0-60A
Shepherd Bertrum 0/0/1875 9/24/1955   80y. OS Belle P: Adam & Rachel Crank Shepherd 0-163D
Shepherd Molly Belle 0/0/1881 6/24/1971   OS Bertrum P: Sylvester & Margaret Bowman Huffman 0-163E
Sherry Edna H. 0/0/1876 8/10/1938   61y. 8m. 10d. NT Clara Rogers 2-229F
*Sherry Elmer D. 0/0/1898 0/0/1966   NT Olive A. ?
Shipman Olive Alma 0/0/1908 1/29/1980   71y. OS Elmer (Sherry) (Crawford) 3-291C
Shipman Elmer D. 0/0/1898 9/4/1966   68y. OS Oliva 3-291D
Showalter Anna D. 0/0/1900 3/30/1981   80y. NT Alice & Harry Sheets 2-35C
Shrum Harley Francis 1/21/12 2/20/91   79y. OS Marie 3-158E
Shrum Marie 1/19/29     OS Harley  
Shrum Kathy Leona 12/6/59 11/1/64   4y. NT Daniel Paul Guffey 3-157A
Shultz Isma B. 0/0/1901 1/23/1985   83y. OS Frank 2-158C
Shultz Frank 10/16/189612/7/64   68y. P: John & Rebecca Shultz 2-158D
Shultz Rebecca Myers 9/22/1874 7/6/56   81y. OS John 0-170E
Shultz John R. 10/4/1871 10/21/44   73y.OS Rebecca P: Henry & Catharine Yauky Shultz 0-170F
*Silvers Ella D. Brown 0/0/1871 3/27/47   76y. died at Redkey, IN ?
Simmons Oran L. 0/0/1907 11/9/1988 10/25/31 81y. OS Edna Lot 3-274 A- B & C 3-274C
Simmons Edna V. 3/12/1912 4/4/03   OS Oran P: Nells & Dolly Fosnight C: Norma L. and Cleon L. 3-274B
Simpkins Darrell Edward 0/0/1971 10/18/1973  2y. Son of Kathie Ann Gibson 3-263A
Sloan Don E.     4/9/44 OS Marcella  
Sloan Marcella Wantz 0/0/1924 11/13/1991  66y. OS Don 2-192B
Slocum Mariah P. 0/0/1817 9/20/1891   75y. OS Emma Alley & Elmer Riblett (Pitcher) 0-167B
Sloniker Elsie Covalt 0/0/1900 11/29/1937  37y. NT John Forrest NT Minnie & Waldo Haggard 2-252A
Smith Barbara Ann 0/0/1872 12/11/1958  86y. NT Mark & Mary Wrightsman 2-207B
Smith Charles M. 0/0/1869 9/21/1949   OS Ludora 2-230C
Smith Ludora 0/0/1872 5/26/1946   73y. OS Charles 2-230B
Smith John P. 12/18/18555/31/1906   51y.OS Nancy&Paul P:Elijah & Rebecca Garrett 0-9D
Smith Nancy Jane 10/19/185912/10/36   OS John P.& Paul D of John & Martha Brown Rinard. 2nd H Litton Williams (1835-?), S of Otho & Ruth Hale Williams. (Landes) 76y. 0-9E
*Smith Orliff 0/0/1895 3/15/1938   43y. S JP & N 0-9C
Smith Paul P. 10/3/1885 3/20/05   OS John P. & Nancy 0-9F
Smith Stephen A. 0/0/1860 5/9/1923   63y. OS Sarah 0-41B
Smith Sarah Ethel 0/0/1874 9/29/1916   43y.OS Stephen P:Adam & Alice Johnson Rinard 0-41D
Smith Luvina 0/0/1837 0/0/1912   OS John & George 0-37
Smith John 0/0/1867 5/29/11   44y. OS George & Lavina 0-37
Smith George 0/0/1836 8/31/17   82y. OS John & Lavina 0-37
Smith Etta Manifold 9/14/08 6/6/01 10/8/27 OS Howard P: George Manifold. Ashes 0-116F
Smith Howard Garner 5/25/04 7/5/98   94y. OS Etta P: John C. Smith O-between 116 & 151  
Smith Wava Lynn 0/0/1917 2/11/1986   68y. OS Fred P: Fred & Cophene Lines C: Peggy 2-270E
Smith Fredrick Lee 0/0/1920 8/13/1986   66y. OS Wava P: Russell & Edith Smith Veteran 2-270F
Smith Edith Mae 0/0/1897 9/8/1953   56y. OS Russell 2-270A
Smith Russell Lee 9/27/1891 11/30/64   73y. OS Edith P: Geo. & Matilda Shaffer Smith 2-270A
Smith Margaret Wiggins 0/0/1923 10/1/1996   OS Walter 2-267E
Smith Walter K. 0/0/1923 4/2/1994 5/16/43 71y. OS Margaret Veteran 2-267D
Smith Millacene Claire 9/12/25     OS Howard  
Smith Howard Max 5/1/29 7/16/00   OS Millacene P: Howard G. & Etta Manifold Smith. Ashes. Veteran. one record reads 1-243B 2-243B
Snider Sarah A. Cory 0/0/1857 12/0/1921   NT Philip Burial Record reads death year 1922. 65y. 2-62A
Snider Philip 3/29/1853 4/29/1928   75y. 1m.NT Sarsh P: Wm & Margaret Houck Snider 2-62B
Snider Edna F. 1/15/1888 5/24/55   66y. NT Philip P: John & Sabra Sutton Snider 2-62C
Snider Calvin 0/0/1841 5/11/1923   82y. NT Edna 2-62E
Snider Martha 0/0/1857 12/28/1938  81y. OS John & Homer P: Abraham & Sarah Thalls Stonebraker (Nelson) 1-179A
Snider John 8/4/1850 5/17/1918   67y. OS Martha & Homer P: Wm & Margaret Houck 1-179B
*Snider Infant       Infant of John 1-179E
Snider Homer Elsworth 7/22/1881 8/11/1949   68y. OS John & Martha 1-179C
Snider Charley R. 6/6/1888 3/1/04   15y. 8m. 25d. NT Homer S John & Martha 1-179F
Snider William Abraham 11/12/18792/24/40   60y. 3m. 12d. OS Della "Jake" 0-173C
Snider Della E. Johnson 6/21/1884 2/11/20   W William A. C: Erma, Thelma & Fern 0-173D
Snodgress Reggie Lon 0/0/1942 3/20/1944   2y. NT Theodore 2-52D
Snodgress TheodreSylvester 0/0/1858 2/21/1926   67y. OS Viola 2-52F
Snodgress Viola Z. Leakey 0/0/1861 6/22/1940   79y. OS Theodore Burial Permit Ines Viola 2-52E
Snodgress Wm. Hamilton 0/0/1863 12/22/1934  71y. 13d. OS Ella 2-72C
Snodgress Ella A. 0/0/1868 7/21/1973   105y. OS Hamilton 2-72C
Snodgress Eugene 0/0/1910 0/0/1912   NT Ethel 1-199A
Snodgress Infant 0/0/1916 0/0/1916   Son of O.O. & M.E. 1-199A
Snodgress Omer O. 0/0/1883 3/16/1955   72y. OS M. Ethel 1-199C
Snodgress M. Ethel 0/0/1888 3/25/1979   91y. OS Omer 1-199B
Snyder Frank Benton 0/0/1887 7/17/1960   73y. NT Lewis 2-86F
Snyder Lewis E. 0/0/1859 5/14/1946   86y. OS Mary P: Godfrey & Elizabeth Snyder 2-86D
Snyder Mary A. 0/0/1865 5/26/1927   61y. OS Lewis 2-86C
Snyder Ora H. 0/0/1888 2/27/1954   65y. NT Lewis 2-86E
Snyder Infant 11/3/06 11/3/06   Dt. Lewis & Mary 2-86
Snyder Lois E. Houser 5/22/1895 5/8/1920   24y. OS Marjorie W Howard P: Isaac & Emma Dakins Middle Name Edna Died in Richmond 1-119B
Snyder Marjorie L. 0/0/1920 0/0/1920   Infant OS Lois 1-119
Snyder William C. 10/29/18634/6/1877   13y. 5m. 8d. S Godfrey & Elizabeth 0-107A
Snyder Eli M. 11/11/18613/29/1877   15y. 4m. 18d. S GC &E 0-107A
Snyder Elizabeth Holaday 9/24/1837 4/11/1897   59y. 6m. 17d. W GC 0-107B
Snyder Godfrey C. 1/25/1835 11/23/08   73y. 9m. 29d. 0-107C
*Snyder Infant       C G.E. 0-107F
*Snyder Child       C John ?
*Snyder Child   6/0/1920   C Everett ?
Sowash Laura 0/0/1878 7/11/1938   59y. OS Clyde 2-188E
Sowash Clyde M. 0/0/1879 1/27/1967   87y. OS Laura 2-188F
*Sparks Michael Gene 0/0/1960 7/13/79   19y. ISL Holadays 1-30E
Stables Evelyn R. 3/23/19 6/29/97   78y. NT Howard & Ethel Felton (E) or 3-207F
Stafford Bertha L. 0/0/1919 1/28/1998   78y. NT Maurice & Ida Brown. one record reads Beulah also reads 2-204E 1-204E
Stafford Helen E. Leakey 0/0/1903 12/25/1992  89y. NT Charles & Lavina Luellen 2-162C
Stafford Charles H. 6/16/1853 3/4/1934   80y. 8m. 17d. NT Elnora P: Thomas & Martha Stafford 0-120D
Stafford Elnora Wisehart 6/30/1856 9/5/1929   73y. NT Charles P: John & Margaret Davidson Wisehart 0-120C
Stafford John Raymond 0/0/1880 0/0/1926   NT Elnora Moved here from Batson Cemetery on 7-9-1927 0-120B
Stafford Donovan W. 0/0/1894 1/0/1895   NT John R. Moved here from Batson Cemetery on 7-9-1927 0-120A
Stanley Clifford J. 10/21/18903/14/1970   79y. OS Flora 3-153F
Stanley Flora F. 4/25/1888 6/12/1979   91y. OS Clifford 3-153E
Stanley Richard W. 0/0/1936   5/6/60 OS Margaret  
Stanley Margaret A. 0/0/1941     OS Richard  
Stanley Ruby Lucille 0/0/1904 11/22/1977  73y. OS O. Perry 2nd H Huffman 2-272D
Stanley Oliver Perry 0/0/1906 0/0/1942   OS Ruby 2-272E
*Stanley Vera Jean 0/0/1927 1/13/28   6 months Dt. Perry Stanley ?
Stanley Ezekiel 3/28/1830 1/6/13   OS Elizabeth P:Thomas & Catharine Stanley 0-133C
Stanley Elizabeth Felton 0/0/1847 12/0/1928   W OS Ezekiel P: Wm & Sarah Stonebraker Felton 0-133D
Stanley Electa 0/0/1872 1/13/29   57y. Sister to Josephine Stanley Koons 0-133E
Stanley Estelle E. 0/0/1876 11/23/1979  103y. OS James 0-167A
Stanley James P.   0/0/1942   OS Estelle one record reads 0-167C 0-167B
*Stanley Susan F. 1/2/1860 10/3/1894   35y. Dau. JC & Martha F. 0-77A
*Stanley Ralph L. 6/3/1929 9/1/29   2m. 29d. P: Oliver Stanley ?
Stauble Emma K. 0/0/1877 2/20/1966   88y. OS William 2-122C
Stauble William Henry 0/0/1879 7/25/1946   67y. OS Emma 2-122D
Stauble Pauline Manifold 12/9/1908 2/26/1995   86y. OS Ralph C: Richard & Bonnie 2-295F
Stauble Ralph D. 0/0/1906 7/3/1963   56y. OS Pauline Btwn. 4-34 & 2-295 2-295
Stauffer Dr.GeorgeEdward 9/14/18 1/21/95   76y. P: Otto Clarence & Savilla Hostetler Stauffer C: Nancy, Carol, Cindy & Terry Veteran 3-77A
Stauffer Geraldine Loman 1/16/20     OS Dr. George  
Stephens Kenneth Ray 0/0/1962 9/12/1964   1y. 3-242C
Stephens Arla D. 0/0/1909 3/7/1987   77y. NT Robert Ertel NT Noah Thompson. Veteran 1-226B
*Stevenson Jessie Elizabeth   6/0/2002   Ashes buried in Bertha C. Kavanaugh grave 2-196E
Stewart R J 6/7/21 9/2/94 4/26/46 73y. OS Marjuerite Veteran 3-301E
Stewart Marguerite 1/3/27     OS RJ  
Stewart Nellie O. Boyd 11/10/18831/9/74   90y. 0-58A
Stickler William G. 9/10/00 7/25/73 11/11/23 72y. OS Lorene NT James. C: Wilbur, Rosemary, Phyllis & James 2-210D
Stickler Lorene B. 12/17/02 9/7/82   79y. OS William P: Daniel & Emma Waltz 2-210C
Stickler James Phillip 2/7/1934 10/24/1963  29y. NT Phyllis P: William & Lorene H of Wilma Simpson C: Connie Lynn & James Phillip 2-210B
Stickler Phyllis June 6/17/1931 8/9/1935   4y. 1m. 23d. NT James P: William & Lorene 2-210A
Stigall Jerry Ray 0/0/1952 6/29/1983 0/0/1971 31y. OS Rosalinda C: Tim & Jason 3-45F
Stigall Rosalinda 0/0/1953     OS Jerry  
Stites Irena Myrtle 0/0/1898 3/21/1963   64y. OS Albert MN Dudley one record reads Margaret also one reads 1-219A 1-219D
Stites Harvey Albert 11/19/18913/20/1957   65y. OS Irene 1-219E
Stites Joseph C. 0/0/1918 6/22/1926   8y. NT Albert 1-219F
*Stonecipher Sarah C. 0/0/1842 9/9/17      
Stover Luther B. 0/0/1899 7/21/1959   59y. OS Lois C: Ivan, Donn & Lois 1-24F
Stover Lois P. Current 0/0/1900 6/16/1989   88y. OS Luther 1-24E
*Stover Thelma Louise 0/0/1922 10/0/1922   5days (Luther) ?
Stover Mary V. 5/19/26 8/13/02   76y. P: Luther & Lois Current Stover Btwn.1-24 & 61  
*Stover Samuel Clinton 6/15/33 5/1/34   10m. 16d. Bill paid by Luther Stover 1-19
Strickler Walter A. 0/0/1891 12/22/1963  72y. OS Edyth & Keith 2-49D
Strickler Edyth M. 0/0/1894 3/28/1971   76y. OS Walter & Keith 2-49E
Strickler W. Keith 0/0/1930 9/26/1939   9y. OS Walter & Edyth 2-49F
Sullivan May Grissum 2/10/1884 9/26/56   72y. OS Patrick one record reads Mary 2-215A
Sullivan Patrick Francis 7/5/1868 3/27/31   62y. OS May 2-215B
Summer Benjamin Franklin 0/0/1891 9/25/1973   81y. NT Nettie. Burial Permit reads 0-178E. Cremated 0-178F
Summer Nettie Pearl 0/0/1891 11/4/1981   90y. NT Benjamin 0-178E
Swearingen Demetres K. 9/7/1840 12/10/19   79y.Co K 9th Ind. P: Van & Elizabeth Murdock Swearingen Civil War Veteran 1-115B
*Swearingen MarySusan Coats 0/0/1843 7/18/15   72 y. W Demetres 1-115A
Swearingen John B. 0/0/1856 10/0/1927   NT Ira 0-92A
Swearingen Ira E. 9/7/1869 3/25/05   35y. Son of Samuel & Rachel 0-92F
Swearingen Samuel Van 12/11/18460/0/1912   OS Rachel P: Jacob & Mary Swearingen. Civil War Veteran 0-92E
Swearingen Rachel Bird 0/0/1845 1/4/1928   72y.OS Samuel P: Joseph & Rachel Young Bird 0-92D
Swearingen Jacob Holen 5/9/1821 10/14/05   84y. 5m. 5d. P: Van & Elizabeth Murdock S. 0-128D
Swearingen Mary B. 12/4/1823 12/28/1864  41y. 24d. 1st W Jacob H. P: Samuel & Rachel Kessler Bechtelheimer.Moved from Rogersville Cemetery. 0-128C
Swearingen Minerva Lewis 9/22/1821 3/30/1878   56y. 6m. 8d. 2nd W Jacob P: Joseph & Martha Boyd Lewis. 1st H Nathan Wilson (1820-1855), buried in Sugar Grove Cemetery in Clay Township, Wayne County. She also has a stone there. 0-128B
Swearingen Lizzie Mellett 3/24/1840 5/12/1884   44y.1m.19d.3rdW JacobP:John & Cynthia Brown 0-128F
Swearingen Anna Marlatt 6/12/1853 10/14/1894  41y. 4m. 2d. 4th W Jacob P: Thos. & Elizabeth 0-128E
Swearingen Ada F. 0/0/1878 5/2/1949   70y. NT WW 0-105F
Swearingen Della H. 0/0/1877 0/0/1907   NT WW 0-105E
Swearingen Wellington W. 4/6/1874 11/6/73   99y. P: Samuel & Rachel Swearingen 0-105D
Swearingen Mattie E. Dakins 10/23/186911/14/1899  W W.W. P: Andrew J. & Mary Koons Dakins 0-105C
Sweat John Patrick 11/26/00 5/5/87   86y. OS Addie 3-18F
Sweat Addie T. 2/20/01 4/10/88   87y. OS John (Firestone) 3-18E
Swim Hobert H. 3/10/22 8/20/98   76y. OS Frances Veteran 5-330B
Swim Frances E. 9/25/23 1/15/02   78y. OS Hobert 5-330A
Switzer William 1/22/08 5/14/85 1/8/38 OS Lenore Veteran 3-264F
Switzer Lenore M. 0/0/1918 3/25/1999   80y. OS William 3-264E
Swoveland Loris Elmer 9/6/1890 7/28/75   84y. OS Lena 2-18F
Swoveland Lena M. Halstead 0/0/1896 2/22/1962   65y. OS Loris 2-18E
Swoveland Clarence M. 9/6/1922     OS Roberta S Merl Grandson Andrew Merl  
Swoveland Roberta L. Brown 0/0/1929     OS Clarence  
Swoveland Claude P. 3/17/1899 4/15/1986   OS Ethyl 3-69B
Swoveland Ethyl M. 0/0/1902 10/13/1984  82y. OS Claude 3-69A
Swoveland Walter B. 5/1/01 12/2/1987 1/24/25 86y. OS Gladys P: Levi & Dora 3-23F
Swoveland Gladys Brown 0/0/1904 11/16/1972  68y. OS Walter 3-23E
Swoveland Laura E. 0/0/1902 10/22/1995  93y. OS Clinton & Dale one record reads 2-37F 2-37D
Swoveland Clinton R. 0/0/1894 12/26/1973  79y. OS Laura & Dale 2-37E
Swoveland Dale E. 0/0/1922 9/24/2000   77y. OS Laura & Clinton Veteran (D) or 2-37F
Swoveland Jacob 9/19/1862 6/24/10   47y. OS Sarah P: Henry & Sarah Swoveland 1-148E
Swoveland SarahAnnHolder 12/4/1861 12/9/29   68y. OS Jacob 1-148F
Swoveland Francis Elmer 7/15/1878 6/20/1880   1y. 11m. 5d. Son of Fredrick & Harriett 1-194F
Swoveland William 2/6/1870 2/9/1870   3d. Son of Henry & Sarah Yauky Swoveland. All of the Swoveland graves prior to 1900 were moved here from the Buck Creek Cemetery, The late Mrs.C.Ray 1-194E
Swoveland Laura 12/31/18781/12/1879   12d Daul of H. & S. 1-194E
Swoveland Henry 3/24/1829 2/24/12   82y. OS Sarah P: Daniel & Esther Shultz Swoveland 1-194D
Swoveland Sarah Yauky 2/13/1837 1/6/28   90y. OS Henry P: Frederick & Magdaline Shell Yauky 1-194B
Swoveland Levi 5/25/1860 11/10/48   88y. OS Etta P: Henry & Sarah Swoveland 1-193F
Swoveland Dora Etta Holder 1/9/1866 10/11/24   58y. OS Levi 1-193E
Swoveland Ida Bell 3/31/1893 8/6/1894   1y. 4m. 6d. Dau Levi & Etta 1-193A
*Swoveland Joseph       NT Robert 1-193B
*Swoveland Robert       NT Joseph 1-193C
Swoveland Ivalue D. 0/0/1903 5/12/1987   83y. OS Vaughn 2-278A
Swoveland Vaughn D. 0/0/1902 2/18/1991   88y. OS Ivalue 2-278B
Swoveland Lewis Henry 8/24/1892 7/10/55   62y. OS Goldie C: Kathryn & Willard 2-246B
Swoveland Goldie Belle 2/22/1896 6/14/1993   97y. OS Lewis MN Cross 2-246A
Symons George Luellen 0/0/1887 1/14/1969   81y. OS Martha 3-68F
Symons Martha Edna 1/12/1889 8/7/73   84y. W OS George 3-68E
Symons William Anderson 0/0/1863 12/7/1916   53y. OS Mary 1-25F
Symons Mary Elizabeth 5/23/1865 2/8/1940   74y. OS William P: Jonathan Macy & Rebecca Margaret Current Luellen 1-25D
Symons Beaulah S. 0/0/1899 5/18/1921   22y. NT Helen & Mary 1-25B
Symons Helen Fay 0/0/1920 1/2/21   7m. NT Beulah 1-25A
Symons John 10/4/1859 12/7/1927   68y. 2m. 3d. OS Martha P: Stephen & Lourenia Weeks Symons 1-1
Symons Martha Ann 0/0/1867 12/17/1939  72y. OS John (Daniels) 1-1E
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Cemetery records show "paupers" buried on lots 1 & 2 of the original section.


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